101 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Hairstyles in 2023

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When you want a change of look, maybe the best thing to do is to start with brown hair with blonde highlights.

For starters, you should know that highlights that will look best on you should be two shades lighter than your hair. And if you don’t want to make thin highlights – platinum blonde, you can try a few wider ones on long hair. These will give depth to your hair, especially if you put them on longer bangs.

You can try a few shades of gray or even golden blonde if you have darker caramel blonde hair.

Colored highlights were also trendy during this time. However, some women only admire them, preferring a more subtle style. This article will offer some ideas for subtle strands for a more natural look. When it comes to rich, warm tones of earthy colors such as brown hair with blonde highlights, there are countless possibilities you can dye your hair for a unique hairstyle.

This article gathered over 100 ideas to ensure you get plenty of inspiration! Discover your favorites below!

How to Keep the Perfect Shade and Shine of Blonde Highlights Longer

An ideal solution to keep your hair color for longer is to use a tinting shampoo with shades of purple. These products are specially designed for blonde hair and help you have a vibrant and shiny color.

The hair follicle absorbs the purple pigments in the shampoo, preventing and stopping the appearance of warm shades of yellow. Also, consider the type of shampoo you choose, as some may have formulas that are far too strong for your hair. You can ask for the advice of your stylist, who will recommend the right product for you.

Use tinting shampoo at least once a week, alternating with other types of shampoos. If you notice that the yellow shade returns too quickly, use the shampoo more often and leave it on the hair for five minutes. Instead, if the hair turns too gray, reduce the amount of shampoo and leave it in the hair for two minutes.

A little trick to avoid frequent washing of the hair because, with each wash, the dye goes away is to use dry shampoo from time to time.

I. Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Here are some references with short brown hair with a blonde highlight that you might want to try.

1. Short Pixie Undercut for Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Baby lights

Regarding Pixie cuts, there are many ways you can style your locks, especially if you have an undercut that emphasizes the length difference between the top and bottom levels of the haircut. Also, adding subtle blonde highlights will bring luminosity and contrast.

2. Ultra Short Bob with Short Fringe for Dark Hair with Metallic Blonde Highlights

This ear-leveled bob in a dark brown color, cut with blunt cut bangs, has a softer look thanks to the platinum blonde highlights applied evenly throughout the front part and brings luminosity to the face.

3. Pixie Cut for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

With slightly curved strands and a messy styling, this pixie cut for brown hair has ultra-thin blonde highlights that create a gorgeous color melt in your hair and soften your facial features thanks to the warm tones!

4. Bob Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlighted Fringe

Another cool way of adding a splash of color to your brown locks is to highlight the hair only from half down to create a contrast and a halo effect around your feminine features.

5. Messy Pixie Cut For Short Hair with Blonde Baby Lights

With long pointy sideburns and a razor-cut fringe, this messy short pixie haircut will surely catch the eye of onlookers and has a perfect blend of warm tones of brown hair and thin blonde highlights that illuminate your face!

6. Smooth Pixie Cut For Brown Hair with Blonde Baby Lights

An incredible texture can be preserved with the right hydrating products and a smooth cut that will make all your strands fall perfectly over your forehead and bring mystery to your face. The small, blonde baby lights ensure plenty of color for your hairstyle!

II. Bob Cuts For Brown Colored Hair With Blonde Highlights

These styles are a definition of art. Here are the different Bob cuts for brown-colored hair with highlights.

7. Blunt Cut Bob with Contrasting Blonde Highlights

To spice up your typical bob haircut, an extremely popular one, adding contrasting blonde highlights will ensure your look’s originality and contrast with the main brown tone of your locks! You get a different color each time you pass your fingers through your hair!

8. Curly Brown Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

With beautiful shape and texture, the curly bob for brown hair with rose gold baby lights is a highly chic choice and will ensure feminity to your looks! Keep those curls in shape by drying them with a heat diffuser.

9. Side-swept Bob with Chunky Blonde Highlights

With a chin-level length and a two-tone coloring, this side-swept bob has a comprehensive front blonde highlight that contrasts with the brown shade and reminds us of the glorious ’90s chunky highlights!

10. Messy Chin Length Bob with Chunky Blonde Highlights

One way of ensuring a two-colored look is to apply a contrasting platinum blonde color only on the front area and keep the rest dark-colored. This way, you can sport two different looks at the same time!

11. Feathered Chin Length Bob with Blonde Highlights

A chin-level length for fine hair is a good way of getting a bit of volume, and you can swipe the top on a side to create a feathered effect that will allow all the beautiful blonde highlights to be displayed.

12. ’90s Style Bob With Money Piece Highlights

A cost-effective way of dyeing your hair is to opt for the so-called “money-piece” highlights, a term referring to the front highlights that frame the face and change your entire look with very little cost!

13. Chunky Bronde Lob

A combination of blonde and brown colors results in this beautiful melt of colors, also known as a “bronde,” which sweetens the rough look of your chunky lob!

14. Straight Lob Brown Hair with Front Balayage

Straight, flowing strands that pass your shoulders in the front can bring plenty of luminosity and color and look super trendy when colored in a light shade of blonde, creating a subtle balayage for your hair!

15. Straight Lob with Chunky Blonde Stripe

With an even distribution around your roots, chunky blonde highlights create a complete contrast with very little blending with the light brown color of your long straight bob. It’s a very ’90s style that has a comeback at the moment!

16. Chin Length Bob For Straight Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights

A very delicate look with subtle platinum blonde lights and dark brown colored hair that reaches chin-level, this bob frames the face at just the right spots that reveal your unique facial features.

17. Bronde Lob With Dark Roots

With a perfect blend of blonde and brown hues, this Bronde straight lob has slightly darker roots that make it two-colored and a cool, low-maintenance alternative to your classic balayage!

18. Lob Cut for Straight Brown Hair with Hidden Blonde Highlights

Surprise everyone with a seemingly uniform color, such as this rich brown straight lob that added a blonde side highlight at the sideburns revealed when you pass the front strands over your ear. Perfect secret spot!

19. Straight Lob Cut for Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights

These straight long blonde highlights displayed at an even distance throughout your mane create an alternating color with the brown base applied from the roots to the tips. It’s a beautiful visual effect!

20. Lob Cut with Bronde Color for Wavy Hair

Cut an angle, with relaxed waves, applied evenly, this brown hair with subtle blonde highlights that are increasingly longer as they approach your face create a beautiful bronde color from halfway downwards and is a super trendy look!

III. Long Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Style your long brown hair with these hairstyles. Look even better with these.

21. U-layered Brown Hair with Blonde Tips

For a light, feathered look, opting for u-shaped layers and adding blonde tones at the tips can increase the soft look of your front strands and be easily maintained in-between colorings.

22. Long Wavy Brown Hair with Subtle Front Blonde Balayage

A sunkissed look, with very bright and thin blonde highlights that appear here and there, will soften your dark brown colored mane and create a high contrast balayage, perfect for summer!

23. Wavy Long Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Babylights

A half-light, half-dark look was obtained by adding a warm blonde color for the side and front strands combined with soft waves that create a feminine look for this long hair!

24. Brown Hair with Bright Blonde Highlights for Shag Hairstyle

A Shag haircut is a very smart option at the moment, and it will make your hair gain plenty of volume in the upper level with minimum effort. The only thing you can add for a fabulous look is these thick blonde highlights that will ensure maximum contrast!

25. Wavy Long Brown Hair with Two-Face Framing Blonde Highlights

Keep it stylish and simple with a compact look like this wavy long chocolate brown hair with a blonde money-piece added for the front strands for full contrast! Amazing hairstyle!

26. Goth Style Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Another great style that requires minimum maintenance is a goth version of brown hair with a highlights hairstyle. This dark-colored brown hair has two platinum blonde strands added in the front for extra luminosity!

27. Wavy Brown Hair with Strawberry Blonde Front Highlights

A feminine mix, of rich brown hair, and strawberry blonde strands can brighten up your face and create a cool colorful look that needs just a couple of front curls to be enhanced!

28. Red Brown Shiny Hair with Face Framing Blonde Highlights

A truly delicious mix of colors, dark brown hair with coffee-brown and dark-red colored highlights will amplify your hair’s natural shine, and the face-framing blonde highlights will increase the overall contrast. Simply stunning!

29. Dark Long Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

Simple yet stylish, this dark long brown hair benefits from the added blonde-colored highlights halfway downward that bring light and diversity to your looks and are super easy to maintain!

30. Chocolate Colored Hair with Blonde Highlights for Beach Waves Hairstyle

The perfect summer look, easy-breezy beach waves for chocolate-colored hair with blonde highlights applied halfway downwards and slightly curled for a feminine touch! Is there anything cuter than this?

31. Light Brown Hair with Front Thin Blonde Highlights

A chestnut-brown compact color for your long straight hair can be spiced up by adding thin face-framing blonde highlights to the foremost front strands and towards the tips for a soft contrasting hairstyle.

32. Beyonce’s Style Brown Wavy Hair with Symmetrical Front Blonde Highlights

A money-piece blonde highlight can do wonders for chocolate brown long hair since the added color will have a popping effect and bring luminosity to your face and eyes.

33. Long Wavy Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

The famous ’90s hairstyle trend we all thought was gone for good is now back and rocking brown hair like never before! This dark-colored long wavy hair was added to two chunky blonde highlights to attract attention to the face!

34. Natural Beach Waves Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage Highlights

The main difference between simple highlights and balayage is that the contour and length of balayage strands can vary and is not as symmetrically applied as simple blonde highlights. This hairstyle will match your carefree bohemian personality.

35. Luscious Chocolate Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights

These ultra-thin blonde highlights create a marbled effect for your chocolate brown long luscious strands and amplify the shine of your hair with no effort! Very sensual!

36. ’70s Shaggy Long Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

A messy, voluminous shag haircut can be brought extra color and shine by adding front blonde highlights that will revive your brown color and create a visually stunning effect.

37. Straight Medium Length Light Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage Highlights

With a burnished bronze tone, these light brown hair have many light blonde highlights added evenly from roots downwards to lighten up the whole look! No matter which way you move, your hair will look gorgeous!

38. Long Wavy Dark Brown Hair with Money Piece Platinum Blonde Highlights

Dark chocolate brown locks with soft waves and a contrasting platinum blonde color that was swept all over the front strands are completed with a money-piece pair of blonde highlights so you can revive this look with a minimum budget.

39. Straight Brown Hair with Front Thin Blonde Highlights

Natural brown hair can go a simple yet dramatic change if you add thin blonde highlights in the front to create a bit of contrast and lighten up your face. Wear your hair straight for an evenly, straight look.

40. Long Wavy Brown Hair with Middle Part and Blonde Highlights

A rich, cinnamon brown color for your thick hair will look even more glamorous if you add a touch of golden blonde highlights evenly displayed throughout the mane for a blended look!

41. Smooth Long Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

With a thin texture and plenty of natural shine, medium brown hair will look increasingly more colorful and fun with money-piece warm blonde highlights and subtle waves for a soft look.

42. Long Brown Hair with Wavy Blonde and Rose Gold Highlights

This multicolored brown hair has the chance to make you look super feminine and sweet with just a touch of color! Combine light pink and rose gold highlights with chunky blonde strands to create this gorgeous look!

43. Rich Warm Brown Hair with Bronde Balayage Highlights

The color melt was done with super precision and skill for this bronze-brown long hair that looks ten times richer and shinier thanks to the blonde balayage applied in the front area.

44. Voluminous Brown Hair with Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Simple and easy to maintain, this mixed-colored look was obtained with the help of a money-piece blonde highlight done in the front that amplifies the dark color of the rest of the hair and illuminates your skin.

45. Wavy Deep Parted Bronde Hair

With a very light shade of brown and buoyant bronde curls that flow freely around your face, this deep-parted hairstyle looks super expensive and stylish!

46. High Contrasting Long Wavy Brown Hair with Balayage

A great visual effect that makes your wavy hair resemble the ocean’s foamy waves, this high contrasting balayage applied to dark brown extra-long hair is a super trendy look you can rock when you are tired with the same color of your hair.

47. Side-swept Long Hair with Blonde Highlights

Extra-long hair can benefit from adding subtle lighter highlights that will revamp your brown color and create a unique look for your voluminous mane! Especially suited for those with olive skin and green eyes, this look is fantastic!

48. Sunkissed Brown Wavy Medium Hair

For those who want a minor subtle color change in their brown hair, adding highlights that are lighter with just a tone or two will create a sunkissed effect and elegant look.

49. ’90s Style Dark Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

A clear separation between the blonde highlights and dark hair, worn simply, with just a middle part and stick-straight strands that enhance the created contrast, was defining for the ’90s look!

50. Curly Brown Hair with Subtle Front Blonde Highlights

Just a touch of color is ensured with these subtle blonde highlights that are proportioned in width and length to the rest of the thin hair. The rich coffee brown strands mix well with the thin curls.

51. Sleek Wet Brown Hair with Top Blonde Highlights

Dark platinum brown hair and shiny light blonde highlights will create a high contrasting look amplified by the wet effect if you opt for this look!

52. Extra Curly Brown Hair with Subtle Blonde Highlights

Subtle dark blonde highlights added to the tips of your medium-long brown hair will soften your look and create a sunkissed effect that is bound to make you irresistible!

53. Long Wavy Dark Brown Hair with Silver Blonde Highlights

A neutral dark brown color for extra-long hair that is also very thick can benefit from adding silver-toned blonde highlights since they will brighten up your look and create a splendid visual effect enhanced by the curls.

54. ’90s Style Chunky Blonde Highlights For Brown Hair

With an even display and decreasing width as they approach the face area, these chunky blonde highlights remind us of the ’90s hairstyle that is now revived and trending once again!

55. Voluminous Straight Hair with Baby Lights

These thin baby lights are placed super close to one another for a more blended look, with undefined colors, to bring a shiny coat of blonde strands over the main dark brown color.

56. Feathered Hair with Blonde Highlights

As the internet says, “inner beauty is cool, but a little balayage hurts nobody” this super feathered, relaxed look with thin blonde highlights is a gorgeous mix of dark and light brown-ish colors!

57. High Contrast Ombre

To make the most out of your long locks, you can mix in blonde strands from halfway downward and direct all the attention to your fair skin and blunt bangs.

58. Dark Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Platinum blonde highlights displayed only when you pass your fingers through your hair to reveal the sideburns will diversify the color of dark brown hair and match your fair skin.

59. Dua Lipa’s Contrasting Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Dua Lipa, a famous singer is now a super trendsetter and can pull off even this ’90s era hairstyle with chunky blonde highlights and brown hair, styled as messy and carefree as possible yet seductive!

60. Light Brown Hair with Short Blonde Money Piece

Vamp up your long Rapunzel hair by adding a splash of blonde color using the money-piece coloring technique only on the short front strands. Maximum style with minimum resources!

61. Long Wavy Smokey Brown Hair with Money Piece Highlights

Adding just a bit of color to the front area will make your brown hair look sunkissed and shiny with minimal effort, and damage was done to your hair and a low-maintenance hair care routine.

62. Long Wavy Textured Hair with Money Piece Highlights

For this extra-voluminous textured curly look with two-colored strands, you will need a blonde money piece and lighter tones of reddish-brown behind it that become increasingly darker around the roots. The extra fluffy effect can be obtained by combing your hair after curling it.

IV. Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Updos

Check out these different brown hairstyles with highlight updos.

63. Messy Bun Updo for Brown Hair with Front Falling Blonde Highlights

To recreate this look, you will need only a couple of front strands to be colored blonde, and you can pull all your hair in a messy bun on top of it and arrange it so that the hairband goes unnoticed.

64. Twist-outs for Brown Curly Hair

Twist-out will ensure that your natural curls get plenty of definition, and you can tame their volume a little bit by tying the front parts divided by a middle part. The slightly lighter strands with blonde highlights soften your look!

65. Small Bubble Ponytails for Brown Long Hair with Blonde Highlights

Inspired by Jasmine, the famous Disney Princess, this feminine updo for long hair goes well with long brown hair with blonde balayage added here and there and can be a very feminine hairstyle!

66. Half-up Half Down for Brown Hair with Highlights

This messy, voluminous, and playful hair updo has a mix of brown strands and blonde highlights that create a beautiful visual effect, complete with a black organza hair ribbon for an elegant look!

67. Top Knot Half Updo for Long Hair with Blonde Highlights

To create a luscious, shiny effect for your long strands, you can put your hair in a top knot, carefully arranged using hair spray to be as high and sleek as possible, and leave the rest of the hair free falling and neatly combed.

68. Messy Low Ponytail for Brown Medium-long Hair with Blonde Highlights

The classic ponytail is a simple hairstyle that matches this gorgeous combination of rich colors. In this case, you need to place the ponytail at the base of your nape and tie it as loose as possible for a relaxing effect!

69. Classic Low Sleek Bun for Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

The perfect, most elegant bun of all, the sleek low chignon, has a great contrasting color thanks to the blonde highlights that cover it. What a perfect wedding look!

70. Voluminous Curly Brown Hair with Side Cornrows and Subtle Blonde Baby Lights

After getting these gorgeous curls using a large barrel for your curling iron, you can play with volumes and braid two small cornrows on the side of your temple while leaving the rest of the locks to fall freely and abundantly around your head.

71. J Lo’s Blonde Chunky Highlights

The 50-year-old pop diva is rocking the chunky blonde highlights with super confidence and is lucky enough to have a matching skin tone to the warm brown hair color.

72. Sleek Straight Half Updo for Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights

Extra-long hair, either natural or with extensions, can benefit from the added blonde highlights that will bring extra shine and color to long locks of hair. Simply tie half of it in a top ponytail and leave the rest free-falling.

73. Dua Lipa’s ’90s Style Updo with Face Framing Blonde Bangs

While some of us are unsure about the ’90s aesthetics, the 25-year-old pop singer rocks these face-framing chunky type bangs with super confidence and bright blue makeup inspired by the same trend.

74. Crimped Long Wavy Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage Highlights

With only a tone or two lighter than the warm chestnut brown hair, this long crimped look with a soft middle is the perfect way to enjoy your long locks!

75. Tinker Bell Updo with Fringe And Side Wings

A good way to display your blonde highlights is to add an asymmetric fringe to your long hair and tie the rest in a Tinker Bell bun with neatly combed sides. This look is a perfect match for elegant occasions also!

76. Twisted Braided Updo For Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Tips

To recreate this two-leveled brown-blonde hairstyle, you must twist and braid a single ponytail as messy as possible, thus creating an exquisite melange and a unique look.

77. Crown Braided Brown Hair

This sunkissed look matched by the boho-inspired hairstyle is the perfect feminine updo you can ask for! Pull out a couple of thin strands for the messy effect!

78. Box Braids For with Blonde Highlights

Caramel and platinum blonde-colored braids will go perfectly with your brown-toned skin and neutral makeup, and you can add a couple of colored hair beads for extra color.

79. Half Updo For Long Brown Hair

The perfect beach hairstyle, this half-updo has a high ponytail, and the rest of the hair freely falls around to display a cascade of warm tones with complementary blonde, caramel, and dark brown hues.

80. Summer Braid for Brown Hair

A relaxed look with a messy side braid and free-falling long hair will display blonde strands and dark brown locks together beautifully.

81. High Single Braid For Brown and Blonde Hair with Baby Hair

To get this look, you must create a tight braid on top of your crown area and place it on one side of your head while carefully covering the hairband with a strand of hair. Use hair oil and fixating spray to create the swirls on your forehead and ensure maximum shine!

82. Long Brown Hair with Blonde Braids

Chocolate brown colored hair with thick side braids and subtle blonde thin plaits is a cool way of wearing extra long hair! Don’t forget about the curtain bangs for your straight hair that will direct the attention to your eyes!

83. Classic Low Braided Updo for Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Highlights

A neutral brown color can become softer and more feminine if you add little blonde highlights to the tips. It’s the perfect mix for a cool bridal updo with side braids and a twisted bun on your big wedding day!

84. High Ponytail for Brown Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights and Curls

Adding thin caramel blonde highlights to your dark brown hair will accentuate the different angles of your hair shape and enhance your curls after pulling your hair in a high ponytail.

85. Finger Waves Retro Brown Hair with Blonde Highlighted Tips

Say hello to this sultry, seductive hairstyle that looks gorgeous on any woman not afraid to display her feminine side. Wear your brightest red lipstick with these retro curls to direct your attention toward the face.

86. Japanese Style Space Buns For Brown Straight Hair with Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle is very playful and innocent, and the two colors make the distinct textures even more contrasting. Way to go!

87. Braided Fishtail for Brown Hair with Ultra-Thin Blonde Highlights

Subtle, micro-highlights applied here and there on your dark brown hair will add femininity and brightness to your mane and create a soft visual effect when braided.

88. Toffee Hair with Blonde Highlights and Hair Accessory

With chunky straight blonde highlights, this warm, bright toffee brown hair is very sweet looking worn with a colorful hair accessory you can use to draw attention to the eye makeup.

89. Loose Ponytail With Thin Blonde Highlights

A simple yet classic ponytail is the go-to option for everyday hairstyles and is also suited for displaying the different tones in your hair color! Chic!

90. Brown and Bronde Color Melt

This color melt executed with master precision combines different shades and reflections to display a warm dark brown in the upper area and light blonde highlights towards the tips.

91. Curly Brown Hair with Headband

To complement your brown and blonde hair shades, opt for a funky hair accessory such as this leopard-print headband that will complete the earthy tones!

92. Half Buns for Balayage Hair

To recreate J Lo’s cool hairstyle, you will need a clear separation of your crown area into four distinct parts. The front ones you will curl using a large barrel curling iron, while the ones in the back will be tied in relaxed space buns for extra volume!

93. Messy Bun with Blonde Highlights

A negligent, messy bun is the perfect, simplest way of displaying your blonde highlights, and it only takes one minute to create. Check our list of updos for more styles like this one!

94. Top Knot for Box Braids

Caramel blonde and brown box braids for long hair can also be worn in a top knot to increase your hair’s volume and free your face from all the extra weight!

95. Bridal Updo Hairstyle for Chocolate Hair with Blonde Highlights

Delicious swirls of chocolate-brown strands and thin blonde highlights will make your classic bridal updo a success! Pull out a couple of strands to create a negligent artistic look!

96. Twist Bubbles Braid For Brown Hair With Rose Gold Highlights

With a super-soft contrast between the colors of the highlights and a twisted braiding technique, this hairdo is the perfect Princess hairstyle we all fantasize about wearing on a special occasion!

97. J LO’s Space Buns for Balayage Hair

This extra-girly look will make your inner child come out and play and create a unique display of brown and blonde tones in your locks!

98. Boho Pull-through Braid for Balayage Hair

A neutral brown color mixed with bright platinum blonde highlights makes this intricately braided ponytail even more impressive than it already is! Start from the hairline and stop just above the nape to create the pull-through braid and leave a couple of strands out for a messy look.

99. Voluminous High Ponytail with Money Piece

Plenty of volumes and extra color are ensured with this high ponytail that was teased and sprayed to stay as messy as possible in contrast with the blonde-colored front strands that frame the face!

100. Afro Hairstyle for Brown Curly Hair

Wearing a medium-long Afro with a subtle blonde, brown balayage will soften the look of your natural curls and bring femininity to your looks in an instant!

101. Money Piece Blonde Highlights for Cinnamon-Colored Hair

This stunning hairdo has only two front waves and straight bob-cut strands in the rest, but the amazing blonde colors bring the whole game to a new level of awesomeness!


From revived ’90s style chunky blonde highlights to ultra-blended blondes, brown hair with colored highlights variations is one of the trendiest hairstyles nowadays! Whether you have fine thin hair or long swoopy layers, this coloring option can work for your looks! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!