101 Short Hairstyles For Black Women in 2024

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Short hair is usually perceived as not being very feminine, but that couldn’t be less true! These 100+ short hairstyles for black women comprise all types of colors and textures that you can test on your short hair in order to obtain that dream hairstyle you always wanted for yourself!

1. Bright Sunflower Blonde TWA With Side Razor Design Hairstyle

This impressive look will surely turn all the attention towards your face when stepping out the door since it can really make the perfect contrast with your dark skin tone and bring shine to your face!

2. Skin Fade with Multi-Colored Cheetah Print

This super colorful hair print will be easily noticed if you opt for a 1/4 inches long skin fade with a round nape shape to complete the spherical look.

3. Short Red Skin Fade with Flower Pattern

This super short skin fade will look impressive with a strong red shade and contoured eyebrows that will accentuate your facial expressions. If you add a cool flower pattern you will surely dazzle everyone!

4. Deep Purple TWA with Three Razor Sidelines

The three razor sidelines maximize this cool, intense purple color. It makes the contrast with the skin more visible and adds a clean, straight angle to the whole look.

5. Curly TWA With Multicolored Pattern Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Be ready to become the star of any party with this simple, curly TWA haircut and colorful triangles that make this style super impressive.

6. Red Twa with Low Fade Hairstyle

If you want to enhance the delicate features of your neck opt for this super short red African cut with a short faded part around the ears that will help you achieve the desired shape with no effort!

7. Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women

This playful bundle of dark curls on top of your crown will naturally make your chin look slimmer. If you add a colorful pair of earrings you will look extra-feminine!

8. High Fade with Zig-zag Model and Curly Lila TWA

While the sides are shortly faded and have a very sharp zig-zag pattern, the top is kept in a short lilac TWA that makes the whole hairstyle really feminine and stylish! Just “Wow”!

9. High Fade with Pink TWA and Heart Shapes

It’s all about mixing the masculine tight fade with a short neon pink feminine Afro around the crown to obtain this super stylish look that is bound to make all the eyes turn towards you!

10. Dark Blue Ghost Flower Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Get a tight fade all around your hair and opt for an intricate flower pattern for your short hair. This is just one of the many ways to make your hairstyle distinguishable from other short hairstyles for black women!

11. Two-colored Short Hairstyle with Heart Shape Design

Nothing says “romantic” more than a small heart shape strategically placed at the base of your nape to accentuate the contrast between the curly texture and faded sides of your look! Simply wow!

12. Short Dark Purple Afro Hairstyle with Side Razor Design

Choosing a simple, short hairstyle will allow you to gain some natural texture without using styling products and the three parallel sidelines will increase the cool look on your face.

13. Buzz Cut with Multicolored Hair Pattern

Go to the extreme with this super colorful, short haircut that has an intricate pattern of color to make your look really stand out! You can opt for dark makeup or a matching eye shadow to go with this impressive hairstyle!

14. Rainbow Colored Wavelength Short Hairstyle For Black Women

Another ultra-short hairstyle for black women that will instantly catch the eye of any onlooker, the rainbow-colored wavelength cut is fun and bright and needs minimal styling to look impressive!

15. Fluorescent Faux Hawk with Skin Fade Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Get this super short hairstyle for black women at a special salon where they can cut the central stripe long enough to allow the natural curls to stand out and get them dyed in a strong fluorescent green while leaving the sides bald and faded! What a contrast, right?

16. Blonde Space Buns with Twisted Braids

Medium short hair can be styled into a fun look with these fun space buns colored in bright blonde. Take two front strands out to make a twisted braid out of each and add golden hair cuffs for extra sparkle.

17. Skin Fade with Hair Carving Multicolored Model

This special technique for making floral or geometrical hair patterns directly onto your hair is a great way to adorn a simple skin fade that will become unique!

18. Turquoise Blue Short Taper Hairstyle

Short hairstyles for black women include manly taper haircuts that are personalized with bright colors, such as this neon turquoise blue shade. Stunning!

19. Skin Fade with Burgundy Colored TWA

This skin fade with zero shaved sides and a short curly crown can be emphasized through a strong burgundy color that will make your looks impressive. For more options, check out these 100+ Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women!

20. High Fade with Side Razor Design And Blonde Tips

This impressive, short hairstyle combines the soft, cute coils of the short Afro hairstyle with a super tight fade on the side. The added side razor design brings an artistic note to your looks!

21. Skin Fade with Razor Design and Pink Top

This gradually darker hairstyle starts with a very neat line-up that makes the baby hairs around the arches more visible and has a short curly top with bright pink tips to make the whole ensemble look feminine! Cute!

22. Dark Purple Messy TWA Short Hairstyle For Black Women

With a maximum length of 1/2 inch, this dark purple TWA hairstyle has a very soft, undefined texture that needs no extra styling to look impressive. Don’t forget the eyeliner!

23. Intense Short Red Twa with Side Razor Design

A very masculine haircut can turn into a very feminine short hairstyle for black women if you choose an intense red hue that will bring energy and sassiness to your twisted sponge curls.

24. High Fade with Pink Faux Hawk and Zig-zag Pattern

It’s all about the extremes when it comes to Faux Hawks for black women with curly hair! This impressive look needs proper maintenance to make your curls stand up and reveal the shaved sides!

25. Short Yellow Finger Waves Hairstyles for Black Women

To obtain a cool contrast with your dark skin tone, you can opt for bleached short hairstyles such as these soft delicate finger waves that will make your crown look truly stunning!

26. Skin Fade with Side Razor Design and Lavender Pink Faux Hawk

The softness of the Afro curls meets the aggressive elements of the Faux Hawk in this interesting mix of straight shaved sides and has a cool artistic side design to match the whole ensemble!

27. Short Layered Pixie Cut with Wavy Sideburns Hairstyle

This short layered pixie cut will instantly boost the natural shine of your strands by creating soft waves that can reflect the light and you can use a fine comb to play with the shape of your sideburns.

28. Undercut with Turquoise Layered Top

A classic undercut with short shaved sides and a longer top is a cool, sexy short hairstyle option and by opting for an icy blue shade you can differentiate yourself from other similar hairstyles. Chic, right?

29. Emerald Green Shaggy Pixie Cut

This short shag haircut, chopped-up Pixie cut reminds us of the cool hairstyle Rihanna had at the beginning of her career and is sure to get you plenty of admiring looks, maybe even an autograph request.

30. Curly TWA with Blonde Tips and Faded Sides

In order to amplify your top volume, choose to fade the sides of your haircut while going for a subtle blonde dye at the top. This will bring warmth and brightness to your skin! The bronze hues of your eye shadow will complete the look!

31. Platinum Blonde Skin Fade with Side-Line Short Hairstyle

This super bright platinum blonde short haircut with a cool razor sideline can instantly give your looks a much-needed brightness and will make your makeup and eyebrows pop even more!

32. Blonde Twist-outs with Dark Roots

To amplify your crown’s volume you can keep the dark roots and the baby hairs in their natural shade while going for a warm blonde for the 2 inches long coils on top. Arranging them with a fine comb and hair gel will make you look elegant as well!

33. Pastel Colored Twists Short Hairstyle

Short Afro hair that reaches around the ears can be styled in unique colored twists with a special crochet needle and you can enjoy it for several months in a row since it’s a protective hairstyle!

34. Labyrinth Pattern For Platinum Blonde Short Hairstyle

A super sharp geometric option of short hairstyles for black women will help you distinguish your look from other classic skin fades and everyone will be amazed by the super cool geometric pattern!

35. Platinum Blonde Undercut with Pointy Sideburns

This impressive look is a long trimmed undercut with back-swept front strands that you can spray and fixate on the top to create a cool, amplified crown while keeping the sides short and faded for a cool slim appearance. Short hairstyles for black women don’t necessarily need to have curls!

36. Short Curly TWA with Flower Pattern

Nothing looks so cute and impressive as this short curly TWA with a playful flower pattern on the sides that can make your unique features stand out!

37. Long Trimmed Blonde Pixie Haircut

Strong eyebrows and the long-trimmed Pixie cut are the best recipes for a perfectly sexy and carefree look with plenty of top volume and countless ways to style it!

38. Curly Pixie Haircut with Subtle Balayage

These smooth silky pin-up curls will boost your subtle brown hues in your balayage haircut and give you an incredible top texture that will boost your femininity!

39. Ultra-short Blonde Buzz Cut

An extremely short buzz cut can really put your facial features on display while adding a cool blonde hue to your dark skin tone! Really awesome!

II. Natural Colored Short Hairstyles For Women

40. Finger waves for Short Black Pixie Cut

These ultra-shiny, sleek finger waves are very elegant and seductive at the same time although their total length is super short!

41. Short Cornrows with Twisted Braids and Brown Ends

Frizzy, unruly hair can be tamed with a couple of cornrows and brown-colored ends that will make your scalp shape and facial features the center of attention.

42. Short Shiny Tiny Afro Coils Hairstyles for Black Women

A super short TWA with carefully shaped coils will look super refined and stylish if you opt to combine it with extra-large golden hoops and your honest smile!

43. Knotted Short Hairstyle For Black Women

Micro ponytails or tiny knots can become a hairstyle in itself if you have enough patience to create a small square box on top of your scalp and continue in the same direction.

44. Curly TWA Short Hairstyle for Black Women

This full buoyant look is made to look superabundant and cool thanks to the long beautifully shaped coils which bring a healthy vibrant look to your appearance!

45. Ultra-short sleek Pixie Cuts for Black Women

Straight, fine hair can look truly impressive if you mix it with a super cool short length and add extra styling products to reveal the beautiful shine!

46. Short Textured Fade with Side Razor Design Hairstyle

The super short length of this haircut can be balanced by the super-defined lineup with a cool side design that creates an interesting shape for your skull and puts the earrings in the spotlight!

47. Cornrows Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Styling natural, kinky curly hair can be tricky, so these super tight, sleek cornrows are a cool option for protective hairstyles that recreate an almost perfect bob haircut!

48. Medium Short Afro Hairstyle with Brown Highlights

Going for a natural look is always a good idea and the transition towards a rich curly mane can sometimes have a natural volume that you can amplify with a lighter brown color.

49. Feathered Short Pixie Haircuts for Black Women with Bangs

This super stylish feathered pixie with three distinct layers can bring attention to your mane with a simple, messy textured touch and will make your look stunning if you add a pair of dark sunglasses!

50. Ultrashort Skin Fade with Sinuous Side Design

Rock the shortest skin fade you could possibly wish for with a cool side design that extends well beyond the side part towards the crown and the nape bringing a cool dynamic shape to your looks!

51. Kinky Curly Hairstyle With Side Part

This look proves that short, well-defined curls can make a cool voluminous aspect and at the same time won’t hide your beautiful facial features under it.

52. Messy Pixie Cut with Teased Fringe

If you want an extra fluffy texture for your short pixie cut, you can apply a teasing technique using a fine comb and a high-resistance hair spray that can add extra shine to a glamorous updo!

53. Ultra Curly Pixie Cut With Side Part

This hot, curly pixie cut with a cool side part makes the top volume reach an incredible level while also exposing the natural texture on the side to increase your coolness and reveal the beautiful earrings you can add for extra femininity!

54. Curly Afro with Headband Natural Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Enhance the pretty natural shine of your short coils with a colorful headband that will break the dark colors and make you look really feminine and vibrant, especially if you pair it with cool, red lipstick!

55. Skin Fade with Side Design Short-Shaved Haircuts For Black Women

Who needs hair accessories when you have this amazing, shaved hairstyle for black women, with a stick-straight razor side design that can delimitate the whole look into two different blocks that make a cool contrasting effect?

56. High Fade with Razor Design and Curly Twa

This impressive, short hairstyle for black women with extra-short shaved sides that reveal the elegant features of your neck and temples can create a cool contrast with a full, curly messy crown!

57. Wavelength Short Haircut with Low Fade and Side Razor Pattern

This beautiful cut with a touch of waves makes a cool appearance for your short hair that will have both wavy angles and a sharp razor design for a marvelous result!

58. Curly Hairstyle with Long Strands

Short cuts with big buoyant curls can look stunning and add a cool appearance to your short hairstyle that will amplify your amazing volume and make your looks truly stunning!

59. Space Buns with Subtle Curls Hairstyle

A great way to benefit from ultra-voluminous Afro curls is to part it into two different sides and create two distinct buns that will give your face a cool aspect. Make sure to add hair spray to get a sleek appearance.

60. Short Side-swept Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Black Women

Dreadlocks can look super feminine and stylish if you choose the right width and length and sweep them on a side to gain a bit of top volume.

61. Thick Box Braids with Top Bun Hairstyle

This interesting mix of medium-long box braids and a top bun will help you frame the face in a beautiful contour while exposing the perfectly installed box braids on your head.

62. Bordeaux Colored Short Afro Hairstyle for Black Women

With a beautiful shade of Bordeaux, you can personalize any type of curly hairstyle including this medium short Afro with dark roots that will instantly brighten up your day!

63. Blonde Twist-outs Short Hairstyle For Black Women

A classic hairstyle for black women, the twist-outs are a fun, cool-looking hairstyle that adds instant volume and a beautiful bright blonde color to your crown.

III. Modern Short Hairstyles For Black Women

64. Purple Colored Juice Cut Short Hairstyle for Black Women

This minimal look is super shiny and has the shortest strands, both on the sides and on top, to make you look super sexy and feminine despite the fact that the Juice cut is a masculine hairstyle.

65. Subtle Curly Undercut Short Hairstyle For Black Women

With super short sides and tight side braids, this short hairstyle for black women has a curly top part with longer front strands that make your look super impressive and adds volume to your head! Stylish!

66. High Fade with Brown Blonde Highlights Faux Hawk

This goddess-like hairstyle has all the right elements to make your look unique and cool looking, with or without the chandelier earrings and super thin side braid.

67. High Fade with Side Razor Design And Curly Magenta Top

This beautiful mix between super tight masculine sides and a high fade with a strong bold shade of magenta hair color for the curly top is an amazing short hairstyle for black women! We couldn’t love it more!

68. Cool Undercut with Red and Blue Waves

Hello, bombshell! This impressive look is a cool mix of faded sides with a cool design and a curly-wavy top that brings the focus toward the eyes thanks to the amazing blend of red and blue hair dyes!

69. Cotton Candy Colored Pixie Cut Hairstyle

If you ever dreamed of being a real-life princess, then this is your perfect hairstyle! With a cool mix of light pink pastel shades and light icy blue colors, this shaggy pixie cut is a cool masterpiece!

70. Ultra-short Choppy Pixie Haircut with Shiny Strands

To get this casual, effortless look, you can ask for a finely trimmed chopped Pixie haircut with uneven bangs that will give a nonchalant look to your appearance.

71. Short Afro with Freestyle Design Hairstyle

The best way to obtain this impressive razor design is to show the photo below to your favorite hairstylist and make sure to mention that you’d like to have a longer length at the top to increase your volume.

72. Platinum Blonde Short Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

Make this simple, refined look your statement hairstyle by keeping it in check with weekly visits to the hair salon and your biggest vibrant style!

73. Ultra-short Mullet Haircut with Side Razor Design

The beautiful, uneven length of this modern curly mullet haircut is matched with a wicked gradient brown hair color that lightens the sideburns and brings a cool modern vibe to the look.

74. Bright Purple Undercut Haircuts for Black Women with Side Razor Design

This amazing hairstyle has a bright purple color to match a cool, subtle undercut with a complex artistic pattern cut with surgeon precision on the sides with a fine line-up drawn around it. Cool, right?

75. Copper Red Pin Curls Short Hairstyle For Black Women

This delicious, intense red copper color is highly enhanced by the perfectly shaped pin curls and will instantly turn all the eyes towards your hairstyle in a second!

76. Multicolored Short Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

This rainbow-colored short taper Afro Cut will make your cool facial features become the center of attention for sure and you won’t need any other colorful accessories to obtain this impressive look.

77. Pin Up Curls For Black Women

With a cool, curly top and carefully tapered nap, this amazing hairstyle has all the chances of stealing your heart since it can also hide the silver hair!

78. Ultra-sleek Curly Pixie Cut with Razor Design

Get ready to impress everyone with this cool combination between a curly pixie cut and a sleek thin ponytail with yellow hair beads that will complete your look with no other accessories needed!

79. Lavender Pink Pixie Cut with Texture

A short, feminine hairstyle can be achieved if you opt for a lavender-pink shade for the pixie cut, that instantly creates a strong chromatic contrast with your skin tone making you look flawless!

80. Halle Berry’s Pixie Cut with Messy Top

This cute, sexy hairstyle is all about placing the weight of your strands on top of your crown while cutting the sides at just the right length to surround the face in a perfect frame!

81. Hot Pink Taper Hairstyle with Side Razor Design

The combination between a strong pink shade and an amazing side razor design is sure to get you a successful result for your short hairstyle, especially if you keep the top hair long enough to make a curly texture.

82. High Fade with Side Razor Design and Red Tips

Simple, chic, and colorful, this high fade with a dynamic razor design and red tips will surely catch the attention of any onlookers!

83. Short Afro Balayage Hairstyle

Nothing matches a cool, warm balayage applied on half of your afro when combining it with a cool haircut that makes the top volume reach an incredible length.

84. High Fade Haircuts for Black Women with Side Razor Design And Curly Top

Start with a zero fade and a strong line-up around the nape and add three thick razor lines to create this unique, impressive short hairstyle while keeping a bit of top length to ensure a round crown as well.

85. Short Natural Hairstyle with Long Sideburns

Get this retro, old-school look for a cool appearance with short natural faded sides and sleek shiny curls for extra volume on top! This natural hairstyle for black women will go great with golden earrings!

86. Dark Purple Afro Hairstyle with Side Razor Design

If you’re bold enough to try this eccentric hair color, this afro hairstyle with a side razor design will help you style your Afro in a beautiful, short hairstyle that accentuates all the pretty curves of your head!

87. Platinum Blonde Short Taper Hairstyle for Black Women

For maximum contrast, opting for this platinum blonde hair color will make your short taper curls shine and gain ultra-texture, and even make your look match the sparkling jewelry!

88. Short Fade with Curly Taper and Butterfly Razor Design

This super playful look has a cool wide pattern with beautiful butterflies and natural hair patterns to make your curly hairstyle unique and feminine at the same time!

89. Short Afro with Natural Curls Hairstyle

Somewhere between a Pixie and a super short Afro hairstyle, this amazing hairstyle only needs a texturizing spray and your favorite golden hoops to make a great appearance!

90. Short Twisted Locks With Blonde Tips

These super sleek locks make a great textured short hairstyle for black women and opting for a blonde shade for your tips will help you enhance the warmth and brightness of your look!

91. Short Burgundy Taper Hairstyle with Razored Side Fade

This intense dark color is a perfect fall hairstyle that you can wear throughout the season to make your perfectly coiled curls a little bit more fun!

92. Warm Blonde Pixie Cut

If you feel ready to go blonde, this warm golden hue is the best way to add a precious note to a short pixie cut with a layered top that will increase your femininity!

93. Dark Burgundy Afro Hairstyle with Geometric Side Design

The impressive fade around the corners of your super-short hairstyle is here completed with a cool dark geometric side design that only makes the top curls in your hair more amazing!

94. Turquoise Short Curly Mullet Hairstyle with Side Design

This dark turquoise curly mullet continues with a cool side design that makes the hair on the sides appear darker and creates a cool blend with the fluffy texture of the top curls! Impressive!

95. Skin Fade with Multi-Colored Faux Hawk

Absolutely everyone will compliment your hair if you dare choose this multi-colored hairstyle with a curly faux hawk that has both cold and warm tones and a cool thin side braid to delimitate the two blocks of this short hairstyle for black women!

96. Brown Copper Short Pixie with Bangs

Get ready for the fall season with this brown copper hairstyle which has great warmth and intensity and makes a cool pair with the naturally dark skin tone. Also, note that you can personalize it with various types of bangs.

97. Curly Taper With Razor Side Design

It’s all about the extremes with this high fade that has a geometric pattern with two clean sidelines and a cascade of long curls that cover the forehead.

98. Shaggy Curly Pink Hairstyle With Shaved Sides

A cool mix between super short faded sides and a short shaggy curly top will help you achieve an elongated face shape, bright pink color to go with your favorite lipstick, and extra height for your head!

99. High Radiant Afro Short Hairstyle For Black Women

The buoyant, voluminous shape of the top curls matches with the straight, super pointy sideburns creating a cool, modern afro that will also enhance your perceived height. Cool, right?

100. Short Taper with Heart-shaped Side Design

A romantic person will always choose to “wear their heart on their hairstyle” and this short taper looks ten times more interesting with this particular side design.

101. Bomb Blonde Curly Pixie Hairstyle

This delicious mix between blonde and brown hues with dark roots amplifies the depth and the beautiful shape of the pin curls and makes a cool blend with the dark skin tone!


Prepare your “curl friends” for a session of spoiling after getting one of these impressive short hairstyles for black women! And prepare to be showered with compliments after putting on chandelier earrings that will attract attention to your face and makeup!