50 Gorgeous Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

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First, before seeing the 50 best ombre hair color ideas, every beginner wants to know what ombre hair is. 

We are sure you have already seen it numerous times but don’t know that it’s ombre hair. 

Hair with color contrast is darkest at the root, rich medium color in the medium length of hair that becomes lightest towards the ends, called ombre hair. 

Nowadays, another ombre technique called Reverse Ombre is also famous. In Reverse Ombre, hair is lightest at the roots and darkest at the ends, opposite the Ombre technique. 

Therefore, we have added ombre hair ideas as well as reverse ombre to inform you about the best latest hair trends. 

Michelle Obama, Doetzen Kroes, Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Benson are the ones who give the world the inspiration to try ombre hair. 

Ombre hair suits better if its colors are according to your skin tone. Therefore, the Hairstyle Secrets will inform you which skin tone can rock every specific ombre hair idea among the 50 listed. So, let’s begin.

1. Warm Caramel Ombre Hair Color

The caramel ombre hair contains the seamless color transition of dark brown hair into light brown, and then honey blonde hair looks amazingly gorgeous on long hair. It is best for fair and light skin tones. 

2. Ombre and Blonde Tones

Ombre brown hair with blonde highlights at the ends of hair looks unique and attractive. It suits warm and neutral skin tones and adds brightness to skin tone. 

3. Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Ombre with only one color like blonde and smudge roots makes the fair attractive. Women with pink undertones can pull this off greatly. If a lady has colored eyes, this ombre hair idea can make her stand out. 

4. Wavy Bob Ombre Hair

Wavy brown bob ombre hair with lighter ends and blonde money is high fashion. It suits both fair and warm skin tones. 

5. Ombre Straight Hair

Blonde ombre smudge till root melt looks chic. The middle-parted style on the diamond face shape with curtain bangs in straight hair reaching the cheekbones makes the best facial features pop up.

6. Ombre Braided Side and Curls

Blonde ombre wavy hair with a side-part combover style looks ultimately gorgeous. The French braid on a less dominant partition area makes hair look more manageable and graceful. 

7. Dark Brown to Light Brown Ombre Hair Color

Dark brown to light brown ombre hair suits every skin tone, especially dark-eye-colored women. The bevel waves make it perfect for getting a classical look.

8. Auburn Ombre Hair Color

Rich auburn ombre hair, light brown hair, tousled waves, and fuller bangs look flattering on longer face shapes. In addition, it usually suits all skin tones.

9. Raspberry Ombre Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair with the impeccable color transition of blackish hair to dark muted purple hints and then raspberry color looks super excellent to take eyes off. The brightest ends and subtle waves. It suits cool or fair skin tones. 

10. Brown Ombre Hair Color and Glossy Waves

Brown ombre hair, which shows the natural black color, which turns brown and light brown at the ends, is a universal hair color. It suits all skin tones. 

11. Straight and Blue Ombre Hair Color

Straight hair with the flawless color transition of blue hair from black is super chic. The best part is this fun hair color also suits all skin tones. 

12. Bob Cut with Honey Blonde Ombre Hair Color

A long bob haircut in a sleek side part hairstyle looks gorgeous with a honey blonde ombre. It is perfect for afro ladies because honey blonde suits people with medium skin tones and dark eyes (black or brown).

13. Melted Brown Ombre Hair

The melted brown effect turns dark brown into an almond brown hair color, and the blonde looks sophisticated. It suits both cool and warm skin tones. 

14. Braided Ombre Hair Color

You will also 100% agree that braids become more prominent and pretty when made on ombre hair. For example, the thick French braid on blonde and black hair looks attractive because of the high contrast. 

15. Textured Bob and Burgundy Ombre Hair

Textured bob with burgundy ombre and money piece flatters the overall appearance and frames the face to make it richer. It suits ebony, olive, and pink skin tones. 

16. Mahogany Reddish Curls Ombre Hairstyle

Mahogany ombre, which is on the more reddish side, looks excellent on black hair. It suits pale, cool to dark and warm skin tones. 

17. Cool and Smokey Ash Blonde Ombre Hair Color

A cool ombre hair color combines dark roots with ash blonde hair. After all, the smokey hair color suits cool skin tones with reddish undertones.

18. Purple Ombre in Bob Haircut

Purple ombre hair containing blonde, light purple to dark purple looks eye-catching. It is superb on balanced skin tones. 

19. Unicorn Ombre Hairstyle

Unicorn color means pink and purple ombre on ash brown hair looks lovely. The bevel at the ends gives it an elegant look. It suits light, balanced, cool, and neutral skin tones. 

20. Ombre Rouge Red Hairstyle

Ombre smudge hair with dark root melt creates a high contrast combination to give richness to facial features. It is best for pale and neutral skin tones. 

21. Blue and Blonde Reverse Ombre Hairstyle

A signature-worthy style is an upside-down ombre hair effect of blue and blonde colors. It is fabulous for skin with cool undertones. 

22. Warm Brown and Rosegold Ombre Hair Color

Rose gold ombre on warm brown hair gives richness to skin complexion and is universally flattering. The soft curls make it pretty for women in any fashion sense. 

23. Bob Cut with Curtain Fringe Reverse Ombre

Bob-cut with curtain bangs touching the cheekbone and reaching the jawline is best for a square face shape. The reverse ombre effect on hair makes your fashion sense unique. 

24. Honey Blend Ombre Hair

The honey blonde ombre effect on dark brown hair with defined bevel curls makes it suitable for official events. It suits all skin tones with any undertones. 

25. Stylish Long Ombre Hair

The blonde ombre on blackish-brown shadow root looks breathtaking with subtle waves. Hairpins on the temple of the head to maintain volume on top of the head for a fuller face shape with a pointy chin. 

26. Purple Red Ombre

Purple-red ombre with dark tap (area closer to roots) creates an interesting contrast. It is fabulous for balanced and cool skin tones. 

27. Beachy Waves Silver Ombre

Silver ombre hair on dark slate gray hair that turns blue looks amazingly gorgeous. The beachy waves are best for everyday textured hairstyles. 

28. Rose Ombre Hairstyle

Rose ombre hair, whose color transitions to blonde while rose hair peek through blonde hair, looks exciting and is a classical hairstyle. It is perfect for any skin tone with neutral undertones. 

29. Platinum Blonde and Styled Hair Braids

Platinum blonde hair on black base color creates a chic contrast. The thin double dutch braids on the less dominant parting side are best to rock big-scale parties. 

30. Wavy Black and Toffee Ombre Hairstyle

Butter toffee color like ombre hair on wavy black hair looks dazzling. It suits any skin tone with golden undertones. 

31. Colored Dreadlocks Reverse Ombre

The colored dreadlocks may feel like a unique idea. But the raspberry pink root melt will make you stand out. You can tailor that color to match perfectly with your specific afro undertone. 

32. Glam Style Ombre Hair

Golden blonde ombre hair with shadow root wavy hair that turns pure blonde at the ends looks glamorous. In addition, it suits a warm skin tone. 

33. Bun and Yellow Ombre Hair Color

Yellow ombre hair on ash brown hair is for those who love making fashion statements. You can make space buns that will eventually appear the yellow color in a bun on ash brown hair. It is better for cool skin. 

34. Ombre Perm Hair

Perm hair with black root melt and brown ombre hair looks great. The blonde highlights make it prettier. It suits better oval face shape and heart face shape.

35. Black Ombre Hairstyle

Usually, women get brown ombre on black hair but getting a black ombre on black hair looks unique and interesting. The exciting thing is, It suits all skin tones. 

36. Ashy Pink Reverse Ombre Hair

Ashy pink bob in the side-swept style is super flattering. You can opt for this for a fun-loving look. It suits dark skin with cool undertones and lighter skin tones too. 

37. Brown to Bright Blonde Hairstyle

Brown to blonde ombre may sound typical, but the addition of a blonde money-piece adds brightness to the skin complexion. 

38. Emerald Green Ombre Hair

Emerald green ombre hair on jet black hair creating high contrast is so endearing that it makes you stand out from the crowd. It suits best on warm undertones. 

39. Ombre Warm and Ashy Tones Hairstyle

Dark to ashy hair color ombre looks graceful for any event. It is excellent on dark skin tones with a cool undertone. 

40. Dark Brown to Purple Ombre Hair

Purple ombre hair on jet black hair with a feather cut at the end looks great. It is best for rich dark skin tones and balanced skin tones. 

41. Ombre Wavy Almond Hairstyle

Almond-colored ombre hair on dark brown hair looks cute in any hairstyle. It goes next with a warm skin tone. 

42. Ombre Mermaid Hairstyle

The omber mermaid hairstyle containing tiffany blue and violet color looks enchanting and fascinating. It suits cool and balanced skin tones. 

43. Short Ombre Hair

Brownish blonde ombre hair with subtle waves looks elegant for official and informal meetings. It works best on pale and pinky skin tones. 

44. Silver to Purple Ombre Hair

Pastel purple color on silvery gray hair looks gorgeous and is best for experimenting with new looks without looking bold. It is best for warm skin tone and a balanced skin tone. 

45. Turquoise Wavy Ombre Hair

Turquoise ombre hair looks great on dark hair, and the dimensional highlight effect and wavy hair make it trendy. In addition, it suits a medium complexion. 

46. Electric Green Long Hair Ombre

Black hair with teal effect and electric green ombre transformation looks impeccable, especially on long hair. If you love daring fashion styles, then pick this. Skin with cool undertone suits is best for this style. 

47. Black to Purplish Tinted Ombre

Black root melt that turns purple and pink hair is best to add richness to the facial features. It is best for balanced and fair skin tone. 

48. Creamy Coffee-Colored Ombre

With shadow roots, reddish-brown hair that turn to creamy blonde color looks spectacular. It suits the medium and dark skin tones with warm and neutral undertones.

49. Long Wavy Black to Blonde Ombre Hair

Blonde ombre hair on dark hair looks fabulous when combined with blonde money pieces and waves. It is suitable for pale, pink, and warm skin tones.

50. Reverse Ombre Brown Black Hairstyle

Choose this hairstyle if you want something unique and easy on the eye. This black to brown reverse ombre can stun anyone and make you stand out from the crowd elegantly.   


Seeing these 50 best ombre hair, you must have picked your favorite ombre hair. Screenshot the favorites or show this page to your hairstylist. Even if any ombre hair does not suit your skin, your stylist can increase or decrease its intensity to make it suitable for your skin tone. 

Here are some tips that will keep your color-treated hair healthy. First, pick the shampoo meant for color-treated hair and wash less frequently to avoid fading hair color. Second, focus on conditioning your hair. Even on some days, you can directly go to conditioning without shampooing to keep your hair hydrated and nourished.