50 Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair Ideas RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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Curtain bangs, a.k.a fringe bangs, are the type of bangs that are usually center-parted and frame the face on both sides. Straight hair curtain bangs suit all face shapes and give them an instant slimming effect. This 70s trend revived when celebrities like Halle Berry, Gigi Hadid, Elizabeth Olsen, and Katy Perry showed up with curtain bangs.

These are getting extremely popular because you can choose not to make curtain bangs someday, tuck them behind your ears, and secure them with a bobby pin. Also, curtain bangs are a great addition to any hairstyle. Furthermore, curtain bangs enhance facial features, especially the eyes and cheekbone.

1. Money Piece Balayage Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair

Money piece hair is when hair around the face that frames it is turned brighter with foiling or balayage. It helps in making your complexion glow. Money piece curtain bangs are a fuss-free style to make you appear chic and elegant.

2. Brunette Spring Color

This one is just a simple-looking long haircut, and the right shade of hair can make anyone extra smart in any season. This brownish-gray hair color with long curtain bangs is a must-adopt spring hairstyle.

3. Light Brown Blonde Hairstyle

From light brown hair to pure blonde, the curtain bangs with layers that reach the shoulders can make anyone appear younger instantly.

4. Bob Blonde with Chin Length

The blonde chin-length bob looks so fashionable. When the cheekbone-length curtain bangs are added, it will flatter the style and reduce the appearance of sunken cheeks.

5. Dark Black Blunt Hair

If someone doesn’t like obvious center-parted hair to create curtain bangs, this haircut idea is best for them. However, some layers covering the forehead and blunt bangs suit anyone’s personality.

6. Long Bob Blunt Straight Hairstyle

In addition to layered, feathery bangs reaching the neck, the long blunt bob looks super cute with spectacles.

7. Straight Blonde Balayage Medium Length

Balayage on straight blonde hair will create gorgeous white and golden streaks. These mild color transitions will make curtain bangs attractive.

8. Copper Hair with Blonde

Dark copper hair color with orange streaks and blond money-piece on curtain bangs is a most-loved hairstyle idea to try this fall.

9. Straight Hairstyle with Layered Tips

If anyone’s hair is thin and they think curtain bangs will look flat or not so good, try curtain bangs with a long layered haircut. Layers will make the bangs voluminous and classic.

10. Ash Grey Bob Haircut

If you feel edgy and want to make your personality stand out, try this cool-toned ash gray long bob hairstyle.

11. Dark Brunette Hairstyle

If someone’s face is plumpy and round and wants to give the impression of a less round face, then implement this straight curtain bangs idea. With no layer or feather cuts, these long one-layer curtain bangs will make you win all the compliments.

12. Black Roots Balayage Hair

Curtain bangs with balayage on dark roots are the most-loving hair idea you will see this year.

13. Golden Brown Bob Hairstyle

The seamless transition between golden and brown colors makes curtain bangs elegant and irresistible.

14. Pixie Bob Cut with Blonde Hairstyle

If someone wants to minimize the bigger forehead impression and look younger, choose a pixie bob with curtain bangs. A contrast color on bangs like the blonde color on dark hair will look cute and daring.

15. Blonde Short Hair with Dark Roots

Curtain bangs with blonde hair, smudged roots, and dark base color can make any woman younger and more glamorous.

16. Icy Blonde Bob Bangs

The icy blonde bob curtain bangs look amazingly pretty when a dark base peeks through it. It is one of the super stylish curtain bangs ideas this year.

17. Dark Brown Hair with Flip Tips

The flip-tip curtain bangs have a swoopy flip at the ends, giving you a classic and timeless look.

18. Straight Balayage Bob Hairstyle

The pastel brown and sandy-colored balayage must be your favorite if you don’t like it or if your hair looks overly done.

19. Dark Brown Roots Balayage Bob

This curtain bangs style looks super hot with brown and blonde unique color combinations. It will be too cool anywhere you go.

20. Purple Blonde Wolf Cut

Wolf cut is everywhere; people are trying and posting videos about it. You trying it in a new style will attract everyone, but how? Add curtain bangs to it plus various colors like purple.

21. Dark Brown Roots Blonde Medium Length

Cheekbone curtain bangs smudge roots, and a dark brown base flatter your face shape.

22. Brown Layered Hairstyle

Feathered curtain bangs on light brown hair look simple, natural, and extra graceful. If you are into minimal fashion, this hairstyle is for you.

23. Straight Balayage Hair

The light blonde hair, dark roots, and neck-length curtain bangs are gorgeous. In addition, some flowing tresses on the neck and shoulder can enhance anyone’s femininity.

24. Golden Wolf Haircut

Light, feathery bangs with wolf cut in golden hair is a hairstyle you should not ignore.

25. Blonde Highlights Hairstyle

The brown and golden color combination highlights in chin-length curtain bangs is a hairstyle that everyone should try once.

26. Light Brown Highlights Hair

Uneven feathery bangs that cover the forehead on light brown hair with golden streaks are amazing. Also, a short bob covering the sides of the face makes it a must-adopt hairstyle if someone wants to make their face look smaller.

27. Dark Black with Brown Highlights Bob

If someone wants to make hair shiny that look ultra-natural, choose this straight curtain bangs idea. The trick is adding two-shade highlights to the natural hair color.

Similarly, brown highlights on dark brown hair merge so well and give it a lustrous appearance.

28. Straight Clean Hairstyle

If anyone avoids messy hairstyles or the ones that make hair reach the face center repeatedly, this straight clean hairstyle is best for them. The long tresses cut below chin length cover the face’s sides and grace the personality.

29. Black Roots with Golden Highlights

A classic, stand-out hairstyle that never goes out of fashion adds golden highlights to the black roots. Golden highlight’s dominance on curtain bangs makes it perfect for older women.

30. Ash Grey Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

 The ash gray balayage on a blonde base is a super chic and edgy style with curtain bangs.

31. Dark Black Haircut

Dark-colored short angled bob haircuts with curtain bangs on straight hair will look so fascinating.

32. Dark Brown Bob Hair

How can one say no to feathered, layered bangs that gradually become thicker and angled? This style looks alluring on dark brown bob hair.

33. Dark Brown with Strawberry Red Front Hair

This strawberry-red front hair is on another level of excellence. This thick strawberry front hair will give you a rich skin tone.

34. Dark Black Red Hairstyle

We suggest dark black, red curtain bangs if someone does not favor loud hair colors. The colors will merge well. The seamless transition between colors makes it even more gorgeous.

35. Fresh Summer Blonde Hairstyle

Edgey, blunt-end curtain bangs with fresh summer blonde hair are not easy to ignore.

36. Dark Black Short Hair

Curtain bangs on short hair with metallic shine can flatter anyone’s entire look.

37. Black Bob Cut with Long Hairstyle

Long curtain bangs that make bob cut angled are ladies’ most elegant and loved long hairstyle.

38. Shiny Natural Black Medium Hair

Medium hair with decent chin-length curtain bangs on a shiny natural black hairstyle has supremacy when choosing a perfect hairstyle for every occasion.

39. Dark Black and Blue-Green Front Hair

The heavy blue-green money piece at the front with dark black hair is your next hairstyle if you vibe like a trendsetter.

40. Light Copper Brown Highlights

The light copper brown highlights on a short bob with curtain bangs are one of the gorgeous feminine hairstyles.

41. Spicy Red with Short Hair Bangs

If anyone likes a bold hair look that attracts everyone, don’t forget to take a screenshot of short spicy red-colored hair with curtain bangs.

42. Long Blonde Babylights on Straight Hair

If anyone wants to highlight their soft skills assertively, they must choose this baby lights curtain bangs on straight hair.

43. Ash Silver Blonde Straight Hair with Long Side Bangs

Blunt cut on ash silver-blonde hair with soft curtain bangs highlights the balance in personality.

44. Dark Black Hair with A Hint of Copper Brown

These type of bangs plays a vital part in face-framing that highlights facial features. Dark black hair with a hint of copper brown will add excellence to it.

45. Babylights Balayage on Straight Hair

Blond baby lights that turn platinum reaching the ends are super cool. With curtain bangs and layers cut on the sides looks supreme.

46. Gold Blonde Sided on Straight Hair

Long-sided curtain bangs on gold blond hair hairstyle make you look smart.

47. Shiny Black with Long Straight Hair

If you have shiny black hair and want to keep hair away from your face, show this picture to your stylist.

48. Warm Chesnutt Brown Hair for Straight Hair

This warm brown hair color with curtain bangs tells you that elegant colors also can make you stand out like bold/loud colors.

49. Black Hair with Flip Edge and Side Bangs

No more great combination than flip edges and side bangs to look instantly younger and classy.

50. Natural Long Blonde Hair

The curtain bang’s seamless merge in natural long blog hair makes anyone look smart, mature, and fashionable.


The above-listed 50 curtain bangs ideas for straight hair can help you rock any event. It makes you look gorgeous whether you made them lighter or heavier. The reason it is always popular is that it is low commitment hairstyle. So you can easily secure them away from your face and avoid a similar look every day. Moreover, you can side-part them.

Also, whatever curtain bangs you choose, high chances are it will suit. You can alter it in various ways to get your desired aesthetic look.

For the optimal outcome, first, find a professional hairdresser. Second, ask them to inform you of the tips according to your face shape and hair type to make it flawless.


What Should A Stylist Check Before Deciding On A Curtain Bangs Style For Their Client?

First, look at how the hairline lays naturally and check if there are any cowlicks and cut bangs considering cowlicks to make it flowy.

Second, a stylist should look at the face shape to make a clear-cut decision regarding the curtain bang’s length and fullness.

When Should You Trim Curtain Bangs To Keep Them In Shape?

You should cut curtain bangs every 6 to 8 weeks to keep them in shape.

What If You Let The Curtain Bangs Grow?

If someone lets curtain bangs grow, it will not look messy. Instead, it will grow seamlessly and create a soft face frame.

How To Ask Your Stylist For Desired Curtain Bangs?

A simple thing you can do is show the desired curtain bangs picture to your stylist. They will inform you how little alterations to curtain bangs will suit them on your face flawlessly. Otherwise, before cutting curtain bangs, inform them of all the traits you want in your bangs, and they will cut one for you. Just don’t say “cut curtain bangs.”

What’s The Biggest Mistake People Do When Styling Curtain Bangs?

Blow-drying the bangs in the horizontal position is the biggest mistake people make without even realizing it. It will make the curtain bangs puffy and fluffy but not give them a specific or desired shape. Using a round brush to hold the bangs for a few seconds after blow-drying hair helps you get bangs in the desired shape.