50 Beautiful Wavy Hair with Bangs for Women in 2024

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The beauty of wavy hair with bangs is that it becomes highly suitable for every woman with little alteration. Celebrities worldwide have been incorporating wavy hair with bangs as the style to be recognized. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, and Taylor Swift are the ones who flaunted bangs with wavy hair that captured the world’s attention.

Practical ways to style this hair are split dyes and different types of bangs combined with different haircuts. We are showing all of the hair. So, what’s stopping you from getting a dauntless, daring, or glamorous, classy look; scroll down.

You may know about new bangs; get excited!  

1. Flowy Layers and Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair

Middle part style with beachy waves in hair with curtain bangs looks A1. It suits a diamond face shape. 

2. Wolf Cut with Bangs for Wavy Hair

Wolf cut provides a sassy look. The addition of air bangs makes this medium haircut for wavy hair feminine and chic.

3. Red Hair and Fine Bangs

Red hair with root melt is totally irresistible. When it is combined with air bangs in flicked curtain bangs style makes you look edgy. 

4. Little French Bob Style

A French bob hairstyle with textured hair and baby bangs suits best an oval face shape. Keeping hair color natural makes it look like that person is naturally gorgeous. 

5. Long Layers and Short Bangs for Wavy Hair

Soft, defined curls with short baby bangs look natural and high fashion. But this long layered hairstyle with bangs only suits long and oval face shapes. 

6. Bangs and Shag Fresh Style for Wavy Hair

If someone is into short and low-maintenance hairstyles, then pick it. The freestyle shag hair with bangs covering the forehead is for face shapes with a pointy chin. 

7. Wavy Chin Bob Cut with Bangs

A wavy bob-cut with subtle waves and some flicked hair makes a cute haircut sassy too. The fuller bangs reaching the eyes are suitable for a round face shape. 

8. Fairy Floss Bangs for Wavy Hair

The soft colors in fairy floss appeal to everyone. And the addition of fairy floss color to the money piece makes the face look innocent and youthful. 

9. V-Shaped Bangs with Copper Tint Wavy Hair

Copper V-shaped bangs are great for the lady who loves to stand out with their unique fashion style. It suits all skin tones from fair to medium with a yellow or olive undertone. 

10. Vintage-Inspired Wavy Hair with Pop Bangs

Vintage-style hair and pop bangs in comb-over style look chic on ladies over 40. 

11. Long Hair with Wavy Ends and Blunt Bangs

Long haircuts and hairstyles with purple under-light hints look high fashion. The fuller blunt bangs are suitable for an oval face. 

12. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs for Wavy Hair

Textured short pixie cut hair with choppy, uneven baby bangs gives fun-loving vibes. It looks great on the V-triangle face.   

13. Shaggy Bob with Pink Peek-A-Boo Bangs for Wavy Hair

A short shag haircut with textured curtain bangs with smooth color transitions in pink looks cool. It adds brightness to the face. 

14. French Bob with Baby Bangs for Wavy Hair

Textured french bob reaching just below the ears with uneven baby bangs looks great in an oval face shape. 

15. Wavy and Side Fringe Style

A blow-out style that adds bevel to the hair with a deep side part that creates a long and thick fringe covering one side of the face adds youthfulness to the face. 

16. Textured Fringe and Layered Cut

See-through textured fringe with a layered haircut in the rest of the hair looks spectacular. The waves in hair defining the hair layers enhance femininity and elegance. 

17. Sweet and Rounded Bob With Bangs

The textured rounded bob-cut with tousled waves makes a woman look full of life. The mute blond highlights make hair prettier. 

18. Bangs Trimmed and Smooth Blowout

Flick blow-out style on straight hair and trimmed bangs in concave style are best for an A-shape triangle face. 

19. Fashion Tones and Bangs

Short baby bangs with turquoise ombre hair with root melt look royal. It suits round and oval face shapes. 

20. Colored Bangs Half-and-Half

Split dye of black and candy floss color hair with curtain bangs looks impressive. It suits a square face and lighter skin tone. 

21. Icy Blonde and Curved Blunt Bangs

Icy blonde hair with black base color is such a good contrast. The concave blunt bangs styled curved are excellent for oblong, oval, and square face shapes.

22. Orange Tone and Curls

Dark brown textured hair with orange hints peeking through hair gives a dauntless appearance. 

23. Flippy Bob with Crop Fringe Bangs

Chopped bob hair with flicked-out ends and trimmed fringe bangs work to make a face appear wider and big. So, it is suitable for small face shapes like a heart and diamond face shape. 

24. Purple Hair and Textured Fringe

Mute purple shaggy hair with textured bangs is such a magnificent style. It suits a diamond face shape with fair skin tones. 

25. Long and Shaggy Layered Hairstyle

Long shaggy hair with textured bangs is a uniquely attractive hairstyle. The brown color in it suits all skin tones and oval face shapes. 

26. Wavy and Textured Cut

Wavy texture cut hair with blunt bangs is, in every event, a suitable hairstyle. It suits an oval face shape with fuller cheeks. 

27. Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

Modern shag with soft curls on medium hair looks best with curtain bangs reaching the cheekbone looks high fashion. It suits a diamond face shape. 

28. Wavy Hair with Wispy Bangs

Medium-length hair with waves and wispy straight and less dense bangs reaching below the cheekbone is highly feminine. It suits square and oval face shapes. 

29. Bob Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

Razor-cut bob reaching the chin with side-swept bangs is best for round faces and face shapes with prominent jawlines. 

30. Textured Bottlenecked Bangs

The bangs open in the center and then towards the ends that blend in the rest of the hair by blowing out is the latest glamorous style you should try. It is a red-carpet-worthy style. 

31. Strong Bang Shags

The highly shagged hair where different lengths of hair are flicked outward with straight trimmed bangs is such a fun-loving and dauntless fashion statement. 

32. Fine Wavy Hair with Bangs

Almond brown hair with golden streaks and subtle waves on straight hair looks ultimately gorgeous on all skin tones and face shapes. 

33. Blended Mid-Length Shag Hairstyle

Shag hair that is not messy but has soft-looking curls that keep hair blended too looks stunning with air bangs. 

34. Fringe and Vibrant Blonde Locks

Vibrant blonde hair with root melt and curtain fringe covering the forehead is a great classical hairstyle for offices and formal places. 

35. Golden Locks with Dainty Curtain Bangs

The golden hair with flicked-out curtain bangs with layer cut and bevel at the ends makes you look tip-top without overdoing hair. 

36. Modern Twist and Swoopy Bangs

Swoopy curtain bangs with the blow-out twist right under it look ultra-modern. The soft pink color complements the light brown hair amazingly. 

37. Two-Toned Long Bob

Split dye style only on the front of the white blonde and dark brown hair looks breathtaking and gives women a spelling, fashionable personality. 

38. Blunt Bob with Full Fringe

Blunt bob with subtle waves and a high cranial top makes over 40 women youthful. The straight bangs reaching below the eyebrows bring attention to the eyes. 

39. Soft Shag with High Contrast Blonde

A shag haircut with smudge roots and the black base color looks luxurious with yellow blond is great to add richness to skin tone. 

40. Brown Hair with Wispy Fringe

Textured brown hair with tousled waves gives a female a sporty vibe. The fuller bangs make this style high-fashion. 

41. Bouncy Layers with Bardot Bangs

Bardot, a type of curtain bangs, in side-swept style and bouncy layer in ginger color suits any skin tone and rectangular face shape. 

42. Thick Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Thick hair with side-swept style via deep partition and half-up and half-down style is so sassy. The body wave hair texture is an impressive style. 

43. Wavy Hairstyle with Long Choppy Bangs

Wavy hair with flicked-out curtain bangs reaching the eyebrows looks magnificent. It suits an oval and long face shape.

44. Blunt Bangs with Blue Hairstyle

Blunt bangs with aqua blue ombre hair with a bevel at the ends is a runway-worthy style. 

45. Shaggy Golden Blonde Hairstyle

Shaggy golden blonde straight hair with thin bangs looks impressive. The smudge roots make it interesting. 

46. Layered Waves Haircut and Curtain Bangs

Layer waves on long hair with Bardot curtain bangs and shadow roots look best on the square and oval face shapes. 

47. Crop Fringe Haircut with Blonde Tip

Crop fringe hair reaching the forehead mid looks great with blonde ombre hair on brown hair—this type of fringe suits an oval face shape. 

48. Jellyfish Haircut with Wavy Tendrils

If someone is considered to be called a fashion icon, then they must try jellyfish cut of red and brown hair with thick tendrils. 

49. Short Bangs and Wavy Bob Haircuts

A short and wavy textured bob looks super with straight bangs reaching the eyebrows suits best short face shapes like heart and diamond. 

50. Modern Shag with Crop Styled Fringe

Thick layer shag hair with curved concave bangs makes hair look so healthy and chic. Women with any face shape can rock it.


We want you to rethink your selected bangs to check if it is suitable according to your lifestyle. Also, opt for less shaggy hair if you spend most of the time in formal places. 

Moreover, you can show all these styles to your hairdresser and select one with their help. Bangs and wavy hair require upkeep and on-time tweaks to stay tip-top. But make sure not to use oil-based hair products; it weighs down the hair and gives hair a greasy effect; opt for water-based products instead. Limit the use of heated styling tools, and try heatless waves to keep hair health better.