101 Popular Long Shag Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2024

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Didn’t you get news? The ’70s are back with a fabulous makeover of The Shag Haircut! One of the most iconic looks of that time belongs to Sarah Fawcett, but it was a popular cut at the time. Today, there are many modern interpretations of this haircut, and you are about to discover 101 long shag haircuts and hairstyles for women, which are great and trending right now! Be fabulous and let the ’70s take over again!

100+ Long Shag Haircut and Hairstyles
Sarah Fawcett

One thing we should mention in the beginning is that almost all shag-haircuts feature bangs, so there aren’t many categories, but the layering can be so diverse, that it will be impossible for you not to discover the one you like. Although they look great when free-falling, you can also try different beautiful and easy hairstyles for long hair when you don’t feel like letting yourself down!

There are many posts even with women who cut their hair at home in this style. Not only those who have a TikTok account or are consumers of the content there are fans of this new haircut. Some celebrities decided to cut their hair like that, and the start was given by Billie Eilish. Miley Cyrus quickly followed, writes Oprah.com.

Haircut for any hair type

In other words, this type of haircut can be adapted to the requirements of each woman. If you need a hairstyle that takes you out of anonymity, then don’t rely on your skills. It is best to see a professional: “The major difference is that a stylist will be able to smooth the hair and work in smaller sections to customize.”

Some of this customization includes the use of special texturing scissors to smooth the tips. If you are still wondering if this haircut suits you, you need to know that it is all about attitude. To put it bluntly, experts recommend this type of haircut for women under 30, who want their attention on their side.

How to Shag Hairstyle

Although it works on most hair types and textures, the cut is very much based on layers and volume: “Straight hair will probably take longer to have volume, while curly or wavy hair will quickly fix with a wolf haircut.

The natural texture of the hair will determine how you should style your hair if you use this type of haircut. It is not a hairstyle that you can maintain only by washing and drying your hair. If you do not have much time to deal with the wolf haircut, then it is not advisable to use it. If you do not style your hair, it will look lifeless.

1. Wispy Blonde Long Shag Haircuts for Women

This hairstyle is natural and yet so sophisticated due to the many layers cut in the mane that give the wispy look to the strands falling freely like a halo around the head while the short bangs attract attention to the eyes.

2. Voluminous Ginger Colored Long Shag Hairstyles for Women

This gorgeous color with a voluminous hairstyle is obtained by cutting many horizontal short layers that will be easy to style with hairspray and give the whole look a messy, negligent vibe, while the straight bangs keep it neat and classy!

3. Long Sleek Straight Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Brunette Hair

Hair so long it can barely fit in the picture, this straight shag couldn’t be more fabulous. The deep cut on the diagonal of the length keeps the look sleek and slim, with very little waving, while the long bangs beautifully frame the face from the forehead down to the jaw-line, giving a unitary look. Just, WOW!

4. Big Curly Long Shag Hairstyles for Balayage Blonde Hair

This look that J-Lo rocked in her previous music videos emulates the aspect of balayage blonde hair very well and is the closest you can get if you don’t want to permanently curl your hair. The whole look resembles a lion’s mane and the beautiful highlights only enhance the impression. Wild!

5. Choppy Long Straight Shag Hairstyles with Bangs

These blunt ends chopped to give a very masculine, unfinished look, are great combined with the dark hair color with metallic reflections which enhance the strong appearance of the whole haircut. The bangs are cut right above the eyebrows, slowly descending to frame the eye-line.

6. Feathered Silky Smooth Long Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Straight Hair

A silky, smooth, feathery haircut is suitable for fine hair that will benefit from the long multi-layered haircut giving volume to the upper half of the hair while making the ends look fabulous and light.

7. Curly Vibrant Golden Long Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Straight Hair

Bouncy iron curls and vibrant golden color for your straight hair will make this long shag look very beautiful as if it were a cut-out from fairy tales.

8. Extra-long Straight Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Straight Bangs

These beautiful, long tresses would make Rapunzel jealous as they are extra-long and rich in volume and layers. The straight long bangs are slightly swiped back so as not to cover the face.

9. Sculpted Wet-look Long Shag Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

A very sculpted shag for long hair is here styled to have a bit of wet look that gives a put-together impression to the messy short hair strands.

10. Punk Style Long Shag Hairstyles with Textured Bangs Cuts

This asymmetrical cut fringe makes the highlight of this razor-cut shag that has plenty of thin layers and a messy crown to match the rebel attitude of the punk-looking model.

11. Auburn Long Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Wavy Hair

This shag is about volume and layers in all the right places, with soft waves and messy bangs to frame the face.

12. Pastel Pink Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Wavy Hair

Fairy tale colors deserve a haircut to match! This long shag has waves in all the right places and displays all the palette of pink shades this mane has to show. The subtle bangs frame the face and blend seamlessly with the rest of the strands.

13. Curly Silver Fox Long Shag Haircuts for Women

This cut frames the face, accentuates bone structure, and is so versatile! It looks great straight or curly and the silver-gray tones only add to its beauty!

14. Blonde Shag Hairstyles with Long Wings

This straight fine blonde hair is cut in many layers and has long bangs to match it. The fringe is slightly curved and has a part in the center uncovering the face.

15. Two-toned Straight Long Shag Haircuts for Women

Suited for artists or more eccentric personalities this gray-green long shag has also generous bangs with green highlights to match the rest of the hair.

16. Straight Long Shag Haircuts for Women

Keep it straight and classy with this flat iron straightened shag haircut that will make all the layers visible and neat.

17. 70’s Styled Long Shag Hairstyles

This particular long shag, with a uniform, natural color, and thin, wispy layers is a perfect cut-out from a 70’s inspired movie and the short blunt cut bangs only add to its charm.

18. Messy Curled Long Shag with Side Bangs Hairstyles

A stylish messy look is obtained by starting with a layered shag cut for your long tresses and applying a styling gel after a good blowout to make those pointy, thin ends get in shape.

19. Amped Up Long Shag Hairstyles with Framing Bangs

This medium-long shag with wavy strands and subtle highlights has plenty of volume and texture and framing bangs for an amped-up look.

20. Wavy Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Straight Short Bangs

A super eccentric look for this long shag paired with really short bangs for a contrast. The messy wavy locks go well with the blunt straight ends of the fringe.

21. Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Contrasting Bangs

More of a shaggy mullet than a classic one, this medium-long shag, with razor-cut layers has a distinctive look due to the platinum white bangs contrasting with the dark mane.

22. Long Wavy Shag with Blonde Highlights and Straight Bangs

The beautiful long brown layers in this shag haircut feature light blonde highlights that illuminate the face and contrast with the straightened dark bangs.

23. Pink Dyed Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Bangs and Dark Roots

This bright pink medium-long shag has plenty of attitudes thanks to the messy styling and long bangs framing the face.

24. Teased Long Shag Haircuts for Women with Straight Blunt Bangs

Give plenty of volume and texture to lifeless hair with this stylish teased shag with straight bangs.

25. Curly Medium Long Shag Hairstyles with Straight Bangs for Dark Hair

In this version of the shag haircut, you can see the passing from short layers to longer ones passing the shoulder and beautifully curled. The short bangs are carefully combed and styled to cover the forehead fully. Perfect long shag haircut for thick hair!

26. Natural Blonde Long Shag Haircuts for Women

This rock’s roll-inspired look is based on the natural beach-blonde colors of the hair that seem to fall incessantly in an artistic mess past the shoulders down.

27. Long Wavy Shag Haircut with Lighter Highlights and Straightened Bangs

Lengths for days and a volume that will bring plenty of hair envy to onlookers, this classic long shag is brought to life by the light blonde highlights of a few inner strands of hair.

27. Smooth Wavy Long Shag Hairstyles with Side Wings

Tame your shag layered strands with the help of a curling iron with a big roller to create those loose, symmetrical waves that frame the face and blend in the long bangs with inwards swept wings.

28. Long Curly Shag Haircuts for Women with Curly Bangs

There is nothing not to like about these glorious curls cut in a medium-long shag with bangs to match them! Playful and girly!

29. Marsala Colored Long Shag Hairstyles with Straight Bangs

An incredible transformation can be done to straight lifeless hair with a good-ole layered shag for long straight hair and a vibrant shade of Marsala red to vamp up your whole look and attitude!

30. Messy Wavy Long Shag Haircuts with Face-Framing Bangs

These messy loose waves created after cutting thin layers of hair horizontally for this long shag haircut are so much more visible thanks to the beach-blonde hair color.

31. Long Wavy Shag Hairstyles for Dark Hair

A truly shaggy haircut for an abundance of long wavy dark locks will only enhance the impression of luscious, flowing, healthy tresses.

32. Mullet-Like Long Shag Haircuts for Straight Hair

Especially suited for thick hair, this mullet-like long shag, with short strands on top and long strands in the back is beautifully framed by the short front bangs.

33. Copper Balayage Long Shag Hairstyles for Shag Haircut

This chunky shag haircut with thick bangs and loose waves, combined with the bright copper shade is everything! Can we all join the redhead fan club now?

34. Smooth Waved Long Shag Hairstyles

A thick fringe and thin subtle highlights were added to this long shag to illuminate the whole hairstyle.

35. Trendy Balayage for Long Wavy Shag Haircuts for Women

Balayage and long shag, is there anything more we can ask for? This trendy look is complete with messy styling and subtle waves.

36. Feathered Long Golden Straight Shag Hairstyles

Long wings and swiped-back bangs are what this long shag is all about, a beautiful display of golden locks giving you an instant goddess look.

37. Fire Flame Red Long Shag Hairstyles with Bangs Haircuts

Perfect when you want to inject a bit of fierceness into your attitude, this combination between bold hair color and layered long shag will make you stand out in the crowd.

38. Natural Looking Straight Shag with extra-long bangs

Au naturel is always an elegant option, and it can be a good idea to exhibit your gray hairs with the help of this medium-length shag haircut and face-framing extra-long bangs.

39. Platinum Blonde Messy Long Shag Hairstyles

Shaped like a halo of light surrounding the model’s face, this haircut pairs beautifully with the platinum blonde hair color that is here shown in all its glorious shine!

40. Straight Medium-long Shag for Straight Natural Hair with soft Bangs

To get this look straighten your hair using a flat iron to put in place every strand of hair and get a nice finish to all the face-framing strands of hair.

41. Flowing Golden Long Shag Haircuts with Side Bangs

These long, free-falling golden locks of hair make the shag haircut perfect for any girl who doesn’t want to give up her tresses but also wants to shape them.

42. Two-toned Curly Messy Long Shag

Thin highlights that evolve in a full orange ombre for brown-dyed hair make your mane the center of attention.

43. Teased-up Long Shag Hairstyles for Straight Hair

This straightened and teased-up medium-long shag shows the versatility of this haircut which can be styled to look smooth and elegant too!

44. Lavender Pink-Purple Long Straight Shag Haircuts

A two-toned color brings this long shag a modern twist, making it look edgy and cool. Major rock’n roll vibes!

45. Messy Long Winged Shag for Natural Hair

Perfect to cover big foreheads, this subtle long-winged fringe frames your face and blends seamlessly with the rest of the long locks that are styled to resemble a messy chic look.

46. Pumped Up Medium Long Shag with Highlights

The crown is here cut to the same length so that it blends with the short bangs, while the rest of the hair flows freely in a beautiful mess with blonde highlights.

47. Feathered Long Shag with Thick Bangs

The sweet feminine feathered layers of this long straight shag are matched by the chunky, thick bangs cut right above the eyebrows.

48. Mermaid Green Wavy Long Shag with Long Wings

These complementary shades of green give a mermaid-like appearance to this long wavy shag haircut that allows the long-winged bangs to be placed behind the ear.

49. Long Luscious Wavy Shag Haircut with Short Straight Bangs

Wavy long dark hair looks gorgeous paired with bowl-shaped straight bangs that give a geometrical shape to the face.

50. Red Long Shag for Straight Fine Hair

This multi-layered shag with uneven cut bangs is brought to life by this beautiful red hair color.

51. Extra-long Shag Haircuts for Blonde Straight Hair

In this example of a long shag haircut, you can see the major difference in volume and shape given by the multi-layers of the horizontal cuts and the improvement brought by the bangs to the whole facial framing.

52. Medium Long Shag Haircuts with Chunky Layers

This messy medium-long shag with chunky strands of hair cut to frame the cheekbones and subtle blonde highlights match the delicate facial features.

53. Bouncy Wavy Balayage for Long Shag Hairstyles

The perfect babe look is easy to style and wear on any occasion, thanks to the beautiful balayage applied to these long brown tresses.

54. Bleach-Blonde Long Shag Haircut

This past-shoulders length is easy to maintain and style while looking effortlessly cool thanks to sticking straight bangs that frame your face.

55. Blonde Balayage for Wavy Long Shag Hairstyles

Styled perfectly to display all the length and beauty of this blonde balayage, this shag haircut keeps the distinctive cut of the bangs right above the nose, slightly winged to frame the face, and goes well with the dark roots.

56. Big Curly Long Shag Haircut for Ginger Red Hair

If you have a freckled complexion with ginger hair to match, these pretty, big, buoyant curls will be much more visible with a long layered haircut for shaggy hair that gives plenty of volume and texture to the mane.

57. Two-toned Magenta Long Shag Haircuts with Long Bangs

This dark brunette mixed with magenta highlights the layering done with this shag haircut that gives this whole look a vertical direction, while the long bangs add to the volume of the crown.

58. Messy Textured Straight Long Shag Haircuts

An effortlessly cool look, straight from Hollywood pictures is this messy straight long shag with long bangs, that was teased up and arranged so that it has plenty of texture and a natural movement, for a carefree hairstyle.

59. Dark Brown Wavy Long Shag Haircuts with Thick Bangs

This fabulous easy shag hairstyle features all the great features of a great haircut: long, well-shaped wavy tresses, long bangs to frame the face, and lots of volumes added to the crown so that it matches the ends. Big transformation!

60. Messy Long Shag Haircuts for Thin Blonde Hair

A Heidi Klum- inspired look, this messy negligent styled shag haircut brings life to fine hair, making it look fuller and with more texture, thanks to the many layers and the face-framing bangs.

61. Shaped-up Long Shag Haircut with Bangs for Dark Brunette Hair

Although the Shag haircut usually is styled to look like a big, beautiful mess, in this case, the curls are very well defined and disciplined, giving a defined shape to the whole haircut that frames the face and keeps the volume to the max!

62. Soft Wavy Long Shag Haircuts for Straight Fine Hair

Subtle waves and straight bangs, with sweet little highlights, are perfect for those with delicate facial features and fine hair that needs plenty of layering to look fuller.

63. Gray Blonde Long Wavy Shag Haircuts with Highlights

An interesting hair color deserves a haircut to match its complexity and in this case, we think this was a successful mix of hairstyling and haircut done right!

64. Voluminous Long Wavy Shag Haircut

This easy haircut did wonders to the volume and shape of these beautiful soft locks that were magically transformed into playful, wavy layers of shiny hair!

65. Wind-swept Long Wavy Shag Haircut for Blonde Ombre

A great way to bring volume and texture to straight fine hair is to have it trimmed in chunky layers and styled accordingly to resemble a wind-swept look.

66. Long Soft Wavy Shag Haircut for Dark Brunette Hair

A cascade of hair, falling freely to the waistline, is what the final look of this long shag haircut resembles, with long wings and straight bangs and plenty of lengths and shine!

67. Wavy Long Shag Haircut with Curly Bangs for Red Hair

This haircut suits great people with rebel hair since it will give a frame to your free curls and offers plenty of styling options such as this carefree look.

68. Long Wavy Shag Haircut with Middle Part

A soft long shag hairstyle made with a straight razor cut, and subtle balayage makes this hairstyle a big win.

69. Soft Long Shag Hairstyles for Red Hair

Razor-cut layers and irregular bangs make this haircut match the beautiful red tones of this hairstyle.

70. Wavy Long Shag Haircut for Blonde Thick Hair

This version is very much similar to Sarah Fawcett’s iconic look, thanks to the big wavy curls and thick bangs framing the face.

71. Straight Long Shag Haircut with Thick Bangs

An incredible transition was made here, from straight, long, sleek hair, to a voluminous, full look with thick straight bangs that make this shag one of the winning looks of this list.

72. Straight Blunt Long Shag Haircuts for Blonde Hair

The finely chopped layers of hair, create a full, straight shaggy look, completed with subtle bangs that capture the light on this model’s face!

73. Long Full Straight Shag Hairstyles for Red Hair

There is nothing quite like an extra-long shag hairstyle for healthy, thick hair with an amazing color too, like this one. The bangs are long-winged, thus attracting attention to the eye level

74. Soft Wavy Long Shag Haircut for Blonde Ombre

This soft textured shag pairs great with this delicate ombre, and the finely trimmed fringe is a good option for those who don’t want their face to be covered.

75. Layered Long Shag Hairstyles for Red Hair with Bangs

This hair was heavily layered and thinned to look longer and slimmer, while the crown part was left short and fluffy to highlight the face.

76. Curly Long Shag Haircuts with Straight Bangs for Balayage

Long Shag haircuts are great to get rid of split-ends and keep the length of your hair too! In this case, we can see how the healthy look of these tresses was restored by trimming a bit in the ends and curling the hair while leaving the bangs straight and feathery.

77. Spiky Long Shag Haircut for Dark Straight Hair

This iron-flat straightened dark hair looks cool and edgy thanks to the spiky strands of hair obtained by cutting horizontal layers.

78. Soft Shiny Long Curly Shag Haircuts with Straight Bangs

At the other end of the spectrum, we have these soft, sweet curls for shiny straight hair that is beautifully trimmed and styled with straight bangs.

79. Curly Long Shag Haircut with Highlights

Enhance the looks of your curls with a couple of bright highlights applied to different strands of hair that will give your look an interesting twist.

80. Medium Long Shag Haircut with Yellow Highlights

Although there aren’t many environments in which you could sport this look, the right, eccentric color for your highlights brings a fresh perspective and an alternative aesthetic to this long shag haircut.

81. Long Wavy Shag Haircut for Subtle Balayage

This haircut brings lots of volume and texture to the subtle balayage, making the lighter strands blend seamlessly with the darker ones, a perfect choice for long wavy hair of any color!

82. Messy Medium Long Shag Haircuts with short Bangs

A Medusa-like look, this shag combines straight and curly strands of hair for a messy, 90s-inspired hairstyle that still rocks in the present!

83. Soft Long Shag Haircut with Straight Bangs for Blonde Hair

A very disciplined and tamed-down version of long shag, with straight spiky bangs to cover the forehead is seen here. We like this hairstyle because it has plenty of texture and light.

84. Long Wavy Shag Haircuts with Winged Bangs

Loose, long wavy hair with a beautiful color too, combined with middle-parted bangs that blend with the rest of the haircut, makes this hairstyle an evergreen!

85. Choppy Long Shag Hairstyles with Thick Bangs Haircuts

These stylish chopped locks make for a fabulous transformation from long straight lifeless hair to the full, buoyant mane, with incredible bangs that bring attention to the eyes.

86. Long Wavy Shag Haircuts for Red Hair with Straight Bangs

The new shape and color for long hair make for an incredible result! These wavy, layered long locks go great with the straight bangs!

87. Delicate Long Shag Haircut for Blonde Hair

Subtle highlights and layers make this long shag haircut a great option for elegant events and looks!

88. Long Wavy Shag Haircut for Brunette Hair with Bangs

This long shag with perfect waves gives us major Latin vibes, and it seems perfect to be rocked on any occasion. The ultimate feminine haircut!

89. Long Straight Chunky Shag Haircut for Brown Hair

The straight blunt strands of hair mix well with the sweet soft color of this hairstyle, but the styling options are endless with a versatile haircut like this.

90. Cinnamon Highlights for Long Shag Haircuts

These carefully placed highlights make this long shag haircut look dynamic and colorful, a great idea for dark hair that can look toneless if not trimmed properly.

91. Voluminous Curly Long Shag Haircuts for Dark Hair

Say hello to this doll hair, with the help of a curling iron and a nice long shag haircut, which will ensure plenty of layers and texture for a fabulous look!

92. Extra Long Voluminous Shag Haircuts for Brown Hair

The amount of volume this long hair has is insane! We can’t help but admire these Rapunzel locks displayed in a beautiful mess that makes the color look amazing!

93. Heavy Layered Long Shag Hairstyles with Wings

This look is so authentic it looks like a cut-out from a ’70s magazine and of course the sunglasses give that same retro vibe the whole hairstyle has.

94. Soft Long Shag Haircut for Thin Brown Hair

Vamp up your thin, fine hair with a long shag paired with subtle bangs that will drive volume to your mane in an instant!

95. Textured Long Shag Haircut for Marsala Balayage

If you have big, massive hair, and you want to flaunt it, there is no better way to do it than a long shag haircut that will enhance the volume and ring that balayage to life!

96. Curly Wet-styled Long Shag Haircuts

Messy shiny curls styled to resemble a wet look, this long shag haircut brings plenty of volume and texture and a major attitude to your appearance!

97. Messy Long Wavy Shag Haircuts for Balayage

We couldn’t love this laid-back style medium long shag, with thick full bangs to bring more volume to the crown and messy strands of hair falling freely past the shoulders line.

98. Medium Long Shag Hairstyles with Short Bangs

A classic medium-ling shag will give texture and layers to straight and curly hair, as well as those adorable short straight bangs down your face.

99. Curly Long Shag Hairstyles for Long Hair

This 70s and 80s-inspired look are great for those vintage lovers who happen to also rock beautiful natural curls in need of shape and volume! Voila!

100. Two-toned Green Long Wavy Shag Haircuts

The subtle change of color tones is here matched by the subtle change of layers, some cut shorter to frame the face, others discovering the neck, while the bangs are a major addition to the whole look.

101. Curled Long Shag Haircuts with Curly Bangs

Tiny little razor-cut bangs give a very sweet allure to this haircut that brings both volume and shape to the upper side of the hair crown. Marvelous!

Final Thoughts

So, these were the 101 long shag haircuts and hairstyles for 2024 we thought looked modern and up-to-date, perfect for long locks of any kind: straight, slightly wavy, or perfectly curled hair! No matter which type of hair you got, fine or thick, you be sure to find attractive shag haircuts in this article so go make an appointment to the beauty parlor already!