100 Flattering Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Curly Hair in 2024

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“Curls, curls, get the girls!” is how the saying goes and we think it’s the same for boys too! Everyone admires curly hair! Beyond its charming nature, curly hair requires special care and a good washing routine that won’t affect its shape. In this article, you’ll discover various types of short haircuts for curly hair, from short pixies to short Afros or shaggy bobs with messy fringes, the options are countless! The most important thing is to find the best haircut for your “curl friends”.

I. Short Haircuts For Afro Curly Hair

1. Short Twa For Curly Hair With Stunning Golden Headband

A simple haircut matched with a stunning statement golden accessory oozes style and elegance from a distance and it will surely attract admiring looks towards your hairstyle no matter the rest of the outfit. The incredible contrast between your dark kinky curly hair and the radiant golden headband is to die for!

2. Blonde Curly Twa Haircut With Dark Roots

No better way of rocking a bit of color than by opting for these subtle blonde tips that will illuminate your thin curls and bring a bit of light to your hairstyle, revealing all the beautiful coils in your short TWA!

3. Short Red TWA With Box Braids and Shiny Hair Sliders

When you want a hairstyle that will advantage your facial features, you can pick these sparkling hair sliders to apply on the sides so that your hair gets puffier at the back and sleeker on the temples. Ask a loctictian to braid the hair on the sides into tiny box braids to get a different texture.

4. Short Twa With Deep Side Part Haircut

Wear it all-natural with this ear-length Twa with rich brown tones that will bring luminosity to your dark ringlets and match your dark skin shade. You can wear a side part to accentuate the amazing volume.

5. Short Shiny Curly Twa With Wavy Sideburns

Is there anything more adorable and beautiful than this short, perfectly round twa with well-defined shiny ringlets of hair in contrast with the sideburns that are shaped into small finger waves to bring attention to the eyes? It’s hard to believe that!

6. Bright Blonde Balayage For Medium Short Twa

When it comes to the coolest trend in hair coloring, this bright blonde balayage looks stunning on the curly texture of your hair and it can easily be arranged into different hairstyles thanks to the medium short length. Awesome!

7. Short Brown Red Afro Twa

This voluminous short ‘fro looks stunning with its bright red reflections that accentuate the round coils your curly hair naturally creates while growing and you can complete the cool look with circular hoops to create more volume!

8. Short Natural Afro Haircut For Curly Hair

When it comes to short haircuts for wavy hair there aren’t many ways you can cut it to create a distinct shape. It’s all about the natural dimension and trimming it carefully to obtain a circular contour without looking too polished! it is! Something similar to the photo below! Smart right?

9. Short Curly Haircut For Blonde Hair With Dark Roots and Daisy Pins

An easy way to make your short haircut for curly hair more alluring and easier to tame is to add a couple of statement hair accessories such as these big daisy-shaped pins that will also fixate your curls on one side of your hair.

10. Silver Colored Curls For Curly Hair

Cotton-haired ladies can opt for these silver-colored hairstyles that you will carefully arrange on your head to get a good definition of your curls while they grow!

11. Asymmetric Short Shaved Haircut For Curly Hair

This look is all about the contrast between the 2 inches top and short shaved sides that you can style using a hair gel on the sides to create a different, more sleek texture. For more interesting suggestions check these 100+ Short Hairstyles For Black Women.

12. Short Braided Updo For Kinky Curly Hair With Faux Hawk

If you love labyrinths this short hairstyle for curly hair is your chance to prove it! Opt for these intricate box braids mixed with free-falling messy curls brought together at the center of the head to create a Faux Hawk.

13. Cotton Pink Short Haircut For Curly Hair With Shaved Sides

This unusual hair color is the best way of accentuating your fragile’s curls volume by bringing it to the attention of others with a simple colorful trick. Keeping the sides short-trimmed will help you get a clean contour.

14. Red Short Afro Haircut

Why not get this spiky, messy hairstyle with an approximately even length around your cheekbones and long bangs that will frame your face, revealing only the eyes and your smile? Going for an intense shade of red will only amplify the effect!

15. Dark Blue Fro Hawk With Box Braids

If you’re looking for a “‘bit of blue” in your life, you can try this dark blue hair color to mix in with the dark strands of your locks and a string-shaped braid around your sides to reveal the scalp and create a so-called “Fro-hawk”.

16. Short Blonde Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair

Blonde hair will never go out of style! And the same goes for this bleached blonde hairstyle that offers your curls that foamy, light texture that will mesmerize everyone!

17. Short Dark Purple Curly Twist-outs

Did you know purple is a hypnotizing color? If you are looking to dye your hair in a cool shade, you can achieve that by going for this intense purple shade for your short TWA and adding matching lipstick.

18. Short Faux Hawk Shaped For Red Curly Hair

This light red with golden-caramel reflections is a cool hair color that will bring your coily curls into the spotlight instantly. Going for a shorter length around the nape and sides and a long top is a cool way of creating shape and volume!

19. Bright Red Short Perm For Kinky Curly Hair

If your hair hasn’t that beautiful, good definition for your curls, this short perm might be a great solution to bring better volume and texture while also rocking a bold, intense shade.

20. Short Afro With Shaved Nape And Zig-zag Pattern

An afro is a hairstyle that is only possible with the natural kinky texture of African American hair. Visit a black hair specialist to get an afro hairdo shaped. From there, you will need to comb the hair with a hair pick or wide-tooth comb daily to achieve the large, afro style. It is important to keep the scalp moisturized if you have an afro and you can personalize it with a cool shaved pattern on the sides.

21. Short Afro With Balayage Ringlets

This beautiful soft balayage with warm shades of brown and blonde curls is an amazing choice for softening the colors in your mane and you can forget about frequent visits to the hair colorist since it blends seamlessly with your naturally dark roots!

22. Short Curly Haircut With Lavender Pink Shades

What a feminine, delicate color! Lavender pink is a super trendy hair color at the moment and it can be that cool accent your curls need to be super confident when walking out the door! Oh, and let’s not forget about the countless options you have for matching your make-up to your pink locks!

23. Short Haircut For Dark Shiny Curly Hair

There are few options more charming than these ear-length short haircuts for curly hair that will instantly amplify the definition of the curls and their cool volume, bringing your smile to the center of attention!

24. Short Rainbow Curly Hair With Space Buns

No matter the length, this hairstyle is equally mesmerizing thanks to the fascinating hair colors mixed to create a beautiful rainbow effect. From pale blue to shiny pink and red and pale green, you have everything you wish for!

25. Messy Curly Haircut For Dark Curly Hair

These teased medium short curls bring an undone, natural effect to your look and only require that you moisturize the scalp and give them a gentle blow-dry to make them less frizzy.

26. Rainbow Colored Afro Haircut For Curly Hair

This rainbow color really highlights your perfectly coiled curls and brings a cheerful note to any outfit you wear any day! Make sure to trim the ones in the front really well so that you keep your locks from getting into your face.

27. Bright Magenta Short Curly Hairstyle

Imagine you walk with this amazing bright magenta crown around your head and gather all the smiles and light that will make everyone’s day a bit brighter! It’s a great option for when you want to transition to a longer hairstyle but your curls don’t have enough definition.

28. Short Curly Hairstyle With Colorful Headband

These mini-curls have an awesome texture that contrasts greatly with the thin, neatly arranged headband applied around the crown that works both as a chic accessory and a cool element for your hairstyle!

29. Dark Purple Haircut With Shaved Sides

If you are not sure whether you want a zero fade which can be quite a shock for those around you, you might give this daring look a try without having to worry too much about arranging your curls. The different lengths allow your haircut to look cool, almost like a Mohawk as it grows!

30. Curly Faux Hawk For Short Kinky Curly Hair

These ultra-short kinky curls have a distinct element that really highlights this interesting haircut’s shape: the faux hawk becomes twice as visible thanks to the different hair color choices.

31. Free Flow Curly Hair With Side Part

Ask for a flow haircut for your short curls to make sure your volume and definition are in check and that you can take less time to prepare your hair in the morning and you don’t have a difficult time untangling it!

32. Platinum Blonde Curly Hair With Hair Pins

Whether it’s just for the Christmas season or you want to rock white hair for a longer period of time, this perfectly executed white hair color makes those curls stand out even more and bring a different vibe to your personal style.

33. Halo Short Haircut For Curly Brown Hair

It looks easy but it’s not so easy to maintain these flawless round curls with subtle blonde balayage applied over the brown hair color, but, like all things, beauty has a price and the compliments are worth the effort.

34. High Pony Puff For Short Curly Hair

If you never heard about a pony puff, it is a hairstyle whereby the hair is pulled back at the crown, sides, and nape, using headbands, hairpins, and even scarves. The remaining hair extends freely, creating a “faux crown” right on top of your head.

35. Curly Mullet Short Haircut For Brown Hair

Although curly hair is hard to tame, you can always shape it with the intervention of a great hairstylist that will help those tiny ringlets of brown hair stay as good as new. Check out more of these curly Mullet haircuts!

36. Short Puffy Curly Hair With Sparkling Headband

Another effortless look for those girls with big Afro top hair can be this sparkling headband that will highlight that beautiful mane you have while also bringing a much-needed touch of sparkle to your hairstyle!

II. Pixie Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

37. Pink Curly Pixie For Short Hair

If you are looking for a shortcut to looking bubbly, vivacious, and rock those curls at the same time, you should opt for this pink-colored pixie cut that will surely let your hair do the talking for you!

38. Short Curly Pixie Mullet For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has a lot in common with curly hair as in “it will be harder to arrange it neatly around your head”. Instead of resisting the urge of straightening it, you can always count on a short mullet cut to integrate those flimsy curls into the mane!

39. Short Pixie With Curly Top For Balayage Hair

This look is all about the contrast between short, straight strands and a long curled top that falls beautifully around the face and makes the cool balayage color in your hair even more popping than a normal pixie haircut! Stunning!

40. Messy Pixie For Dark Short Curly Hair

Partly straight and sleek and partly curly and wild! This mix between a curly top and short sides brings all the focus towards your face and helps your curls stay away from getting flat on the sides.

41. Shiny Dark Pixie For Curly Hair

Is there anything cuter than a perfectly round shape for your curls with a couple of front strands brushing your eyebrows and the rest of the fluffy curls falling naturally around the sides? We think not!

42. Short Undercut Blue Pixie With Shaved Sideburns

A great hairstyle is not so hard to achieve when you are opting for a diverse hairstyle such as this blue-colored messy pixie haircut with thin flat curls and shaved sideburns that will lay beautifully on your forehead.

43. Platinum Blonde Pixie For Curly Hair

If you are looking for a change, this bleached blonde hair color will help you with making a great impression thanks to the black eyebrows and strong eye makeup that you can use to intensify the effect!

44. Short Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair With Headband

With a short headband and a short messy hairstyle, you can easily gain a great volume and a wild hairstyle for your curly hair that will look even cooler with a pair of silver earrings and a touch of bright orange lipstick on your lips.

45. Glam Short Pixie For Dark Curly Hair

These soft, short curls are carefully coiled to create a compact shape around the head and you can gain extra shine and definition by spraying a bit of oil-based hair spray to increase the glow effect. Simply wow!

46. Balayage Blonde Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair

Those who prefer a flatter, straighter look for their curls without perming the hair can get this combination of short curly hairstyle with long bangs that frame the forehead, making the head look way slimmer than it actually is.

47. Blue Pixie Short Haircut For Curly Hair

This particular hairstyle makes us wonder: is it true that blue is the warmest color? It certainly looks electrifying and beautiful enough to surpass the blue eyes and enhance the contrast with the dark roots! Wonderful!

48. Short Curly Pixie For Brunette Hair

When in doubt, chop it off! This principle surely applies to those who want a better shape and definition and to free their face from rebel hairs that can naturally appear when you confront stubborn curly hair.

49. Short Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair

An instant boost in shape and definition can be gained by opting for these 2-3 inches curls that will help you gain a cute-shaped mane and a much better definition so that you are easy to arrange those tangled curls in the morning faster and easier!

III. Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

50. Retro Shag Haircut For Curly Hair

When you rock an abundance of curls, you can always count on a soft layered shag cut to get the desired shape! If you’re stuck on what hairstyle you should try this year, a retro shag is a go-to option of short hair haircuts for curly hair you can opt for!

51. Curly Shag Haircut For Bronde Hair

Just to be sure you got it right! If you ever wondered how your hair would look with a shaggy haircut, this curly bob with soft layering is what your curls would get to look like. Try and apply a soft brown balayage to enhance the texture!

52. Shaggy Bob Haircut For Curly Hair

These shiny, luscious curls with straight full bangs look rich and shiny thanks to the warm brown hair color and you can use your own hands and salt-based hairspray to fixate them in a rigid shape.

53. Red Brown Shag For Short Curly Hair

This is one of the most popular and adorable hair shapes you could possibly get if your hair tends to have a curly tendency and the best news is that it will stay this way with minimal styling effort.

54. Soft Bob For Dark Wavy Curly Hair

This short chop makes your hair bring out all the beautiful texture and strong shade of dark without making it too curled, just enough to reach the eyebrows and cover the ears with a cool semi-curl shape.

55. Short Haircut For Brunette Curly Hair With Babylights

The best way to highlight your curls is to bring a bit of color diversity with a lighter shade than your natural tones. This way you will gain a rich texture and enhance your short curl’s shape. Simple and very aesthetically pleasing.

56. Short Curly Bob With Tiny Teeny Bangs

When you want your bangs to match the structure of the rest of your hair, there’s always the option of asking your hairstylist for tiny bangs! These short chopped front strands make you look instantly young and beautiful!

57. Messy Curly Glam Updo For Curly Hair

The messier the better! This amazing voluminous curly crown is best looking when mixed with fashionable hair accessories that will bring that special bling effect you were dying to gain for your curls!

58. Peach Pink Haircut For Curly Hair

This fascinating color blend is the perfect choice for creating a contrasting effect when you want a naturally curly texture for your short haircut. The brutally chopped top strands bring all the focus towards your face.

59. Retro Razor Short Haircut For Curly Hair

Somewhere between a mullet and a shag haircut, this short haircut for curly hair looks stunning with the help of a good pair of scissors that will carve all the curls in order to create a full, rich texture.

60. Short Bob with Whipped Curls and Babylights

With a very fine balayage added at the top, this short bob takes all the extra weight around the head and maximizes the volume while keeping the curls extra-sleek if you make sure to properly moisturize the hair.

61. Short Shag Haircut For Curly Hair

This undone, natural look suits girls with a strong bone structure that you can adapt to beautifully surround your face and frame your forehead with playful curls.

62. Curly Shag For Short Red Hair With Face Framing Bangs

These rich red curls with face-framing bangs are thinner around the nape in order to create the impression of fuller volume at the top while the bangs reach just above the eyebrows so that you can still have room to grow!

63. Bright Blonde With Subtle Lavender Highlights For Curly Hair

Keep the volume and the short length but change the color to a different tone by adding a bit of purple and obtaining subtle lavender-colored hues that will make your blonde more vibrant!

64. Shag Haircut For Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This short version for a shag haircut has dark roots and very bright blonde strands around the face that brings all the focus towards your eyes and smile, making it the central point of attention.

65. Balayage Blonde Shag Haircut With Crooked Bangs

These crooked bangs are the main elements of this short haircut for curly hair with a slightly undone texture and rich brown hair color that has bits of black and brown added to the color mixture to create a cool balayage.

66. Short Shaved Haircut With Mermaid Green Waves

This disconnected haircut with shaved sides and long, wavy curls has a great charm and suits those who want a “one-of-a-kind” type of hairstyle so that they can rock any type of hair color.

67. Modern Blunt Bob Haircut For Curly Hair

These loose, shiny curls make for the most charming texture and bring so much shine and wavy texture that will immediately make your hair the center of attention.

68. Ultra-short Kinky Curly Hair

Is there anything cuter than ultra-short kinky curly hair that you can arrange with a sponge twist or a hair pick and be ready to head out the door? Plus you don’t have to worry about spending hours detangling and sectioning your curls to get this perfectly shaped hair structure.

69. Curly French Bob For Short Hair With Blonde Balayage

These beautiful blonde curls have a golden reflection that makes this French bob so precious looking that we are simply in awe! Try and bring all the strands to a cool shape by carefully arranging them to surround your face.

70. Curly Razor Bob With Subtle Angle

A-line bob with chopped edges is not for straight hair only! Try one of these cuts for your curly hair too and you will be amazed at the fantastic volume and cool definition they will gain.

71. Dark Brunette Messy Bob Haircut For Curly Hair

Another fantastic way you can style your curly hair is by arranging the strands in a messy manner so that you are making the most out of your curls after getting them cut in a sharp bob haircut.

72. Teal Blue Short Haircut For Curly Hair

This cool shade of teal blue can look really stylish on short-cropped hair and you can arrange it in such a way that it will perfectly frame the face and highlight the color of the eyes. Simply stunning!

73. Short Bob Haircut For Dark Curly Hair

We are simply in love with this short bob with equal sides and carefully curled strands that create a compact-looking mane. It might require a good amount of hair care products but is sure to make you look effortlessly chic!

74. Burgundy Short Curly Bob With Full Bangs

Hard chopped bangs and short curls make for the puffiest, buoyant-looking bob that you can possibly imagine no matter your hair structure. Adding a natural-looking shade of red will instantly make your hairstyle even more feminine.

75. Short Haircut With Curly Bangs With Patterned Headband

One of the best ways of bringing color to your hairstyle without turning to hair coloring techniques that can damage your hair structure is to take the most colorful, bright hair ribbon and wrap it around your crown while pulling a couple of curls out for a negligent look!

76. Short Face-framing Haircut For Full Curly Hair

This haircut is a cool mixture of spiky, messy, and curly textures all in one that will create a super dimensional hairstyle for your curls without needing to spend hours defining your curls.

77. Short Angled Bob Haircut For Curly Hair

If you thought it impossible, it actually isn’t! You can still rock a Rihanna-style bob if you have type 4 curly hair with not too much effort. Short haircuts for curly hair are usually better looking when an experienced professional takes care of your curls.

78. Vibrant Short Curly Bob Haircut

Galaxy-lovers can wear a replica of this color palette by adding a few coloring products in their curls such as hair wax or opting for a more permanent solution like coloring their strands and you will usually get a thicker structure also.

79. Casual Curly Updo With Bangs For Short Curly Hair

Bring even more volume to your hair with these short curly bangs that make a great addition to your curly top and accentuate the eyes and eyebrows.

80. Micro Bob For Soft Curly Hair

This super short bob haircut with micro bangs has the perfect “imperfect shape” giving your hair that undone, artistic negligent look that you can easily style to suit more formal occasions.

81. Soft Mullet Bob For Brunette Curly Hair

Short haircuts for curly hair wouldn’t be complete without the modern mullet bob that has this cool advantage of making your hair look like an endless wave of curls with earthy tones of brown.

82. Short Voluminous Haircut With Curly Bangs

These big curls with a forward direction were cut to cover the forehead and frame the face completely, creating a tangled mane with an almost perfect oval shape that will make your face look even cuter!

83. Ultra-short Mullet Haircut For Curly Hair

These short, wispy silvery curls are cut as close to the scalp as possible, just enough to keep a bit of weight around the crown and nape. The bangs are very messy and slightly flipped for a feminine look!

84. Short Mullet Haircut For Natural Brown Curly Hair

If you have a thick hair type then this messy mullet is a cool short haircut for curly hair option since it can carve a beautifully unique shape and give your curls a better definition.

85. High Fade With Curly Top For Silver Curls

These amazing silvery ringlets are sure to make your appearance noticed and are worth keeping in check! Keep the sides short-shaved to enhance the upper volume! And add colorful accessories and your brightest smile for a cool outfit!

86. Cute Curly Updo With Falling Strands

This simple updo has you pulling all the long curls in a tight bun at the top of the crown and you can leave two different front strands out to create an elegant, polished look.

87. Short Buzz Haircut With Razored Sides For Red Curly Hair

Short haircuts for curly hair wouldn’t be complete without the short buzz cut! In this version, the sides have a cool shaved pattern that accentuates the texture of your curls and so does the cool red hair color!

88. Angled Bob With Brown Balayage For Curly Hair

These shiny curls create a cool visual display thanks to the soft caramel brown balayage applied on the surface that makes the hair gain different reflections and a cool shape at the back.

89. Short Curly Haircut For Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Short haircuts for curly hair couldn’t look sexier than this short bob chop with a mix of blonde and brunette strands that makes the perfect definition of each curl pop even more! This retro look is completed with a pair of plexiglass earrings and cool retro

90. Short Bowl-shaped Haircut For Curly Dark Hair

If you have coarser hair, this bowl-shaped chop allows those thick strands to get a full, voluminous shape at the back, while the front bangs look will gain a slightly curvy shape.

91. Short Lavender Curly Hair With Bangs

A great way of enhancing your hair reflections if you choose short haircuts for curly hair is to get a subtle pink lavender shade that will bring a feminine note to your lovely twists.

92. Curly Faux Hawk With Falling Side Curls

Short haircuts for curly hair are super easy to arrange into elegant, feminine updos such as a Faux Hawk created entirely by hand with the help of a couple of bobby pins and a cool fixating hair spray that can keep the curls fixated on one side of the head.

93. Short Bright Green Bob Haircut For Wavy Hair

Nothing says “bold” like this impressive mix of bright neon green and pastel mermaid green hues that you can mix to create an unusual balayage that will make the waves stand out even more!

94. Curly Shag For Brown Hair With Caramel Brown Highlights

This fantastic blend of colors is matched by an equally amazing haircut that allows the strands to stay firm around the crown and forehead and it can look really cool if you choose to straighten the hair as well. A cool look nonetheless.

95. Short Perm Haircut For Curly Hair

Short haircuts for curly hair include soft, feminine perms like the one below that will keep your hair in shape for a longer period of time, without having to worry about losing its great texture.

96. Short Bouncy Haircut For Curly Hair

Short, messy, and very dark! Curly hair looks really cool when you choose to let it curl naturally and instead make sure it has the proper hair care and length to accentuate your natural beauty.

97. Kinky Curly Buzz Haircut For Brunette Hair

Buzz cuts couldn’t have gone missing from these short haircuts for women with curly hair list since they are an iconic hairstyle that most African Americans wear which makes it really a timeless haircut!

98. Curly Bob With Slight Graduation

This cute haircut has the most volume you could possibly wish for in a bob. The bangs have a slightly curvy direction that continues with messy curls that frame your face. Stunning!

99. Multi-Colored Haircut For Curly Hair

A multicolored version of short haircuts for curly hair that outstands all the other versions we saw in this material so far would be this dark pink, faded forest green mix that can instantly draw admiring looks to your face.

100. Short Curly Haircut For Curly Hair With Green Highlights

This amazing haircut complements greatly any physiognomy and it has those super short chopped bangs that highlight your eyes while the green low lights draw attention to your chin and lips.

101. Subtle Balayage For Blonde Hair With Curly Bangs

Short haircuts for curly hair and faded hair colors go hand in hand when it comes to creating a cool, angelic appearance that you can match with soft, natural makeup to create a complete look!


From funky colored Afros to short pixies and super trendy modern bobs haircuts, there are several types of short haircuts for curly hair, suited to your hair structure and type of curl. We found that short haircuts for curly hair are not as similar as we would expect but what makes them cool-looking is that they are adorable no matter the length or the curl type. Check out how to take care of your curls!

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