50 Short Rainbow Hair Color in 2024

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If someone feels adventurous and wants to change their appearance, wearing Short Rainbow Hair Colors is a fantastic idea. Short Rainbow Hair Color Ideas are viral on every social media platform, especially on Instagram. This rainbow hair trend is reaching its peak after Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Irene Kim, and Georgia May Jagger flaunt their rainbow hair at the biggest events. 

The rainbow hair looks so gorgeous that someone can be convinced to have rainbow hair when they explore a bit about it. To save you from the hassle of collecting the best short rainbow hair ideas, we have brought the 50 best short rainbow hair ideas right now that can make you look ethereal and cute. 

So, why wait? Let’s start, but some info first so you get the answers to some anticipated questions. 

1. Rock Short Rainbow Hair Color

In this hair idea, the stylist will apply orange, yellow, turquoise, pink, and dark pastel pink/purple hair color on each hair section. The pastel purple hair will be dominant, which makes other vibrant hair more eye-catching. 

2. Pastel Power Puff Hair

This rainbow hair idea involves all hair colors in a pastel tone. The top of the head has cyan blue, which seamlessly turns into purple, pink, yellow, aqua, green, and yellow. At the hair ends, yellow and pastel mute purple are prominent, which is stunning.

3. Bob Cut Hidden Rainbow

Rainbow under-light with purple hair is so ravishing to highlight youthfulness in women of any age. 

4. Pinwheel Peacock Short Hair

We all adore the peacock pinwheel because of the color it contains. This rainbow hair idea is inspired by it. The contrast of color vibrancy and muteness is unmatchable

5. Cotton Candy Tie Dye Hair

This hair idea contains orange, blue, purple, pink, and yellow with soft color vibrancy. The shocking pink color at the partition makes it magnificent. 

6. Wavy Bob Short Rainbow Hairstyles

Red, purple and blue are very prominent solid colors in this style. A light pastel under-light of pastel gray and green color makes it attractive. 

7. Rainbow & Unicorn Color

Underlight rainbow of pink, purple and turquoise color under mute purple color looks so pretty. 

8. Mystical Mermaid Color

Do supernatural characters inspire you? If yes, opt for this mystical mermaid hair color style in which vibrancy seamlessly shifts from muted to bright. 

9. Short Bob Cut Rainbow Hair

This short hair rainbow idea looks super refreshing. It contains blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange. Styling hair in a wispy manner gives it a look of enchanting parrot wings. 

10. Side Part Short Rainbow Hairstyles

Prominent solid rainbow colors with defined boundaries can give anyone a bold look. 

11. Straight A-Line Bob Short Rainbow Hairstyles

The seamless rainbow hair color transition in straight A-line bob from reddish pink to orange-yellow to light green looks so awesome to handle. 

12. Sunshine & Rainbows Hair Color

This could be a rainbow hairstyle for women over 50; this one is best. Streaks of multiple rainbow colors with a dark base make it definitely a good option for everyone. 

13. Angled Bob Short Rainbow Hairstyles

If you love making a half-up, half-down hairstyle, this hair color idea will glam it up. For this, you need to get the under-lights of watermelon pink, magenta, and lavender color. 

14. Short and Vivid Rainbow Hair Color

Rather than having each hair section having one color, having multiple hair colors on a single hair section looks cool. Reddish-orange, green, yellow, and purple together look so fancy.  

15. Dark Blue Roots with Rainbow Highlights

Dark hair with a blue ombre that turns platinum at the ends looks elegant. A few thin streaks of rainbow hair make it more mesmerizing. 

16. Little Rainbow Shadow Root Hair

This hairstyle is best if someone wants to look effortlessly glamorous with lighter color shades. Teal and shocking pink roots that turn platinum gradually look engaging. 

17. Short and Curly Lob Rainbow Hairstyles

Rainbow color undertone of pastel pink, blonde, yellow, green, and black looks so ravishing. The vibrant blue coverage makes it more awesome. 

18. Blunt Short Bob with Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow highlights on the blunt bob cut’s darker base look elegant. The great thing is that this style does not overcome your personality but appears subtle and sudden. 

19. Pastel Brown Hair with Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow highlights on pastel brown hair with smudge roots look amazing. Color in this style will pop mutely. 

20. Half Bun with Hidden Rainbow

It’s another one of the best short rainbow hair ideas right now for half-up half-down hairstyle lovers. Its rainbow colors include purple, pink, blue, green, blonde, yellow, and orange-red. The blonde half-up makes it alluring. 

21. Platinum White Short Rainbow Hairstyles

This rainbow hair idea is best for aged women with silver-gray hair. We suggest adding rainbow undertones if they still feel enthusiastic other than opting for full gray hair. Make sure not to have an extremely vibrant primary color, so it suits your personality. 

22. Short Bangs with Fabulous Rainbow Color

In this hair idea, every rainbow color has a lively and strong vibe. Uneven baby bangs make it even more dramatic. 

23. Fiery Wavy Red with Rainbow Highlights

Shocking pink, red, and orange over the yellow base makes the head top look fiery. Gradually transitioning hair from green to blue on a pink base will look astonishing. 

24. Tropical Cocktail Short Rainbow Hairstyles

Like the two-color cocktail, which gets darker at the ends, this rainbow hair has the same stunning effect at the top of the head. 

25. Pulp Riot and Rainbow

If someone’s hair is prone to damage, they should apply pulp riot to get the rainbow effect. Pulp riot is a conditioner-based dye that stylists apply on hair without a developer. 

26. Spring and Layered Short Rainbow Hairstyles

If someone is not into the vibrancy of primary colors and avoids loud fashion looks, then this hair is best for them. Colors are in a calm tone and give this hairstyle a spring vibe. 

27. Sun Lob Cut Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Undercuts are always loud, bold, and high-fashion. Choosing the bright yellow color gives it a sun, rainbow hair look. 

28. Messy Layered Short Rainbow Hairstyles

Curly or straight rainbow hair always looks good, but the messy haircut with layers makes it even chicer.  

29. Platinum Blonde with Wavy Hidden Rainbow Hair

If you want a rainbow style that can be formal, choose this hairstyle and show off rainbow hair under platinum blonde whenever you want. 

30. Ring Around the Rainbow

Rainbow hair with different base colors is on another level of being magnificent. Its effect gives women an interesting personality. 

31. Split Rainbow Hair

Middle parted hair with different colors on each side looks dramatic and so special. Choosing complementary colors makes it more gorgeous. 

32. Dark Roots Short Bob with Rainbow Hair Color

Undercut bob with color prominence of pink, blue, yellow, and orange on dark roots irresistible.

33. Medium Hair Prism

Have you ever tried the prism effect in your physics lab? Everyone seems excited to see how the rainbow looks through it. This medium hair idea has the same effect. Horizontal streaks of the rainbow on light violet base color look amazing. 

34. Wavy Rainbow Root Hair with Blue Ombre

The Rainbow color effect on top of the head fades away, and the blue ombre becomes dominant and looks so royal. 

35. Collarbone Length and Wavy Short Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Rainbows for this style include pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple, which are highly delightful to see. The curls reaching the collarbone enhance femininity.

36. Short Rainbow Hair Noodles

Curly wavy hair is taking the world by storm. On social media, people use different products on wet hair to finger out if they have curls. Similarly, Big wavy hair like noodles is a beloved hairstyle.

37. Pink Frizzy Hair with Rainbow Bangs

Only rainbow colors in bangs while the rest of the hair is pink can give you an edgy look. But you must always maintain yourself with the right makeup and jewelry to rock this hair. 

38. Light and Blunt Rainbow Wavy Hair

Each blunt color transition in a horizontal manner is a must-try for all ladies, especially white women.

39. Holographic Rainbow Hair

Color painted like holography in a rainbow on a dark base looks very eye-catching and elegant. 

40. Short Wavy Unicorn Hair with Lowlights

Blue turquoise lowlights with indigo and violet top and red and yellow hair look sassy and stunning.

41. Purple Rainbow Hair Color

If someone wants a rainbow hair color, but the style doesn’t appear very loud, then choose this style. Purple hair dominant covering the loud colors looks stunning. 

42. Funky Yet Classy Rainbow Hair Color

What can be even more gorgeous if someone has a cool, trendy style which looks classy too? With different muted shades of blue and green with gray undertones looks amazing. 

43. Long Side Part Pixie Cut Rainbow Hair

 This long side part pixie cut looks mesmerizing. With layers covering another color, this hairstyle looks sharp and soft to complement face features fully. 

44. Messy Curls with Hidden Rainbow Hair

If someone wants to obtain a jazzy style, this rainbow hair idea is best. Hidden rainbow under messy curls looks mesmerizing and suits older women too.

45. Short Holographic Rainbow Hair

The rainbow money piece with blue hair looks super sophisticated and stylish. The instant and seamless transition make hair even more pretty. 

46. Under Cut Rainbow and Unicorn Hair Color

The hidden rainbow color under the glossy platinum gray hair looks so chic. The addition of an undercut makes it irresistible. 

47. Pulp Riot and Candy Rainbow Hair

If you want rainbow hair but don’t want to commit to it longer, then pulp riot is best. This conditioner-based hair color helps you obtain candy rainbow hair. 

48. Messy and Medium Rainbow Hair Color

This is ultimately by far the most gorgeous and elegant rainbow medium-length hairstyle for businesswomen. Having this hair idea in daily routine also suits everyone.

49. Edgy Short Rainbow Haircut

Streaks of rainbow hair with the prominence of mute pastel pink look stylish. The edgy cut makes it sassy. 

50. Bob Cut with Short Rainbow Hair Colors

Thin streaks of rainbow hair on a dark brown base make the style suitable for any occasion. The fantastic thing is that it suits women of any age.

Short Rainbow Hair Color FAQs

Do Rainbow Hair Colors Suit Everyone?

Yes, rainbow hair suits everyone. It contains various colors, and a mixture complements and brightens any skin tone.

Rainbow Hair Best For Which Hair Type?

The best part is whatever hair texture and hair type you have, the rainbow hair idea is for everyone. 

How Can You Get Rainbow Hair?

You can get rainbow hair at home by collecting different hair colors of the same brand and dying your hair in a certain manner, but the result will only be excellent if you are an expert. So, we suggest you go to a salon/colorist expert.

To Choose, Are There Many Rainbow Hair Ideas?

Women usually think that rainbow hair is only sharp primary rainbow colors with sharp boundaries. But this is not the case; it can also contain a wider unique range of colors which can be muted or vibrant colors with peek-a-bow under-lights. 


There is no doubt that rainbow hair can give you an elegant and sassy look, depending on how you want your personality to appear. Pick some styles from here that you think to suit your personality and lifestyle, then consult your stylist to help you choose a better option for you. 

But when you get rainbow hair, make sure you only use the products that are meant for color-treated hair to keep the hair in the best condition. Avoid washing hair every next day; if it is too oily, talk with a stylist in advance. Prevent hair from prolonged sun exposure; it will fade out the hair colors. The best idea is to use a head covering like a scarf or a hat.