50 Flat Twist Hairstyles RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

Flat twists are a protective hairstyle that involves intertwining two hair strands on each other to form a rope-like (twist) braid. This hairstyle has been a favorite among black women because it keeps the hair stretched, moisturized, and tangle-free. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for women who want to keep their tresses protected. This protective style looks great anywhere and takes only a few hours to create. Using a gloss product on the coils will help the style stand out and give it a more defined look. Coloring your flat twist is easy too! You can choose a chestnut shade to make the coils appear defined. This type of hairstyle is convenient for natural-haired women, and you can find many tutorials online.

Over time, this style has received numerous upgrades that make them suitable for any occasion. Now you have various flat twists hairstyles. You can make thin and individual twists, thick Marley twists, or combine them with cornrow braids to make a statement look.

Some lovely female celebrities, Gabrielle Union, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Gabourey Sidibe, showed on various occasions how versatile flat twists can be and how suitable it is for everyone.

1. Flat Twist Hairstyle with Beads

Two twists on each side with a middle part and beads on the ends look super cute. The rest of the hair with a hydrated look shows off elegance in the personality.

2. Wrapped Into A Bun On Each Side

Thick, flat-wrapped twists on middle-part hair on each side of the head and laid edges flatter the appearance. The bun on the lower back of the head makes this hairstyle even more gorgeous.

3. Twisted Hairstyle

Thin flat twists are the best protective hairstyle for short hair for black women that looks cute and pretty. Also, help the hair grow.

4. Classy Bun Hairstyle

Classy twists with creative parts that wow everyone and a bun at the back make it graceful.

5. Bun with Decor

The decor adds 4-times beauty to any hairstyle. Bun hairstyle with decor makes it look chic.

6. Knotless Twist Style

Senegalese twists are on another level of excellence. It becomes more eye-catching when beads are added.

7. Feed-in Twist

In the picture above, they created curved feed-in flat twists with silky flat hair in a ponytail hairstyle sophisticated.

8. Twisted Updo Hairstyle

This twisted updo hairstyle for medium hair is best if someone doesn’t prefer using extensions. When twists tumble freely and fall on the face to frame it beautifully.

9. Cornrows Hairstyle

Twists, cornrows with white beads, and a middle-back bun look marvelous.

10. Updo Large Hairstyle

Curved thin to chunky twists and a high updo looks high-fashion and chic.

11. Puff Messy Hair

A flat twist with a wider base and a Puff ponytail looks great. Fully moisturized and hydrated hair makes it look ravishing.

12. Mohawk Braids Hairstyle

Upside down, flat twists that gather hair on top of the head create a mohawk style. The mohawk hair will cover the forehead, make it appear shorter, and create a high cranial top. This hairstyle looks fashionable.

13. Cornrows Combo Hairstyle

This hairstyle truly helps you set a fashion statement. Cornrows on the head side till the ears and the rest of the hair in flat twists look impressive.

14. Two-Strand Twist

Cornrow flat twists with a middle partition creating a bob style that looks first-class on medium-length hair.

15. Crochet Hairstyle

The side part crochet flat twists with lighter ends look magnificent.

16. Quick Bun Style

Flat twists in a simple pattern with a big sophisticated bun are outstanding hairstyles for long hair.

17. Natural Updo Style

A high updo of all the hair at the back and some flat twists tumbling and falling on the face create the bangs impression and frame the face making it appear thinner and making your style chic.

18. Natural Twisted Hairstyle

Sideway flat twists hairstyle other than backward style looks elegant and attractive as it is seen less than backward style.

19. Yummy Bun Bronze Hairstyle

Clean flat twists with hair transition to vibrant orange and twisted bun look smart and stylish.

20. Twisted Hair with Small Bun

Small curved twists with a wider base and lower twisted bun on natural black hair look tip-top.

21. Two Strand with Braids

Cornrow and flat twists and a black and brown hair combination feel too good to be true. Cornrows on the top head with a flat twist on the rest of the hair and brown hair at the ends make anyone’s personality ace.

22. Spring Twist Hairstyle

Spring twists in lemonade style look sophisticated when twists are set on one shoulder.

23. Natural Twisted Updo Hairstyle

All hair is covered on the back of the head with flat twists and upside-down twists on top of the head, which makes hair falling on the forehead look high-fashion. The light-brown hair at the ends looks gorgeous.

24. Natural Feed-in Hairstyle

Natural feed-in flat twists that look similar to cornrows and become thicker with a twisted bun at the back look super cool.

25. Twist Out with Decor

Creative sections that gather all the twist-out hair at the back of the head look outstanding. One thick twist on each side with chunky beads at the ends makes face features eye-catching.

26. Two Strand Updo Twist

Thick two-strand twists with creative partitions and small cute buns on the side and back of the head look magnificent.

27. Spring Break Twist Hair

Spring twists with a middle partition and straight portions on the back with concealed ends look ravishing.

28. Twisted Braids with Ribbon

It is truly the most appealing flat-twist hairstyle right now for your kid. Moderate-size flat twists look amazingly tied with black and pink ribbons at the ends.

29. Medium Twist Hairstyle

Side-swept flat twists on the scalp are the best and most flattering hairstyles on medium hair. It highlights a beautiful big forehead, like models.

30. Finger Coils Twist Hairstyle

Finger coil twists are super thin and tight on the scalp. Creating it on half-head while the rest of the well-moisturized hair has a little puff creates a flattering appearance.

31. Stitch Braids Hairstyle

The middle part stitch flat twist highlights the prominence of twists and well-defines. It looks superb on long hair.

32. Neat Twisted Hairstyle

Middle-part hair with simple creative patterns and a neat twisted bun makes it perfect for medium hair length.

33. Thread Twisted Hairstyle

The amazing thin criss-cross pattern on top of the hair with a combination of cornrows and thick spring twists at the back makes this hairstyle outstanding for anyone.

34. 6 Feed in Braids

If anyone wants to stand out from the crowd even when they have a protective hairstyle installed, they must opt for it. It involves moderate-size feed-in braids, thin cornrows, and big flat twists.

35. Two Feed-in Braids

If someone truly wants to look exquisite and sophisticated, give these medium-sized flat twists with a creative partition and lower bun a try.

36. Natural Updo Twisted

This is the true interpretation of Hair Is My Crown. Upside down, flat twists gather hair at the top of the head and make a natural twisted updo look magnificent.

37. Four Chair Hairstyle

Simple partitions with a creative, clean bun are a must-try hairstyle if you don’t like concealed hair ends.

38. Mohawk Updo Style

Mohawk is always trendy regarding the list of bold and attractive hairstyles. The small buns in the middle of the head look super cute.

39. Dry Small Two-strand Twist

Small two-strand twists in box braid style look like you followed the latest trend.

40. Out Style Bun Hairstyle

Small flat twist-out hair with Senegalese twists in a significant bun looks mind-blowing.

41. Single Cornrows Braid

Side-swept cornrow braids with ringlet twists at the ends enhance hairstyle beauty effortlessly.

42. Cornrows Twist Art

Tiny scalp-tight braids gather in a bun like a french bun look cool. And flat twists with lighter ends falling on your forehead make it hot.

43. Threaded Twist Style

Side-swept straight twists look inspiring with a box braid base.

44. Braiding with a Twist

Curved twists that gather hair on one side of the head look gorgeous. It looks interesting and feels like you are going on a fashion runway.

45. Curly Hair Full Bronze

Snug flat twists at the back with curly loose twists on the forehead make it appear shorter and frame the face beautifully.

46. Chunky Twisted Hairstyle

Side-swept simple chunky flat twists highlight peace and confidence. It looks best on medium-length hair.

47. Cornrows Braid Top

Prominent clean cornrows with flat twists in hairstyle create an attractive, chic hairstyle.

48. Twisted Black Hair

Flat twisted hair that gathers hair on the top with exciting patterns looks fantastic—not making a bun of it and free hair set as side-swept looks cool.

49. Cornrows Twist Hairstyle

Cornrows that seamlessly transition to twists look supreme. The cornrows’ criss-cross section makes it even more eye-catching.

50. Cornrows Twist Out

Cornrows on top of the head that flawlessly turn into twist-out on the back of the head look irresistible. Volume in twists and moisturizing in it makes it an ideal hairstyle for everywhere you go.

Flat Twists Hairstyles FAQs

How Long Do Flat Twists Last?

The flat twists last one week. However, it also depends on how you take care of them. It would be best to use a silk bonnet or scarf at night to increase style longevity, keep twists in place, and avoid frizz.

To make the it hold longer, you should always use water-based products before applying them. A wet twist will hold tighter and will avoid the risk of loose ends. Another way to make the twists stick is to apply a hair control paste. A bit of wax or gel on the twists will help them hold for longer. You can also use bobby pins if you want the hairstyle to stay in place for longer.

How Do You Style Flat Twists?

This hairstyle is made on the scalp by scooping up hair with the index finger and thumb of both hands and intertwining scooped hair over each other to create flat twists.

Do Flat Twists Grow Hair?

They make natural hair grow as long as the twists are not extremely tight on the scalp. Otherwise, it can lead to hair breakage and hair loss.

Are Flat Twists Better Than Cornrows?

Flat twists look similar to cornrows. But flat twists are easier to achieve and undo. Because of its shorter longevity on the scalp than cornrows, women find it easy to focus on their hair care routine.

Conclusions About Flat Twist

Above are the 50 hottest flat twist hairstyles that are versatile to be made with customization if your hairstylist is up for it. If you want to make it on your own, you can see various demonstration videos; you need some practice to get the desired results.

However, we suggest flat twists on dry, stretched hair. Also, do not use gels and creams while making it; it can cause shrinkage and make them frizzy.

When making the style, your hair needs to be dry, stretched, moisturized, and tangle-free. If the hair is in such a state, one can achieve it on any afro hair texture of any hair length.