50 Flattering Blunt Bob Haircut Ideas for Women RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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A blunt haircut is best to give you hair that is the same length and has sharp hair ends. If you are into giving hair a healthier look by having a low-maintenance hairstyle, then definitely pick a blunt bob haircut.

It is also perfect for giving thinner hair a fuller if blunt ends have a textured cut. Also, the subtle waves or wispy hair work excellently for thinner hair.

Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Naomie Harris are the biggest names to make blunt bob cuts make a dramatic comeback.

Not only did we list blunt haircuts with different styles, but we have also informed the skin tone and face shape best for it.

1. Regular Razor Straight Dark Blunt Bob Cut

This bob cut is achieved with a razor rather than scissors to give hair a jagged and straight end. Reaching below the chin and above the shoulder, this regular bob cut looks utility gorgeous in the middle part style.

2. Rooty and Long Hair

Blonde ombre with lighter money-piece and smudge roots suits porcelain-skinned ladies and ladies with violet and blue skin undertones. Its middle part makes it suitable for oblong faces.

3. Blonde Mini-Curtain Bangs

Blunt cut with graduated volume at the ends and mini-curtain bangs suit a square face shape. The platinum blond color of this style is perfect for skin having pink and red undertones.

4. Tad Hairstyle

Blunt bob cut with a tad (insignificant) angle-cut towards the front looks chic. However, the middle part covering the sides of the face is best for round face shapes.

5. Stylish Cute Bob Haircut

Blonde hair with smudge roots makes the bob elegant. The side part style creating volume at the top is best for diamond and round face shapes.

6. Sweet Chin Length Hairstyle

Graduated volume blunt bob with hair covering the sides of the face looks best on wider face shapes. You can wear this style for big-scale elegant parties.

7. Clean Blonde in Wavy Bob

A blunt bob covering the nape of the neck in the middle part style and curtain bangs reaching the eyebrows is best for square and oblong face shapes. It is styled with wavy hair with bangs. This style color goes best with cool skin tones.

8. Caramel Highlight Hairstyle

A blunt cut on dark hair with caramel highlights covering the sides of the face is perfect for a medium skin tone with a cool undertone.

9. Sleek and Edgy Look Hairstyle

Women also prefer sassy looks nowadays. This edgy feather razor cut hairstyle is perfect for achieving that look with subtle waves.

10. Bob Cut Hairstyle for Black Women

An asymmetrical bob-cut enhances the symmetricity of the face and is excellent for a round face. Girls can achieve this gorgeous short hairstyle for black women by silk pressing the hair.

11. Ashy Purple Angel Textured Bob

Ashy purple ombre bob is amazing for a balanced and dark skin tone with a cool undertone. Angle haircut with texture makes this bob style perfect for thin hair.

12. Stunning Black and Soft Bob Cut

Stunning Black and Soft Bob Cut

If someone wants to look gorgeous without trying, choose this one. This super silky hair in natural brown and side-swept style is suitable for warm skin tones and square and round face shapes.

13. Brunette Haircut

This brunette blunt bob angled from the top of the nape of the neck towards the chin looks great in a blunt cut. Ladies with prominent and tight jawlines can rock this style.

14. One-Length with Fringe

An asymmetrical bob cut reaching the chin with a fuller fringer is best for ladies with long and oval face shapes with a chiseled jaw.

15. Bob Cut with Highlights and Light Grey Toner

Light gray and blonde dimensional highlights and smudge roots are fabulous for warm, pale, and pink skin tones. The long curtain bangs on straight hair make it suitable for a rectangular face shape.

16. Chestnut Layered Haircut

This layered haircut is best with subtle waves to add volume naturally to the thin hair. In addition, the chestnut hair color is universally flattering.

17. Amethyst Short Hairstyle

The glowing gemstone, amethyst, and color look great with a baby or short bangs. It is best for fair skin tone.

18. Baggy Bob Haircut

The bob with father cut and graduated volume gives the baggy (fuller) hair effect. It suits almost all face shapes and skin tones.

19. The Shoulder Length Cut

The shoulder-length hair transitioning from natural brown to caramel brown looks attractive with long hair bangs. This sun-kissed brunette shade is best for warm skin tones with a cool undertone.

20. Gorgeous Blonde Haircut

Blunt cut with caramel base color, and dominant blonde highlights are outstanding with root melt. It works best on round, square and oblong face shapes.

21. White Blonde in Concave Style

Concave, the hair ends outline curve inwards, and the hair corners outward look tip-top. It complements a wide range of skin tones.

22. Two-Toned Classic Cut

A classic blunt bob with platinum blonde money-piece is amazing to add brightness to any skin complexion. The hair color contrast is always appreciated.

23. Golden Glow in Low Maintenance Haircut

Golden blonde uneven, blunt bob with subtle waves is fairly easy to maintain. The brown smudge roots make hair glow to flatter your style.

24. Custom Highlights Style

We all want a makeover that does not look exaggerated, and this dark brown hair with highlights three shades brighter than its base color looks captivating.

25. Copper Hair Shade

Super-sleek ginger copper hair with styled edges looks great on afro ladies. A 4×6 lace front wig can work best for it and avoid damage to natural hair.

26. Blonde Roots Smudge and Toner

Glossy blonde color that turns dark towards the ends and smudges roots makes it a deep and interesting hairstyle.

27. Pretty Chin-Length Hairstyle

White blonde chin-length razor haircuts complement ladies with fair skin and light-colored eyes.

28. Ear-Length Razor Sharp with Bangs

Graduated volume razor cut with sharp bangs is best for women who start feeling their face sagging to make facial muscles more active.

29. Super-Short Bob with Lengthy Bangs

Super short blunt bangs like pixie cuts with long bangs reaching below the chin look high fashion in white-blonde hair.

30. Silky Smooth Chocolate Tint

Super-sleek blunt bob covering the whole neck is best for square, round, diamond, and heart face shapes. And the chocolate tint suits every skin tone.

31. Short Bob for Older Women

The blunt brown bob with orange tint and smudge roots is a great short haircut for older women. Also, this hairstyle adds richness to any older woman’s face.

32. Bangin’ Bob and Baby Bangs

Pink, brown and black bob cut with baby bangs looks great on an oval face shape and light skin tone. It is excellent for informal gatherings and events.

33. Inverted Haircut

Super angled inverted bob cut with glossy dark brown hair frames the face beautifully and focuses on the neck too.

34. Rooty Line and Natural Edge

A more prominent partition line with natural edges looks like embracing natural beauty. But don’t forget to seek out the rest of the hair to make it appear good.

35. Fashionable Style Cut

A super asymmetrical hairstyle is best to increase the symmetricity of a slim face. In addition, the silver-gray hair color with dark root melt makes it even more gorgeous. This long bob haircut is best for you.

36. Bob with Peachy Keen and Parma Violet Hairstyle

Two-toned hair on the first and second half of the hair is unique. But it would be pleasing to the eyes if the perfect color was chosen.

37. Peach and Dark Undertones

Peachy hair with a purple undertone in a pastel tone also looks elegant on older women. And the best part is it suits all skin tones.

38. Rich Blonde with more Natural Roots

Blonde hair with prominent black root melt gives richness to facial features. The bevel at the hair ends makes it fashionable.

39. Butterfly Loft Haircut

Black hair with butterfly colors like green and blue looks great. Also, the greenish-yellow money piece with the butterfly loft appears interesting to make a fashion statement.

40. Silver Strips Tint Haircut

Black hair with the thinnest silver strip tint all over the hair looks ultimately elegant on older women. In addition, the silver money piece brightens the complexion.

41. Dazzling Rainbow Hairstyle

 You may have seen a vertical rainbow style on the hair, but this horizontal rainbow hair is mind-blowing. Keep colors bright to vibe peaceful and straight.

42. Blunt and Fabulous Red Hair

Blunt red hair with a bob angle towards the chin looks amazing with air bangs. In addition, this red auburn hair adds richness to the skin tone.

43. Bob Cut in Ashy Silver Tones

Side swept bob in ash blonde tone, and subtle waves look beautiful on a round, square face and warm skin tone.

44. Iron Perm with Stylish Purple Tone

Straight iron perm hair with dark root melt and stylish pastel purple color looks gorgeous. It is excellent for any event.

45. Shoulder Length Channel Cut

Blunt bob hair vigorously touching the shoulders looks gorgeous. One-tone color gives a natural beauty impression.

46. Ginger Color in Layered Hair

Ginger hair color with pastel brown color looks impeccable. The subtle waves make this style energetic. In addition, it suits a bright and medium skin tone.

47. Blue Grey Trendy Look

Blue hair streaks that feel prominent on the black base color are chic. It suits all skin tones, appears not so prominent, and still looks gorgeous.

48. Glam and Style Haircut

Light brown hair with blonde streaks on wispy hair and subtle waves work best to make thin hair appear fuller. This haircut suits slim faces. Check out more curly bob hair ideas.

49. Concave Bob with Natural Black Hairstyle

Concave bob cut with graduated volume and comb-over style creates a pretty high cranial top to create a perfect face 1:1 ratio from eyes to hairline and hairline to the top of the head.

50. Lush Style for Asymmetrical Hair

A slightly asymmetrical face shape is common; the easiest way to lessen it is an asymmetrical bob. Keep the shorter bob side where the face side feels asymmetrical. These kinds of haircuts are always adored.


The above-listed 50 best blunt bob haircut ideas explanation has informed you what is best for you. If you are confused about face shape and skin tone, you can always ask your makeup artist/professional. Suppose you still like a haircut and its color is unsuitable. In that case, any expert hairdresser or hairstylist can make it suitable for you by changing a bit of hair cutting or lowering or increasing the intensity of the hair color.

However, know already that you must have a straightener and use it with proper care to show off blunt cuts. Also, there should be an appointment with a hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain a blunt bob haircut.