100 Stunning Messy Updos for Long Hair Trendy in 2024

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Negligent, relaxed, loose, casual, whatever you call them, we all know that messy updos for long hair are frequently our go-to alternative for complex coiffures. Interestingly, this natural look is more and more present in runway shows and fashion advertorials, so there are options for any occasion! Scroll through this article to find your favorite messy updo!

I. Messy Ponytail Updos for Long Hair

1. Messy Natural Ponytail with Free Falling Front Pieces

This hairstyle shows we should not underestimate the power of the Ponytail! It’s a simple yet sophisticated messy updo with plenty of structure and volume. Try a couple of times to exercise to get this same look!

2. Textured Nape Ponytail with Ribbon Weave

Ideal for an editorial and/or runway look, but you can rock it for a night out. I must tell you that the weaving technique on this pony is different and a little harder but it will guarantee that your hair stays in place no matter what you do.

3. Messy High Ponytail with Negligent Styling

A daring look especially teamed up with strong makeup, and tease it up well so that all the strands are defined and free to gravitate around your head.

4. Messy Summer Ponytail for Long Blonde Hair

The perfect updo for summer days, this messy ponytail can be obtained by slightly teasing up your crown hair and twisting it in a ponytail that you can cover with a strand of hair and add a hairpin to adorn it. Let the front hairs hang freely to complete the relaxed look.

5. High Messy Updo with Half Braid and Half Ponytail For Long Blonde Hair

If you have thick, dense hair, this half braided, half ponytail messy updo is a great way of freeing your face of all the strands and making a short braid, secure it with another free strand pulled over your hairband and let the mane fall freely on your back.

6. Messy Ponytail with Crown Braid for Long Balayage Hair

This look can be pulled off by almost any girl, not just the ones skillful in braiding since you can use a headband that resembles a side braid to create this look and not braid one. After making a ponytail, cover the hairband with a strand of hair and add the side braid on your head.

7. Romantic Messy Updo with Ponytail and Satin Ribbon for Long Hair

Ribbons are an old-school type of hairband and they should be used more often since they are very feminine and refined looking. Start by gathering all the side hairs and twisting them one over the other on top of your head to add a bit of volume to the crown area, but not very tight. Use a satin ribbon in a contrasting color to create a beautiful visual effect.

8. Messy Updo for Long Hair with Twisted Ponytail and Knots

Not very handy with your braiding? Not a problem! Messy updos for long hair are all about what you can achieve with minimal efforts, such as is the case with this free-style ponytail that starts with a twist, has knots, and a very, very small hairband to secure the whole look.

9. Curly Messy Updo with Ponytail and Colorful Ribbon

If you have curly, wavy, tangled hair, this hairstyle is for you! A messy, classic ponytail for two-colored hair, where the strands are carefully teased and amped up to create this beautiful curly mess. As a final touch, adorn it with a velvety ribbon in a bright color!

10. Wavy Messy Hair Updo with Nape Ponytail and Lace for Blonde Hair

Display all your beautiful mane’s length with a nape ponytail, made distinct by the unusual securing method using a hair lace that makes it look interesting and different.

11. Messy Braided and Twisted Updo with Crown Braids and Ponytail

Upgrade your typical low ponytail by adding a loose braid on the side and a central one that units with the rest at the base of the nape. It will create a different texture and plenty of volume for your crown while also adding a boho-chic vibe.

12. Nape Ponytail with Braided Ribbon in Messy Creative Updo

This hair sculpture is not your typical messy updo but it’s something to wear on an occasion. Start by making a simple ponytail and then create a ribbon that surrounds it by braiding different strands of hair.

13. Voluminous Messy Updo with Wavy Ponytail and Colored Highlights for Long Hair

This is a rock’n roll rebel-inspired look but it can be super stylish if adorned with fine jewelry. You can use colored hair extensions to get this look and make sure your volume is to the max!

14. Curly Messy Bridal Updo with Ponytail for Long Hair

A messy bridal hairdo is so feminine and sophisticated you can’t miss this look on your big day. Use big strands of hair and braid them loosely, similar to the Mermaid Braid.

15. Messy Updo with High Twisted Ponytail and Accessories for Long Hair

A beautiful, creative mess, this look is so stylish and interesting, you have to try it! Combine different colored hair strands to create a colorful twisted ponytail and adorn it with beaded hairpins and hairbands.

16. Messy Knotted Low Ponytail with Falling Front Pieces for Long Hair

Another interesting way of doing your hair is this messy, knotted ponytail obtained by twisting an actual ponytail and bending it upwards for this knotted look. Secure the ponytail with at least three hairbands to create the interrupted look.

17. Messy Tangled High Ponytail for Long Wavy Hair

This looks like very loose, unfinished braided hair, where all the side braids were gathered in one ponytail that springs out of the tangled locks in beautiful waves of hair.

II. Messy Buns and Messy Updos for Long Hair

18. Simple Messy Bun with Falling Front Pieces

A simple coil for your crown area, letting the front tendrils fall naturally, framing the face is the to-go solution when you want a feminine, day-to-day look.

19. Messy Updo for Long Blonde Hair with Undone Bun

An easy, quick type of bun is the undone bun, which doesn’t need any hairpins or elastic bands for securing it. Take your crown hair and pull it in a single coil while letting the rest of the hair free fall.

20. Loose Messy Bun for Long Blonde Hair

A top bun combined with free-falling tendrils all over your head makes for a very sexy and alluring look. Simply put all your hair in a bun and pull out some strands to obtain this carefree look.

21. Messy Updo with Back Bun and Satin Scrunchies for Dark Hair

Satin scrunchies and scrunchies, in general, have a huge comeback and they are also said to be good for your hair if they are from natural materials. Adorn your bun with scrunchies in a contrasting color.

22. Easy Messy Double Buns for Long Blonde Hair

Make the most out of your long tendrils with this messy updo that will give plenty of shapes and also allow your length to be visible thanks to the side hair falling freely.

23. Top Half Bun for Messy Updo Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens teaches us how to sport the top half-bun with style! Gather all your top hair in a crown bun and let the rest of the hair free fall. Perfect for weekends and any daily errands.

24. High Messy Bun with Falling Front Pieces for Long Brunette Hair

This crown bun, natural-looking starts by combing your hair well and placing it in a high ponytail and afterward creating a relaxed coil on top of your head. Let the front hair fall gracefully to frame your face.

25. Messy Ballerina Chignon Updo for Long Blonde Hair

Get inspired by dancers’ hairstyles for a practical, yet charming updo! After putting your hair in a high bun, simply arrange your bangs and sideburns so that they frame the face.

26. Messy Low Bun for Strawberry Pink Hair with Bangs

In order to get this messy low bun, grab a couple of hairpins, and after puffing your crown hair a bit, secure it in place using the hairpins.

27. High Messy Bun with Back Feed-in Braid and Headscarf for Layered Long Hair

Perfect for layered haircuts, this high messy bun has a small braided section that makes it really interesting, and it should be paired with a colorful headscarf to complete the style.

28. Messy Updo with High Bun and Faux Fringe for Long Blonde Hair

For those days when you are craving a fringe, simply place all your long hair in a bun and pull the ends out instead of hiding them to get this cool, mysterious long fringe.

29. Relaxed Messy Updo with Loose Bun and Bangs for Long Hair

If you already have long thick bangs, flaunt them with a loose bun updo that will create an equal volume for your crown area to the bangs area.

30. Simple Messy Updo with Small Chignon for Blonde Long Hair

The French version of the “bun” is a “chignon”, a smaller and less twisted coil that you can secure using hairpins, especially if you have thin medium-long hair.

31. Voluminous Messy High Bun with Falling Front Pieces

Carefully comb and brush your hair upwards to ensure plenty of volume in the crown area and leave the end out when tying it. Pull 4 hair tendrils out to have these falling front pieces.

32. High Messy Flat Big Bun with Falling Front Pieces for Long Blonde Hair

Tie your hair higher than you would normally do with a ponytail and arrange the bun so that it’s loose and flattened.

33. Messy Half Bun Updo with Small Bun and Free Falling Brunette Hair

For this particular look, you will need to apply a balayage coloring technique to enjoy this variety for the classic half-bun updo. Place the crown hair in a small bun and secure it using bobby pins and elastic bands.

34. Chic Negligent Updo with High Bun and Wavy Strands

A romantic feminine look, thanks to the warm tones of the hair that match the delicate beige veil stripe used to cover the bun, this updo relies on having your hair curled.

35. Big Half Bun for Straight Dark Long Hair

Play with the height and volume of your hair by using an elastic band, a comb, and a couple of bobbies – pins for this simple big half-bun.

36. High Half-bun for Medium Long Hair Messy Updo

Carefully section your top hair, choosing to tie only the crown part, while leaving the sides free and falling. Create a messy, loose vertical bun and secure it with bobby pins.

37. Classic High Messy Bun for Long Blonde Hair

Pull your hair upwards as if wanting to make a ponytail and halfway through it stops and let the ends free after hiding the elastic band.

38. Small Messy Half-bun for Long Dark Hair

What is different about buns is that you can get a completely different look by opting to have your bun lower or higher on your head, thus playing with the shape of your mane. In this particular case, the bun is visible only from the side view or from the back.

39. Messy Updo with Elegant Bun for Long Red Hair

A neatly combed front part of the updo combined with a bee-hive bun makes for an elegant hairstyle, perfect for any special occasion.

40. Messy Bun with 90’s Hairpins for Long Hair

Upgrade your looks using unusual, flashy hair accessories such as these retro hairpins to decorate your messy bun.

41. Messy Dreadlocks Bun for Long Hair

Simply gather all your dreads and wrap them around to form a bun and leave the ends out. Use U-shaped pins to keep the bun in place.

42. Messy Updo with High Bun and Shaved Sides

An interesting look for a high messy bun is the combination with shaved tapered sides that create a doll-like aspect and displays the beautiful short hair.

43. Messy Half-Bun for Long Dark Hair

This simple messy half-bun is great for the lazy days indoors when you have a lot to do and can’t afford your hair to stay in your way.

44. Messy Updo with Low Twisted Bun and Hair Jewelry

Gather all your hair at your nape, without combing it very neatly so that it will have a negligent look. Twist the ponytail inwards so that you create a coil and secure the ends using shiny hairpins.

45. Messy Wiry High Bun for Long Curly Hair

Use a hair mousse to arrange the top area and give extra shine. Let the ponytail you created uncombed and wiry to get this messy look.

46. Messy Updo with Triple Buns for Long Blonde Hair

Suited especially if you have long layered hair and even a grown shaved area in your haircut, this triple -bun messy updo implies you should section three parts of your mane, the top, the middle, and the lower section, and proceed to make small simple coils out of each.

47. Low Relaxed Bun with Free Falling Front Pieces

After combing your hair in two equal sections and leave a couple of strands free falling to frame your face. Twist a couple of tendrils to create volume and texture in your low bun.

48. High Messy Bun with Headband Hairstyle

Pull all your hair in a high ponytail and halfway through leave the hair in place and arrange the ends on one side of the head. Place a colorful scarf on your head to complete the look.

III. Messy Knots and Updos for Long Hair

49. Top Knot with Messy Hairstyle

Gather all your hair in the center of your head and simply tie a knot out of it. After that, use hairpins to make sure the hair stays in place.

50. Wet Messy Updo with High Knot and Front Piece

Pull your hair upwards in a tight ponytail and twist it really well so that you get a high sleek top knot and wet a couple of hair strands to create a wet messy updo.

51. High Messy Knot for Long Blonde Hair

Perfect for long, voluminous hair, this high knot is a good way to keep your mane out of your way on those busy days, while staying chic at the same time.

52. Triple Messy Knotted Faux Hawk

Here we have a more complex, exquisite look, both thanks to the hair color and the design. Create three vertical sections and knot them while leaving the front hair and the nape free for a fluid, elegant updo.

53. Low Simple Messy Knot for Blonde Hair

Gather your hair in a nape knot and mask the hairband using a free strand of hair or same-color bobby pins.

54. High Half Knot with Scrunchies for Long Hair

Use colorful scrunchies to cover half a knot and arrange your fringe on the sides to frame your face while leaving half of the hair free falling down to your shoulders.

55. Messy Dreadlocks Top Knot

Gather all your dreadlocks in a high-top knot and secure them using a contrasting color hairband or ribbon secure the dreadlocks using U-shape bobby pins.

56. Ribbon-shaped Messy Half Knot for Wavy Long Hair

Extra long hair can be shaped to resemble a ribbon with the help of a comb and a thin elastic band that you will cover with a free hair tendril and some bobby pins.

57. High Messy Knot with Scrunchies

This carefree knot looks super cute and girly thanks to the colorful ribbon-shaped scrunchies that will go great with a long fringe or simply too-long hairpieces you can pull out of your top hair to frame your face.

58. Oriental Inspired Messy Half-Knot for Long Hair

Get that Geisha-inspired hairstyle with this intricate, well-combed half-knot applied on really well-straightened hair to create these straight, thin geometrical lines.

59. Knotted Messy Pigtails

The perfect solution for wavy, tangled hair, are these cute short pigtails secured using thin rigid headbands where you can hide the ends of your knots.

60. Messy Half Knot for Long Hair

This is more of a half ponytail where you can cover the elastic with your own hair to get a classic messy half knot.

61. Triple Knotted Ponytail with Hair Ribbon

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get a french braid, simply knot your hair, the messier, the better, and secure it with a hair ribbon in a contrasting color.

62. Tiny Small Knots for Curly Afro Hair

Knot your top afro hair using colorful string and section it into 5 different knots to create this beautiful shape and volume.

IV. Braided Messy Updos for Long Hair

63. Messy Braided Bun for Long Balayage Hair

After braiding two mermaid braids for your long hair, bring them together in a messy unstructured bun, at the base of your neck and secure it using bobby pins.

64. Knotted Double Fishtails for Messy Hair

Braid your hair in two fishtails that you will bend and bring together with thin same-color hair bands and leave some hairs out to frame your face.

65. Relaxed Dutch Braid

This loosely braided Dutch braid is great for a messy look since you can pull it to make it look thicker and messier and complete the look with free-falling strands.

66. Messy Space Buns with Cornrows

Section three stripes on top of your head and proceed to braid them. Gather all the rest of the hair in two messy buns and leave the long sideburns hanging.

67. Messy Twisted Braid with Hair Accessories

This entangled, twisted braid starts at the back of your head where it stays in place with the help of a hairband. It is great for women who don’t know how to braid really well, since the final result should be a messy twisted braid, with messy brown hair.

68. Natural Messy Updo with Side Braid for Long Hair

Take a strand of hair out of your crown and braid it loosely, pulling a couple of thin strands out of it to create this messy effect.

69. Side Fishtails in Messy Updo for Long Hair

These cute fishtails knotted with hair bands at the nape are great for hot summer days and they will stay in place throughout the day, no matter the hassle you are exposed to.

70. Messy Pigtail Braids for Long Brunette Hair

This particular look is based on uncombed, messy hair that you can run your fingers through and start braiding two parallel braids on your back. Secure them using different, colorful hair bands for the perfect careless look!

71. Cornrows with Messy Half Updo Half Down Hairstyle

This messy updo comes with a particular amount of effort but is prone to resist a long busy day and impress the onlookers. Start braiding feed-in cornrows for the top of your head and curl the side hair in equal thin curly strands.

72. S-Shaped Messy Braid Updos for Long Hair

Start making a braid out of one corner of your head and move in the opposite direction after sectioning the crown from the rest of the hair. Gather the braid in a small chic bun at the base of the nape.

73. Fishtail Braided Messy Bun Updos for Long Hair

Start a side fishtail and leave the rest of the hair free. Gather them together in a messy low bun and leave the ends out for a negligent romantic look. This hairstyle is perfect for a bridal or bridesmaid updo.

74. Relaxed Braid with Hair Pins

Separate three strands of hair and start twisting them in a messy braid. Secure it and decorate it with different-sized hairpins.

75. Ribbon Braided Style Messy Fishtail Updos for Long Hair

Comb your hair to create a pouf for your crown hair. Secure it with a velvety ribbon and then continue braiding small sections separated with elastic bands. Leave out some curls to create a messy look.

76. Messy Updos for Long Hair with Fishtail and Hair Accessories

Part straight, part wavy, this hair updo looks really stylish and feminine thanks to the hair accessories that give an abundance of details to your fishtail.

77. Messy Mermaid Braid with Hair Accessories

The Mermaid braiding style is a bit more complex and loose than the french style but it’s sure to give you the negligent look together with the different hair accessories you can use to secure the tail.

78. Pull-through Half Braid with Hairpin

Separate the crown hair from the rest of your mane and braid it loosely using the pull-through technique. Secure the half-braid using a big hairpin.

79. Intricate Braid with Hair Accessory

This intricate, freestyle braid is easy to wear and looks super stylish thanks to the hair accessory used to secure the ends together with the rest of the braid.

80. Messy Braided Bun with Hair Accessory

Plenty of volume and structure can be achieved with this high braided bun you can make it as big as you want, by pulling a thin strand of hair out of the initial twists to make it more dimensional and messier. Decorate it with floral hair accessories.

V. Messy Updos for Long Hair

81. Undone Top Knot for Long Curly Hair

A beautiful cascade of balayage curs falling all over your crown area is a cool idea to sport your hair. Knot your hair high and leave it free to dissipate on your face.

82. Loose Pompadour Style Messy Updos for Long Hair

This messy updo is the equivalent of a Pompadour hairstyle, where the front part is bigger and fluffier than the rest of the hair. Make sure you use plenty of hair spray to fixate the look.

83. Boho Chic Iconic Messy Updos for Long Hair

This Boho Chic hairstyle is great for a festival look or a special occasion such as weddings and ceremonies in open space since it has that romantic, bohemian vibe, perfect for a fluid, feminine outfit.

84. Twisted Side Braids and Messy Ponytail

Start by twisting different strands of hair and bringing them together in a ponytail with the ends running free for a messy look. The perfect “flower girl” look!

85. Relaxed Side Ponytail with Hair Claw

Pull all your hair in one ponytail, make a twist and secure it with a retro hair claw, leaving the ends on one side to create this messy side ponytail for long hair.

86. Victorian Messy Updo for Long Hair

A Victorian-era-inspired look, this messy updo needs plenty of hair spray to stay in place but is sure to get a reaction from your public. Plus, is super stylish with minimal effort. All you need is a couple of bobby pins and a pair of skillful hands to create this triple-folded updo.

87. Twisted Messy Braid with Ribbon

A long, wide twisted braid that narrows and becomes a fishtail with elastic bands covered by hair strands from place to place, this particular updo is great for special occasions!

88. Single Bun with Headband and Messy Strands

A delicate, natural-looking but with an elegant touch thanks to the powdered- pink organza headband, this single bun will ensure plenty of volume for your head and maximum style! Remember, less is more!

89. Messy Updo with Head Scarf and Curls

Probably one of the messiest buns we have ever seen, this intricate curly updo has plenty of volume and dimension and is really enhanced by the headband.

90. French Style Messy Updos for Long Hair with Headband

Whether you opt to gather your hair in a bun or top knot, this quick messy updo can be super stylish and elegant if you choose to pair it with a headband with pearls or other precious materials to get the look.

91. Curly Ends Messy Bun

Gather all your hair at the crown and twirl it in a bun, using bobby pins to secure it. Leave all the ends out to finish off the look and get ready to party!

92. Messy Amped-up Look

A very sophisticated yet messy look can be created by using the hair spray and playing with the natural volume of your hair for this amped-up, gala look.

93. Romantic Negligent Updo with Soft Swept Curls

Twist 4 strands of hair to the back and secure them using a hairpin. Leave the rest of the hair free and unbothered for this romantic negligent look.

94. Messy Colorful Updos for Long Hair with Twisted Ponytail

An interesting fish scale effect can be created if you have long straight hair, by using this interesting messy updo to upgrade your typical ponytail.

95. Pin-up Inspired Messy Updo with Hair Clip and Headband

This twisted hair updo is prone to make an impression while at the same time being a practical solution. Twist all your hair in one ponytail and bend it to create a semi-bun. Use a heart-shaped Flexi-clip to make it stay in place and use a colorful headband to complete the look.

96. Half Up Half Down Braided Messy Look

If you have plenty of volume and length in your mane, you can opt for this half-up half-down look to flaunt all the gorgeous locks.

97. Heavy accessorized High Messy Bun

A tall, messy structure that has a heavily accessorized bun, this intricate updo is a baroque-inspired hairstyle.

98. Perfectly Messy Romantic Updos for Long Hair

Separate your hair into two big sections and twist them together for the perfect romantic messy updo.

99. Colored Messy Bun with Hair Accessories

This is an intricate back bun with different hair extensions added for extra colors and around 3 accessories to make the whole look pop!

100. Amazonian Braids Messy Updos for Long Hair

To get this look make sure you use hair mousse and that you combine different braiding techniques such as side cornrows and top ones, mixed with knotted braids for the back braid. Let the ends and the sideburns free to maximize the cool, messy effect.

101. Messy Bun with Massive Hair Accessory

After making a simple back bun, start pulling different strands of hair out of it but not completely to create this scale-like aspect and add extra volume. Adorn with a massive hair accessory.


This was an interesting journey in the world of intricate, messy updos for long hair, that we hope you enjoyed! You saw all the different hairstyles you can obtain with minimum effort such as top knots and messy buns, to the more complex ones such as braids and dreadlocks. Love your hair no matter what!