100+ Exciting Curly Bob Hair Ideas And Hairstyles

Are you ready for the hottest trend in hairstyling for this year? In case you were wondering what to do for a new look, one of the major hair trends that this year has brought is the curly bob hair! To help you make a decision, whether you should give this daring look a try, you can scroll through these 100+ curly bob ideas so that you are sure to make a thoughtful decision before chopping off that length.

I. Blonde Curly Bob Hair Ideas

1. Blonde Ashy Gray Curly Bob

This sultry combination of neutral-toned ashy brown and ice blonde highlights helps accentuate the softness of your chin-length bob and increases the perceived volume of your curls.

2. Messy Curly Bob With Blonde Highlights

It doesn’t get messier than these frizzy, medium-long balayaged curls that will help you obtain a cool natural look with plenty of volume, texture, and a cool color change, perfect for your hair’s length.

3. Short Curly Bob With Chopped Bangs And Blonde Highlights

Sometimes a razor haircut can give amazing results when it comes to your hair’s texture and it will give a wavy, wispy look to your side strands without the need for a curling wand. Simply use a texturizing hair spray to achieve this incredible volume!

4. Golden Blonde Curly Bob With Straight Bangs Hair

Soft, smooth golden blonde curls will look amazing thanks to a short bob cut that will amplify your hair’s volume and definition while the bangs will instantly attract the attention towards your eyes.

5. Blonde Curly Bob With Brown Honey Front Highlights and Rounded Bangs

This retro-inspired bob has super short bouncy curls on the sides that are really easy to tousle and achieve a bigger volume. Check these stylish curly hair options for more eye-candy ideas!

6. Ashy Blonde With Subtle Curls Bob Hair

This neutral light blonde bob hairstyle with subtle wavy curls and thin blonde highlights has a short side-swept fringe that frames the face bringing all the focus to your facial features while still having a light texture.

7. Bright Blonde Curly Bob With Side-swept Fringe

Bringing together these sweet, warm shades of blonde and brown with a curly bob haircut that brushes your shoulders and frames your face in a cool carefree shape will give you a really trendy appearance.

8. Caramel Blonde Curly Bob With Messy Styling

This is the maximum texture and volume you can obtain with a messy blonde bob that has both defined curls and really teased strands for a super amped up shape.

9. Gold Blonde Wavy Chopped Bob Hairstyle

Loose, undone waves with perfect definition are the best way to bring a modern look to your locks and ensure a lasting hold throughout the day if you add a bit of hair spray.

10. Blonde Curly Bob With Side-swept Bangs

Curls are easier to style and maintain if they are shorter which makes this curly blonde bob hair the perfect solution for a practical yet feminine look.

11. Curly Long Bob With Curtain Bangs And Blonde Highlights

For a natural look, you can try these short highlights applied on the wings and tips of your mane that will catch the light and make your hair really stand out from others.

12. Honey Blonde Curly Bob With Shaggy Bangs

This light blonde bob has very delicate curls that are enhanced by the warm honey blonde highlights applied at the top and look really cool with a natural styling and dark-colored eyebrows.

13. Nordic Ice Blonde Curly Bob With Curly Bangs

These springy circlets are very soft and relaxed and make a great match with the curly bob cut in terms of volume and the lovely shape they can create around your head. Amazing style!

14. Golden Blonde Curly Bob With Thin Fringe

A couple of spiraled curls will instantly amplify your bob’s volume and reveal the incredible shine that the golden blonde shade brings to your hair.

15. Curly Lob Hair With Blonde Balayage

For a relaxed casual appearance, a couple of blonde highlights will bring just the right touch of shiny glam that you can wish for your curly bob while the piecey face-framing locks are super loose and cover the forehead without getting into your face. Very Brigitte Bardot style!

II. Fantasy Colored Curly Bob Hair Ideas

16. Long Wavy Bob With Pastel Colored Front Highlights

Both the design and the colors of this bob are extremely vivid and although it seems surreal, you can achieve this cool mix of fuchsia and bright yellow top that will really make a statement when you walk out the door.

17. Textured Curly Bob With Violet Blue Highlights And Side Part

Chop your hair strands short enough to reach chin level and use a curling wand to obtain a textured top with cute insertions of violet curls around your face.

18. Bright Neon Pink Curly Bob With Violet Roots

Nothing beats strong neon pink shades that gradually become brighter as you approach the tips and you can also take advantage of their thickness to achieve a great shape for your curly bob with long wings hairstyle.

19. Teal Blue Curly Bob With Baby Bangs

This super textured top with light hues of blue and teal colors that will instantly give you a marine feeling is really emphasized by your short textured waves. Adding a cool, straight short fringe will help you achieve a great contrast as well.

20. Mermaid Green Curly Bob Hair

To achieve a cool definition for your curls, you can dye these green mermaid strands that will help your waves differentiate from the roots and bring an eccentrique note to your hairstyle at the same time.

21. Short Curly Dark Red Bob With Bangs

A two-colored hairstyle will easily make your curls pop up and opting for a chin-length bob haircut will help the volume and shape of your curls with amazing success.

22. Pink Orange Curly Bob With Baby Bangs

This psychedelic combination of bright pink and coral orange hues makes a great choice for a razor bob haircut and adding super short baby bangs will easily complete the colorful frame for your face.

23. Metallic Lavender Curly Bob Hair

A strong shade of lavender can bring a fascinating image for your short, A-line curly bob that will make your waves impress every onlooker and at the same time bring a splash of color to your outfits.

24. Bright Neon Green Asymmetric Curly Bob Hairstyle

This radiant neon green bob with side-swept crown strands makes your bob haircut instantly gain volume and a messy shape that keeps the whole thing casual. Impressive.

25. Orange Shaggy Curly Bob Hair With Chopped Bangs

It sure requires a huge amount of work to achieve these perfectly defined curls with bright colored red strands that will make your hair look like fire. Ask your hairstylist to straighten the bangs to create a contrasting texture.

26. Pastel Rainbow Diagonal Curly Bob Hairstyle

No better way to expose your medium-long curls than with these disco-inspired hair colors that will bring multicolored reflections to your mane and expose the perfect cut of your bob.

27. Long Coral Pink Curly Bob With Orange Ombre

A subtle transition from a bright magenta top to a warm orange-colored half-down look will make your hair a true masterpiece that you can simply twist using a curling wand to bring a bit of volume.

28. Dark Curly Perm Hair

Sometimes a chemical treatment for your hair strands will easily help you achieve the curls you desire and they bring an amazing shape to your perm.

29. Pink Purple Wavy Bob With Straight Bangs

If you want to emphasize the colors in your hair, opting for pink and purple alternating highlights will quickly bring a different touch for your curls and you can also change faster your actual color when you grow tired of the last combination.

30. Short Chopped Curly Bob With Blue Strands

These thick chopped, uneven bangs mixed with chin-level long strands that are texturized and messed with to bring a casual, undone look make a great job at framing your face, especially thanks to the blue color.

31. Short Blunt Curly Bob With Thin Pink Highlights

If you want to soften your dark locks, going for thin, cherry pink highlights will do a great job at bringing a different note to your bob haircut.

32. Coral Pink Curly Bob With Side Part

Delicate, feminine hair colors and a cool side part make a fantastic pair with a short chopped bob that allows you to add quick waves for extra-volume and shape!

33. Yellow Teal Colored Curly Bob With Straight Bangs

Wow! This high contrasting combination of sunflower-yellow and bright teal highlights is sure to make your curly bob hairstyle unmissable! The straight-cut bangs make a cool job at bringing color to your face.

34. Mint Green Curly Bob With Side Braids And Hair Rings

An original way of personalizing your curly bob would be to braid one side of the hair while leaving the rest to stay free on one side of your head. This unique hair color is great at emphasizing your short haircut.

35. Bright Pink Bob With Soft Waves And Fringe

This strong shade of bright pink will instantly bring your face an amazing color and will make your short, blunt chopped strands look incredible whether you curl them or keep them straight.

36. Pastel Curly Bob Hair With Teal Underlights

Smart placement of highlights will transform any french bob into a unique hairstyle and you can easily create soft, feathery waves for a curvy shape.

37. Pastel Colored Curly Bob

Metallic pink accents next to pastel rainbow shades will elevate your bob haircut to the next level and simply waving the front strands to a side will make the colors melt beautifully together.

38. Curly French Bob For Blue Hair With Soft Fringe

This short chopped french bob with soft waves manages to take all the weight from the sided and the nape leaving a couple of flirty strands to surround your face and the straight-cut bangs bring more of that gorgeous blue to your face.

39. Strawberry Pink Wavy Bob With Short Fringe

Cutting the hair just to reach the nape will easily allow your curled texture to stay firm and create volume and shape for your short cut bob while the short razored baby bangs will bring volume to the front as well.

40. Rainbow Colored Sleek Curly Bob Hairstyle

These super colorful sleek strands create natural wavy curls for your mane and allow your hair to have a beautiful movement when you want to keep it casual.

III. Natural Colored Curly Bob Hair Ideas

41. Dark Curly Bob With Side Part

Loose curls can really bring a cool shape to your short bob and will instantly amplify your hair’s volume. The only thing missing is a bit of hair spray to bring more texture and shine to your gorgeous natural color.

42. Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle

These undone, fuzzy curls are a fantastic way of bringing extra volume to your messy bob with minimal effort and you will also get a very feminine look with just a bit of texturizing spray applied to the sides.

43. Curly Bob With Pink Highlights And Short Bangs

If you are not into major color changes, these neutral-toned pink highlights are the subtlest way of bringing a splash of color to your looks and a chin-level cut bob with short bangs will do wonders in terms of shape and definition.

44. Dark Pixie Curly Bob With Razored Strands

This highly chopped pixie bob with both straight and curly strands is easy to arrange using a round brush and fixating spray so that it stays in place.

45. Brown Red Curly Bob With Soft Balayage

Warm shades of brown and copper red will amplify your curls’ perfect shape and make this curly bob a cool, rich, and feminine cut you can try with any type of outfit.

46. Soft Curly Bob With Silver Gray Highlights

An elegant choice with or without the silver-gray hairs, this voluminous, wavy bob has the best shape you can easily arrange into a sophisticated hairdo with just the swipe of a brush and a blow dryer. Of course, it will take practice!

47. Razor Curly Bob With Side-swept Bangs Hairstyle

If your hair is on the thicker side you can always opt for a razor cut instead of a scissors trim so that you can eliminate any extra-weight and enjoy light, playful curls.

48. Natural Silver Gray Curly Bob Hairstyle

A bob haircut has the advantage of eliminating any extra weight off your mane and will allow your curls to look flawless in no time especially if you take special care of your silver-gray hair.

49. Shaggy French Curly Bob With Heavy Bangs

When you combine the classic French Bob haircut with a shag haircut you will obtain these soft, silky curtain bangs with a full texture and small, side wispy curls to play with all day! Adorable!

50. Golden Grey Curly Bob With Shaggy Bangs Hairstyle

This light golden natural hair color mixed with a chopped bob and shaggy bangs will ensure plenty of volumes and natural movement for your short hairstyle.

51. French Razor Cut Curly Bob With Baby Bangs Hair

Thick, full hair can gain amazing volume if you opt for a razor cut that will amplify your crown’s natural bob shape and make your hair have a feathered texture with dark brown and subtle caramel reflections.

52. Silver Gray Curly Bob Hairstyle

No better way of embracing your silver hair strands than by opting for a perfectly curled bob with thin waves that will bring a playful note to your hairstyle.

53. Short Pixie Curly Bob For Silver Fox Hair

If you have thick hair, this pixie curly bob with silver fox colored strands will immediately make your hairstyle modern and dynamic and you can really play with different tools to change from a short spiky pixie to a messy curly bob.

54. Pixie Curly Bob With Headband And Subtle Highlights

If you prefer short bobs with a bit of weight at the back you can easily opt for an overgrown pixie with subtle pink highlights for a bit of femininity or you can use a colorful headband to achieve the same effect.

55. Short Curly Bob With Messy Styling

These messy, thick, blunt cut strands have that cute, natural curl that makes you want to tousle your mane and go out with a carefree attitude every single day!

56. Relaxed Beach Waves For Brown Bob Hairstyle

Beach waves are a quick, stylish way of bringing a feminine vibe to a natural brown bob haircut with minimal effort and not a lot of styling products.

57. Soft Curly Bob With Straight Bangs

These tangled, loose curls with subtle caramel brown reflections look great paired with short, curvy bangs and are really easy to maintain.

58. Messy Futuristic Two-Colored Curly Bob With Heavy Fringe

This incredible haircut has a classic A-line cut but a really amazing styling that creates a messy shape with undone waves and two contrasting hair colors.

59. Brown Curly Bob With Heavy Bangs Hairstyle

Shaggy curls are really in this season and you can flaunt them all you want if you opt for this dark curly bob with full bangs.

60. Curly Dark Plum Bob With Fine Fringe

A classic straight cut bob with a curly fringe will instantly look better if you add an intense shade of plum purple highlights to bring a touch of color to your haircut.

61. Blunt Cut Curly Bob Hair With Subtle Balayage

These playful brown ringlets have a great shape and definition and asking your hairstylist to add a couple of blonde highlights here and there will only increase the shine of your locks!

62. Soft Curly Bob With Warm Brown Shades

Curly-haired girls can rock bob haircuts as well. Simply swipe the locks on one part of the head or the other and you are ready to rule amazing volume!

63. Asymmetric Curly Bob With Autumn Colors

Girls with thick hair can really benefit from a curly bob with asymmetric sides and blunt cut baby bangs since it will help you balance the volume of your crown with bigger ease.

64. Short Asymmetric Curly Bob Hairstyle

This amazingly short asymmetric curly bob with cool springy ringlets of hair looks trendy and practical and will always make you noticed when entering a room.

65. Short Curly Bob For Natural Brown Hair

A great way of wearing curly bob haircuts is by cutting them really short and sweeping them on one side so that your curls are kept in place and you can still rock a bit of volume.

66. Soft Pink Glamorous Curly Bob Hairstyle

Bring the glam back to your life with these swoopy, perfectly defined pink strands that are really well fixated to achieve a cool, sculpted look for your hair.

67. French Curly Bob With Full Bangs Hairstyle

Shaggy bangs cut in a V-shape with a super short crown length will ensure a magical volume for your curls and bring a cool, unique shape for your looks.

68. Textured Bob With Soft Waves For Brown Hair

Keep it natural with a neck-length bob haircut mixed with twirly loose waves and a thin side part to achieve this classic haircut.

69. Electric Blue Curly Bob Hair With Dark Roots

One easy way to get more volume for your curls is to gently tease a couple of shorter strands of your feathered bob so that your hair has a fresh, eccentric touch.

70. Dark Curly Bob With Short Bangs

This carefree cut bob looks like a messy tangled cloud of curls that will conquer all your admirers.

71. Short Curly Bob With Side Part And Subtle Pink Highlights

Embracing your curls sometimes means rocking this super rebellious curly bob that barely reaches ear-level and adding a couple of lavender-pink highlights just to make it even sassier!

72. Cinnamon Red Curly Bob With Brown Strands

Your porcelain white skin complexion will instantly look brighter and gain more luminosity if you go for this magic combination of bright red and dark cinnamon hair colors to achieve a chic look.

73. Razor Curly Bob Hair With Round Bangs

When it comes to wavy hair, a contrasting look between curly hair and straight strands will ensure that your bob haircut has that French, relaxed touch that will make you feel fine and fresh.

74. Warm Balayage Curly Bob Hair

These undone, ruffled, short curls are the perfect match for thick hair with brown and caramel highlights and heavy bangs to bring a bit of mystery to your look.

75. Violet Colored Textured Bob With Side Part

This magical hair color looks stunning with or without the soft curls and you can style it in countless hairdos not just with a side part, how cool is that?

76. Dark Colored Curly Bob With Magenta Highlights

The easiest and most feminine way of bringing a bit of color to a short bob haircut is to add a contrasting magenta-colored bob that you will arrange as messy and spiky as possible using a fixating spray.

77. Textured Natural Curly Bob With Shaggy Bangs

What can possibly look more adorable when it comes to curly bobs than a couple of thick shaggy strands arranged so that they amplify your hair’s shape.

78. Dark Auburn Asymmetric Curly Bob Hairstyle

If you have well-defined curls, a short, slightly asymmetric bob with dark roots and a strong shade of auburn red color for the length of your locks will make a great combination!

79. Dark Curly Bob Hair With Side-swept Fringe

Say hello to bouncy, cute-looking, and healthy curls with a slightly layered bob haircut that will bring amazing volume to your mane! Great choice!

80. Cropped Bob With Messy Top And Bangs

If you have thick hair, this cropped, shaggy bob with natural curls will instantly offer more freedom of movement and less weight on your crown allowing you to still rock a bit of curly magic!

81. Curly Blonde Messy Bob With Dark Roots

The sudden transition from dark-colored roots to bright, shiny blonde colored messy waves makes all the attention turn towards your face and eyes.

82. Peach Piecey Wavy Bob With Baby Bangs

A couple of quick, undone waves will instantly amplify your bob’s volume and make a great contrast with the short chopped spiky bangs.

83. Brown Curly Bob With Messy Texture And Red Highlights

Bringing together shades of brown and light reddish color with hints of warm blonde here and there is a great way of emphasizing the curly texture of your hair and you can increase that effect by adding a texturizing spray.

84. Textured Balayage Curly Bob Hair

Nothing can look as chic and fresh as a short chopped balayage bob with side wings and soft textured waves that are easy to create with a simple twist using a curling wand.

85. Soft Curly Bob With Pink Highlights

If you prefer to tone down a little bit the colors in your hair, this subtle violet shade will do the trick for you.

86. Lavender Colored Curly Bob With Thin Fringe

With a short, slightly tilted fringe and curly, rebellious sides, this lavender colored bob has a messy short top so that you can easily rock these amazing curls.

87. Shaggy Curly Bob Hairstyle

One of the trendiest looks of the moment, the shaggy bob cut makes the perfect choice if you want to sport natural waves and plenty of volumes without using a curling wand! So charming!

88. Textured Pink Curly Bob Hair With Face-framing Bangs

A subtle shade of pink will make a great choice for your fine wavy hair and cutting those strands short enough to reach the chin-level will add extra-movement to your curly bob.

89. Golden Curly Wavy Bob With Straight Fringe

Ladies with thin fragile blonde hair type can try these short, wispy waves that are easy to shape when you have a feathered bob haircut and keep the bangs straight for a bit of contrast.

90. Short French Bob With Baby Bangs Hairstyle

Luscious, short, bouncy curls with super straight baby bangs make an incredible contrast that you will easily curl and arrange and it’s the best length to make you appear younger.

91. Natural Copper A-line Bob With Wavy Curls

Nothing quite compares to a full, wavy bob with natural copper strands and wavy curls you can fixate with a bit of hairspray and a curling wand to make them stay arranged in the desired shape.

92. Piecey Bob With Soft Fringe And Undone Waves

Unlike other versions of curly bobs, this modern chop has really subtle, undone waves that will amplify your hair’s volume without bringing too much damage to your hair’s texture and has a cool short fringe that brushes your eyebrows.

93. Cinnamon Red Curly Bob Hair

Achieve this great hair color by opting for a curly bob that reaches the chin level and a strong intense red shade that will amplify the curls’ shape and volume.

94. Red Short Curly Bob With Small Fringe

Trim around the crown to create a super round, bowl-like shape for your curly bob, and add a warm shade of red hair dye to emphasize your unique hairstyle even more.

95. Triangular Shaped Curly Bob With Green Blue Colors

For those with a strong taste for indie culture, this marine-inspired curly bob with green-blue colors and super short wavy curls can easily be styled to gain more volume and dimension thanks to the triangular design.

96. Short Curly Bob With Balayage And Rounded Bangs Hairstyle

When it comes to modern versions of the classic bob, this combination between straight sides and rounded bangs is the perfect way of framing your face naturally and bringing more light to your locks with honey blonde highlights.

97. Multicolored Curly Bob Hairstyle With Fall Colors

Curly bobs are fantastic since you can easily achieve them on straight hair as well as curly hair. For this amazing result, you will also need the help of an experienced hair colorist that will carefully separate each lock and create a beautiful visual effect inspired by autumn’s colors.

98. Brown Pink Curly Bob Hairstyle

If your hair is super curly naturally, cutting it this short will only enhance the curl’s shape and you can use styling products to bring even more definition while coloring the length in brown and bring pink for a unique effect.

99. Curly Shaggy Full Bob With Rainbow Colored Bangs

Brighten up everyone’s day with this unique set of bangs that you can dye as frequently as you like to make a strong contrast with your dark brown locks. To achieve those cute curls you can use the diffuser and add some fixating spray for extra-hold.

100. Brown Textured Curly Bob Hairstyle

After carefully trimming the hair at a straight angle, you can use a curling wand to create a bit of twist that will bring both a cute shape and more volume for your blunt cut natural bob.

101. Purple Blue Curly Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Hair can be a great canvas for painting the most amazing colors and achieve a magic result: teal colors, violet colors, blue colors and purple colors are all visible, and adding a couple of curls only makes them more visible.


Curly bobs and wavy bobs are a timeless hair option that you can try at least once in your lifetime! Razor cut French Bob with totally natural texture in a shape and style that reflects the 1960s is one of the major hair trends that we will get to see more and more of in the following months. To create this type of texture that adds volume and body even to fine hair that tends to fall flat at the crown or gets oily on the bangs, however, you will need to pay extra care to your daily hairstyling routine. If you follow these steps you are sure to rock curly bob hair without a doubt!

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