102 Trendy Long Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2024

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If you want to cut your hair in an interesting, original, according to the latest trends style, the long bob haircuts and hairstyles, which we will talk about in the following, are the best decision.

The long bob is an original solution for women with any type of hair. It is noteworthy that this will look absolutely different if you mix in various types of bangs, and asymmetrical strands, or if you create a messy effect.

In addition, a stylish extra-long bob hairstyle is a lifesaver for those who have curly hair and are looking for the perfect hairstyle which can be styled quickly and easily every day.

The bob haircut is also gorgeous because you can try on cute, romantic, feminine or playful, and bold looks.

I. Long Bob Haircuts for Straight Hair

1. Straight Long Angled Bob Haircuts

A simple straight long cut for straight hair, this haircut frames the face and leaves plenty of styling options and an elegant look.

For the days when you have important meetings at the office and go out in the city, you can use the hair straightener. You will get a simple but effective hairstyle, which you can not fail.

This hairstyle is especially recommended for women with long straight haircuts, not spun.

2. Dark Grey Angled Long Bob Haircuts

The Lob, short for long-bob, is a great way to cut hair because you can enjoy both short and long hair at the same time. This dark-grey version is a great way to highlight the length and beautiful nuance of the hairstyle.

3. One-sided Red Long Bob Haircuts

The uniform haircut enhances this bright red color, and the high volume of the tresses makes for an exquisite look! Try and style the hair this way if it lacks volume.

4. Relaxed Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

This time, a more relaxed, straight-cut bob makes for a perfect casual hairstyle for those weekend days, and it will look good just with the minimum styling effort. The cut is slightly less angled than other lobs we have seen around.

5. Extra-long Angled Straight Bob Hairstyles

A beautiful clean-cut for long shiny hair that gives a “curtain effect” to the whole look, this extra-long bob is perfect for those who don’t want to lose the length. Not quite a long haircut, but with the effect of one!

6. Symmetrical Long Bob Hairstyles with Blonde Ombre Hair Color

These radiant blonde locks with darker roots are beautifully displayed by the straight symmetrical bob cut that frames the face.

7. Red Colored Angled Long Bob

A shiny sleek hairstyle for a bright red-colored straight lob haircut is everything that is needed for this look to stand out!

8. Straight Brown Long Bob with subtle Blonde Hues

A soft-angled Lob cut combined with the warm brown color of this straight hair mixes well with the blonde highlights at the ends.

9. Bright Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles

This long-bob cut goes well with the fine blonde hair, especially if you can tousle it a bit for a slightly messy negligent look.

10. Stick-straight Long Bob Haircuts for Women

This dark black shade of hair is beautifully enhanced by the stick-straight long bob haircut, a look you can obtain by straightening your hair after you washed it and trimmed the ends.

11. Deep Side Part Milky White Blonde Long Bob

For an ultra-modern, sleek take on the deep side part for the symmetric long bob haircut that is here displayed on a beautiful milky blonde hair color.

12. Dark Brunette Long Bob with Curled ends

This hairstyle is suited both for strong thick hair and fine-textured one due to the straight uniform cut at a high angle, making this look like a classic lob! The ends in front are slightly curled for a put-together hairstyle.

13. Pink Blonde Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

A subtle delicate color for a feminine look, this pretty pinkish blonde lob is great for fine straight hair!

14. Straight Brunette Long Bob Hairstyles

This side-parted, long straight bob haircut fits great women with dense hair, which will look shiny and smooth due to the blunt chunky straight cut.

15. Caramel Balayage Long Straight Bob Haircuts

The warm blonde and caramel hues of this balayage are great to be displayed on a long bob cut, straightened really well to enhance the whole hairstyle.

16. Light Copper Long Bob

An electric, bright copper-colored hair looks really well with this type of haircut that makes the color pop out even more! The A-line cut is very smooth and, if straightened after cutting, will give that “curtain effect”.

17. Layered Long Bob for Straight Hair

Fine smooth hair will have a beautiful shine if you combine the straight lob with thin bright highlights to soften the darker tones. This can be a great reference for wedding hairstyles for medium hair. Look fabulous with this style on your special day. You will have the best look with this.

18. Gray Blonde Balayage A Cut Long Bob for Straight Hair

A glamorous, sophisticated aesthetic is obtained with this beautiful color of gray-blonde balayage added to a long bob haircut where you can see every straight strand of hair simply falling in place effortlessly.

19. Red Hair Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

Pamper yourself to a new color and a straight blunt cut for your long straight hair, and simply apply the flat iron for an even straighter curtain-like look!

20. Caramel Brown Colored Long Bob for Straight Hair

This past-shoulder long bob haircut with pointy ends in the front and a straight cut looks amazing with the beautiful caramel brown paint applied here.

21. Ariel-red Long Bob Hairstyles for Straight Hair

As said above, these intense colors, such as Ariel the mermaid shade of red, are beautifully displayed on straight lobs, which don’t need much accessorizing, except a hairpin.

22. Length for Days Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles for Straight Hair

The sleek a-line long bob brings the drama with blunt ends, and a soft blonde nuance applied evenly that warms the whole look.

23. Side Parted Brown Long Bob Hairstyles for Straight Hair

This effortless look is greatly helped by the A-line straight cut with angles in front that frame the face.

24. Red Colored Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

An evenly, perfectly symmetric look due to the middle part on the center of the head, this hairstyle will make you stand out in a crowd with that fire-red shade that will pop out at first glance. This is a notable medium-length hairstyle.

25. Chic Long Bob Haircut with Layers for Straight Hair

A messy lob, great for a casual look, this chunky straight cut advantages any type of hair, giving it texture and highlighting the beautiful color of the balayage.

II. Long Bob Haircuts with Bangs for Straight Hair

26. Long Soft Bob for Straight Blonde Hair with long bangs

These soft ends matching the long bangs swiped outwards make for a great sleek platinum blonde hairstyle for straight hair. We created a great guide on different types of bangs.

27. Chunky Long Bob Hairstyles with Long Straight Bangs

Get inspired by this incredible transformation from lifeless, straight, plain hair to a full, volume bob cut with a subtle fringe and colors added for a beautiful rainbow-like shine!

28. Pink Blonde Lob with Face-framing Bangs Hairstyle

Get ready to draw all the attention of bystanders to your intense gaze that will pop out due to the face-framing soft bangs with a middle part.

29. Bleach Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles with Straight-Cut Bangs

These thin-sliced highlights give the impression of a lighter tone of blonde to your hair, while the minimal styling makes it easy to wear and arrange before heading to the front door.

30. Straight A-line Lob with Straight Cut Bangs

Rock this hairstyle as soon as you hop out of the shower by straightening it with a flat iron and letting the sharp cuts do the magic!

31. Extra Long Bob Hairstyles with Subtle Bangs and side Part for Blonde Hair

This look is all about length for days and a beautiful shine to these blonde locks! Feminine and elegant, with a touch of a mystery given by the pretty strands of hair framing your face.

32. Angled Long Bob Hairstyles with Short Straight Fringe

This haircut has long curvy lines past the shoulder that create a sharp angle with the side-cut fringe descending right under the cheekbone.

33. Ginger Long Bob Hairstyles with Straight Bangs and Middle Part

A gorgeous ginger color for your mane doesn’t need much else than straightening it with a rotating brush and arranging the tresses on your forehead so that they frame your face with this symmetrical bob haircut.

34. Chestnut Colored Lob with Back Swiped Bangs for Straight Hair

This rich intense color is perfect for a straight lob at which a subtle thin fringe was added and a side part.

35. Red Colored Long Bob Hairstyles with Short Straight Bangs

This haircut is great for any color, really, but the highlight of this particular version is the gradually cut strands of hair framing the face together with the short fringe. This is a great long hairstyle for older women.

36. Brown with Chocolate Highlights for Lob with Extra Long Bangs and Side Part

The great thing about the bob haircut is that it looks great no matter the length, as you can see in this marvelous example below, where the overall appearance of silky smooth hair goes great with the extra volume of the long bangs on a side.

37. Silky Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles with Parted Bangs

Fine, delicate hair color will bring lots of shine and light to this long bob with extra-long face-framing bangs. The blunt ends have a lighter tone, making the full hairstyle even more radiant!

38. Silver Gray Balayage Lob with Subtle Side Bangs Hairstyle

This long feathered fringe accentuates your facial features and brings attention from the past shoulders long bob cut to your face.

39. Long Ginger Bob Haircuts with Feathered Bangs

This voluminous layered lob is great for any type of hair and the feathered bangs give a mysterious elegant look.

40. Angled Blonde Balayage with Thin Cut Fringe Lob

This long bob reaching your collarbones is looking both from the sides and the front thanks to the subtle fringe.

41. Messy Lob with Thick Chunky Face Framing Bangs Hairstyle

Look effortlessly chic with this messy long bob haircut and chunky bangs with a middle part that will enhance the delicacy of your facial features! This is a perfect medium haircut for wavy hair. What a piece of artwork! Let your natural beauty be showcased in this style. Try it out!

42. Extra Long Bob for Women with Short Bangs

Give your overgrown lob a refresh with short messy bangs to match the rest of your tresses!

43. Chestnut Colored Chunky Long Bob Hairstyles with Long Bangs

These chunky bangs match the messy long bob haircut that looks great with minimal styling.

44. Platinum Blonde Long Bob Hairstyles with Back Braids

Switch the length of your hair strands with a back braid you can pull out of the frontal long hair of the lob. Both practical and elegant! These long bob haircuts are worth trying on.

45. Voluminous Messy Long Bob Hairstyles with Front Bangs

The center-parted brown lob with subtle copper tones is cut in a chunky manner for maximum volume with subtle front bangs.

III. Long Bob Haircuts for Wavy Hair

46. Pink Balayage with Side Part Long Bob Cut for Women with Wavy Hair

A bright-colored balayage with a textured long bob haircut for thin hair will ensure your mane plenty of volume and a negligent chic look in a minute! Enjoy your youth with this trendy hairstyle. Talk about a teenage girl with style! She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

47. Flame-like colored Lob Cut with Soft Waves Hairstyle

An exquisite balayage that embodies the fire flames with a play of orange, dark red, and yellowish highlights will surely attract all the attention to your face.

48. Shaggy Blonde Lob Hairstyles with Platinum Balayage

These pretty, thick, messy blonde tresses are beautifully displayed in soft waves with the help of a long bob haircut. This a perfect modern long shag hairstyle. Check it out!

49. Raspberry and Lilac Balayage Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles

A delicious mix of colors, perfect for the warm season, this lob is all about curves and pretty reflections.

50. Blue Turquoise Balayage Wavy Lob Haircuts

This long bob A-line haircut looks great with a perfectly curled mane with a brilliant mix of marine-inspired colors.

51. Textured Wavy Long Bob with Caramel Highlights

This silky-smooth long bob was given a twist by adding thin textured caramel highlights to the brown locks.

52. Lavender Balayage Long Bob with Side Part for Wavy Hair

Relaxed beach waves make the lavender highlights in this long bob haircut shine beautifully and add femininity to the whole look!

53. Chunky Wavy Lob for Golden Blonde Hairstyle

These negligent waves with chunky highlights and blunt ends make for a very stylish effortless look!

54. Brown Balayage for Wavy Long Bob for Women

Rock your favorite long bob haircut with this subtle balayage to add a bit of shine and brightness to your dark locks.

55. Wavy and Smokey Ombre for Long Bob for Women

Sophisticated hair color like this smokey gray ombre is perfectly displayed in a long wavy haircut to reach past the shoulders. A pretty display of long bob haircuts will make you shine.

56. Blunt Chopped Wavy Long Bob for Light Red Hair

A messy, artistically negligent styled look suits this natural shade of red that is very delicate and light, in contrast with the chunky long bob haircut.

57. Messy Side-Parted Blonde Balayage for Long Bob for Women

What a gorgeous hair color styled perfectly in a deep side-parted long bob that displays all the tones and subtones of this balayage.

58. Classic Wavy Long Bob for Women for Black Brown Hair

This haircut is all about the natural length and healthy look of this beautiful black-brown long bob cut, that has bouncy beautiful curls to frame the face.

59. Pink Balayage Wavy Long Bob for Women

Pink and lavender hues in this balayage make for the perfect combo of colors for this long bob haircut. The lighter strands are those that frame the neck and collarbones, making the total look a great success!

60. Golden Blonde Extra Long Bob for Wavy Hair

Style these Rapunzel locks with some wavy curls, longer in front and gradually shorter as you go to the back! The beautiful warm tones are really highlighted with this hairstyle! Be creative with those long bob haircuts.

61. Sun-kissed Blonde Long Bob for Women with Soft Waves

This versatile long bob is gorgeous both straight and wavy due to the beautiful balayage applied to its length, perfect for summertime!

62. Honey Blonde Balayage Long Bob for Wavy Hair

These honey-toned hair colors make this long bob irresistible and feminine, while the curly waves applied half-down the length are a nice addition to the whole look.

63. Textured Blonde Balayage Long Bob Hairstyle

Nothing says Summer more than this blonde lob with bright balayage strands that create a beautiful mess and give these locks volume and shine!

64. Extra-Long Dark Brunette Lob for Wavy Hair

For those undecided yet which color to dye their hair, this dark brunette natural earthy tone will be perfect in a layered long bob that can be waved and styled according to their preferences.

65. Luscious Balayage Long Bob for Women with Brown Wavy Hair

Made to resemble the sun-kissed hair in the summertime, this pretty brown and blonde balayage with front highlights is sure to make your wavy long bob haircut stand out!

66. Asymmetrical Angled Wavy Long Bob with subtle Ombre

We think this asymmetrical chopped lob would make Rihanna jealous. Just tell your hairdresser to cut one part longer than the other and enjoy the beautiful angles of this wavy hairstyle. These hairstyles will also look good on older women.

67. Shiny Gold Blonde Long Bob for Women with Wavy Hair

For a touch of glam, add soft waves to your golden locks and enjoy the sleek shiny look of this lob!

68. Symmetrical Wavy Long Bob for Women with Dark Brunette Hair

A very natural, simple lob with soft waves that give movement to the whole haircut, this version is really great for summer when you want your skin to breathe and not to use too many products for styling.

69. Chunky Lob for Bleach Blonde Wavy Hair

This haircut adds lots of volume to the crown and the chunky strands fall beautifully free to give even the finest hair the needed texture we all crave.

70. Messy Wavy Dark Brunette Long Bob with thin Curls Hairstyle

Long sharp front strands of hair are curled and twisted in this long bob shape for dark brunette-colored locks.

71. Pink Balayage Long Bob for Women with Wavy Hair and Center Part

A light cotton-candy pink balayage is a sweet option for a long bob haircut, while the soft curls add even more femininity and playfulness to this hairstyle.

72. Walnut Brown Balayage for Long Bob Cut Wavy Hairstyle

This brunette balayage with walnut brown hues makes for a very luscious long bob with soft subtle waves to make it even prettier.

73. Bouncy Textured Waves for Blonde Long Bob for Women

A chopped lob with blunt ends and textured strands is perfect if you have fine thin hair as it will add lots of volume and bouncy curls to the look.

This hairstyle is suitable for more elegant outfits and especially for special occasions. If you do not have the skills to make such curls on your own, you can seek the help of a specialist, who will certainly work wonders.

74. Side Parted Brown Balayage for Women with Wavy Long Bob

Another great option to go for if you want your balayage to pop in to get subtle waves and make a side part in your freshly done bob cut.

IV. Long Bob Haircuts for Curly Hair with Bangs

75. Playful Wavy Long Bob with Delicate Fringe for Pink Blonde Balayage

This long bob is enhanced by the beautiful pick of colors for an exquisite balayage: subtle pink hues and a gray-blonde mixture make this haircut stand out while the front fringe frames your delicate features. These long bob haircuts are superb!

76. Voluminous Wavy Ginger Long Bob Hairstyles for Women with Straight Bangs

Volume for days and plenty of wavy strands to run your fingers through is what this ginger red lob with straight layered bangs is all about.

77. Bleach Blonde Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles for Women with Framing Bangs

We cannot help but think of Taylor Swift or Gwyneth Paltrow when looking at this perfectly bleached blonde messy lob with framing bangs that will capture the beauty of your eyes if you sweep it sideways.

78. Purple Balayage Long Bob Hairstyles for Women with Feathered Bangs

This incredible transformation is the perfect inspiration for your next look- change. Purple balayage is a bold decision, but looking at this messy long bob with textured feathered bangs makes us consider the option. It is a perfect choice if you have strong facial features that will be sweetened by delicate strands.

79. Caramel Balayage for Wavy Long Bob with Face-framing Bangs

This brown caramel balayage will give that sun-kissed impression to your locks and the soft waves will blend beautifully with the long bangs.

80. Rainbow Colored Long Bob Cut for Women with Wavy Bangs

Part blue, part violet, and all other nuances in between blend together in this rainbow-colored lob, while the green-orange colored bangs attract attention to the face and eyes.

81. Curled Up Long Bob Blonde Balayage with Curly Bangs for Brown Hair

A very chic and playful, french-inspired look is seen in this subtle blonde balayage for a long bob with lots of curls and twisted negligent bangs.

82. Emerald Green Wavy Long Bob for Women with Bangs

Another extravagant hair color, emerald-green in this case is beautifully displayed in this long bob with chunky wavy strands and side bangs.

83. Long Wavy Bob Haircuts with Side Swept Bangs and Side Part

The blend between light blonde, dark grays and all the other colors in this beautiful long with chunky waves is gorgeous.

84. Cinnamon Red Messy Long Bob with Short Bangs

A strong bright color like this cinnamon red lob deserves a styling to match it! Messy, subtle wavy strands of hair create a beautiful artistic mess together with the thin short bangs that bring volume to the mane. Beautifully styled long bob haircuts are what you need.

85. Pink Blonde Balayage Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles with Face-Framing Bangs

We can not help but fall in love with this icy pink blonde balayage that catches all the light in the room and brings a shine to the messy lob, artistically styled here.

86. Dark Blue Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles with Short Bangs

Another great color this dark blue wavy long bob with short face-framing bangs gives this haircut a much-needed twist.

87. Blonde Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles with Face Framing Bangs

Plenty of volume and texture was added to this lob with the help of a rotating brush applied used the hair blowout to make those pretty colored locks get wavy. Stylish and chic!

88. Textured Ombre Long Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Inject dimension, color, and movement to your long bobby, teasing the upper strands and making sure the bangs are neatly swiped on the side.

89. Long Bob Balayage Hairstyles for Women with Lighter Frontal Piece

A more settled, soft look can be achieved with the same ombre long bob haircut by leaving the hair a bit longer, cutting it in the same choppy manner, and styling it with a bit of hair spray.

90. Bleach Blonde Wavy Long Bob for Women with Wavy Bangs

This light blonde lob is styled here with a side part and a thin fringe to blend with the rest of the waves.

91. Sun-kissed Ombre Long Bob with Face-framing Bangs

This beautifully shaped long bob brings lots of light to your face and has a specific glow thanks to the ombre technique.

92. Dark Brown Long Bob with Side Part and Wavy Bangs

Part wavy, part straight, this brown balayage long bob enhances the layers in the haircut that are styled in an artistic mess.

93. Peanut Brown Balayage Long Bob Hairstyles for Women with Chunky Bangs

This brown balayage lob is styled using a large barrel curling iron but only on half of the length so the ends are left straight and pointy for a messy negligent look.

94. Pink Grey Blonde Ombre for Wavy Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

This more settled, sleeker lob sports many colors and side-swept thin bangs to add volume to the fine hair.

95. Wavy Brown Balayage Long Bob Hairstyles for Women with Long Bangs

This two-toned lob gives you the best of both brown and blonde hair, for an effortlessly chic look! Just run the curling iron a couple of times and fix the wavy strands in place with a bit of hairspray and style the long bangs to blend in with the rest of the crown.

96. Wavy Lavender Pink Balayage for Long Bob with Straight Bangs

This beautiful shade of pink brings delicacy and femininity to the straight, blunt ends of this lob with straight bangs and messy waves.

97. Black Brown Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles for Women with Long Bangs

Flaunt your natural colors and shine with a long wavy bob haircut and long bangs to frame your face. Raw beauty!

98. Messy Blonde Long Bob with Deep Side Part and Face Framing Bangs

The whole idea behind this messy look is to look negligent and feminine but it takes a fine long bob haircut with matching bangs and a color specialist to get it.

99. Wavy Brown Balayage Shoulder Length Long Bob Haircut with Lighter Frontal Pieces

A shoulder-length razor lob is brought to life with the help of a couple of lighter-colored front pieces and soft waves. If you have an oval face, then, this might be perfect for you. Try it out!

100. Gray Blonde Balayage for Wavy Lob with Deep Side Part and Bangs

This subtle balayage for blonde thin hair brings volume and texture with the help of a wavy long bob haircut and side-swept bangs.

101. Lived In Dark Brunette Wavy Long Bob with Bangs

The incredible shine of this lived-in color is only enhanced by the thousands of reflections made by the wavy curls of this bob and the long, thick bangs parted in the middle.

102. Wavy Long Bob with Front Highlighted Piece

This wavy styling brings volume to thin hair while the highlights catch the eye towards the cheekbones and collarbones.

Interesting Facts

Who invented the long bob haircut?

The long bob haircut, invented by the French master Antoine de Paris, is an indisputable hit because it can create the image of a refined lady and demonstrate the passionate nature, the stubborn character, and the wild temperament of the owner.

Which celebrities wore lobs?

The long bob haircut conquered not only simple fashionistas but also celebrities from all over the world. Bob has become a favorite hairstyle for Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kira Knightley, model Carly Kloss, and many other celebrities.

The above ladies show us how elegant the bob haircut can look, how to style this type of haircut, and also what color to choose.

What hairstyles can be mixed with a long bob cut?

The long bob haircut is the most versatile and common type because it allows you to make beautiful hairstyles when you mix it with layered haircuts, pixie cuts, undercuts, feathered styles, wavy or curly bobs, and many others. Also, the long bob hairstyles offer more options for coloring your hair. You might also consider trying elegant hairstyles for everyday and special occasions.

Which clothes fit best the bob haircut?

In addition, the bob haircut in the classic version, for example, with bangs, can be harmoniously combined with elegant evening dresses, suits with office pants, pencils, trapeze dresses, and many other outfits.


These were all the 102 long bob haircut suggestions we prepared for you. Long Bobs, or lobs as they are also known, are really trending this year, as more and more styling options and colors appear, and they are great for women with any type of hair. I hope it helps you get inspired and brave enough to get a long bob haircut!