50+ Best Pinup Hairdo in 2023

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This post provides you with the most gorgeous pinup hairdo you’ll ever come across. Tired of making long and complicated hairstyles? Then it is time to make a change and settle for comfortable hairstyles. Although dating back to the 40s and 50s, these pinups will grant you relief from long-hair stress and make you stand out in the crowd. They are:

1. Pinup with Dutch Braid

1. Pinpup with dutch braid


Leaving your wispy curls undone to fan your face and nape and your pinup loose leaves you ready for a semi-f toormal occasion.

2. Updo Bun Hairstyle with Headband



You only need to pack your hair up to form a neat bun, then add your favorite clip in the front.

3. Pinup using a Bandana

Pinup using a Bandana


Make the most of your curls by packing them up and styling them with a bandana.

4. Trendy Pinup with Bangs

4. Trendy pinups with bangs


If it’s a Japanese occasion or you want to look like your favorite Japanese model or actress, this pinup hairdo is for you.

5. Pinup Hairdo for Medium Hair

Pinup Hairdo for Medium Hair


All that’s needed to rock this is shoulder-length hair.

6. Rockability Pinup Ponytail

Rockability Pinup Ponytail


Going to a jazz and reggae event? Look no further than his hairstyle.

7. Protective Pinup Hairdo for Black Hair

Protective Pinup Hairdo for Black Hair


Here’s another beautiful way to style your afro-natural hair. Make sure you relax your hair with the right products before you try this.

8. Pinup Side Curls

8. Pinup with side curls


Keep the curls small like this, and with the help of a good-hold hairspray, you’ll be able to stand out at that evening event.

9. Cornrows using Pinup

10. Cornrow braids pinup hairdo


Perhaps you can’t do without extensions; you can still achieve a classic pinup look with this.

10. Twisted Low and High Bun Pinup

Twisted Low and High Bun Pinup


This is simpler than you think: Gather every hair tress together at the center, then form a burn by twisting the buns side-wise.

11. Pinup Hairdo for Curly Hair

11. Pinup for curly hair


We do not leave older adults out of looking elegant in pinup styles.

12. Pinup Hairdo for Bob Cuts

12. Pin up hairdo for bob haircuts


Avid lovers of Bob’s hairstyles, here’s another way to make the most of Bob.

13. Traditional Bun Hairdo

13. Traditional-Bun hairdo


There’s no better way to show up as the queen of the occasion than this.

14. Wedding Pinup Mermaid Hairdo

Wedding Pinup Mermaid Hairdo


The best hairstylist is required to complete the main work of wrapping those silver stone clips.

15. Pinup for Natural Hair

15. pin-up-for-natural-hair.


It’s good to let your hair take a break by rocking your natural hair like this.

16. Retro Pinup for Blonde Hair

16. Retro pinup for blonde hair


Behold a simple but classic chic on blonde hair.

17. Bouffant French Twist

Bouffant French Twist


Here’s to paying homage to French culture while ensuring the curls are the true icing on the cake.

18. Gibson Rolls Pinup Hairdo

18. Gibson-Roll pinup hairdo


This is the best hairstyle you can rock in that military uniform.

19. Retro Half up-Half Down Pinup Hairdo

19. Retro halfup-half down pinup hairdo


Of course, it’s a quiet event, but you’re here to steal the show.

20. Short Curly Updo

20. Short curly pinup


This is great for brides with short hair, as it increases their height discreetly on their big day.

21. One-Roll Voluminous Pinup Hairdo

21. One roll voluminous pinup


We do not leave even our Chinese fans out of exploring exceptional pinup styles.

22. Bumper Bang Pinup Hairstyle

22. Bumper bang pinup hairdo


Low on budget? Then opt for this bumper banger.

23. Low-Loop Pinup Hairdo

23. Low loop updo


Start with a loop through the ponytail, loosely braid up the tips, and wrap it around the base.

24. Pinup for Thin Hair Type

24. Pinup for thin hair type


There’s a perfect pinup hairstyle for every hair type.

25. Sexy Pinup At the Side

Sexy Pinup At the Side


As a lady with pretty balanced features, carry this on with blonde or black hair.

26. Front Puff Hairdo

Front Puff Hairdo


Replicate this by teasing the front puff and then rolling it inward on the head.

27. Oppositely Rolled Bangs

Oppositely Rolled Bangs


An unconventional pinup to achieve the spot on dinner date look.

28. Pinup Hairdo for Afro Ponytail

Pinup Hairdo for Afro Ponytail


This classic pinup hairstyle is for every lady, including mixed-race and black women.

29. Side Braid Pinup Hairdo

Side Braid Pinup Hairdo


 Braid to the side and spice this up with a messy bun at the back.

30. 1950s Pinup Hairstyle

1950s Pinup Hairstyle


Replicate this vintage hairstyle with a vintage dress to match.

31. Tucked Braid Hairdo

31. Tucked braid pinup hairdo


Another easy hairdo you can do in the comfort of your home.

32. Pixie Hairdo

32. Pixie-PinUp-Hairdo


Perhaps your hair does not reach your shoulder; you aren’t left out as well.

33. Two Tendril Pinup Hairdo

Two Tendril Pinup Hairdo


Dear lovers of tendrils, opting for pinup shouldn’t stop you from creating tendrils, as usual.

34. Low Updo Pinup

Low Updo Pinup


There’s no better hairstyle to make when you’re on a serious mission than this bold & beautiful pinup.

35. Finger Waves Pinup Hairdo

35. Finger wave pinup


Back in the 40s, you hadn’t really made a classic pinup if you weren’t rocking this finger wave style.

36. Single-Roll Hairdo

Single-Roll Hairdo


Victory rolls are always in pairs, but you can choose to be unique by going for these single pinup rolls.

37. A Pinup Hairdo for a Natural-Haired Bride

A Pinup Hairdo for a Natural-Haired Bride

If you’re thinking your hair won’t fit into any of the pinup styles for brides because of your hair type, Here’s the most beautiful pinup for your wedding.


38. Retro Chignon

Retro Chignon


Here’s another hairstyle you can rock as a slaying officer!

39. Sleek Bun Pinup

Sleek Bun Pinup


Similar to our traditional bun however, this time around the bun isn’t that big, and it isn’t in the center either.

40. Bubble Mohawk Pinup Hairdo

Bubble Mohawk Pinup Hairdo


It’s a formal event; however, you always love to make a bold statement with your hairstyles.

41. Pinup Roll Hairdo

Pinup Roll Hairdo


This is an on-point bouffant you’ll want to keep making for the rest of your life.

42. Loose Hairdo for Long Hair

Loose Hairdo for Long Hair


Get creative and confuse people a bit by weaving a small fishtail into a chain braid, then finally tucking the ends of the hair into a messy bun.

43. Round-braided Hairdo

Round-braided Hairdo


Pack the hair into a bun, braid the tip, and wrap it around the bun.

44. High Bun with Slanting Fringes

High Bun with Slanting Fringes


Not only does hair improve your looks, but it also helps spice up your queenly attitude.

45. Puffed Victory Hairdo

Puffed Victory Hairdo


Choose this if you want a bouncing and voluminous pinup hairdo.

46. Two rolled Bun Pinup Style

Two rolled Bun Pinup Style


Be the most lovable person in the room with this.

47. Flipped out Bob

Flipped out Bob


 Try this when you’re not in the mood for serious hair and there’s an important event.

48. Twisted Tucked Pinup

Twisted Tucked Pinup


Twist up the hair loosely, pull the long tresses, and then dress up for that evening date.

49. High Piled Hairdo

High Piled Hairdo


This is the easiest and most common pinup to do during the weekends while resting at home.

50. Curly Pinup Hairdo

Curly Pinup Hairdo


Another option for people with medium-length hair.

51. Vintage mermaid Pinup

Vintage mermaid Pinup


This hairstyle is perfect for Halloween events.


#1. What does a pinup hairdo mean?

A pinup hairdo is a hairstyle wrapped in a way that it’s held away from the back and face with clips, pins, or a scarf.

#2. How can I make my pinup last?

You can make your hairdo last long by frequently spraying it with a light-hold hairspray.

#3. What do I need to do before making a pinup hairdo?

The most important thing to do before making this hairstyle is to wash your hair.


That’s it with the best pinup hairdos ever. Note that not every pinup style here will be perfect for you. Therefore, study the pictures well with your hairstylist to pick the one that fits the shape of your face.