50 Popular Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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Keeping up with the latest hair trends like the Ash Blonde Hair Color is something everyone loves to do. It’s like discovering new beauty products and styles now and then. New and exciting formulas keep on appearing magically to boost your style game. The same is the case with hair colors and haircuts as well, especially if we talk about the shades of blonde.

One of them is ash blonde hair, which has become the trendiest hair of all time. The blonde hair is going from warmer tones to much cooler tones, and we love this transition. As we mentioned before, ash blonde is quite popular these days, but what exactly is this color, and what does it look like? All these things will be discussed in this blog post. Just hang in there.

We have gathered some of the best ash blonde looks, from light ash to dark ash, for you to consider. So let’s take a look.

1. Ashy Balayage

The ashy balayage features a blue or green base and silvery or blonde tones. This color is suitable for girls with completely clear skin that doesn’t show redness or acne hints.

2. Rapunzel Long Ashy Blonde Hair

Long hair is already wow, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can mix the ash with pearl blonde tones. Your outfits will really pop when combined with this color.

3. Creamy Ash Blonde Hair Color

If you wish to freshen and brighten up your long hair haircut, this is a great option. For more dimension and a natural result, blend the creamy shade with some darker lowlights.

4. Brisbane Ash Blonde Hair Color

This ash-blonde color features some darker roots followed by lighter hair on the length of the hair.

5. Icy Blonde

The icy ashy blonde hair color will give you that Barbie doll look. You’ll easily obtain this look if you have naturally flaxen tresses. It is also a great prom hairstyle for long hair.

6. Bright Platinum Ash Blonde

This bright platinum ash blonde may sound dull, but in reality, it is one of the shiniest and most stunning colors you’ll ever see.

7. True Ash Blonde

The best part about the ash blonde hair color is its versatility. For example, if you want an edgy and Pinteresty look, you can add some subtle grey shades.

8. Blonde Hair With Bangs

Are you wondering if some types of bangs will work with ash blonde hair? Yes, of course! Bangs will completely change in better the way you look.

9. Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color With Honey Tones

You can’t go wrong with this wonderful combination of dark ash blonde hair with warming honey tones.

10. Dark Wavy Hairstyle

If you’re not ready to completely change your look, this dark ash blonde hair is exactly what you need.

11. Dark Ash Ends For Short Hair

To create some dimension, just add some ash blonde highlights to your dark hair. This color will work perfectly on your shoulder-length hair.

12. Swanky Ponytail With Ash Melt

Ash-blonde is literally for everyone. Yes, even for brunettes. Your color will show up nicely when paired with a swanky ponytail.

13. Lilac Tinted Hairstyle

Do you want to stand out even more? Then you should try combining your icy ash blonde base with some lilac baby lights.

14. Sleek Medium Hair Color

The sleek medium hair will look wonderfully on every skin tone. And it’s a great color for medium-length hairstyles.

15. Straight Balayage Hair

Some hand-painted highlights will provide you with a low-maintenance ash-blonde option. In addition, the ash-blonde balayage will work wonderfully on brunettes.

16. Ash White Hair

The mix between bleach blonde and cool ash tones is worth trying. This statement color is perfect to wear all year.

17. Ashy White Bob

We have to start by telling you that the ashy white color is a very bold one and will make you stand out. Combine it with a long bob haircut and you’re ready to conquer the world.

18. Butter Cream Shade

This hair color features some ash blonde highlights to enhance your natural hue. We are sure that the model above will encourage you to make an appointment at the salon right now.

19. Sandy Wavy Hairstyle

Some people say that the mix between warm and cool tones should be avoided. But this sandy ash blonde color will prove them wrong.

20. Smoky Balayage Hair

Your hair should always express your style and way of being to suit you best. So, if you are a dynamic person, this smokey balayage will easily show this thing up.

21. Ashy White Tones

Ashy White Tones

The example above will prove that an ultra-light color will not make you look harsh.

22. Pearly White Hair Shade

There is always a good idea to embrace a pearly white ash blonde on a cute hairstyle for short hair. Some light curls will combine beautifully with this color.

23. Sandy-Ashy Balayage

Don’t be afraid to show up your dark roots because they can actually look really cool. Combine them with a sandy-ashy balayage, and you’ll get a sun-kissed look.

24. Choppy Pixie With Hair Color Tones

The choppy short pixie cut can be described by two simple words: “short” and “adorable”. For a sassy look, all you have to do is to finger-style your hair with the help of some gel or pomade.

25. Long Pixie With Warm Ash Tones

The long pixie haircut features gradually made warmer ash tones. This shade will never look dull because it is suitable for any season.

26. Nordic Ashy Hairstyle

The Nordic ash-blonde color will completely transform your medium-length haircut for wavy hair and will take you one step closer to living like a star.

27. Pearl Pixie Hairstyle

Are you ready to get a princess-inspired hair color? Then, upgrade your look with this pearl ash blonde pixie. This color is subtle enough for everyday wear.

28. Golden Blonde Shade

Get the best of both worlds by adding cute and light curls to your golden ash blonde hair. You’ll obtain a perfect look that will make you stand out no matter where you are.

29. Ash Bronde Bob

As a fusion between blonde and brown, the Ash bronde hair is perfect for those who don’t want to change their look completely. Also, if you wish for a textured hairstyle like the one above, use a little bit of dry shampoo.

30. Bouncy Bob For Warm Hair

Add some cooler light ash blonde highlights through your mid and end locks for a fashionable twist.

31. Wavy Hair With Platinum Highlights

The ash-blonde with platinum highlights will give anyone with porcelain skin a rosy glow. One of the coolest things about this combo is that there are many variations so that it can suit every skin type and color.

32. Baby Lights Wavy Hair

If you’re not ready to try ash blonde highlights, you can opt for ash baby lights. This is a subtle way to add dimension and depth to your hair.

33. Vanilla Lengthy Hairstyle

Vanilla blonde is one of the trendiest colors of the moment. Use some silicone-based shine spray for a lustrous finish.

34. Metallic Ash

This metallic ash color is for sure made for adventurous women. You’ll surely turn heads while wearing this grey, silver, and smoky ash combo.

35. Icy Blonde Melt Shade

The gradual transition from dark hair to icy shades is stunning. However, pay attention to going to a professional and experienced stylist before opting for this color.

36. Iced Latte Hair

Ice latte? Yes, please. This hair color will look cool in the summer and will brighten your skin in the winter, too.

37. Dark Roots Smoky Hairstyle

Smoky ash blonde can look really nice when paired with dark roots. You can opt for this hairstyle even if you don’t have dark hair by using dye.

38. Loose Braid With Ash Hair

You’ll definitely want to pair your ashy blonde hair color with some loose braid hairstyle for long hair after seeing the example above.

39. Wavy Hair Color for Brunettes

If you don’t want to totally change your hair color, some ash blonde highlights are the way to go. These highlights will help you create a sun-kissed look.

40. Dirty Salt and Pepper Shade

Dirty blonde sits somewhere between the medium and light blonde color spectrum. This is an easy-to-maintain hair color and looks great!

41. Universal Dark Hair Color

The universal dark ash blonde features some caramel blonde and ash tones. This is a great option if you want a lighter hair color.

42. Pink Blonde Curly Hairstyle

If you’re into rose gold hair colors, the pink ash-blonde will work just perfectly for you.

43. Smoky Ash Sombre

We all love a subtle ombre. The smoky ash ombre is suitable for work and school and also far from being dull.

44. Root Stretch Hair Color

If you wish for a more natural and lived-in feel, the root stretch ash blonde is what you’re searching for.

45. Beige Blonde Hair Color

This beige ash blonde hair features some universally-flattering neutral shades and is one of the trendiest colors of the moment.

46. Curly Blonde Hair

Curly ash-blonde hairstyles are sexy and ethereal. For a wild and frizzy look, all you have to do is to finger-comb your hair.

47. White Ash Balayage With Lowlights

If you’re a fan of Queen Elsa from Frozen, you’ll love this white ash balayage with lowlights. Just add some very light waves to complete this look, and you’re done!

48. Silver Gray Ash Hair

For an anime-inspired look, try this silver-grey ash hair color. There’s no way you can go wrong with this combo between ash blonde and silver.

49. Blue Blonde Hair Color

If you’re searching for a non-conformist and bold hair color, it is! This blue ash hair will make all the heads turn after you.

50. Ash Mocha Hair

We want to introduce to you the trendiest hair color of the moment: ash mocha. This color will perfectly pair with some light curls on medium or long hair.

Ash Blonde Hair FAQs

What is ash blonde hair?

Unlike other golden blonde shades with warmer tones, ash blonde hair is a cool-toned shade that comprises different grey, silver, blue, green, and icy white hues.

Ash-blonde hair ranges from light ash to dark ash blonde. The light ash blonde is a platinum white color and is considered a very modern and popular choice among women who want to play with colors and make an impression afterward. The dark ash blonde sits in between honey and brown color, but sometimes it gives the best hints of grey.

Ash-blonde hair shade is cool-toned and suits best on fair complexion and green, grey, or blue eyes, but it doesn’t mean that this shade is not meant for darker skin.

How can I get ash blonde hair?

You need to go to the seasoned hair colorist and discuss what shade you want. We recommend you get ideas from the above gallery and take reference pictures along to make them understand more clearly. To get a perfect ash blonde, bleaching is done first to lighten your hair.

How to care for ash blonde hair?

Ash Blonde Hair needs a solid hair care routine as it’s a high-maintenance color. Always use a purple shampoo and conditioner to maximum retain the color. To overcome the damage done by bleaching and other chemicals, use a hair mask once a week. Regular touch-ups are necessary. Always use heat-protectant sprays if you want to use hot tools for styling, but we suggest you go for heatless hairstyles.

Does ash blonde hair look grey?

Ash-blonde hair is a light blonde tint with deeper roots and a trace of grey that gives it an ashy look. So it’s the greyer side of the spectrum that compliments cool complexion tones.

How to determine my skin undertone?

Look at the veins on the underside of your arm. If your veins appear blue or purple, that means you have a cool undertone. If your veins are green in color, then you have a warm undertone.


Ash-blonde hair will remain the talk of the town. If done properly, it looks great on people with a cool undertone. It can be done with a mixture of blonde shades and grey of course. The lighter the grey color is, the more subtle the final finish will be. The ash blonde hair can also be done overall as a full hair dye, ombre, balayage, or highlights to give it more dimension and structure.