50+ Famous Women Haircut Names (Pictures Included)

When talking about hairstyles and women’s haircuts, one of the most interesting aspects is how haircut names originated and evolved. While many women haircuts got their names from certain personalities that made each cut famous, there are also haircuts names that are simply describing the cutting technique. This is the typical hairstyling world jargon that you can learn in order to replicate every haircut you see on TV or Social Media Feed. Discover all of them below!

I. Short Women Haircuts

1. Classic Pixie Cut with Long Sideburns

Pixie, also spelled pixy, in the folklore of southwestern England, represents a tiny elf-like spirit, or a mischievous small fairy dressed in green who dances in the moonlight to the music of nature and was usually depicted with short hair, hence the Pixie cut! Pixie cuts were popularized first in the 1950’s when Audrey Hepburn wore the style and are still in trend! The version below is similar to what the actress wore in those times, except the long sideburns were not in fashion at the time.

2. Short Crop With Undercut and Combed Forward Front

“Crop” refers to literally “short cut hair”, and in the picture below we see a combination of short hair and shaved sides, which make this women haircuts example a modern example of a short hairstyle.

3. Tomboy Crop with Lavender Ombre

Another crop variation, this shorter, asymmetric cut with straight bangs and long sideburns will give you a tomboy look if it weren’t for the lavender purple color that brings softness and femininity.

4. Messy Blonde Pixie Cut

Again, a classic hairstyle, this messy blonde look of a pixie women haircut can give you plenty of styling options, great texture and will leave all your facial features and collarbones visible for extra femininity.

5. Spiky Purple Pixie Haircut

All women haircuts that give the spiky illusion are called “spiky haircuts” and this purple pixie cut makes no exception. It was highly popularized by lead singers in rock-bands and it sports a slightly longer top and carefully shaved sides.

6. Fade Cut

Similar to a Buzz Cut, faded women haircuts don’t have a specific name other than a “fade”, which describes the way o cutting the hair very short using #0 blade clippers.

7. Soft Mullet Pixie Haircut with Bangs

The typical “mullet haircut” is vaguely similar to this combination of mullet and pixie haircut we see below, but this mix is certainly spectacular and different from other women haircuts. The mullet was a very popular haircut in the ’80s and it was defined by the motto “business in the front, party in the back” which referred to the varying lengths of the hair.

Soft Mullet Pixie Women Haircuts with Bangs

8. Combed Forward Pixie Cut with Green Highlights

Get plenty of volume and a soft, glamorous shape with this long pixie cut that has also subtle green highlights to make it look more interesting. The top hair that reaches approximately 3 inches long is combed forward over the bangs to cover the forehead.

9. Faux Mohawk For Short Shaved Hair

A Mohawk is a hairstyle created by shaving the hair on each side of the head, leaving a wide strip of longer hair down the middle. While Mohawks are commonly associated with punk music fans in the 1980’s, the hairstyle was first popularized in World War II by some Iroquois soldiers from North America who inspired others with their hairstyles.

10. Short Natural Haircut

The “natural short” women haircut with an accent on “natural” makes for a very textured and distinct look in the case of Afro Americans that tend to have a different look than usual short haircuts.

11. Taper Fade with Deep Part

A masculine- inspired look, this softly tapered fade women haircut has an overall length of less that 1/8 inches long and a hard part that separates the two sides of the haircut.

12. Short Bowl Cut for Blonde Hair

Bowl-cuts are usually associated with childhood and they are more of a unisex haircut. In this case, the sides have a low fade which makes for a great contrast with the pumped up top part. The bangs are trimmed asymmetrically for a modern twist.

II. Medium-Long Women Haircuts

13. Lob Haircut for Medium Long Hair

A lob is a short name for “long bob”, one of the most popular women haircuts out there! Although the “Bob” is over 100 years old, it has many modern versions and the blonde highlighted front parts Lob is one of them.

14. Asymmetric Bob Women Haircut

Made popular in the “roaring 20’s”, the Bob haircut can also be cut in an asymmetric manner for an interesting look. As long as the hair doesn’t reach past ear-level, it is considered a Bob haircut.

15. Wob Haircut

The “Wob”, also named “wavy bob” proves the love of Americans for word blends such as “Brangelina” or other famous names. In this case, this women haircut is no different from your typical bob, except for the wavy, modern shape of the tresses.

16. Curly Permanent Bob Hairstyle

Kinky, curly hair can benefit a “bob cut” since it is very short and round and will give an instant boost to your curls. A perm applied to them will only enhance the curls and make for a super Afro – style haircut.

17. Rainbow Colored Bob Haircut with Bangs

Any type of colored hairstyle which sports more than 3 distinct colors or a blend of complementary tones, is usually covered by the “rainbow” name. In this photo, we see a straight, short bob haircut with long, face-framing bangs and pointy front strands that give the specific shape.

18. Bright Colored Bowl Cut

Opting for a bright, intense color is a good way of changing the classic look of a women haircut! This strawberry blonde with intense coral shades and light blonde ends makes for an interesting makeover of your typical bowl-cut.

19. Straight Copper Bob Haircut with Fringe

If there was an illustrated haircut dictionary, this photo should be under the “chop cut” term. The straight, chunky layers and blunt-cut bangs make for a tough appearance and the strong color only enhances the impression.

20. Beach Waves and Soft Fringe

“Beach waves” is again, a very used name for soft, subtle waves in women haircuts that give the impression of hair naturally dried after getting out of the salty marine water. In this long layered haircut, the beach waves make a good pair with the soft fringe in giving a very sweet and feminine look.

21. Demi Permanent

Although it doesn’t sound logical, a “demi-permanent” is a “permanent” color dye that won’t last as long as a typical perm in your hair. It will wash out after 20 washes and in this case, we can also see the “crimping technique” applied on hair to create these very small curls.

22. Mullet Shag with Undercut

A longer version of the classic mullet, this shaggy, ultra-dense haircut is great for women with thick hair that want to free their face from all those locks using a layered haircut technique.

23. Long Mullet Haircut with Blunt Bangs

A very edgy, modern look, due to the sharp blunt cut baby bangs that create a curved line for your face, this extra-long mullet haircut is sure to turn heads and reminds us of Die Antwoord’s lead singer, Yolandi Visser’s look.

24. Layered Long Hair with Curved Back Fringe

Long layers, done on the diagonal direction will ensure plenty of volume and length to your locks. This haircut has a strong 70’s vibe enhanced by the curved back thick fringe that frames the face.

25. Classic Shag Haircut with Bangs

Remember the success Farah Fawcett had during her early career years? Some still associate the Shag haircut with her iconic look and this classic dark brunette shag makes no exception!

26. Fleetwood Shag Razor Haircut

The razor-cut layers of this Shag Haircut make it look very 1970’s era and will surely have you mistaken with a Fleetwood Mac band member. The idea is to wear it as messy as possible matching the carefree bohemian lifestyle.

27. U-shaped Layered Haircut

U-shaped layers are those that start at the front with long strands to go past-shoulders line and become gradually shorter as the hair stylist moves upwards.

28. U- shaped Layers with Baby lights

The opposite of V-shaped layers is U-shaped layers which are done usually to the front part of your hair in order to create a nice frame for your face and cleavage. They start long on the end and become gradually shorter to frame the chin and jawline. This example of U-shaped women haircuts also has baby lights that create a beautiful lighter shade for brunette hair.

29. Layered Blonde Haircut with Front Highlights

Long, wispy bangs in a slightly brighter blonde tone than the rest will make sure that your layered haircut doesn’t go unnoticed. These long layers are great for making your long locks more interesting looking.

30. Boudoir Waves for Balayage Hair

These waves remind us of pin-up stars and they bring femininity to an already feminine haircut with a warm balayage for the perfect boudoir-look!

31. Glamorous Retro Curls for Blonde Hair

Inspired by the glamorous era of the 50’s, these retro curls catch the eye with their well-defined shape and wavy direction that create a very smooth contour to frame your face.

32. Classic Straight Long Cut

This haircut is pretty self-explanatory and as you can see the only variation that was made to the classic straight long haircut is the adding of four blue highlights to match the eye color of the girl.

33. Caramel Highlights for V-shaped Layered Long Hair

Any type of layering that creates a V-shape for your mane is called a V-shape layered haircut and it is one of the classic layered haircuts that there are out there. These sweet, warm caramel highlights brighten the brunette color.

34. Bouncy Waves for Long Layered Hair with Straight Bangs

These side waves applied with the curling iron on straight hair created very well-defined curls and gave volume to a classic haircut with long layers and straight fringe.

35. Feathered Layers Blonde Haircut

A technique of layering hair that gives very soft, subtle layers, is called feathered cut and you can observe how the hair looks “feather-like” towards the ends of the hair.

36. Warm Balayage for Soft Layered Long Cut with Straight Bangs

A modern hippie look, this soft layered long haircut with slightly side-swept straight bangs is brought to day by the warm balayage technique used to enhance the caramel color.

III. Famous Women Hairstyles and Hairdos

37. Knotted Buns

An intricate hairstyle, with an interesting design, doesn’t require more than a pair of skilled hands and some styling products to create three small knots out of your mane. Just pull all the hair backward and tease the crown a little to give extra volume on the vertical.

38. Messy Milkmaid Braids

Of all women haircuts and hairstyles, milkmaid braids are one of the most popular types of braids out there. A combination between classic milkmaid braids and crown braids, these messy milkmaid braids are very elegant and sophisticated, unlike the traditional ones. For more braiding ideas, check 50+ Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair!

39. Faux Fringed Top Bun

This is a very casual, super easy hairstyle, perfect for summer and it sports a top voluminous bun and a Faux Fringe to cover the forehead. Simply gather you hair in a bun and pull the ends over the crown to create the faux fringe.

40. Half Up Half Down Braided Hairstyle

To look both sophisticated and relaxed, opt for half-up half-down hairstyles, a generic term for those hairdos that have both free falling hairs and a top coiffure, in this case a tall braided circular crown to give extra-height to the hair.

41. Bantu Knots

The “Bantu knots” are not actual knots, but small coiled buns, fixated against the side of the scalp to give the impression of knots. They are of African origins and they were traditionally worn by ethnic groups.

42. Faux Locks for Afro American Women

Either twisted or braided, any hair extensions applied on hair to create dreadlocks are called Faux Locks. In this case the front locks were added hair cuffs and beads as decoration.

43. Jumbo Braids Hairstyle

Slightly thicker than usual box braids that became very popular in the 90’s era especially among women of color, these Jumbo braids will add length and shape to your locks for a lasting while.

44. Purple Spacebuns With Bangs Haircut

The most famous person that first rocked this hairstyle, except for Sailor Moon cartoon character, was Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. In the photo below, we see a modern updo with a beautiful purple color added on brunette hair that was gathered in two separate, messy buns on sides of the head, while the bangs are combed neatly and two strands of hair frame the face.

45. Faux Locks Sidebuns

If you are tired of your extra-long braided locks you can pull them in side buns to create this maximizing look with no effort! Simply coil them in side buns and let two strands fall freely to create this look.

46. Triangle Braids Hairstyle

When the base for installing the braids is shaped differently from a square box, the name of the braiding technique will usually mention that. In this case the triangle base creates an interesting look.

47. Summer Knot Hairstyle

A very sleek and smooth updo with a messy knot for a contrast, makes for the perfect summer hairstyle! In this case, the front part was pulled back using a brush and fixated into a tight base knot that creates a glamorous look.

48. Classic Long Cornrows

Cornrows borrow their name from the agricultural domain and they are braids that were attached to the scalp, not suspended, such as box braids.

49. Braids Ponytail

These feed-in braids, with shell-shaped hair beads are even cooler when pulled in a high ponytail that will leave the braiding pattern visible on all head.

50. Single Braid

A classic, ever-green look, this single braid is your typical ponytail with a twist. The hair is braided or twisted on all it’s length to give this shiny and textured appearance.

51. Messy Prom Updo Women Hairstyle

Prom Updos or Bridal Updos make a great part of women hairstyles. Every woman wants to look precious on special occasions and this pulled-trough, intricate back braid is the perfect way to accomplish that!

52. Soft Blonde Face Framing Highlights For Wavy Hair

These super subtle face-framing baby lights are the hottest trend in balayage hairstyles for women this year and you are selfie-ready with just a couple of curls in the front.

53. Classic ’80s Style Blowout For Blonde Hair

If you are a proud blonde and you want to show stunning and feminine at the same time, a bit of a retro styling will help you achieve that impressive volume of a perfect blow-dry.


54. Half-up Half Down Asian Style Ponytail For Long Dark Hair

With or without the geisha-inspired makeup, you can easily replicate this classic women’s hairstyle by adding a transparent thin elastic band at the base of your crown and leave the rest of your mane free-falling. Use a shine-serum to arrange the top strands.

55. Two-colored Destructured Balayage With Undone Waves

Warm undertones of blonde and brown can create a cool visual effect and you will only need a salt-based hair spray to bring shape to your bangs and side strands.

56. Long Curly Hairstyle With Traditional Headband

Floral ornaments are the traditional way of accessorizing special occasions hairstyles and you can always invest in one if you love keeping your locks healthy and good-looking with minimal styling.


There are many timeless, famous women haircuts out there, no matter the hair length. Some are classics, standard options, while others are variations of original haircuts. Either way, they all look cool and they deserve a try!

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