50+ Long Hairstyles for Older Women

As we age, hair becomes more and more relevant for our looks and as women we tend to care more about it and look for it, either we start dyeing it or cut it shorter! But getting older doesn’t mean giving up on your long mane! Discover bellow some awesome suggestions of long hairstyles for older women. And if these 50+ examples are not enough, throw a glance at 100+ Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair too!

1. Messy Bun For Long Grey Hair

Pull your long hair in a ponytail and stop halfway through to create the messy, loose bun. This casual, relaxed hairstyle will look young and cool paired with modern earrings or sunglasses.

2. Long Bob Haircut with Natural Silver Tones

Either you decide to add silver highlights to your partly grayed hair, either you have this uniform pattern suits perfectly a long straight bob haircut that is both modern looking, although it’s a classic.

3. Long Shag Haircut with Messy Bangs for Long Hair

Get shape and volume for your mane with minimum effort by opting for this long layered Shag haircut, with a messy bangs, perfect for those days when you don’t feel like doing your hair.

4. Blonde and Grey Balayage for Shag Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Combine gray hairs with a blonde balayage and baby lights that will even out the color of your hair and get a killer shag haircut to flaunt those beautiful locks.

5. Long Straight Silver Hair with Straight Cut Bangs

Choose to get a silver colored hair for this beautiful uniform shade of gray and don’t worry, it’s totally cool and modern to have an ashy, icy color for your nowadays!

6. Top Knot with Scrunchies for Silver Long Hair

Hide your age with this super girlish updo! Simply grab a scrunchies from your drawer and pull your gray hair in a high ponytail to get this look.

7. Wavy Natural Long Silver Hair with Side Part

This two toned white and gray hairstyle looks so awesome I want to have although I only have 10 gray hairs at the moment. This beautiful natural long hair with side part needs minimal styling.

8. Long Layered Natural Hair with Half Ponytail and Thin Fringe

If you have different colors in your hair as you barely started to be dye-free, you can play with them by pulling your hair in a half ponytail to reveal the darker undertones and leave your fringe side-swept.

9. Sleek Straight Two-Colored Hair with Layered Haircut

Even-out your hair by adding a second color and choose to wear it in a classy, simple, sleek manner for an elegant appearance.

10. Lived-in Dreadlocks Hairstyle for Older Women

Get those dreadlocks you ever dreamed to sport and enjoy the result! Black-gray tendrils look awesome in this melange and you can add silver hair cuffs for extra – shine.

11. Cool Faux Mohawk for Silver Pink Hair with Layered Haircut

We want this lady to be our modern Rosie the Riveter Power Icon since she rocks that Silver-pink Faux Mohawk better than any young girl out there! Simply tease – up your hair and style it to stay straight with plenty of hair spray.

12. Braided Pigtails Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Take your hair, split it in half and start braiding the two sections in two different pigtails. It’s a cool, youngish way to wear your hair and it looks amazing with gray hairs intertwined in it.

13. Messy Curly Hairstyle for Older Women

Natural curls are so beautiful and feminine, you can’t resist flaunting them in free-falling hairstyle with just a bit of hair oil added to give them a good definition.

14. Silver Blonde Shag Haircut for Long Hair with Bangs

This is a fantastic hair color you can sport without worrying that your roots will start growing and ruin the shade. Simply pick a silver blonde dye and opt for a shag layered haircut with long bangs to flaunt your long tresses!

15. Brunette Long Bob with Silver Highlights Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Stylish lob is a good option for your hair, with added silver highlights in front to illuminate your facial features.

16. Half-Bun Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Brush your long hair and split it in two sections. Create a coil out of the crown hair and let the other half fall freely to your shoulders.

17. Blonde Shag Hairstyle for Older Women with Wispy Bangs

This blonde, warm shade of color goes great with gray hair and it will be lovely displayed with a shag haircut that you can style with soft curls and wispy bangs parted sideways.

18. Pin-up Curls for Medium Long Silver Hair

Older doesn’t have to mean less stylish or undone. These pin-up style curls that you can create using a curling iron and bobby pins is super cool in this white-gray color combination.

19. Ashy Blonde Layered Long Hairstyle for Older Women

A fantastic ashy blonde color looks awesome paired with a long layered haircut since it will display all the beautiful shades in your hair. Give your hair a good blow-dry and you are ready to go!

20. Silver White Long Bob with Straight Bangs for Older Women

This hairstyle looks so much fun! A straight cut lob paired with cool bangs make for a super modern hairstyle you can rock no matter the age!

21. Straight Long Hairstyle with Tiara Headband for Older Women

Adorn your natural tresses with a tiara-like headband for those special occasions in your life. Add a red lipstick and a pair of long earrings and let your natural beauty be admired!

22. Black and White Long Layered Hairstyle For Older Women with Bangs

If you have long thick hair, it can benefit greatly from a long layered haircut and the added splash of color will draw attention to your face and eyes.

23. Messy Bun Updo for White Long Hair

Super elegant and classic, this basic bun combined with a teased crown part makes for a ballerina-inspired look that you can totally wear to special occasions too.

24. Long Layered Silver Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Wavy, subtle layers were added to this long hairstyle to create a feminine coiffure that looks different than your typical brown balayage.

25. Loose Side Braid with Bangs for Long Two-colored Hair

You can wear a quick, easy to do side braid in those days when you have plenty to do and you need a quick fix for your long tresses. Let your bangs long enough to frame your face.

26. Half Up Half Down Long Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

Pull your crown hair in a ponytail and cover the elastic band with a hair piece so that it looks stylish and create a couple of curls to your hairs end. This updo is great for busy days.

27. Silver Fox Long Hairstyle with Straight Bangs for Older Women

A silver fox shade for your hair will give you plenty of shine and a unique look people will surely admire! Sport this layered wavy haircut with a straight cut fringe that will draw attention to your eyes.

28. Black and Silver Dreadlocks Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Make a bold statement by wearing two-colored braid extensions you can install with the help of a braids artist. It will make your hair’s natural color pop out and catch the eye.

29. Crown Bun for Silver Grey Medium-Long Hair

A messy, high bun is a good idea any day and just because your hair started graying it doesn’t mean you should quit your favorite updo, on the contrary!

30. Natural Looking Long Hairstyle for Older Women with Straight Hair

Grey hair is not so common so any hairstyle that lets you grow it dye-free is more than appreciated. This straight, layered haircut is really special thanks to the natural look.

31. Long Afro Curls with Middle Part for Older Women

This bob haircut is not your typical lob. These naturally curly locks have more volume in the upper side and they become gradually thinner towards the end, making this Afro perm look super original.

32. Swept-Back Grey Brown Long Bob

If you thought bob haircuts are not versatile, think again! This hairstyle proves the exact opposite with a swept-back direction for your longer strands of hair that exhibit the lived-in roots in a stylish manner.

33. Messy Updo for Gombre Long Hairstyle for Older Women

A grey ombre, also known as Gombre is a mixture of natural grey hair and silver blonde highlights that will give your hair extra-shine and color definition. Choose to wear a simple, teased up updo and a colorful lipstick.

34. Grey Hair Back Knot with Elegant Flexi Clip Hairstyle

For those elegant occasions in one’s life, a natural grey hairstyle can be worn in a minimal back knot adorned with a colorful flexi clip for a contrast.

35. Voluminous Shag Haircut for Long Natural Grey Hair

If your hair is now completely gray, get a shag haircut for long hair and opt for coloring only the front part in a lighter shade so that it illuminates your face and creates a beautiful contrast with the rest of the mane.

36. Curly Messy White Space Buns Long Hairstyle for Older Women

From the gorgeous snow blonde hair color, to the cool embellished frame of the sunglasses, there is nothing not to love about these curly messy space buns that this old lady sure know how to wear in style!

37. Long Straight Grey Hair with Middle Part and Side Twisted Braids

Create a middle part in your straight gray hair. Start braiding in two-strand twists one braid on each side of your head and fixate it using hair pins.

38. Boho-Chic Silver Highlighted Wavy Long Hairstyle with Headband

The colorful, flat headbands are back in fashion so don’t be afraid to wear one in order to create a beautiful contrast in your hair.

39. Dye Free Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Soft curls and grey hairs look awesome when you have long natural locks that you can style with minimal effort.

40. Sleek Wavy Retro Curls for Dye Free Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Another great option for special occasions, these retro curls for dye-free hair looks so glamorous that they will be the highlight of the evening no matter where you go.

41. Back Bun with Braided Crown for Long Blonde Hair

Start by braiding a side braid for half of your crown and add the ends to your back bun using bobby pins and a same-color scrunchies to hide them.

42. Messy Beach Waves Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Simple, messy beach waves with straight ends are an option if you have gray hair or an ashy balayage as well. It is actually a great idea to go for free-falling hairstyle when you have such a special hair color that you can keep out of your face with a headband matching your style.

43. Messy Bee-hive Bun for Long Grey Hair with Bangs

A bee-hive bun will add plenty of volume and dimension to your updo and it’s also a good idea for a special occasion when you can use different hair accessories to adorn your updo.

44. Two-colored Updo with Long Bangs and Long Sideburns Hairstyle

Create a visual effect in your hair by dyeing your bangs a darker shade of brown compared to the blonde gray strands in your mane area. This way you are sure to give a contoured shape your haircut and draw attention to your eyes.

45. Long Layered Hairstyle for Older Women with Side-Swept Fringe

A sensual, messy but stylish hairstyle is this long layered haircut paired with side-swept uneven fringe that will give your face a beautiful frame.

46. Glamorous Space Buns for Grey Blonde Hair

Don’t be afraid to try a glamorous version of the popular space buns. Add pearls and embellished hair pins to your buns to create this sophisticated, yet playful look.

47. Silver Fox Balayage Shag Haircut

This cut frames the face, accentuates bone structure and is so versatile! It looks great straight or curly and the subtle change of color makes for a great visual effect.

48. Elegant Wavy Ponytail for White-Grey Hair

Straight fine hair can be curled to create a pretty shape for your typical high ponytail, transforming a day-to-day look in a spectacular elegant hairstyle.

49. Crown Hairstyle with Top Little Knots and Twists

A more intricate sophisticated updo, this twisted, knotted crown hairstyle looks gorgeous with silver hair. Start making little twisted braids in your hair and fixate them using bobby pins. Gather them all together at the back of your nape and hide the ends for a stylish look.

50. Naturally Wavy Medium Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Ombre hairstyles are suited for gray hair too and the photo bellow stands to prove this statement. You can regain your natural hair waves if you let it grow without bleaching it and air dry.

51. Dye-free Straight Hair with Straight Bangs Updo

Get all the freedom you need with your natural grey hair by playing with different coiffures and haircuts. This simple, practical straight updo goes well with straight bangs since it frames your face and illuminates it.


Gray hairs and dye-free long hairstyles can be equally or even more fabulous than the colored ones, so don’t be sad that you have them! These long hairstyles for older women are great examples of how to wear your locks no matter the age!

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