100+ Exquisite Medium Haircuts for Wavy Hair

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Don’t know about your experience but for us, medium hair means endless possibilities! Whether you wear it free-falling, in half-updos, or in a tight ponytail, medium haircuts for wavy hair will instantly turn your looks into a chic, modern presence. Scroll below to see some killer versions of medium haircuts for wavy hair that will convince you to adopt these styles, or search for other cool ideas for Haircuts For Wavy Hair!

I. Blonde Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

1. Medium Wavy Haircut With Subtle Baby Lights

Adding vibrant blonde lights can be tricky but will give your hair that subtle shine in combination with darker roots and you only need a couple of soft curls to enhance the cool color effect in your tresses!

2. Undone Waves For Blonde Haircut with Chopped Bangs

These relaxed, undone waves are a great way of adding shape to your medium haircut if your hair is on the thinner side. And clipping the front strands just above the forehead will bring some color and weight around your face.

3. Ashy Blonde Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

These exaggerated, almost symmetrical curls bring a playful note to your ashy blonde medium haircut that tends to fade out your facial features and matches your skin tone and eye color so clearly!

4. Blonde Medium Long Haircut For Wavy Hair With Side-swept Bangs

Trimmed in all the right places so that the final result is a carved look with subtle waves and plenty of volume in the crown area, this blonde haircut has that flirty note thanks to the side-swept bangs covering the eye level.

5. Blonde Medium Haircut with Deep Side Part

This simple, yet feminine look suits those with wavy hair but also those with straight hair that want to obtain a bit of shape around their face and can do that with a simple curling wand and texturizing spray that will hold the curls in place.

6. Blonde Medium Haircut with Soft Waves

Blonde curls are the recipe for a seductive look! And if you add in some long bangs curled to stay away from the face, but also frame your feminine features delicately, this look will become your favorite!

7. Warm Blonde Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Side-swept Strands

These golden tresses look stunning and you can simply arrange them with a hair spray or a texturizing gel and your fingers if you want to achieve medium hold waves and a messy, carefree look.

8. Blonde Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Pink Highlights

To spice up your light blonde medium haircut you can try these thin pink highlights that will bring a dash of color and playfulness to your feminine hairstyle!

9. Voluminous Blonde Medium Haircut With Deep Side Part And Hair Accessories

Wow, simply wow! This sultry look is obtained by using a curling iron or a rotative brush to curl and leave them to fall elegantly on one side of the head while the other part should stay fixated with long hairpins with different patterns.

10. Pale Peach Blonde Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

This gorgeous blond color melted with peach rose hues is accentuated by the sparkling eye makeup and the soft, relaxed waves that will bring your medium haircut that gorgeous volume that makes these types of hairstyles so mesmerizing!

11. Ashy Blonde Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

These gentle waves applied halfway downwards can frame your face perfectly and gain a bit of movement and shape by simply adding side bangs to cover the forehead.

12. Blonde Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Fringe Bangs

If your hair is on the thinner side, this medium-length haircut with messy waves and highly chiseled bangs will definitely bring that much-desired awesome texture to your locks!

13. Medium Long Haircut With Blonde Front Highlights

A cool painting job can make the difference between a mediocre medium-long haircut and an awesome one and these subtle blonde highlights bring the light and natural shine of your hair into full display!

14. Glam Waves For Medium Platinum Blonde Haircut

If you are a fan of retro looks, you will adore this amazing hairstyle that brings that glamorous vibe back in trend with its incredible icy blonde hues coupled with the silver sparkle of your earrings.

15. Golden Rose Blonde Medium Haircut With Thick Bangs

Those with a generous amount of hair can enjoy this messy, almost chaotic cascade of wavy strands falling all the way down to the shoulders level that will reveal all the beautiful reflections of your golden rose hair color.

16. Platinum Blonde Wavy Haircut With Embellished Headband

For a precious sophisticated look, this platinum blonde medium haircut with carefully arranged waves can be accessorized with a precious padded headband that will bring that stylish touch your hairstyle needs for an elegant appearance.

17. Sunkissed Blonde Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This is every surfer girl’s absolute dream! This wavy bob haircut has the most gorgeous highlights one can wish for! Simply add styling foam from halfway down to obtain the relaxed beach waves for this cool blonde look.

18. Medium Long Haircut With Face Framing Blonde Highlights

A delicate and minimal makeup that will keep your face looking fresh goes great with a medium-long haircut with face-framing highlights and subtle curls on the sides.

19. Full Wavy Bob With Blonde Highlights

These chunky, heavily chopped blonde strands with subtle curls bring so much volume and a bouncy movement to your face that will make your appearance an instant joy for anyone watching you.

20. Curly Shaggy Bob With Tiny Bangs And Blonde Highlights

There is nothing sweeter than a head full of playful curls that are completed with a short curly fringe to frame your face. Adding subtle blonde baby lights will increase your hair’s natural shine also!

21. Medium Haircut For Wavy Blonde Hair

If you are all about natural looks, then these blonde curls with asymmetric placement around your face will be the perfect hairstyle for your tresses!

22. Curly Wavy Bob With Blonde Highlights And Curly Bangs

The shortest yet most adorable version of a wavy bob haircut, this brown-colored wob has thin subtle blonde baby light added here and there to break the pattern of those dark-colored ringlets.

II. Pink Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

23. Light Pink Wavy Haircut With Messy Curls

If you crave a change but not a major difference from your normal hairstyle, then this light pink shade can suit your tastes! Simply opt to add a couple of curls after getting your hair colored, in order to maximize the natural volume of your hair.

24. Lilac Rose Pink Wob With Side Part Haircut

This fantastic color melt allows your hairstyle to expose beautiful colors of lilac, and rose pink and even accentuate your hairline and haircut contour without many styling efforts! What a great color!

25. Medium Shag Haircut With Side Bangs And Red Pink Highlights

Bright pink is a color of optimism and we feel the same looking at this messy, heavily chopped medium haircut that has shape and texture but also a feminine playful note thanks to the light-colored hair tips. Wow!

26. Bright Pink Wavy Haircut With Magenta Roots

Moving on to this surreal chromatic result that will instantly attract everyone’s attention towards your face and medium haircut, this style is super flattering and easy to curl and arrange once you obtained the beautiful color.

27. Lavender Pink Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Straight Bangs

These blunt straight cut bangs that cover your forehead, also elongate your face and bring the focus from your beautiful lavender-pink tresses towards your smile and eye makeup! What a trick!

28. Breezy Pink Curls For Medium Haircuts With Dark Roots

Nothing compares to a highly contrasting hairstyle with dark-colored roots and light pink strands you can curl using a medium curling wand to increase the alternating pink-black hair colors.

29. Yellow Pink Highlights For Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

This medium haircut with bright warm yellow highlights on one side and pink highlights on the other is a cheerful, cool look that will surely turn heads and offer your face a unique frame.

30. Bright Pink Colored Medium Haircut With Green Under lights and Half Ponytail

This forest-inspired look has a small ribbon attached at the back that brings even more femininity to this girly haircut and also helps expose the green highlights underneath. Superb!

31. Cotton Pink Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Middle Part

A look worthy of a fairy, this cotton pink-colored hairstyle is as easy to wear as any other shade, maybe even easier thanks to the magical hair color that makes these strands look unique when straightened or curled.

32. Wavy Haircut For Bright Pink Hair With Silver Accessories

While one half of your hair will stay neat and smooth around the temples, the other half looks curly and messy and has an amazing volume that will surely make your hair the star of every outfit!

33. Pale Pink Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Dark Roots

This look has that artistic negligent touch that makes those pale pink strands mesmerizing and effortlessly cool. Either you part it in the middle or on a side you are sure to be stunning with it!

34. Wavy Medium Haircut With Peach Pink Highlights And Straight Bangs

A simple, yet stunning look that is super easy to maintain as well as this chopped, messy bob with negligent strands that will give you an innocent, girlish attitude and a perfect face-framing contour! Impressive!

35. Pastel Pink And Orange Medium Bob For Wavy Hair

These perfect glossy, pearlescent pink medium locks with a couple of burnt orange front highlights are a super original combination that will give your makeup that extra glow needed when you want a radiant, vibrant look.

36. Medium Haircut For Red Wavy Hair With Straight Bangs

This dusty red hair color with subtle pink hues has a very feminine vibe that is balanced with blunt cut bangs and very relaxed waves that will soften the contour of those with a square or diamond face shape.

III. Modern Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

37. Glossy Lilac Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair With Middle Part

The trend for platinum blonde hair is nowhere near the end and this lilac-colored version brings an amazing hue that you can style in just about any way and still look incredible!

38. Sapphire Blue Lob Haircut For Wavy Hair With Middle Part

An intense shade of blue such as this sapphire color will instantly brighten up your look and make your looks show-stopping! Adding a couple of chunky curls will only increase the amazing effect.

39. Neon Orange Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Messy Texture

Texturizing your hair with a special hair product is a good way of adding volume to a medium-long bob haircut and you can play with the strands to create more shape around the face and sides.

40. Copper Painted Shag For Wavy Hair with Heavy Bangs

Correct styling of a shag haircut can emphasize the pronounced layered structure of the bangs. With the help of modeling tools, the bangs can be styled falling on the face or swept sideways to add volume to the hair and expose all the beautiful natural copper shades in your hair.

41. Orange Purple Color Melt For Wavy Bob Haircut

This crazy mix of bright orange and beaming purple colors will turn your look into a breathtaking hairstyle that will make you the star of every party! Forget about any other styling tricks, some simple curls will be just enough.

42. Dark Brunette With Subtle Green Highlights For Medium Long Haircut

Sometimes, all it takes to turn a regular medium haircut for wavy hair into an extraordinary hairstyle is a couple of bright green front highlights that can attract attention to your face.

43. Golden Yellow Chunky Highlights With Big Curls

The glimmer of gold always attracts attention, especially as part of a trendy haircut!  Several shades of warm brown and dark gold come together in a gorgeously rich and trendy cut for medium wavy hair!

44. Cinnamon Red Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Side Swept Fringe

This rich hair color will make you look stunning and make a cool contrast with your white skin complexion that you can reveal by curling the front strands away from the face.

45. Three Colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

This mesmerizing look has three levels with a dark black color for the crown area that continues with a rose-red medium layer followed by a rosy gold final layer at the tips which make this look truly unique!

46. Medium Shag Haircut with Curly Bangs And Messy Waves

This 70’s inspired look is all about the natural curls and shapes you can get if you opt for a layered haircut with minimum weight kept around the crown and top and choose instead to wear your biggest, most confident smile.

47. Caramel Colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Side Fringe

This French-inspired look with relaxed waves for a medium haircut has a 100% chance of bringing you compliments and admiring looks thanks to the beautiful caramel-colored highlights that soften the whole ensemble.

48. Dark Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Blue Highlights

Either you ask your stylist to give you a simplified version of a shag haircut with chopped bangs or you go for a wavy bob, these strategically placed light blue highlights are the perfect addition to an already charming hairstyle.

49. Wob Medium Haircut With Honey Colored Curls

These charming blonde highlights with honey, caramel, and brown tones will instantly brighten your locks and bring an amazing chromatic effect on display even if you opt for subtle curls or wear them natural.

50. Messy Medium Haircut With Front Blonde Highlights

If you are not sure if you want to go blonde, starting with your bangs is a very wise choice! Coloring your front hair and leaving it long enough to blend with the rest of the curls will only brighten your eyes area but you can always chop it off if you don’t like the color anymore.

51. Blue Color Melt For Medium Haircut With Straight Bangs

This romantic look has a very soft teal blue color that makes it appear so light and surreal that you will adore it no matter the length of the hair updo you choose!

52. Dark Brunette Shag Haircut with Tiny Bangs

Medium haircuts for thick hair are easy to set and style when you are working with natural waves. This shag boasts messy layers and a naturally curly texture that brings a playful note along with the curvy baby bangs!

53. Modern Medium Shag Haircut For Wavy Hair with Side Part

This simple yet chic look is a cool twist to a classic French bob except it has many horizontal layers that bring movement and a playful appearance, the best way to show off the texture in wavy hair!

54. Mermaid Green Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Thick Straight Bangs

If you are lucky to be born with generous amounts of hair, the only way to feel lighter is to ask for a layered haircut that will give your hair a cool shape that can only be enhanced if you add a strong green color.

55. Vivid Red Medium Haircut With Straight Bangs

This radiant haircut is all about the contrasting shapes and angles in your crown that make the hair stand out when you make your presence noticed. This hair does the talking for you!

56. Shaggy Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Short Bangs

This shaggy haircut has strategically trimmed strands around the face to allow all your beautiful features to be exposed while the crown strands are left slightly longer along with the bangs so that the hair has a bit more weight at the top.

57. Strawberry Lilac Highlights For Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

If you are tired of the same hair color but you can’t dye your hair, this quick trick will not only bring a change of looks but a great visual effect obtained by mixing lilac and rose gold colors together in the same haircut.

58. Dark Brunette Medium Haircuts With Chopped Bangs

After getting your strand chopped to reach shoulder level at their maximum length you can opt for these light waves created with a rotating brush and fixated with ocean spritz hair spray. Let the eyes do the talking!

59. Curly Shag Medium Haircut with Side-swept Fringe and Soft Curls

Nothing will make your healthy locks gain shape and volume easier than a medium shag haircut with long curly bangs and rich brunette hues and this look is guaranteed to help you get that great texture without styling products! Poof! That easy!

60. Neon Rainbow Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Straight Bangs

Get ready to turn heads wherever you go with this whimsical rainbow-colored haircut that only needs a couple of gentle waves to make you look perfect! Parting your hair in the middle is a great way of obtaining a symmetric look.

61. Copper Colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

An intense hair color such as this coffee-copper-colored one with messy undone waves will offer your appearance that distinct note of beauty and warmth we tend to associate with this type of shade.

62. Candy Colored Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair With Messy Styling

No better way to show off your inner child or playful spirit than by adding a couple of candy-colored pastel highlights throughout your blonde locks so that the overall aspect is bright and colorful.

63. Messy Beach Waves With Side-swept Top For Red Hair

A benefit of thick hair is the ability to pull off heavily layered haircuts without having to worry about a lack of volume. Feathered and wavy, this style is edgy while bearing a subtly Bohemian feel to it. And the color is to die for!

64. Dusty Rose Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair With Full Bangs

This haircut is truly exceptional and we don’t know which way to look first when spotting it! It will surely have the same effect for those surrounding you after getting your locks chopped to a medium length and slightly curved at the ends to create this beautiful face-framing contour! What a delightful show for your eyes.

65. Medium Purple Haircut For Wavy Hair

Nothing says magic like these strong purple-colored strands with dark tones at the crown that will make you look amazing with just one flip of the hair!

66. Two-colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair with Chopped Bangs

Thick hair has the advantage of allowing you to create interesting shapes and patterns for your mane and this two-colored medium haircut has so much attitude that you will simply not pass unnoticed!

67. Medium Brown Bob With Lilac Money Piece For Wavy Hair

This cool look has major retro 70’s vibes that make this medium haircut a true work of art. From color to length and flawlessly styled curls, this look is prone to steal everyone’s attention!

68. Rusty Brown Medium Haircut With Deep Middle Part

Nothing will complement your dark skin better than a rusty brown shiny hair color that makes the hazel eyes and lipstick create an amazing ensemble.

69. Brown Ombre Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Edgy but girlish, this brown ombre haircut with undone waves will perfectly frame your face and bring so much shape and dimension to your medium-length locks that you will wear a smile every day!

70. Two Toned Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

A perfect cut-out from a Tim Burton movie, this contrasting look is all about the bold association between blonde and purple hues with perfectly defined curls and matching eye makeup that turns your appearance into a spectacular one!

71. Medium Length Haircut For Wavy Hair with Multicolored Highlights

To get this fun bright haircut with light texture and subtle colorful lights, simply go for a bob haircut with a mid-part and let the cut do the magic for you!

III. Multicolored Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

72. Brown Medium Haircuts With Ice Blue Bangs

Those with an eccentric personality can instantly make a statement if they opt for these contrasting colored bangs with a couple of light waves created on the sides to bring a feminine touch.

73. Medium Haircut With Neon Green Highlights And Subtle Waves

If you have thick hair, you know that it’s not always so much of a blessing. To counteract too much fullness, go for some cropped layers and add in some strong colored highlights to lighten things up.

74. Pastel Colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

Ever dreamed of becoming a fairy? This medium haircut with undone waves and a deep side part is the maximum amount of styling you can add to your locks so that all the beautiful transitions from one pastel color to another can be admired and exposed.

75. Dark Medium Haircut With Green Highlights And Messy Curls

Look like a modern mermaid with these swept curls with a bright green hair color that will highlight your amazing locks and make a cool contrast with your red lipstick and brown eyes! Sweet!

76. Messy Wavy Medium Haircut for Brunette Hair

Here’s one for the girls with naturally wavy hair! Long live its natural volume and the fact that you can shape it in this cool bob with minimal effort! Add a bright lipstick and voila: perfect hairstyle!

77. Pastel Colored Medium Haircut With Subtle Waves

Thin hair has the advantage of easily falling in all the right places and opting for a pastel-colored hairstyle will definitely create an amazing mix for your medium-long tresses.

78. Rainbow Colored Medium Haircuts For Wavy Hair

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this doll-like hairstyle for medium-length hair! From the soft curls to the bright rainbow colors, everything is perfectly executed so that you look simply adorable and feminine!

79. Multicolored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

Another masterpiece in terms of hair coloring schemes, this impressive work of art makes your hair simply stand out in a crowd and allows your hair to stay healthy as well! Win-win situation!

80. Grey Medium Haircuts With Side-swept Strands

Instead of coloring your hair, free-flow this season with this grey-colored curly cut with a massive natural volume and round edges that will complement your perfect oval face shape.

81. Silver Lilac Haircut With Short Bangs

If you are afraid of the classic platinum blonde shade that might seem too cold for your taste, this silver lilac shade of blonde has a subtle purple reflection that will catch the eyes of onlookers and make a cool match with your strong eye makeup.

82. Wavy Light Purple Haircut With Shaved Side

The combination of glossy, defined curls in a vibrant lilac shade and dark purple shaved temples makes for an amazing optical illusion that brings your medium haircut to a cool punk-rock area if you add bold jewelry and strong eye makeup.

83. Brown Balayage With Soft Waves

This classic balayage with strategically placed blonde highlights and Titian red hues is a perfect match for those who love warm tones and want an intense hair color for their locks!

84. Messy Shaggy Medium Haircut For Brown Balayage Hair

These carefully chiseled strands can spice up your medium haircut like no other hairstyle trick you ever thought could do! Also, they will bring all the beautiful complementary colors of brown and blonde to the surface, creating a whimsical chromatic game.

85. Green Teal Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

This radiating ocean green shade will turn any type of hair into a cool appearance and you can play with a curling iron and hair spray to add more volume to your luscious hair strands!

86. Smooth Sleek Shag With Warm Bronde Tones

It sure takes a very skilled hair colorist to achieve this smooth transition from warm brown crown strands to lighter, blonde-colored ends and create a perfectly carved shape around the face.

87. Mint Colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Undone Waves

We can feel the coolness of this hairstyle just by looking at it! This fascinating hair color was mixed with a medium-long chop that leaves the strands to fall negligently around the face and neck for a unique appearance.

88. Balayage Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

With warm delicious tones of caramel, milk chocolate, and honey-colored strands, this incredible balayage is only enhanced by these cool curls that embrace your facial features and put the eyes and face in the spotlight.

89. Gray Silver Medium Haircut With Feathered Layers

This platinum blonde or silver-gray shade of hair, depending on how you want to look at it is a super cool color that can be enhanced by the addition of small, feathered layers around the sides.

90. Sunkissed Brunette Medium Haircut With Short Bangs For Wavy Hair

A messy shag haircut is a go-to cut for any lady out there as it leaves the strands feeling lighter and brings freedom of movement to your locks. Plus, it’s so adorable and negligent looking you will love how quickly you are ready to head out the door.

91. Grombre Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Straight Bangs

A natural look for women over 50 can be even more stylish than a colored one and you can wear any length to provide that you take good care of your silver hair strands and simply curl them to obtain subtle waves while wearing the front strands straight and swept on the side.

92. Red and Ginger Shades For Medium Wavy Shag With Long Bangs

This incredible haircut is only matched by the incredible hair color that brings all the beautiful red, ginger and light orange hues on display making your hair a complete masterpiece!

93. Medium Length Haircut For Wavy Hair

A medium-length cut allows thick naturally wavy hair to stay fluffy and gain volume while also having a neat, disciplined aspect that you can show off no matter the occasion.

94. Natural Messy Waves For Warm Brown Hairstyle

Au naturel or simple and charming as we like to see it, these messy waves with a rich texture are simply enough to attract attention to your face and eyes that are beautifully framed.

95. Grombe Medium Haircut For Curly Hair

If you ever considered transitioning to natural hairstyles this ombre look is definitely worth waiting for since it has both amazing volume and shape and well-defined curls that will make you want to twist them around.

96. Curly Shag Medium Haircut with Short Bangs

If you have thick curly hair that flows in all directions, this shag haircut with short bangs will create a cute curly hallo around your face and you can match that with a pair of round eyeglasses that will totally nail a retro vibe.

97. Disco Style Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair

These last couple of years were full of disco vibes and medium haircuts are probably one of the most popular choices you could pick after the Pixie cuts if you want to emulate a hairstyle from those days. Add a pair of large earrings and sparkling eye shadow and you are ready to steal the show!

98. Medium Long Bob With Beach Waves

Revamp your looks with these relaxed beach waves for your asymmetric bob that will bring a bit of shape and volume to your looks making your appearance a stylish, classic one!

99. Honey Colored Medium Haircut For Wavy Hair With Deep Side Part

This stylish modern look will be ready in an instant if you opt for a chin-level medium haircut and opt to create a couple of gentle waves allowing all the beautiful reflections in your color to shine in full light.

100. Loose Low Bun With Soft Waves and Bright Highlights

Classic updos such as a low bun just became increasingly fascinating since you can play with the different colors added to your locks to create a beautiful visual effect that will intrigue everyone!

101. Gold Copper Layered Bob Haircut For Wavy Hair

This medium-length layered bob is brought to a whole new different level by adding a gold-copper shade and thin wavy curls. This is a knock-out color combo that’s perfect for a special occasion.


When it comes to medium haircuts for wavy hair, the styles are super versatile and waves truly bring these simple cuts to a mesmerizing result. We were fascinated by these amazing color melts, intelligent cuts, and sultry bangs that turned every haircut into a masterpiece! Did you manage to choose a favorite one? Check out some Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair.