101 Cool Hairstyles for Thin Hair with Styling Tips for 2024

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Lots of hair, a bit of hair, no hair – doesn’t matter. If your hair is on the thinner side, there are certain hairstyles that suit your hair type and help it gain more volume and shape naturally! There are some cases when a simple haircut won’t suffice and you can learn styling tips for thin hair in this material so that you still get the volume you dreamed of! Scroll below to discover the best thin hair styling tips!

I. Special Thin Hair Styling Tips

From teasing to braiding or cutting really short, spiky strands, these suggested hairdos will do magic for your thin hair!

1. Twisted Knots Hairstyle With Golden Chain Faux Hawk For Thin Hair

Sleek updos are the perfect hairstyle if your hair is thinner than the average! This super impressive look can be toned down a bit if you let the hair looser and use a different accessory than the golden chain.

2. High Messy Bun With Headscarf And Falling Strands For Thin Blonde Hair

Headscarfs are your best friends in the accessories box! Grab a simple one or one with a pattern if you want a colorful look and cover the elastic band that secured your messy bun. For extra coolness, you can pull some tendrils to create some face-framing pieces.

3. Sleek Elegant Braided Low Bun For Thin Brown Hair

To recreate this super stylish and elegant updo, the finer the hair, the better the results! The tightly braided bun will look glorious and allow the natural hair structure to be revealed. It suits perfectly any special occasion! For more ideas check these 25 Alluring Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair!

4. Woven Headband Braid For Straight Blonde Thin Hair

It might require a bit of practice, but this braided hairstyle is one of the best tips for styling thin hair we found so far! Check the source video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to get this beautiful headband!

5. Braided Halfdo With Headscarf For Long Straight Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, this braided ponytail twisted at the back that has a satin headscarf mixed in is the quickest way of adding color, volume, and that “Wow!” factor you were looking for in your hairstyle! With or without the massive jewelry, this look is bound to make your hairstyle a great success!

6. Twisted Updo With Colorful Scarf For Blonde Hair

When it comes to hair accessories, the headscarf is probably the most versatile item you can use! Check the step-by-step tutorial by clicking the “Source” button below and discover how your thin hair can gain a perfect shape and increased volume with a simple hair scarf!

7. Twisted High Bun With Falling Strands Updo For Thin Hair

Thin hair has the advantage of not weighing too heavily on your head or the roots which make a high bun a great option for when you want a feminine hairdo. Use a curling wand to create a face-framing wavy piece and get ready to receive compliments and admiring looks!

8. High Blonde Bun With Twisted Strands

A great variation from the classic ballerina bun is here represented by this perfectly round, well-teased high bun that has a very special back part created by taking little sections of your nape and twisting them. The result is mesmerizing both in terms of colors and shape!

9. Retro Hairdo For Thin Blonde Hair With Beige Leather Head Scarf

What an awesome, simple trick! With a single headscarf tied around your head and secured at the back, you can instantly gain volume for your crown and look as feminine as ever without damaging your hair with other styling products!

10. French Mohawk Braid For Blonde Thin Hair

If you struggle with crown volume, braiding a little French braid right in the center will instantly bring texture and a greater volume. It’s the chicest, most feminine Faux Hawk version we saw so far! Check the Source button below for a step-by-step tutorial on this look!

11. Sleek Low Ponytail For Bright Blonde Thin Hair

One of the upcoming hair trends in the following year includes sleek hairdos with a wet, shiny look that you can get by applying a generous amount of hair mousse throughout your hair and carefully combing it to achieve maximum shine and ultra-sleek texture!

12. Sleek High Bun With Massive Pink Satin Ribbon And Side Curl (Thin Hair Styling Tips)

The amazing color mix in this stylish updo will make want to rock hair ribbons every day! This high bun with a side curl looks stunning with a massive pink sating ribbon fixated at the back that will amplify your hair’s volume!

13. Messy Twisted Ponytail With Free Falling Strands For Blonde Thin Hair

Teasing hair should be the ‘word-du-jour ” if your hair is on the thinner side and this messy ponytail will instantly turn into a glam updo if you pair it with golden earrings and a black leather elastic band. Leave a couple of front strands out to create an artistic negligence effect!

14. Retro Hairstyle With Pink Velvet Padded Headband (Thin Hair Styling Tips)

This look oozes with 90’s retro vibes thanks to the padded headband that has a major comeback these days! No matter if you opt for a bright pink shade or a neutral one, this look is perfect for thin hair that can gain shape!

15. Bubble Ponytail For Thin Hair With Multicolored Gems Studded Headband (Thin Hair Styling Tips)

Suited for more festive occasions, this flamboyant hairstyle is one of those super feminine thin hair styling tips you can try when you want to make the most out of your fine strands. The smooth top will make a cool contrast with the bubble ponytail that will bring volume to your limp strands!

16. Loose Side Ponytail For Thin Hair With Leather Band

If you’re looking for a relaxed, no-fuss hairstyle for fine hair, this side ponytail is super beautiful and romantic and can be secured with any type of hair accessory, from a classic scrunchie, a satin ribbon, or this thin, delicate beige leather band that will give you a feminine touch!

17. Textured Ponytail With Red Leather Band For Thin Blonde Hair

After giving your hair a good blow dry, use a hair comb and texturizing spray to tease the ponytail strands a bit and secure it with a colorful scrunchie or a stylish leather clip in a contrasting color to achieve this sexy look.

18. Light Blonde Balayage For Thin Hair With Satin Padded Headband

One easy way to boost your volume in the crown area is to add a padded headband in a complementary color to the one in your hair. The smooth texture of the satin fabric will match your silky fine hair and create the impression of a fuller mane! Simply amazing!

19. Messy Chic French Twist With Sparkling Hair Sliders For Blonde Thin Hair

Although it sounds pretentious, a French twist is basically a ponytail twisted upwards from the nape to the center of the head and fixated either with a claw hair clip or, if you want a more refined look with a couple of shiny hair sliders like the ones in the photo below! They are more suited for those with thin hair since they weigh less on your fine tendrils.

20. Low Ponytail With Small White Ribbon For Blonde Hair

Light brown hair accessories will become your best friends if you have thin hair since you can count on them on keeping your hair volume whether you teased it or not! Besides, these micro ribbon hair bands are very cute and will give that charming appearance to a simple low ponytail!

21. Loose Messy Bun For Thin Hair With Hair Pin

Thin hair naturally tends to be softer and more flexible and so a loose messy bun is easy to create when you have this type of hair. Grab a long shiny hairpin to fixate the look for an elegant updo!

22. Modern Teased Ponytail For Thin Blonde Hair

Thin hair styling tips will always include teasing and we could dedicate an entire article to this technique! But the main point is teasing can help you gain volume in all the right parts and even shape your entire hairstyle such as is the case with a modern ponytail, where you can pull back from the sides to gain crown volume as well. Leave a couple of face-framing pieces if you want a chic touch!

23. Half Updo for Straight Thin Hair With Dirty Blonde Balayage

If you want to achieve a soft uplifting effect for your face as well as a practical hairstyle, this half updo with a high half-ponytail will provide a bit of texture and volume at the top and it can be ready in under a minute!

24. Elegant Half Updo For Thin Blonde Hair With Sparkling Hair Accessories

This look is really easy to achieve and the first thing you need to do is to separate the crown part and tease it while making sure that all the strands are put together at the back in a smooth, centered way using shiny diamond-studded hair sliders to fixate them.

25. Bohemian Festival Hairstyle With Braids and Golden Accessories For Long Thin Blonde Hair

Teasing and braiding should not be missing from your hairstyling routine or if you want to achieve this look for a big event you should totally go for it! It looks impressive and bold!

II. Short Thin Hair Styling Tips

26. Platinum Blonde Pixie For Short Thin Hair

Go for this minimalistic look if you want a no-fuss hairstyle! A platinum blonde colored pixie cut is super shiny and modern and it can look glorious with no effort, provided that you go for frequent trims at the hair salon!

27. Natural Silver Gray Pixie For Short Hair

Adding some lighter highlights that will blend seamlessly with your silver-gray hair is a very fashionable choice as more and more women try to embrace their natural looks, so give this short pixie a try!

28. Short Textured Undercut For Pastel Purple Thin Hair

Undercuts are super modern and suited for thin hair since they create a two-level haircut with no effort, except for dying the top part in a shiny purple color that will bring your look a stylish note!

29. Festive Short Mullet For Thin Hair With Bright Colors

The most controversial hairstyle of the 1980s is making a comeback and we have seen it on Rihanna and Miley Cyrus so far. The suggestion below suits marvelously those with fine hair since the combination between bright green and orange will give the impression of fuller hair.

30. Short Dark Pixie With Blue Highlights

Nothing compares to a skillfully cut pixie with subtle blue highlights that will accentuate the beautiful wispy texture of the crown strands, while the extra-long bangs bring shape to the entire mane.

31. Short Faux Hawk For Thin Hair With Undercut

Plenty of volumes and natural shine can be obtained for your thin hair with a short undercut that goes as close to the skin as possible creating an elongated shape for your face while the crown part has 2 inches in length allowing you to style it in a smooth Faux Hawk! Awesome!

32. Short Illuminating Yellow Haircut With Teased Strands

Considered to be the trending color for the following year, this combination of yellow and blonde brings a fresh note to your thin hair and you can opt for a contrasting look by trimming the front strands really short and leaving the back as messy as possible!

33. Short Mullet For Thin Hair With Ice Blue Highlight

This ultra-messy, spiky mullet with an uneven length around the sides is a super modern look with an edgy vibe that suits those with thin hair and bold personalities! The asymmetry and strong chromatic contrast are prone to bring a change in your looks!

34. Tousled Short Mullet With Baby Bangs For Thin Hair

Wow! Mixing straight, chopped baby bangs and soft curls in the same hairstyle is surely an interesting option and a natural way of bringing texture to thin hair. This haircut suits those who want to get rid of old highlights!

35. Short Blonde Undercut Pixie

This look is a cool revamp of Pink‘s iconic short blonde pixie that you can adapt to suit your physiognomy and hair structure for a cool, free look.

36. Short Soft Haircut For Thin Hair With Pointy Sideburns

Soft but precise, this short haircut will suit those with thin hair since it follows the natural contours of your head while exposing the beautiful features of your face. The pointy sideburns are a chic element of the whole ensemble that you will want to style and shape according to your mood.

37. Cool Short Blonde Shag Haircut For Thin Hair

It’s back and it’s here to stay for the following years as well! The shag haircut can be adapted for thin hair easily since the subtle layering and curtain bangs are perfect for creating more volume naturally for your blonde locks!

38. Bright Blonde Pixie Hairstyle For Thin Hair

If you ever tried to rock short hair you know by now that simply combing it in the morning is not enough for a stylish look! This super shiny pixie cut manages to bring shape, thickness, and movement to your short tresses, while also being very easy to arrange in the morning!

39. Pastel Pink Pixie For Thin Hair With Messy Top and Asymmetric Bangs

Bold cuts and feminine hair colors make for the coolest haircuts! And it’s easy to see that in this pink pixie with fantastic color reflections that bring your fine hair into the spotlight making it a mesmerizing thing to admire!

40. Textured Pixie For Dark Thin Hair

You will definitely adore your thin hair after getting a very texturized, short pixie with side-swept fringe that reaches your eyebrows, framing your face in a curvy contour and giving you that innocent childish look you can top off with your biggest smile! Lovely!

41. Short Spiky Haircut For Silver Blonde Thin Hair

You can take advantage of your thin hair by opting for this short spiky haircut that will instantly amplify its volume and give a unique texture allowing the beautiful silver reflections to create a cool appearance.

42. Silver Pixie With Messy Top Hairstyle

A gorgeous result depends mainly on your hairstylist’s skill of cutting and arranging thin hair in such a way that it will gain this natural texture and stay spiky enough to create this free-standing Faux Hawk top.

43. Short Bob For Blue Thin Hair With Baby Bangs

Feeling blue or just craving a change of looks? This icy blue hair color will immediately make you notice when you want to change your hairstyle. The thinner the hair, the easier it will be for you to arrange it in a sleek, smooth bob with perfect contours!

44. Soft Pixie For Balayage Blonde Hair

This trendy cut suits women with a heart-shaped face since it brings all the volume and weight to the top, making your short strands gain plenty of volume if you give them a gentle blow-dry and straighten them to fall around your forehead.

45. Dark Silky Smooth Pixie For Thin Hair

To replicate this finely trimmed pixie haircut with asymmetric bangs and a bob-shaped crown you will also need a good hair straightener so that your thin locks have plenty of movement and shine.

46. Short Platinum Blonde Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair

No matter your hair structure, a chin-length bob will always be flattering and feminine so give this bold cut a try next time you want to change your looks! Can’t go wrong with a bob!

47. Wavy Bob With Curved Bangs For Thin Hair

We are absolutely in love with this contrasting mix of straight and wavy shapes that can bring such diversity and amazing shape to your thin hair making your bob a total hit! With or without the curly back, the curvy bangs are completely stunning!

48. Curly Silver Pink Mullet Shag For Thin Hair

Short curls are the best option for your thin hair since they don’t weigh as much on your crown and will give your hairstyle a unique and fun shape. Choosing a silver-pink balayage color is sure to amplify that effect!

49. Classic French Bob For Blonde Thin Hair

No graduation, no layers, no thinning equals The French Bob! The corners are cut off to create the cutest flick on your cheekbones, while the soft fringe brushes the eyebrows!

III. Long Thin Hair Styling Tips

Medium to short haircut lengths is best for fine hair. The longer the hair gets the more it weighs itself down, resulting in even thinner, stringy-looking hair. Scroll further to discover long thin hair styling tips!

50. Long Straight Haircut For Icy Blonde Hair

With a super soft layered haircut and fine side part, this icy blonde-colored hair is a good example of how you can make the most out of your fragile-looking tresses!

51. Lilac Pink Layered Haircut With Side-swept Bangs For Thin Hair

With a beautiful shade of lilac pink, this layered haircut with side-swept bangs will do wonders both in terms of shape and volume for your long fine tresses, helping you achieve a modern romantic look! Superb!

52. Shaggy Haircut With Straight Bangs For Brown Thin Hair

Alternating directions when cutting layers will result in this shaggy, retro hairstyle that is super trendy right now! It’s a great option if you have thin hair and you can bravely rock this natural look with style!

53. Soft Shag With Curtain Bangs For Thin Sandy Blonde Hair

Tons of patience to maintain this length and a soft long shag haircut that leaves your long thin hair reaching past the shoulders area while the bangs are chopped to reach the cheekbones will result in this feminine, free-falling hairstyle that complements your facial features and hair type.

54. Beach Blonde Thin Hair With Layers Hairstyle

Another cool option for women with thin blonde hair is to opt for U-shaped layers that will create this multi-leveled hairstyle with amazing results for your tresses’ volume!

55. Long Natural Brunette Shag For Thin Hair

Chopping your hair to achieve these chiseled tresses is a great idea if your hair is on the thinner side since it will bring different textures under the same crown! The short, crooked fringe will bring a hippie vibe to the whole ensemble.

56. Straight Sleek Bob For Dark Thin Hair

You can never go wrong with a straight, sleek bob haircut if you have thin hair! These beautiful tresses are amazing no matter how you choose to part the hair, on one side, in the middle or swept on the back.

57. Medium Long Layered Hairstyle With Thin Bangs

Choosing to add a bit of layer around the face will ensure that your thin hair has a definition and a curvy shape that you can balance with blunt-cut bangs to make your face the center of attention.

58. Caramel Balayage With Soft Layers For Long Thin Hair

No better way of flaunting this gorgeous color than with a couple of vertical layers cut to reach your shoulders so that you can easily style them in different updos when you don’t feel like wearing them free falling. Try out this caramel balayage!

59. Long Straight Razor Shag For Bright Red Thin Hair

This strong intense shade of red is beautifully displayed on thin, layered hair, making your appearance noticed in any circumstance! This is your go-to option for a fantastic hairstyle if you don’t want to give up length!

60. Long Layered Blonde Thin Hair With Subtle Blue Highlights

Bringing different color accents is a good strategy for creating the illusion of fuller hair without opting for extensions or other hair tricks! This amazing color blend of blonde and pale blue looks stunning for your mane.

61. Golden Blonde Long Wavy Hairstyle With Long Bangs For Thin Hair

This amazing golden blonde hairstyle with subtle, negligent waves is the perfect hairstyle you can pick to suit any occasion, no matter if it’s going out for a romantic walk or brunch with the family!

62. Long Layered Burgundy Hair With Soft Bangs For Thin Hair

These beautiful layers are perfectly blended with the wispy bangs to create a compact, beautifully colored burgundy mane that has plenty of volume and texture and mesmerizing multicolored reflections.

63. Blue Balayage For Thin Hair With Soft Curls

You’ll be sure to draw everyone’s attention with this colorful hairstyle that has bright blue, violet, and subtle green highlights all mixed together and curled halfway down the length to create this stunning look!

64. Straight Long Thin Hair With Blonde Highlights

With sun-kissed highlights and a long, straight cut, blonde thin hair won’t be hard to style anymore! This simple, seductive look is easy to arrange and has a cool shape as well.

65. Pastel Colored Bob Hairstyle With Straight Bangs

Bring the party with you wherever you go! This colorful pastel-colored bob with skilfully painted splashes of silver and blue is truly a colorist’s masterpiece that highlights your hair without the need for any other styling efforts. Simply parting it on one side of the head will reveal a different hair color.

66. Long Blonde Bob With Bangs For Thin Hair

Blunt cut bobs are all the hype at the moment and opting for a blonde bob with chopped-up layers will allow you to arrange your hair in a multitude of ways so you should confidently give this look a go!

67. Sleek Straight Copper Blonde Haircut For Thin Hair

Thin hair styling tips sometimes simply include this sleek, straight haircut with strategically placed blonde strands that will create a mesmerizing contrast with the top of your crown!

68. Long Straight Silver Thin Hair With Long Bangs

A great way of combating limp, flat-looking hair is to give it a gentle layering when trimming your split ends and create a soft U-shape for the front strands. This soft silver shade of blonde will ensure that it has plenty of shine and luminosity as well!

69. Peach To Blue Color Melt For Long Layered Thin Hair With Waves

These stunning hair colors are a cool alternative to a mermaid balayage that will also amplify your hair’s shape and bring all the focus to your face! With or without the curls in the lower part, your thin hair will look fabulous!

70. Glamourous Waves For Long Layered Thin Hair With Deep Side Part

Thin hair usually can’t hold normal curls so these glamorous waves with a cool shape will help you enjoy a curly hairstyle longer than the average curly hairdo. Choose to add sparkling earrings for an elegant look.

71. Rose Gold Highlights For Thin Hair With Wavy Layers

Unique, vibrant colors can look stunning on a medium-length haircut for thin hair. Adding a couple of small curls towards the tips is a very romantic style choice that will complete the feminine look.

72. Long Straight Red Hair With Dark Bangs Hairstyle

This colored hairstyle is a great way of adding thickness to your fine hair that can look impressively cool with dark bangs and super sleek side parts! The color combination brings a goth note to the whole ensemble also!

73. Powdered Rose Blonde Thin Hair With Loose Waves

Shiny hair colors are the best choices for thin hair since they will automatically increase the perceived volume by capturing all the light in the room. Opt for a medium-long haircut and you are sure to have a modern look!

74. Modern Peach Pink Hairstyle For Thin Hair With Soft Waves

A very stylish and hot hairstyle at the moment, this long-cut bob with loose waves has that casual, negligent look that will give you a relaxed feminine appearance without having to spend hours in the mirror.

75. Medium Long Shag Haircut For Thin Brown Hair

Not too long but not medium either seems to be the recipe for the best wispy, airy layers that will expose your thin hair in all of its delicate, fragile beauty! The only thing left for you to do now is to add texturizing spray to keep those layers as firm as possible!

76. Long Razor Shag With Crooked Bangs

This bold haircut suits women with strong facial features since it has very well-defined contours and highly chiseled bangs to draw attention to the eyes.

77. Long Blonde Layered Hairstyle With Golden Hair Slider

Thin hair benefits from adding soft layers and if you have a cool hair color such as this yellow blonde shade you can enhance it by adding shiny hair sliders that will increase your crown’s volume and bring an elegant touch to your look as well! Stylish!

78. Honey Blonde Balayage For Long Straight Thin Hair With Subtle Waves

The easiest trick any hair colorist will be happy to apply on thin strands is adding fine baby lights that can increase your hair’s texture and offer a natural shine to your locks. Try out the beauty brought by this blonde balayage!

79. Wavy Feathered Pink Lob Cut With Side-swept Bangs For Thin Hair

A medium-length haircut makes a great pair with curtain bangs that reach nose-level when you want a seductive mysterious look and going for a bright pink color melt for your hair will help you achieve a feminine modern appearance.

80. Soft Layered Thin Hair With Pink Highlights

Light, pale-colored highlights will bring a vibrant look to your thin blonde locks and are a really soft, subtle look that brings a touch of color to your layered haircut!

81. Medium Long Peach Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle With Soft Waves and Colorful Headband

A cool trick you can try when you want to amplify your thin hair’s volume is to add a colorful hair comb that makes the crown area stay puffy while the soft waves bring playfulness and femininity to your locks!

82. Smokey Blue Hairstyle With Soft Waves

Soft color tones such as this smokey blue shade will go great with thin hair structure and you can simply choose to add small curls for a fabulous hairstyle!

83. Shaggy Layered Cut With Straight Bangs For Thin Hair

For those who want to transition back to their natural hair color from a blonde, you can ask for this shaggy layered cut with fringy bangs and add subtle low lights to achieve this luminous hairstyle!

84. Glam Rock Hairstyle With Pastel Colored Curls For Thin Hair

Go full color with this short, highly chiseled look that has an amazing color melt of grey, orange, and blonde shades mixed with a unique haircut.

85. Long Wavy Hairstyle For Blonde Balayage

This radiant, dreamy hairstyle is easy to replicate by simply adding a couple of face-framing curls that are parted right in the center of the forehead to create the perfect proportion!

86. Long Layered Hairstyle For Thin Hair With Silver Blonde Hues

Waves, waves, waves! This is the “word-du-jour” when it comes to gaining extra volume for thin hair! Soft, undone waves, fixated with plenty of texturizing hair spray can bring that much sought-after shape to your long tresses!

87. Long Bob With Blonde Balayage For Thin Hair

This blunt cut lob has all the modern accents you were looking for, in a cool hairstyle! Flipping your crown hair on one side of the head will immediately bring you that volume you crave!

88. Two-colored Bob With Straight Thin Hair

Next time you want a low-maintenance hairstyle but also crave that color play in your hair, try this two-colored bob with a soft side part that can look amazing no matter how much time has passed in between hair dyeing sessions! Smart!

89. Long Swoopy Layers For Brown Green Thin Hair

Too scared to make a dramatic change to your hair color? You can give these beautiful mermaid green low lights a chance then so that you don’t have to chop off your entire length if you are not satisfied with the result.

90. Rose Gold Bob Haircut With Messy Waves

An outgrown ear-level bob can be so easy to style and satisfying for you to wear, no matter if you have a gorgeous rose gold hair color or not! Simply add a couple of curls to boost your crown’s volume!

91. Dark Brown Colored Thin Hair With Messy Waves

If you prefer more natural hairstyles this dark brown hair color can be styled with a couple of soft curls applied on the surface so that you can enjoy a feminine hairdo!

92. Messy French Bob With Crooked Fringe And Baby Lights

With an asymmetric cut fringe, this messy French bob is effortlessly styled, enhancing natural texture and movement after you gave it a rough blow-dry!

93. Rainbow Asymmetric Bob For Thin Hair

Thin hair styling tips usually involve teasing, curling, and texturizing hair! Not in this case! This amazing cut bob has all the chances of stealing everyone’s attention.

94. Chin-Length Bob For Blonde Hair With Subtle Layers

Blonde hair looks amazing on a well-cut bob! Try this chin-length haircut with soft bangs for an instant boost of volume and texture in your thin hair!

95. Simple Half Knot With White Bow For Blonde Thin Hair

This simple half-knot is your go-to solution for easy styling! It can provide extra volume and shape without having that bulky look that would steal its elegance, which is desired in a business look!

96. Feathered Brunette Lob Haircut With Thin Blonde Highlights

Thin, subtle highlights in a contrasting color to your main hair color will give your locks this gorgeous effect that will immediately help increase your locks’ volume and bring amazing movement and body to the bob cut.

97. Medium Long Razor Shag With Crooked Bangs For Thin Brunette Hair

Thin hair styling tips wouldn’t be complete without the wispy, crooked bangs, a cool element that is sure to bring shape, volume, and dimension to your fine strands and that will turn into adorable face-framing pieces as they grow! Sweet!

98. Hazelnut Brown Color For U-layered Hairstyle

This delicious shade of brown will instantly draw admiring compliments to your ears if you add a couple of long layers so that the hair gets lighter and the volume gets bigger! Win-win situation!

99. Dimensional Bob Hairstyle

This genius haircut proves that a talented hairstylist can do wonders with any type of hair, thin or coarse! The blunt-cut bangs mixed with long front wings are amongst the best thin hair styling tips we encountered so far!

100. Subtle Blonde Balayage For Thin Hair

Simple is best! If you want to create the illusion of fuller hair, opting for a trendy money piece or even a blonde balayage for your brunette hair will be a quick solution and also a chic choice!

101. Swoopy Layers For Ice Blonde Hair

A few soft layers around the face give hair a place to go! This superb icy blonde shade of hair suits perfectly those with thinner hair that will move naturally when you turn your head and frame your face!


Patience, acceptance, and care! These three words define the relationship you should develop with your thin hair. Throughout our selection of hairstyles, we mainly focused on straight thin hair since it is known that it might be hard to hold a curl for this delicate fragile type of hair. Which one would you try?