50 Gorgeous Short Pixie Cuts and Hairstyles in 2024

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Are you searching for the best short pixie cuts and hairstyles? Well, you have come to the right place. Pixie cuts have been popular for all types of women since the 1950s. They were first inspired by the one and only Audrey Hepburn, and many other celebrities have followed suit. Many women from Hollywood have gone for the edgy short pixie look, from Hallie Berry to Miley Cyrus, these fashionable haircuts look good on anyone!

A short pixie cut for women is a style that is about half an inch up to about 3 inches in length. Pixie cuts are so easy to style and will cut your morning routine down to minutes. After getting your edgy short pixie cut to try out these ways to style your short hair. There are many different ways to wear your short pixie cut, but here are the 50 edgy short pixie cuts to help inspire your next look.

1. Short Layered Pixie Cuts

This cute pixie cut is one of the more popular pixie hairstyles, it follows the natural hairline in the back and the front has side longer bangs and leaves some longer layers on the top. A super stylish haircut for anyone.

2. Short Pixie Blonde Cuts

This elegant pixie cut keeps the back short with some longer layers on top and bangs. Top it off with bright blonde color and you are all set for summer.

3. Short Pixie Cuts with Medium Length Sided Bangs

The short pixie with medium-length-sided bangs is so cute. It leaves some longer length for all of your hair and gives you enough side bangs that you can easily pull it back behind your ears, or add stylish accessories like a headband to get it out of your face for the day.

4. Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

The edgy pixie haircut with bangs is a classicly beautiful look! In the photo above they added lighter highlights and kept the bangs long across the whole face.

5. Bold Undercut Pixie Haircuts

Next is the bold undercut pixie haircut. This edgy cut is for adventurous women. This pixie keeps the back of your head shaved with short layers and bangs on the top. In the photo above they went with a bold blonde to go along with the bold undercut style, it matches perfectly.

6. Salt and Pepper Textured Pixie Haircuts

This salt and pepper textured pixie cut is perfect for women who are letting their natural gray shine through. This edgy cut leaves the top long with bangs while keeping the back short a nice clean look. This look is also perfect for all the women who are trying our trendy silver hair color look.

7. Classic Short Bob Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Next up is the classic bob pixie cut, this is one of the most popular pixie cut looks. This cute cut keeps your hair long and is normally parted to one side. This look is perfect for the hot summer months and is easy to style with a straightener.

8. Short Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

This next look is perfect for all the women out there with thick hair. Sometimes it can be hard to find a shortcut for thick hair and the pixie is a great solution to your problems. It has long and short layers that perfectly frame your face and keep your thick hair looking great.

9. Curly Pixie Hairstyle

The curly pixie is a great way to keep your curls looking their best. This look keeps the back of the head shaved and the top longer for your curls to come alive. This curly pixie is one of the cutest cuts.

10. Pixie Cuts for Black Women

The next edgy pixie cut is for all black women who need a new look. This cut is perfect for keeping your hair natural. It is shaved in the back and longer on top that can be worn as bangs or kept natural with curls. If this look is something you are into, you should also check out these short hairstyles for black women.

11. Side Undercut Pixie Cuts

This fun and funky look lets your creative side out with half of your head shaved into a pattern and longer layers in the middle. In the photo above they have dyed the hair a bright almost white color to really make the side undercut pixie shine.

12. Short and Edgy Pixie Cuts

If you are looking for a short and edgy pixie cut this is a perfect example. It has different lengths of layers but a nice clean back. This pixie lets you style your hair in so many different ways. With a little bit of hair paste, you could easily recreate this look in minutes.

13. Asymmetrical Short Bob Pixie Haircuts

The asymmetrical bob pixie hair is so edgy right now. This pixie cut keeps your hair parted to one side and a clean asymmetrical line across your face. Above the colored hair is a dark black gives it a little bit more drama.

14. Short Chop Mob Pixie Haircuts

The chop mob pixie hair is a perfect cut for you if you have straight or curly hair. This edgy pixie has longer layers on the top so you can easily style it with loose curls or wear it straight. Add some highlights for texture and you have a perfect look.

15. Black Thick Pixie Cuts Hairstyles

Another great cut for women with thicker hair. The black thick pixie keeps your thick hair in control and easy to style. Short layers throughout and a nice clean cut in the back make it so easy and fast to style all that hair.

16. Clean Copper Short Pixie Cuts for Black Women

The clean pixie cut for black women with copper color is a great color combo for any complexion. The soft copper color is a great look for spring or summer. This look above is done with shorter layers on top with a natural hairline in the back. For more short hairstyles for black women look here.

17. Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs

The pixie hair with long bangs looks so cute on women with wavy hair. The way the layers are done on this hairstyle makes it so your natural hair can really take shape. Parted on one side with the bangs coming across your face is how they styled it in the photo above. This haircut is perfect for professional women.

18. Short Wavy Pixie Bob Hairstyles for Women with Blonde Hair

Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect haircut for medium wavy hair. The short wavy pixie bob is the solution for you. This pixie cut helps show off your waves with long and short layers that are parted on the side. Add some blonde to this style to really make it pop.

19. Blonde Short Bob Pixie Haircuts with Two-Sided Bangs

The blonde bob pixie with two-sided bangs will make anyone look like a movie star. This style looks so great when it is straight. This bob look keeps your hair at one length around your hair and then has bangs on both sides to frame your beautiful face.

20. Short Copper Brown Pixie Haircuts

The cool copper pixie look is easy to get. This pixie cut is a simple pixie, with the back short and some longer layers in the front that can be worn as bangs or pushed up like the photo above. Add some copper lowlights and you are all set.

21. Short Punky Spicy Red Pixie Haircuts

The punky spicy red pixie hairstyle is right on trend right now, it gives off rocker vibes. This look is great for women of any age that want to express themself through their hair. This cut is pretty even all around with bangs straight across your face with bright red color.

22. Short Spiky Balayage Pixie Cuts

If you are looking for a short hairstyle that is easy to style then the short spiky balayage pixie is a great way to go. This pixie is so easy to style with some hair products and will not take you long at all.

23. Semi-Short Pixie Cuts with Straight Bangs

The semi-short pixie is so cute with bangs and a shaved back. The photo above has her hair all one color and it looks perfect.

24. Dark Red Pixie Cuts Hair for Medium Length

The next medium-length pixie haircut keeps the hair a little bit longer. The dark red pixie hair can be paired with various types of bangs and longer layers that would look perfectly curled or straight. Keeping it a little longer like in the photo above is great if you like to pull your hair back in a pony on the days you don’t feel like doing it.

25. Semi-Undercut Pixie Haircuts for Women

The semi-undercut pixie is a mix of long layers and shorts in the back. In the photo above they added some firey red hair color to make this look extra edgy.

26. Short Rock Pixie Haircuts

This pixie cut is perfect for all the women out there who love to rock out. The cool rock pixie hairstyle is parted on the side, keeping one side short and the other longer to give it some texture and allow you to keep the volume.

27. Fresh Pixie Cuts

Next up is the fresh pixie cut. This simple but sophisticated cut would be so easy to style, it is short all around and shaved to your natural hairline across the back.

28. Edgy Pink Pixie Hairstyles

If you are looking for an edgy pink pixie this is perfect for you. Shaved halfway up the head and paired with a wave on top this hairstyle will definitely make you feel like Pink.

29. Undercuts with Short Spiky Pixie Cuts

This gorgeous cut is the undercut spiky pixie. This pixie cut looks so beautiful with the under-layer shaved and the top layers long and straight.

30. Short Cute Pixie Cuts for Semi-Round Face

The cute pixie is perfect for women with semi-round faces. With bangs and layers framing the face it will help to make your face look longer.

31. Short Semi Pixie Wolf Cuts for Colored Hair

The wolf cut is all the rage in 2024, and adding some fun texture with a pixie cut and color will really make you stand out. Adding more than one color to your hair is a great way to add some definition and help to really let your layers show.

32. Dimensional Wave Pixie Hairstyles for Older Woman

Pixie cuts look great for all ages, and this dimensional wave pixie is perfect for older women. Subtle color throughout helps bring the waves to life for a gorgeous hairstyle.

33. Long-Sided Bangs Pixie Bob Cuts

If you need a change but still want to keep some of your hair long, this is a great bob for you. The longer bangs are easy to style and will grow out fast.

34. Big Curls Pixie Hairstyles

If you love keeping your curls natural, this is the perfect haircut. This cut has a shorter shaved under layer and keeps your curls on top long and bouncy.

35. Short Spiky Blonde Pixie Hairstyles with Dark Undercuts

This shortest yet cutest style is the spiky blonde with dark undercuts. The way these two colors offset each other makes for the perfect pair. This hairstyle has a dark undercut and longer blonde layers on top.

36. Short Wavy Pixie Hairstyles with Undercuts

This elegant hairstyle is so pretty with light blonde hair. With one long section in the middle and, both sides of the head shaved this pixie is simple but so pretty.

37. Short Straight Pixie Hairstyles

This simple but beautiful hairstyle is perfect for women with straight hair. Parted down one side, longer side bangs will really show off your straight hair in the best way.

38. Very Short Blonde Pixie Hairstyles

This pixie haircut is a low-maintenance one and is great for women who want to keep their hair short.

39. Icy Highlights Short Spiky Pixie Hairstyles

These delicate icy highlights look great with a spiky pixie haircut. This hairstyle is really set off when you keep the back of the hair dark and short, with delicate longer layers on top.

40. Short Pixie Hairstyles with Side Bangs Cut

A super feminine way to wear short hair is the pixie with side bangs. This haircut would look so great with highlights throughout like in the photo above.

41. Short Pixie Hairstyles for Oval Face

The perfect tomboy look is the pixie hair for the oval face. With short bangs across your forehead and the undercut shaved to meet short layers in the back is the perfect, easy hairstyle for all the tomboys out there.

42. Layered Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Round Faces

No need to worry if you have a round face, the layered pixie is a way to look your best. There are very few layers in the cut, framing your beautiful face perfectly all the way around.

43. Short Razor Shaggy Pixie Hairstyles

The heavy chopped shaggy razor pixie is a great way to wear your curls. This pixie keeps your hair long to the shoulders with bangs, adds a subtle honey blonde throughout and you are ready to go.

44. Short Blue Big Chop Shaggy Pixie Hairstyles with Rat Tail

Rock out with your rat tail out. The classic rat rail is making its way back into 2024. Paired with long layers and bangs is a messy and trendy way to wear your hair.

45. Short Thin Shaggy Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces

To add some spice to your thin hair, try the shaggy pixie for the round faces. The shaggy pixie helps by framing your face with bangs and keeping it short in the back. Add some fun color like the photo above and you have a gorgeous new look.

46. Shag Haircut with Fringe Bangs

Fringe bangs and shaggy hair are the new way to wear a pixie. With big fringy and uneven layers, this hairstyle is perfect for any face type.

47. Silver Shaggy Pixie Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

For all the silver foxes out there with medium-length hair, this silver shaggy pixie cut should be your next look. The wavy uneven layers of this hairstyle are easy to style curly or straight.

48. Rock Semi-Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

Rock out with this cute shaggy pixie short hairstyle. With longer sideburns and fringy layers, you will look fantastic everywhere you go.

49. Funky Fresh Style Shag Pixie Haircut

This funky, edgy style has messy layers and is perfect with a little pop of color. Keeping you standing out of the crowd wherever you go.

50. Sassy Long Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Keep your curls sassy with a long pixie cut. This cut is great for anyone with short curly hair and would like great in any season.


This short edgy pixie list is a great place to start for your new pixie style. Pixies are so elegant and right on trend for 2024. Most are very simple to style in the morning, and women who try these hairstyles end up keeping them for years. Let us know if you tried any of these cuts, or which one was your favorite!