101 Best Haircuts for Oval Face Women with Thin Hair in 2024

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If you have thin hair and an oval face, then this article featuring oval face haircuts for thin hair is definitely for you!

Choosing your haircut based on the shape of your face is the smartest decision you can make, experts say. This way you make sure that you highlight your features, correct any defects and highlight your natural beauty. Haircuts made according to the shape of the face can not fail!

Considered the ideal in terms of physiognomy, the oval face favors, in theory at least, any kind of haircut. All other faces intervene in the shape and length of the hair to achieve the harmony of the oval face, which turns you into a lucky one if you own it. However, you must take into account some recommendations even if you are pampered by Mother Nature with such a face. Characterized by ideal proportions and resembling an egg, the oval face should avoid flat, shapeless haircuts that lengthen it. Discover the ideal options in the rows below!

I. Bob Haircuts For Thin Hair And Oval Face

1. Red Colored Bob With Straight Bangs Hairstyle

This strong red color makes the thin hair gain visibility and texture and the chopped tips of the strands allow the hair shape to look feminine and slightly curved without using heat. The straight bangs that reach above the eyes make for a cool frame for your oval face.

2. Red Classic Bob Haircut With Middle Part For Thin Hair And Oval Face

A bob haircut will always help create a curvier, rounder, fuller face shape, and wearing it with a middle part will help you create a beautiful, symmetrical look that will highlight your facial features, no matter what straighten the hair or not. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our list of Long Bob Haircuts!

3. V-layered Bob With Short Bangs Hairstyle for Thin Hair and Oval Face

This short, texturized bob with subtle layers and soft waves is a cool hairstyle to be worn with the advantage of gaining volume and shape no matter how thin your hair is. Simply spray some salter hair spray over it, and you are ready to rock!

4. Dark Green Wavy Bob With Bangs Hairstyle

Choose this mesmerizing hair color if you want to gain depth and awesome reflections for your strands, whether you wear your hair straight or curled. These cold tones make your hair simply irresistible!

5. Wavy Bob Haircut For Thin Hair And Oval Face

Even if your face isn’t oval, this wavy bob haircut has a curved fringed that makes a cool, round shape for any face shape and can be adapted to the width of your forehead to frame the eyes perfectly.

6. Pastel Colored Bob Haircut For Thin Hair And Oval Face with Deep Side Part

This beautiful mix of dark hair colors with metallic accents and shiny reflections will make your hair get noticed instantly and create a super cool frame for your oval face.

7. Messy French Bob For Thin Hair And Oval Face

Whether you have this shiny rose-gold shade of blonde for fine hair or not, a messy french bob will perfectly encapsulate your facial features and bring that extra shine we all crave for our locks in your head. Great look!

8. Side Swept Bob For Thin Hair And Oval Face With Light Highlights

This cool haircut for thin hair and oval face is suited for those with blonde hair and can look pretty awesome if you run your fingers through it to mess with the shape a little bit and get a wild vibe.

9. Asymmetric Bob Haircut With Orange Purple Colors For Thin Hair And Oval Face

This amazing work of art requires a skillful hair colorist that can nail that perfect transition from fiery orange to dark purple hues making your hair look stunning and unique.

10. Straight Bob With Baby Bangs For Thin Hair And Oval Face

This simple straight bob reminds of Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain leading actress’s iconic hairstyle has a unique accent in these super-short baby bangs that bring a straight line above the forehead, making the oval face gain more shape.

11. Fresh Blunt Cut Bob Haircut With Straight Bangs for Thin Hair and Oval Face

Is there anything more satisfying to watch than a fresh blunt cut for your thin hair that will gain a lot of volume and movement? We dare to say “No”! This bob version is suited to oval and triangular faces thanks to the framing of the face.

12. Short Textured Wavy Bob With Messy Curls for Thin Hair and Oval Face

This medium-length haircut, like any other type of chin-length cut, makes for a modern, stylish look for your oval face with thin hair that you can arrange with a middle part and add a sparkling hair clip to glam up your curls!

13. Chin Length Textured Bob With Money Piece Hairstyle

Too lazy to add highlights to your entire hair? The so-called “money-piece” blonde highlight will instantly brighten up your looks and blend in beautifully with the rest of the hair! Simple, yet stylish!

14. Straight Sleek Bob With Side Part

If you have thin hair, a strong color such as this dark brunette one makes for a very visible shape and volume for your appearance that you can brighten up with strong eye makeup and sparkling earrings.

15. Dark Medium Long Bob Haircut with Subtle Wings

Going for a soft cut such as a medium-long bob haircut will help your thin hair look really stunning with a simple wash and dry it with a simple rotating brush. Parting it on a side or in the middle will be perfect!

16. Dark Red Chin Length Bob With Deep Side Part For Thin Hair And Oval Face

If you are used to strategically combing your hair to cover thinning areas, this chin-length bob hairstyle with a deep side part will help you look amazing even if you are not all dolled up for a special evening, such as is the case with the look below.

17. Long Bob Haircut With Side-Swept Bangs

Playing with the length and proportions is a cool idea when you want to attract more attention to your hairstyle, even if you didn’t add subtle brown highlights. This simple yet sophisticated Bob Hairstyle is all about the mystery and movement of your front strands!

18. Short Bob Haircut With Straight Bangs

Make the oval even more of a well, oval! This super short bob haircut resembles an Asian bow-cut or a two-block hairstyle for boys, and having an oval face with thin hair will also help you get rid of extra-styling since the strands will naturally arrange around your scalp in an oval shape.

19. Straight Bob Hairstyle For Oval Face With Dark Colored Strands

Super short and super stylish! A bob haircut with shaved sideburns and asymmetric sides will help your fine hair gain volume, and adding dark blue highlights is a super-easy way to bring some fun into your locks.

20. Sleek Blunt Bob With Side Part For Oval Face with Fine Hair

A shiny, platinum blonde hair color for thin hair, cut to reach the chin level, will make your oval face become the central part of your look, and you can add dark makeup to create a bit of contrast with your pale skin and hair color.

21. Classic Bob With Full Wings And Side Part Hairstyle

You will fall in love with this simple yet classic bob with two full front parts that create an elongated silhouette for your face and can be styled with a simple brush or a comb to look perfect!

22. Red Wob Haircut For Oval Face And Thin Hair

Jazz up your style with these playful curls added to your bob haircut for thin hair that will look stunning in this beautiful cinnamon red shade that brings the focus to your oval face.

23. Dark Colored Curly Bob With Side Part Haircut For Oval Face And Thin Hair

These front curls are so shiny and luscious looking that you can instantly become the main appearance wherever you go and will make a great contrast with your pale oval face.

24. Full Shaggy Bob With Side-swept Bangs

Adding subtle layers to your bob haircut helps the back strands naturally curve, and you can opt for side-swept bangs to bring movement and a cool appearance to your oval face.

25. Short Bob Haircut For Oval Face With High Volume

Choose the shortest bob haircut: it’s wonderful for your oval face. You are, as usual, privileged because this haircut is now more in vogue than ever. So don’t hesitate to cut your hair somewhere near your ear or chin and let it grow naturally.

Playful, fine strands that fall freely around your neck and forehead will create the sweetest hairstyle and look really amazing if you opt to cut them so short they will reach your chin level.

26. Chin Length Bob Haircut For Oval Face With Side Swept Strands

Get this medium-length bob haircut with clean, chopped blunt strands that fall around your neck, framing the face into a beautiful oval shape that you can arrange according to your mood.

27. Short Bowl Cut With Yellow Grey Thin Highlights

These illuminating yellow strands bring an amazing color accent to your bob haircut, making this hairstyle a cool, modern look.

28. Platinum Blonde Lob With Side Part Hairstyle

Craving curls but also want to protect your hair from extra-heat damage? These relaxed waves for your bob haircut are the perfect way to add shape to your fine hair without much effort!

II. Short Haircuts For Thin Hair And Oval face

Short hair is in fashion this year and impresses with its rebellious, full-bodied look: in addition, it is simply ideal for the oval face. The charm of your face will be perfectly highlighted by a haircut that brightens and releases the features: no wonder that some of the most beautiful women in the world have an oval face and short hair.

29. Short Pixie Haircut For Oval Face

Expose all your natural beauty with short haircuts for thin hair and an oval face that leaves your face completely bare and clean looking, and make your earrings and makeup do the talking for you!

30. Short Pixie Bob Hairstyle With Blonde Brown Strands

If you wonder what type of haircuts for thin hair and oval face you can adopt, then this look will definitely help you make a decision! The short strands at the back make a great combination with the longer front strands.

31. Short Trimmed Dark Pixie For Thin Hair And Oval Face

This classic hairstyle matches the intense dark-colored strands, bringing your smokey eyes and bright lipstick into the spotlight.

32. Short Messy Brown Hairstyle For Thin Hair And Oval Face

Warm tones for your short haircut for thin hair and oval face will look amazing in combination with clean makeup with neutral colors and make your facial features really stand out! You can add some hair products to create a spiky texture. What else can you wish for?

33. Subtle Pixie Haircut With Short Fringe

The pixie haircut made Michelle Williams almost as famous as she impeccably played roles. The actress’s face is highlighted by the bold lines of her short haircut, which perfectly balance her features.

But a must-have element is the bangs: it eliminates any risk of lengthening the face and will give you a tight and youthful look.

Cutting your hair short is always an act of bravery! This soft pixie cut with a side-swept fringe makes your face illuminate naturally and brings your smile to the center of attention.

34. Short Razored Blonde Hairstyle With Curly Top

This minimalistic short curly hairstyle is prone to make your face shape really visible and get you ready to head out the door in the morning in less than 3 minutes. Simply bleach the crown area and add silver earrings to complete the look. Try out this short hairstyle for black women. Keep it short and neat! A wonderful look to have.

35. Short Pixie Cut With Side Part

This hairstyle is another simple yet stylish option for those with oval faces that want an easy-to-manage haircut. Simply ask for a short haircut with a longer top that you will swipe from side to side.

36. Short Pixie Haircut For Oval Face with Pink Reflections

This feminine yet the daring look is created by carefully trimming the sides to create an oval shape around your face while the top strands are clipped shorter so you can get a spiky top easily and without much effort.

37. Short Twa For Pixie Haircut with Thin Curls

Short curly haircuts are perfect for accentuating your oval face. This short Afro-style cut allows your natural curls to fall around the face without a major intervention.

38. Short Spiky Pixie Hairstyle For Oval Face

Crave a daring cut that will also advantage your thin hair. Getting this short spiky hairstyle with up-swept strands makes any pixie haircut a cool look for any girl with a nice face.

39. Uneven Pixie Haircut With Razored Sides

We can’t deny that this combination between a pixie, an undercut, and clean shaved sides and nape is a great way of emphasizing your feminine features! Plus, it allows multiple styling options once it grows a little more.

40. Undercut Pixie Hairstyle with Chopped Bangs

Another great haircut that will instantly attract compliments and admiring looks is this short undercut hairstyle with thin blonde highlights that bring your facial features and a gorgeous smile to everyone’s attention!

41. Ice-cream Shaped Pixie Cut For Silver Fox Thin Hair

Thinning hair is a result of the natural aging process in your life, and this swirling top for a pixie cut is a great way of adding inches to your height and creating the illusion of an elongated face. Look cool even in older age. The numbers will not be a hindrance for fashion. Check it out.

42. Blonde Hairstyle For Undercut with Shaved Sides

This shiny, lovely blonde hue makes a great contrast with the chopped-up top strands and side fringe that frames the forehead, making your face look truly impressive.

43. Ice-colored Messy Pixie Haircut With Side Part

Dark silver tones are a great alternative to more common blonde hair colors. The short, messy cut makes this haircut both easy to wear and very fresh looking.

44. Razor Faded Pixie Hairstyle For Oval Face and Thin Hair

A shattered, messy pixie cut with a longer central stripe and zero-shaved sides is the perfect way of mixing masculine and feminine cuts in one hairstyle! Wow! Look at the sleekness of that style! Amazing!

45. Bronde Colored Haircut With Thin Sideburns

A short and carefully trimmed pixie is a great option for haircuts for an oval face with thin hair since it allows your accessories and alluring makeup to steal the show!

46. Short Pixie Haircut For Oval Face And Thin Hair

If your thin, fine hair doesn’t hold length, cutting it short is an excellent option for gaining shape and volume while also being very feminine and contrasting with your round face.

47. Swept Back Taper Haircut With Shaved Sides

An ear-level length is a classic option for your swept-back caramel-colored strands that you can arrange to stay away from your face and let your beautiful makeup and skin steal the show!

48. Disconnected Pixie Haircut With Subtle Highlights

This cut is a bit different from a classic short pixie cut, thanks to the quick transition from short trimmed sides to a longer top that covers the forehead in a messy way. The subtle light purple colors make the hair look really distinctive.

49. Slick Back Platinum Pixie Cut With Side Braid

This slick back style haircut that men usually adopt looks really stunning on girls with an oval face and thin hair thanks to the added side braid that brings a unique texture and attracts the eye to your hair.

50. Fringed Haircut With Soft Textured Strands and Heavy Bangs

Somewhere between a bowl-cut and a short pixie, this example of haircuts for thin hair and oval face makes the face look slimmer thanks to the big voluminous round shape that brings all the weight on top of your crown.

51. Medium Curly Haircut For Oval Face with Long Bangs Haircut

An interesting hair accessory can help you achieve a glamorous look in an instant; if you add it on the side to create a bit of curl, you will look stunning even if you have short hair!

III. Layered Haircuts For Thin Hair And Oval Face

52. Soft Feathered Medium Hairstyle With Middle Part

These super fine feathered layers bring texture and refinement to your medium haircut for thin hair and can cover the fullness of the oval face. Use a rotating brush to curve the hair inwards around the neck.

53. Straight Softly U- Layered Haircut With Blonde Money Piece Highlight

These super straight strands with U-shaped front layers beautifully frame your face and have an incredible natural shine that is highlighted by the small money piece highlight.

54. U-shape Layered Haircut With Middle Part For Oval Face And Thin Hair

These soft shiny strands look amazing with a couple of u-shape front layers that allow the hair to create a feathered texture in contrast with the very neat, smooth look of the crown area.

55. Blonde Sleek Layered Haircut For Oval Face With Thin Hair

This wet look is highly flattering for those with a round face or an oval face and straight fine hair since it can bring all the focus on strong makeup and create subtle waves.

56. U-layered Haircut For Oval Face and Thin Hair

Long layers and a smooth, natural texture will create the perfect frame for your oval face! Simply use a curling iron with a large barrel to add a couple of curls, and you are ready to go!

57. Medium Layered Haircut With Deep Side Part

Soft, fine layers are perfect to create extra texture on a medium haircut for fine hair and bring volume to your mane without using hair spray. Also, they bring extra movement and shape without effort!

58. V-layered Hairstyle For Oval Face with Subtle Highlights

This chic haircut for oval and thin hair makes the most out of your hair since the front strands are cut to create a feathered shape that naturally embraces your jawline and neck.

59. Soft Shiny Blonde Layered Haircut For Oval Face With Thin Hair

If your hair is on the thinner side, a soft shade of blonde will strengthen it and make it glow and catch the light on your face in an amazing way.

60. Medium Layered Haircut with Soft Curls and Bangs

 This medium-layered haircut creates flicks that have some impressive staying power throughout the day. Best of all, this is one of the best haircuts for oval faces and thin hair due to the all-over side curls that soften features.

61. Medium-Length Wavy Haircut For Oval Face With Green Blue Strands

If you are an ocean lover or simply want a different look, these fun-looking green-blue strands can bring a modern look to your medium-length haircut and will look great no matter if you straighten them or wear them straight.

62. Medium Long Textured Bob With Bangs For Thin Blonde Hair

To accentuate the round angles of your oval face, you can get this medium-long bob with sharp cut strands and a cool fringe that stops right above the eyebrows.

63. Soft Shag Haircut For Oval Face With Thick Bangs

This type of shape will advantage women with an oval face since the long layers can bring a cool effect and put your smile and eyes in the spotlight.

64. Straight Long Haircut For Oval Face With Blunt Cut Bangs

Cosanzeana’s long hair is an excellent choice if you have an oval face. With such a feminine face, it is not surprising that you will have many advantages with long, silky hair.

If you prefer to have more shape and color to your haircut, a blunt-cut fringe that stops right above the eyebrows will do the trick! It’s a cool element that turns any straight long haircut into a stylish look!

65. Soft Shiny Straight Haircut With Straight Bangs

No better way to bring your eyes to the center of attention than this super straight, shiny medium-haircut for an oval face with thin hair! Whether you wear it in a ponytail, or you leave it free to fall around your shoulder this look is glistening and refined looking.

66. Medium Length Shag Haircut With Uneven Bangs For Oval Face With Thin Hair

Cutting the hair around the crown at different lengths will help your hair gain volume naturally and frame your oval face in a way that makes your look really stand out in a crowd. Plus, it will have amazing texture!

67. Lilac Colored Oval Face Haircuts With Baby Bangs

Fine hair is perfectly suited for this short, messy haircut with finely chiseled bangs and a free-shaped back since it can bring color, shape, and volume to your looks with minimal effort. Plus, the lilac purple hair color is gorgeous and unique looking, so you are ready to make a statement with your appearance!

68. Medium Long Straight Hair with Side Fishtail for Oval Faces

In order to highlight your delicate dark hair, you can opt for this romantic hairstyle with a side fishtail that will make your hair gain a bit of texture and make you look feminine and gorgeous!

69. Feathered Haircut with Soft Part For Oval Face

This simple haircut for an oval face and thin hair is the best way to add subtle layers and keep a sleek appearance for your mane. A classic hairstyle that suits any type of face shape, really!

70. Giselle Bundchen Wavy Hairstyle With Messy Part

The supermodel’s look stands to prove that adding a couple of light blonde highlights in your hair can highly change the way your strands shine and the cool color mix bring the extra volume any woman out there craves for her locks!

71. Long Warm Blonde Haircut With Side Part

If you want to fight that impression of thin hair, opting for a free-shaped side part for your medium haircut will help create more volume and weight on one side of your head and bring you a seductive look.

72. Straight Side-swept Hairstyle For Oval Face

This compact, smooth medium haircut for oval faces and thin hair is switched up and made to look stylish with a simple trick: take a front strand out and simply twist it lightly to create a cute side braid that you will fixate with a hair clip to expose your face.

73. Messy Medium Long Textured Oval Face Haircuts with Soft Silver Balayage

Texture, texture, texture, and a great silver balayage can bring so much color and depth to your medium-length haircut that you will instantly adore this exquisite look.

74. Faux Side Braid With Medium Long Wavy Hair

When you are in a hurry, opting for a quick, faux side braid to make your hair look more feminine is an excellent option. You only need a couple of bobby pins to fixate it on a side and some small rubber bands. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? That’s how a teenage girl with style should look like. Try it out!

75. Medium Length Feathered Hairstyle With Long Bangs Hairstyle

Any medium haircut instantly brings volume and shape to your hair, and thanks to the soft, subtle layers; your mane will also have a fine, feathered texture that you will adore!

76. Wavy Medium Length Hairstyle With Straight Bangs

It’s all about the retro vibes coming back in trend with this medium-long straight cut with wavy tips and sleek straight bangs that instantly bring the focus on the strong eye makeup.

77. Straight Medium Length Haircut for Carrot Red Colored Hair

This fun, bright shade of red elevates the whole haircut to a whole new different level of awesomeness, proving that you can rock any type of hair with the right hair colorist nearby!

78. Long Soft Colored Haircut For Oval Face With Warm Brown Tones

Fine hair can look stunning if you take good care of it and will shine naturally when you wear it down with a simple middle part. Focusing on your makeup will complete the entire look in a successful way.

79. Medium Long Haircut With Free Falling Strands Hairstyle

These neon hues look impressive enough, so you don’t have to bother too much about styling your hair in complicated updos! Parting your hair in the middle and adding some shiny make-up is all you have to do.

80. Sleek Wet Look With Bright Neon Pink Colored Strands and Uneven Bangs Hairstyle

This eccentric look will steal the show wherever you go, and we are not joking! This bright pink color is enough to put a smile on your face when you take a look in the mirror and can be worn both dry or wet, depending on how you prefer your hair to look.

81. Medium Long Shaggy Haircut with Voluminous Curls For Oval Face

This hairstyle is all about the exaggerated volume for your front strands that brings a cool ’80s vibe and a glamorous touch to your medium-length haircut and puts your face in the spotlight.

82. Long Straight Natural Hairstyle For Oval Face With Silver Fox Strands

Straight layered hair has never looked more beautiful than this natural silver fox cut with a simple side part that frames your face and neck and reveals your beautiful features. A great hairstyle for older women. Try it out!

83. Medium Long Hairstyle With Soft Waves

This haircut has major winter vibes thanks to the cool blend of silver and blonde tones that make your locks shine naturally and bring a touch of light to your face. Adding in a couple of soft waves is a cool way of making it look really playful. This right here is perhaps a great reference for your wedding day. Look the best on that special day. You might want to try it.

84. Bright Orange Bob Hairstyle With Thick Bangs For Oval Face

No better way of framing your oval face than this bright shade of orange that makes a great pair with blue eyes and white skin. Straighten your hair and bangs to create a compact, oval shape for your locks, and you are ready to impress!

85. Layered Hairstyle For Blue Hair with Straight Bangs

This two-toned hairstyle proves how a smart combination of colors can elevate your entire appearance. The two shades of dark blue and icy blue are brought together to create a great optical illusion and look awesome with or without the relaxed waves!

86. Soft Curtain Bangs Hairstyle For Oval Face And Thin Hair

What a cool mix between a light blonde hair color and a breezy, relaxed haircut that brings so much freedom and movement to your strands and helps thin hair gain volume as well! The fine curtain bangs bring that seductive note by slightly covering your eyes.

87. Beach Waves Haircut For Oval Face

Another perfect haircut for thin hair and an oval face is the long and slightly wavy hair around the face. By creating waves and definition, this haircut is ideal if you have an oval face, preventing the risk of elongation.

This look is both romantic and celebratory looking thanks to the glitter added at the top of your locks that makes a great match with the sparkling eye shadow and you can opt for a couple of soft waves to highlight the feminine note.

A fabulous solution can also be represented by gripping the side hair to highlight your features even more beautifully.

88. Messy Wavy Hairstyle With Side Part For Oval Face with Thin Hair and Headband

Adding a retro headband with pearls and dark blue velvet fabric will instantly uplift your hairstyle, making it look stunning and refined whether you wear strong makeup or not!

89. Medium Long Haircut For Oval Face With Soft Layers

Classic is sometimes best! If you are lucky to have an oval face shape, this medium-long, heavy haircut with subtle layers can bring your hair that much-desired curvy shape we all struggle to get in the mirror when we wake up in the morning.

90. Curly Shag Oval Face Haircuts for Thin Hair

Who said curls couldn’t get shape? This medium-long shag with full bangs has a perfect oval shape that completes the playful appearance and has the right length to allow putting your hair in a ponytail or adding a cool hair accessory to make it more practical.

91. Long Layered Hairstyle With Subtle Curls For Oval Face

Thin hair can be made to look fantastic with the right blonde highlights added throughout its length that makes the face illuminate and blend with the rest of the locks. This extra length will also make you more feminine in a long layered hairstyle!

92. Long Voluminous V-shaped Haircut For Oval Face With Thick Bangs

This Hollywoodian look is stunning both in terms of color and shape and will definitely steal the show if you decide to replicate it! You need, however a generous amount of hair, whether it’s thin or thick, and a cool length that you can work with to create this cascade of brown-red curls and voluminous mane.

93. Bella Hadid’s Ponytail For Oval Face Hairstyle With Thin Bangs

The best way to decorate an oval face is to add an asymmetric fringe that brings a bit of weight to your face when you pull your entire locks in a ponytail at the back of your head or in an undone bun with messy styling.

94. Blonde Medium Long Haircut For Oval Face With Thin Hair

Keep it natural and elegant with this blonde medium-long, slightly layered haircut for an oval face with thin hair that will give you a feminine look, especially if you opt for this strong red lipstick color.

95. Sleek Side Ponytail With Deep Side Part Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Emma Watson’s iconic red carpet looks are always incredible, although very simple, and you can use her appearance as a source of inspiration for your looks if you have an oval face with thin hair.

96. Curly Medium Long Shag Oval Face Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair

The layered and curled long strands bring a lot of weight to the sides of your face, and the straight baby bangs accentuate your oval face shape, instantly beautifying your looks.

97. Blonde Medium Long Shag With Bangs For Oval Face With Thin Hair

This modern cut has both length and wispy strands that make the hair look amazing with minimum styling. For more similar looks, check 100+ Long Shag Haircuts and Hairstyles!

98. Pink Orange Straight Oval Face Haircuts for Thin Hair With Dark Sideburns

This eccentric look will put your hair into a high spot thanks to the original mix of orange and pink hair colors that make your appearance special with or without other added accessories.

99. Medium Long Textured Bob With Blonde Highlights

This highly texturized, amazing bob haircut has a cool, warm yellow highlight that frames the face and subtle waves that bring that relaxed, carefree vibe to match your confident attitude!

100. Short French Bob With Green Highlights

To further detract from facial roundness, you can add a beautiful distraction like a green-colored highlight throughout the hair. Mermaid green is soothing, beautiful, and perfect for any season.

101. Pink Magenta Textured Bob With Side Part Haircut For Oval Face And Thin Hair

This haircut for the oval face has very fine diagonal layers and two thick front highlights colored in a pale pink shade that create a beautiful color mix and bring so much femininity to your look! It’s a modern Barbie version we simply can’t stop admiring!


Thin hair is the type of hair that you can easily wash, tease, or straighten according to your mood. This article helps you pick from many haircuts for thin hair and oval face ideas and also covers ways in which you can style the hair so that you are not limited to one hairstyle! Versatility is key!