50+ Best Cornrow Braids Ponytail Styles in 2023

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Welcome to our article showcasing the 50+ Best Cornrow Braids Ponytail Styles in 2023. In fact, braided hairstyles have been popular for centuries and have recently made a major comeback. Cornrow braids are a timeless style that has been worn by women of all ages and backgrounds, therefore, whether you’re looking for a chic and sophisticated style for work or a fun and playful look for a night out, cornrow braids will be a great option for you. In this article, we’ll not only show you the latest cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles but also share tips on how to maintain these styles for longer-lasting results.

What is Cornrow Braids Ponytail Hairstyle?

Cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles are a popular braided hairstyle that combines intricate cornrow braids with a high or low ponytail, moreover, this style is versatile, easy to maintain, and can be customized to suit your unique style. The cornrow braids are usually created by braiding the hair in a pattern that lays flat against the scalp, while the ponytail can be styled in various ways such as a sleek or messy look.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 50+ Best Cornrow Braids Ponytail Hairstyles in 2023. From classic and elegant to bold and daring, these hairstyles are sure to inspire your next hairdo, therefore, you can see all the details and decide which one will work best for you.

1. Intricate Half Up Cornrow Ponytail

This hairstyle is very easy to achieve, because the only thing you have to do is to attach the upper part of your hair as a ponytail. This hairstyle helps clear the face while keeping the length of your hair visible.

2. Large Braid Cornrow Low Ponytail

This hairstyle is composed of four large plated braids which gives an effect of volume and relief to the hairstyle, in addition, these braids have the effect of a crown. Indeed, it is the perfect hairstyle for all occasions.

3. High Ponytail with Zigzag Small Dreads

The originality of this hairstyle comes from the zigzag braids that join the ponytail. Indeed, this very simple hairstyle is sublimated by this original detail.

4. Gorgeous Double Braid Blue Ombre Ponytail

This hairstyle consists of two plaited braids that both come from the middle of the skull, on the front and separate on each side of the head. Moreover, the four small braids at the top of the ear bring an elegant detail to the hairstyle.

5. Heart Side Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is made of a low ponytail composed of multiple braids might seem classic, however the originality of the hairstyle comes from a braid that forms a heart on the side of the head.

6. Glossy Two Tone Chunky Braid Ponytail

This half-high ponytail composed of braids is infinitely modifiable, indeed, the color or pattern of the braids can be changed to obtain an infinity of hairstyles.

7. Jumbo Feedin High Ponytail

This very high ponytail is made of large plated braids that come from the back of the head, moreover, they are separated by finer braids that bring a lot of elegance to the hairstyle.

8. Neat Braid Top Pony with Beads

This very high ponytail is similar to the previous hairstyle but the pattern of braids are different, indeed here some braids are detached out of the ponytail.

9. Trendy Cornrow Braid Pony with Trendils

For this hairstyle three broad plaited braids form a low ponytail on each side of the head,the bicoloured hair brings relief to the hairstyle.

10. Knotted Modelo Cornrow Braids

This hairstyle is made of an alternation between fine and discreet plated braids and wide and thick plated braids, thus, this pattern brings a lot of volume to the hairstyle.

11. Spooky Double High Ponytail

For this hairstyle, all the originality comes from the colors added to the braids that make up these two high ponytails, in fact, this colours can be change to make a whole new hair style.

This hairstyle consists of large plaited braids all around the head that meet in high ponytail, moreover, the hair is well plated and the braids are very regular which makes the hairstyle very harmonious.

13. Top Ponytail Neat Cornrow Braids

As for the previous hairstyle, large braids are clad around the head and join in ponytail, however, the originality here comes from the fact that the braids are made in spiral.

14. Blonde Double Pigtails

This hairstyle consists of two large braids, on both sides of the head, in addition, the braids go all around the skull and fall on the bust to come framed nicely the face.

15. Wavy Ponytail Braid with Curls

Similar as hairstyle 12, large braids are clad all around the head and meet in ponytail, however, here the braids are wavy which makes the look less strict and formal.

16. Tiny Afro Ponytail

For this hairstyle, dozens of tiny braids all around the head meet in a high ponytail. This meticulous hairstyle brings a neat effect to your look.

17. Flat Twist Cornrow Plaits with Fringe

To create this hairstyle, twist the hair before securing it into a ponytail, in addition, the fringe brings volume on the front of the head.

18. Criss Cross Tight Pigtail

For this hairstyle the work of the braids is impressive and very sought after. Indeed the braids are crossed before ending in a very high ponytail. This majestic hairstyle is very elegant and will make a beautiful effect for all your events.

19. Half Up Knotless Braids

You can completely braid the hair and form a ponytail with the upper part, then detach the hair while releasing the face.

20. Jumbo High Drop Down Ponytail

This hairstyle is splendid for long and thick hair. You can braid the hair with very large braids and then create a very long and thick ponytail.

21. Teal White Straight Back Braids

These two long white and blue braids give a summer look to all your outfits. The small braids on the front delicately accessorize the face.

22. Twin Half Up Crown Twist Braids

You can completely braid the hair and nicely twist the upper part to form a ponytail, then detached the hair to release the face and add volume to the top of the head.

23. Large Stitch Ponytail

You can braid the hair with very large braids and then create a long and thick ponytail. This hairstyle will suit perfectly for long hair.

24. Detailed Knotless Braids Tied Up

Once again, you can braid the hair and attach it into a ponytail. The uniqueness of this hairstyle lies in both the braiding pattern and the fact that the braids are wider at the end, which is contrary to the typical braiding style.

25. Neat Sporty Braid Ponytail

This is a classic hairstyle that involves braiding the hair and gathering it into a ponytail. You can easily wear this hairstyle daily.

26. Kinky Braided Updo

For this hairstyle, you braid the hair up to the elastic that holds the ponytail, and then you detach the hair to appreciate the volume of the natural curls.

27. Long Stitch Braid Hairstyle

For this hairstyle, assemble the braids of different sizes into the ponytail to create a sense of relief.

28. Fulani Cornrow Ponytail

For this hairstyle, the braids that are assembled in the ponytail are of different sizes and jewelry accessory nicely the hair.

29. Beautiful Neat Weave Braids

To achieve this hairstyle, one would braid the hair from the front of the head to the back, eliminating the need for elastic as the braids securely hold the hair in place.

30. Light Blonde Straight Braid with Curl Ends

The hairstyle consists on each side of the head of two braids that meet in low ponytail in which the hair is wavy. Furthermore, the braids are accessorized with delicate metal jewellery.

31. Platinum Pony Cornrow Braids

The hairstyle here is based on the color gradient present in the hair, because the braids are a very light blond that contrasts on the darker roots.

32. Slicked Back Afro Hairstyle

This hairstyle is simple but elegant, it is easy to wear in any circumstance.

33. Extra Long Braid Ponytail with Blonde Tints

This ponytail composed of many mini braids is original due to the blond gradient that composes the top of the ponytail. It brings both brightness and shine to the hairstyle.

34. Tribal Cornrow Ponytail

The braids, which vary in width, come together in a high ponytail. Besides, the braid holds the ponytail itself.

35. Stunning Braided Balayage

This hairstyle is very similar to the previous one, but it is twisted with some loose and curly strands of hair in the ponytail that brings a lot of lightness.

36. Long Cornrow High Ponytail

The very high ponytail allows allows to see the alternation of both small braid and wider braids at the back of the head, this makes the hairstyle very elegant.

37. Scattered Cornrow Braided Updo

The braids have a rounded pattern that gives depth to the hairstyle.

38. Huge Blue Shade Double Braid

This hairstyle is composed of 3 plated braids that join in a single braid on each side of the head, while the hairstyle is accessorized by many colored highlights.

39. Sleek Light Blonde Updo

The blonde hair perfectly highlight the plated braids, at the same time, the hair is well maintained in a very high ponytail.

40. Classic and Clean Braid Ponytail

This classic hairstyle, simple but very effective allow to keep the hair back in order to clear the face in an elegant and refined way.

41. Goddess Half Up Hairstyle

We find in this hairstyle the delicate alternation of fine and thick braids as well as the half ponytail that leaves the braided hair and some strands of curly hair free.

42. Stylish Braid Pony with Low Undercut

The braids are gathered here in only one large braid placed on the top of the head, therefore, it looks tidy and clean.

43. Braided Full Weave Ponytail

This very detailed and refined hairstyle is composed of a very nice pattern of braids as well as a high ponytail surrounded by many small braids.

44. Pushed Back Cornrow Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle composed of a multitude of small braids that gathers the hair toward the back of the head allows to put forward your face in both an elegant and a simple way.

45. Messy Cornrow Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for any type of hair, which is both elegant and polished. In fact, the spiral braids that join up to the ponytail that reveals the loose hair will be perfect for all your events.

46. Shiny Braids with Top Ponytail

The very many small braids that surround the ponytail allow it to stay very high so that the braids cascade down to the back of the head.

47. Clean and Easy High Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for a sporty look, indeed the elasticity that keeps the ponytail high makes the hairstyle practical and easy for a daily look.

48. Sophisticated Cornrow with Twisted Ponytail

We find in this hairstyle the alternation of fine and thick braids as well as the high ponytail but this time the ponytail is not made of braids but of nice little twists.

49. Four Fulani Braids Updo

This perfectly symmetrical hairstyle composed of 2 braids plated on each side of the head, it gives a look of both clean and neat.

50. Parted Braided Pigtails

This hairstyle is in fact very special, it will perfectly accessorize your most beautiful outfits. The pretty high braids perfectly frame the face while the bonded braids have a delicate and very neat pattern.

51. Tiny Bridal Braid Hairstyle

Finally, our last hairstyle: the head is covered with pretty braids with rounded motifs that make the hairstyle elegant.

Tips for Maintaining These Hairstyles

Cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles are a popular and versatile hairstyle for different occasions, however, to keep your hairstyle looking great, it’s important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles:

  • Moisturize regularly: Firstly, moisturize your scalp and hair regularly to prevent dryness and breakage, you can use a lightweight oil or leave-in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles: Tight hairstyles can cause tension and lead to hair breakage, therefore, if your cornrow braids ponytail feels too tight or uncomfortable, loosen it or remove it altogether.
  • Don’t keep the hairstyle for too long: Keep your cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle for no more than six weeks to avoid damaging your hair and scalp.
  • Get professional help: Furthermore, If you’re unsure about how to maintain your hairstyle, seek help from a professional hairstylist.

FAQ on Cornrow Braids Ponytail Hairstyles

What are cornrow braids?

Answer: Cornrow braids, in fact, are a traditional African braiding style where hair is braided very close to the scalp, often in straight rows or intricate patterns.

What is a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle?

Answer: A cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle combines the classic cornrow braid style with a sleek and stylish ponytail, moreover, the braids are typically braided into a pattern that leads to a high or low ponytail.

How long does it take to get a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle?

Answer: The time it takes to create a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle can vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair, as well as the intricacy of the braiding pattern. In fact, it can take anywhere from 2-6 hours.

How long does a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle last?

Answer: With proper care and maintenance, a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle can last for up to two weeks or more.

Can I do cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles on my own hair?

Answer: While it’s possible to braid your own hair into a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s often best to have a professional stylist do it for you.

Is it painful to get cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles?

Answer: Cornrow braiding can be slightly uncomfortable, especially if the braids are tight or the scalp is sensitive. However, it should not be excessively painful.

How do I maintain a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle?

Answer: It’s important to keep your scalp moisturized and your hair clean, in order to maintain a cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle. You can also use a silk scarf or bonnet to protect your hair while sleeping.

Can I style my cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle in different ways?

Answer: Yes! Once you have your cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle, you can style it in different ways by adding accessories or changing the position of the ponytail.

Are cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles suitable for all hair types?

Answer: In fact, a variety of hair types are suitable, including natural hair, relaxed hair, and hair with extensions.

How can I find a stylist who can do cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles?

Answer: You can search online or ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have had the hairstyle done before. However, it’s important to choose a stylist who is experienced with braiding and can create a pattern that works well with your hair type and face shape.


To Conclude, cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Besides, these hairstyles allow you to highlight and sublimate your beautiful curly hair. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that suits your personality and lifestyle. Moreover, by following the tips outlined in this article, you can keep your hairstyle looking great and healthy. So, go ahead and try out one of these 50+ best cornrow braids ponytail hairstyles in 2023, and enjoy your new look!