50 Most Popular Weave Hairstyles in 2024

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Everyone likes to add volume and length to their hair, but doing so naturally can take forever. At this point, weave hairstyles are lifesavers because they are short committed options to add glam to your personality. 

Have you ever wondered how celebrities’ hair becomes so short, like pixie to long like waist-length hair? The truth is, in today’s world, everyone wears weaves, even every other woman in your society, as a positive beauty standard. 

Especially for black women, weaves are best friends whenever they want to change the look and color of their hair. The best part is that weaves are available in different styles to get your dream look. 

1. Glue-Less Closure Sew-in with Weave Hairstyles

This closure weave hairstyle is achieved by braiding hair first, then sewing the closure and tracks to the braided hair. This side-part sleek closure hairstyle looks pretty and is manageable. 

2. Raw 34 Body Wave Hairstyle

Other than super sleek hair, if someone wants to flaunt their beauty with hair having prominent curls, then this weave style is best. For this style, choose 34 inches of raw body wave hair. 

3. Half Up Half Down with Weave Hairstyles

Half-up, half-down hairstyles always look chic. You can achieve style by installing frontal and weaves. Bring hair at the top crown to create a half-up and let the rest of the hair flow. 

4. Balayage Weave Hairstyle

You can easily get this gorgeous weave hairstyle by getting brown balayage and blonde highlights to it. 

5. Side Part Natural Sew In Weave Hairstyles

This weave hairstyle is super elegant. For this hairstyle, your stylist will install weaves at the back and closure at the parting area. Orange-brown balayage will look awesome. 

6. Lace Closure All Sewn Down Weave Hairstyle

This fantastic all-sewn-in weaves hairstyle is obtained by a sew-in weave in tracks. The key to making this hairstyle look natural is skillfully sew-in weaves at the partition area.

7. Barley Blonde Weave Hairstyle

Weave with barley blonde balayage looks amazingly stunning and realistic. This is suitable for both formal and informal events. 

8. Traditional Sew in Weave Hairstyles

Middle-part, the traditional sew-in style always wins hearts. You can achieve this style by applying closure on the frontal and sewing weave tracks into the braids. Make sure tracks are installed in a perfect manner; it does not feel bumpy on the head. 

9. Curly Weave Hairstyle

Like many other hairstyles, you can achieve this super elegant, fluffy, and flicked edges hairstyle by using frontal and sew-in weaves tracks. 

10. Bob Haircut with Weave Hairstyles

The boss-lady sleek bob hairstyle looks attractive. You need to pick a straight texture and make sure the closure/frontal and weaves are of the same color. 

11. Natural Sew-in Weave Hairstyle

This lovely natural sew-in hairstyle involves a deeply curved partition to make the hair swoop on the side part. So, we prefer to suggest you get the frontal instead of the closure for the clear finish. 

12.  Long Weave

White blonde hair on a dark base looks eye-catching. This weave hair is suitable for women of any age and perfect for both white and black girls. 

13. Blonde Long Weave Hairstyles

Bronde balayage with smudges is a super elegant hairstyle to make anyone look gorgeous effortlessly by just changing the hairstyle. With weaves, a 13×6 frontal is best to create a large partition line in the center. 

14. Lace Closure Sew in Weave Hairstyle

2c curly hair can only be a reason for making a woman attractive. Opting for a 2c sew-in weave hairstyle will also be amazing but make sure to go to the stylist to install its tracks so your hair will look realistic. 

15. Traditional Sew in Small Leave Out

Among black women, this is by far one of the most natural-looking weave hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the stylist doesn’t braid all the hair and leaves some hair where the partition will be. In the end, stylists style the leave out, spread on all sides. It will hide any tracks, if visible.

16. Frontal Sew in Weave Hairstyles

A fully hydrated look on 3c hair is always ravishing. You can obtain this weave hairstyle by installing a 13×4 frontal and weave. 

17. Teasy Lights and Weave

Do you want to get the combination of balayage highlights and foil highlights? Opt for this teasy highlighted hairstyle. Cut the curtain bangs on weaves to get a more edgy look. 

18. Corkscrew Curl Weave Hairstyles

4a kinky hair weave will look high fashion with a flatter top. A lace closure will be best. Keep hair moisturized for the best look. 

19. Closure Sew In with Crimps Weave Hairstyle

Crimp hair is a zig-zag or deep hair fashion for longer straight and long hair. You can opt for a loose and light crimp weave for a natural look. 

20. Weave Hairstyles Fitted Over 3 Rows and Curled 

Weaves tracks installed in 3 horizontal rows will give you a perfect hair volume. Having deep weaves in this hairstyle gives you a more enchanted look. 

21. Short Curly Weave Hairstyle

Other than long hairstyles, short hairstyles are also irresistible with weaves. Blonde and black 4b hair weaves with side cornrows look magnificent. 

22. Two Rows Weave Hairstyles Refit

If you want weaves to be refitted, removing them on time will be a great choice. Two rows of weave refit with blonde, platinum and black hair look gorgeous.

23. Silk Press Weave

Silk press weave with curly hair at the ends will give you an absolutely elegant appearance. Having bangs on this hairstyle will be a great idea. 

24. Side Part Slay Weave

Sleek side-part hair is a super fancy hairstyle with laid edges. You can opt for this hairstyle with sew-in weaves, closure, or frontal and deep side parts. 

25. Half Twists Weave Hairstyles

If you want to make a gorgeous hairstyle without messing up with weave installation, hairstyle is best. Take hair from both sides of the middle part, twist them gently and secure it at the back of the head. 

26. Ebony Weave

Ebony weave offers the best wavy hair. Choosing them in natural shade will help you achieve a realistic look. 

27. Center Weave Hairstyles

Weave tracks installation in a way to get a middle part hairstyle will give you a chic look. Make sure to go to a stylist for this style, so it will not be visible that tracks are installed. 

28. Traditional Sew In with Middle Part Weave

Now you know sew-in is not about dramatic hairstyles only; it can have super elegant and feminine hairstyles, and the curly end will make it even more awesome. 

29. Transparent Lace Closure Weave

Everyone thinks the transparent closure is the naturalistic it will be. The sudden transition of black hair into orange-brown hair will look sassy. 

30. Balayage Refresh with 2 Rows Dianne Marshall Weave Fitted

Two rows installation of Dianne Marshall weave will give you the perfect natural volume. The blonde balayage refresh with platinum effect will look super fabulous.

31. Full Sew in Weave Hairstyles

Full sew-in weave with side part style is a great protective hairstyle. The brown highlights will make it incredible. 

32. Frontal Weave

A frontal deep weave hairstyle will look amazing on women of any age—13×4 frontal works best for this weave hairstyle.

33. Custom Partial Weave Hairstyles

Other than having weaves on the full head, one can have it on a custom area of the head, for example, on the head front, if someone is experiencing hair loss.

34. RedHead Vibe and Wavy Waterfall 

These orange-red weaves give an absolutely unique vibe like the redhead person. The wavy waterfall texture makes it even more gorgeous and suitable for any occasion.  

35. 22 Braided Weave Hairstyles

For obtaining the natural movement and style in hair, there need to be more braids at the base. The suggestion of 22 braids will work best for you.

36. Blonde Invisible Weave

When experts install weaves, their main focus is on making them appear natural. Make sure the wefts are thin and sewed evenly.

37. Instant Volume and Length Hair with Weave 

Length and volume are the main focus of the ones who get weaves. You can make hair more fluffy and gorgeous by adding waves with curling tongs or curlers.

38. Blend from Root Weave Hairstyles

A leave-out with weave installation helps you get the blend from the root. We suggest you decide on the parting side prior to getting this weave style, as you can’t alter the partition line later. 

39. Fresh Weave

A weave with a glossy shine and fresh blonde-gold color looks so amazing for summer and spring. 

40. 55cm Curls in Weave Hairstyles

Curls can give you a bedhead beauty look, but where to take the perfect measurement for hair length for that. We have a suggestion, get 55cm long curls weave. 

41. Refresh Balayage Volume Weave

Refreshing balayage on dark hair is easy-to-maintain and long-lasting. So, get this brown volume balayage for an excellent look.

42. Braidless Weave 26 Inch Mermaid Hair

For braid-less weave installation, you can use micro-link alike beads to make a place where you can sew in weaves. You can install white-blonde mermaid-length hair.

43. Weave with a Natural Leave Out 

Natural leave-out is an effortless and quick way to make the weave appear realistic. Styling leave-out in long curtain bangs is a mesmerizing idea. 

44. Semi Full Head Messy Weave 

Semi messy weave gives the impression of tousled hair, which looks chic and gives you a fun-loving impression. 

45. Colour and Weave Combo

Weave with balayage other than typical color looks trendy. Styling weaves like natural hair will make you more confident and eye-catching. 

46. 24 Inches Platinum Weave Hairstyles

This weave style makes you appear like a sassy snow queen. The hair gloss and straightness make it more elegant.

47. 2 Braids at Top with Her Leave Out Weave

Leave-out on all the middle of the head gives you the versatility to make various hairstyles. Making two dutch braids on the center of the head gives a sporty vibe. 

48. Blonde Highlights and Weave 

Blonde highlights on dark undertone and smudge roots look captivating and are so natural-looking and gorgeous. 

49. Rooted Weave

When the hair is damaged, it needs a haircut, and now the hair is short after the cut. At this time, weave application on the back of the head will make hair rooted supremely natural.

50. Braidless Weave Hairstyles

If you have the same hair texture as you ordered, we suggest you have a braid-less weave. This style can be obtained by using small micro-rings like beads and sewing hair involving them.

Weave Hairstyles FAQs

Are There Only A Few Specific Hair Textures You Can Achieve With Weaves?

Beginners might think that only one hairstyle one can achieve is super sleek, straight, and flowy hair. But there are a variety of textures available in the market like body waves, wavy and curly, etc., to get the desired look.

What Are The Weave Details You Need To Pay Attention To Make Hairstyles?

When you wear a weave, you need some skills to pay attention to needed points to get a flawless look. First, install a weave after carefully securing hair underneath. Second, the weave front hairline is not prominent. Third, weaves’ hair should be well-blended with your natural hair.

Do Hair Weaves Damage Your Hair?

Traditionally, the whole head of hair is braided then weaves are sewn to them. In this method, no glue/adhesive or heat is applied to your natural hair or scalp skin, so it is safe to install weaves. However, if the stylist does not take precautions, makes braids too tight, installs the heaviest weaves, and suggests the client wear them too long, weaves can damage the hair.

Can A White Girl Wear A Weave?

Yes, white girls can also wear weaves. But to make it suit you well, you need to purchase the right texture for you.


Now, you have got the best 50 hairstyles with weaves in perfect shades and know how to achieve them. Bookmark this article to show your favorite hairstyles to your stylist. Other than going to a professional stylist, don’t neglect the quality of weaves. After all, it’s a thing that will stay closer to the scalp for the next few weeks. If it is of bad quality or does not meet hygiene standards, it will affect the scalp skin badly.

Also, don’t wear weaves longer than the suggested period; it can cause build-up on the scalp, which can lead to poor hair health for existing and new hair. But not to worry, you will definitely enjoy wearing weaves fully if you go to a good stylist and take care of your hair after installation.