101 Best-Shaved Hairstyles For Black Women in 2023

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Growing up with curly kinky hair can become a challenge over time, and that’s why shaved hairstyles for black women are convenient and can increase your features with their beautiful shiny coils that will amplify your short hair volume. Scroll through to see all the options available.

How to shave your head?

You have three options for shaving your head: a razor, an electric shaver, or a hair clipper.

The best time to shave your head is after a hot shower when your hair is softer. If it’s the first time, dry your hair with a towel until it’s wet, and then use a hair clipper to ensure it is short enough to be shaved. It is best to use settings no. 1 or 2 of the trimmer.

Then apply shaving cream or shaving oil and let it sit for a few minutes to soften the hair follicles further. Remember that menthol-based hair gel will dry your skin and close your pores.

Use a clean, sharp razor with at least three blades. Make sure you rinse it as often as possible during the process.

Start shaving, but be gentle and as precise as possible to avoid injury. You can shave better if you do it in the opposite direction of hair growth, but this also irritates you. Keep the areas with more hair last, so ensure the shaving cream has extra time to soften the hair.

The back of the head is one of those areas, so tilt your head so that the back skin is tense when it’s time to shave that part.

After shaving, spray cold water on your head to close the pores, then dry your head with a towel. Next, apply an alcohol-free conditioner, and moisturize the scalp daily.

How to Take Care of Your Shaved Head

You may be tempted to eliminate your hair care products now that your hair is gone. However, some recommended tips are:

Do not throw away shampoo and conditioner

Those little hairs on your head may be hard to see, but they still need care. Oil and dirt can build up on the scalp, so use shampoo and moisturizer. Also, do not use shower gel or soap to wash your head, as they can have a drying effect. Instead, it is best to choose hair products.

Protects the scalp from the sun

This is one of the most important tips. If your hair is used to protect the scalp, now that you have less protection, you should pay more attention to the weather. On cold days, it covers the head area. And when it’s sunny outside, apply sunscreen or wear a hat.

Keep hydrating

Especially during the dry winter months, or if you spend too much time in the sun, your scalp may become dry. You can hydrate yourself by consuming more water or applying a cream for sensitive skin.

1. Curly Pixie Hairstyle For Black Women

This wiry black hairstyle is cut at an overall length of 1 inch and has a shiny appearance that creates a super smooth look for your features while preserving the gorgeous texture.

2. Royal Blue Shaved Hairstyle with Side Razor Design

Go the extra mile with a strong shade of blue and a side razor design that starts at the temple and reaches the nape, following a sinuous curve that will be completed with three parallel lines and plenty of blue curls.

3. High Fade with Blue Curly Top and Double Side Razor Design

This hairstyle for black women with curly hair is so fresh and exquisite that you won’t quit too soon on wearing it! It has a high fade that stops at the nape combined with a longer top with two shades of blue combined.

4. Curly Blue Mohawk with Shaved Design

Ask for a two-colored hairstyle with slightly longer top hair and a curly stripe of around 2 inches to ensure a Faux Hawk-shaped design for your top crown.

5. Dark Turquoise Mohawk with Ziz-zag side design

Create a stylish Mohawk with rebellious curls of different lengths that amplify your crown’s volume. Choose to add a zig-zag-shaped razor design on the shaved sides to reveal your face.

6. High Taper Fade with Razor Side Design

A minimalistic approach to the manly Taper haircut, this version only keeps a bit of weight on top of the crown while the rest of the head is short-shaved and has a double V-sign drawn on the sides.

7. Short Chopped Pixie For Medium Brown Hair

Although it doesn’t use the shaving technique that much, this wavelength haircut has a distinct appearance thanks to the caramel brown highlights added that soften your features and make you look feminine.

8. Small Curly Taper with Side Razor Design

This ultra-short, slightly messy small curly taper has an incredibly subtle texture with soft spikes and a thick side line drawn with surgeon precision that brings attention to the eyes.

9. Natural Short Shaved Black Hairstyle

Whether you go to a hairstylist or a barber, you will need someone who can give you a round shape for your scalp and make sure to keep it fresh with monthly visits to the salon.

10. Buzz Cut with Auburn Twists Hairstyle

This overall even hairstyle has small coils tightly twisted and placed together around the head to create a beautiful compact shape for your head. It’s a great hairstyle for women with type 4 curls!

11. Big Shiny Twa Shaved Hairstyle

A more natural look, similar to the classic African hairstyle, but smaller, a.k.a a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), makes for a cool, particular shape and dimension for your hair with only a bit of hair gel needed to give those curls the shine and definition they deserve. Thin the sideburns well to create a cool aspect.

12. Blonde Tussled Fade with Chiseled Top-Shaved Hairstyle

This bright blonde color will amplify your hair’s texture and length, bringing so much light to your face that you won’t want to change the shaved hairstyle too soon!

13. Short Sleek Hairstyle with Dark Curls

This super short shaved hairstyle only keeps a bit of weight on top of the head while the sides are kept trimmed short, exposing the scalp and making the hair curls visible, creating a distinct pattern of parallel hair strands.

14. Brown Top Juice Cut with Side Part and Shaved Sides

This amazing shaved hairstyle for black women is a must-try if you haven’t already! Be confident enough to go to a barbershop where you are sure to receive a well-executed Juice cut adapted to your feminine physiognomy.

15. Bright Blue Hairstyle with Short Side Part

Keep it minimal but bold! This phrase comprises the excellent combination of a zero fade applied on curly hair and an incredible metallic blue hair color that makes the whole haircut stand out even more!

16. Bleached Blonde Bald-Shaved Hairstyle For Black Women

With a manly haircut, the bald fade can make your features stand out with or without makeup and give you a soft, subtle look if you opt to bleach the hair.

17. Curly Spiked Top With Intricate Side Design

This hairstyle has two distinct elements that make it unique: the intricate razor design that covers half of the head and the curly spiky top with twisted coils that bring softness to your hairstyle!

18. Medium Long Brown Hair with Small Side Razor Design

Choose a trapezoid shape for your shaved hairstyle with a small area of the scalp skin faded to increase the upper volume. Add maximizing accessories to complete the look!

19. Mid Fade with Side Razor Design and Curly Front Strands

If you have type 4 curls, you can create 2 inches long coils by taking small sections of wet hair and twirling the sections around the finger until they are tightly spiraled from root to tip. Keep the sides mid-faded.

20. Shaved Red Hair with Side-Line

This impressive hairdo is created by shaving the sides to the scalp level, increasing the top length to 1/8 inches, and applying a pastel cherry shade to your top hair.

21. Finely Chopped Hairstyle with Spiky Top

Somewhere between a pixie cut and a short classic hairstyle for women, this cut has a very good execution that allows the strands to fall around the forehead naturally, and you can style them upwards for a textured look.

22. Short Brown Shaved Hairstyle

Simple is best sometimes, and choosing this ultra-short shaved hairstyle for the overall of your head will help you focus on your facial features and forget about hours spent styling your hair!

23. Dark Black-Shaved Hairstyle For Black Women

This shaved hairstyle requires a special cutting technique so that the natural plantation of each curl is made visible on each temple side.

24. Neon Pink Blurry Fade Hairstyle For Black Women

Go for a bright color to contrast with your dark skin and keep the hair faded with a maximum length of 1/2 inches at the top to display your natural hairline.

25. Purple Hair with Buzz Cut

This purple-colored buzz cut brings the hair to a new level of awesomeness! The wavelength cut makes all the hairs visible, and the added hard part cuts the pattern abruptly!

26. Silky Shiny Wavelength Hairstyle For Black Women

Choose a metallic shade of pink after bleaching your hair and ask for a wavelength cut to reveal your hair’s natural texture. You are sure to make an impression with such a cool shade with or without strong makeup!

27. Dark Roots With Light Blonde Hairstyle

As short and simple as it looks, this soft curled shaved hairstyle for black women with type 3 curls is gorgeous, thanks to the blonde highlights. In addition, these curly tendrils that usually have a combination of textures are defined and springy, which makes for a playful appearance.

28. Smooth-Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women with Small Side Part

Nothing says style more than a smooth shaved hairstyle with evenly trimmed strands that will intertwine naturally on your head while the sides are short and thinned to perfection.

29. Taper Cut Shaved Hairstyle with Side Design

The iconic Lupita Nyong’o always dazzles in her red carpet appearances with a short yet refined look that allows a bit of weight at the top with a simple straight side part and super short shaved sides.

30. Super Short Shaved Hairstyle Buzz Cut

With a stubby texture, this ultra-short buzz cut will surely draw attention to your face and amplify your facial expressions. Unfortunately, the sidelines can be matched with cat scratches.

31. Side-swept Undercut with Dark Roots

This look is based on two different levels of haircut. It’s an undercut with a slightly longer part that creates a feathered curtain of blonde strands with a short dark part on the other side.

32. Fine Taper Cut with Shaved Sides

Keep it short, simple, and ready to wear after a simple wash and blow-dry! This fine taper cut with shaved sides is one of the chicest choices of shaved hairstyles for black women out there!

33. Small Compact Black Curly Taper Shaved Hairstyle

With a short length and compact texture, this curly taper cut resembles a TWA hairstyle, and you can improve the look.

34. High Curly Fade with Circular Razor Side Design

This haircut combines short shaved sides with a bit of top weight and a beautiful intricate circular razor design, making for a cool look with no styling effort needed! Impressive!

35. Small Taper For Bleached Blonde Hair

This bright, luminous color will enhance your perfectly trimmed taper hair in a way that will make your appearance stand out while still being able to style it in different shapes if that is what you want.

36. Ice Blonde Fade With Subtle Side Part Hairstyle

For those with fine hair, this zero fade will greatly benefit the texture, and adding a light color is also doing wonders for the overall aspect of the haircut.

37. High Fade with Side Razor Design and Pink Top-Shaved Hairstyle

Rock and shaved hairstyle for black women with this impressive silver-colored high fade with a slightly longer top and a few textured strands in the center that you can emphasize with a different shade such as this pink color.

38. Light Pink Curly Shaved Hairstyle

With small, delicate coils and shaved nape and sides, this light pink hairstyle for black women is one of the most feminine hairstyles and allows many personalization options.

39. Platinum Blonde Shaved Hairstyle With Razor Design

This hairstyle is all about the blended hues of blue and icy blonde colors and the cool sideline that amplifies the overall volume of the haircut!

40. High Fade with Side Razor Design Shaved Hairstyle

This semi-shaved hairstyle for black women will expose your slim neck and nape and create a statuesque contour for your head. Keeping the top longer will amplify your volume, and the earrings are a must!

41. Auburn Short Curly Hairstyle Shaved Hairstyle

This short, undone TWA with small, natural coils has a soft texture and needs minimal maintenance once you refresh your auburn hair color. Stylish doesn’t have to mean complicated!

42. Ocean Blue Shaved Hairstyle with Side Design

Break the norm and try a different color for your shaved hairstyle: ocean blue wiry hairs with shaved sides left to their natural color for contrast.

43. Blonde Hairstyle with Shaved Sides and Razor Design

Make the most of your shaved hairstyle with this Mary J Blige-inspired Mohawk with super short sides and nape with a double razor sideline.

II. Ultra-short Shaved Hairstyles For Black Women

44. High Fade with Side Razor Design Shaved Hairstyle

This look is inspired by man hairstyles, but it only amplifies the beautiful features of a woman, and it can also be achieved in a barbershop. The only ingredient needed is courage!

45. Flame Design Pattern with Curly Top Hairstyle

This two-colored hairstyle has a flame pattern that follows the curves of the scalp and creates a separation between the two levels of the haircut: the top coiled curls and the zero faded sides! Impressive!

46. Light Neon Pink Juice Cut Hairstyle

Everything looks brighter in neon pink, including the famous Juice cut adapted for a lady! This shaved hairstyle for black women is incredible!

47. Taper Cut with Side Part and Long Sideburns

A perfect alternative for the Pixie cut is the Taper Cut! This hairstyle has a slightly shorter lower part and a subtle side with extra-thin long sideburns.

48. Ice Blonde Hairstyle with Side Razor Line

This shaved hairstyle keeps a bit of top length, allowing the natural strands to reveal their texture, and the added side razor line that follows the natural curve of the head looks amazing too!

49. Hi-Top Hairstyle with Shaved Sides Shaved Hairstyle

Afro hairstyles include the Hi-top cut, inspired by the hip-hop culture, which keeps the hair from becoming too puffy. This shaved hairstyle for black women is a cool combination of ultra-short and long hair in the same ensemble!

50. Curly Taper with Sideburns and Shaved Sides Hairstyle

With a sharp fade beyond the crown line and small, well-defined twisted coils on top, this is a truly fascinating shaved hairstyle for black women!

51. Ice Cold Fade With Red Razor Sideline Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

Amazing haircuts and colors make for a great combination of textures and angles, resulting in this icy-blonde fade with a wavy top and perfectly contoured sides and nape.

52. High Fade with Razor Pattern Hairstyle

This haircut suits both women and men, but it looks amazing on curly hair with just a bit of weight and a side razor design with decorative lines.

53. Curly Top with Shaved Sideburns And Blonde Tips Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

If you want to play with the natural volume of your Afro, opting for this shaved hairstyle with subtle razor sidelines and blonde light tips will make your natural volume stand out!

54. Curly Top with Side Design Hairstyle

Another idea on how to rock short shaved hairstyles for black women is keeping the top length around 1 inch and adding a thick sideline with a cool shape for a change!

55. Short Shaved Hairstyles with Golden Ringlets

Embrace both zero faded sides and springy curls with this shaved hairstyle with golden highlights that needs a lot of preparation and attention for the contour.

56. High Mohawk with Side Razor Design

To amplify the natural shape of your head, you can opt for this two-colored Mohawk with a side razor design and a spiky, highlighted top.

57. Side-swept Braids With Shaved Sides

Shaved hairstyles for black women include long box braids with blonde strands intertwined with dark ones and a short side fade separated by a side part.

58. Undercut with Shaved Sides Hairstyle For Black Women

One way of sporting an undercut is to gather all the hair in a high and tight ponytail and reveal the short, shaved sides.

59. Platinum Colored Hairstyle with Razor Fade

With straight, parallel side lines traced directly onto the skin, this hairstyle also has a bit of texture on top that increases the beautiful platinum color of the hair!

60. Turquoise Fade with Textured Top Hairstyle

An amazing color matched by an amazing cut! This super short hairstyle with shaved sides makes the perfect shade of blue look amazing no matter which way you look at it.

61. High Fade With Curly Top And Side Razor Design

This “shaved hairstyle for black women” is more of an optical illusion since the sides are made to look this slim after pulling all the side hair in a top crown.

62. Ultra-short Curly Pink Hairstyle

With small ringlets colored in peach pink hues but keeping the dark roots simultaneously, this short curly hairstyle is simply stunning!

III. Short Tapers with Shaved Sides Hairstyles For Black Women

63. Green Colored Twa with Side Part

Either ask your hairstylist to shave the contour with sidelines, or allow the baby hairs to create a smooth texture; coloring the rest of the hair in a bright shade of green will personalize your TWA.

64. Up swept Curly Hair with Side Razor Design

Dark roots and bright blonde long messy curls will ensure your shaved hairstyle is seductive and easy to maintain between visits to the hair salon.

65. Short Curly Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Natural looks can benefit from adding a splash of slightly lighter color so that the overall aspect of the cut is softer and brighter than in dark brown.

66. Dark Blue Haircut with Symmetrical Sidelines

A fantastic example of shaved hairstyles for black women with short hair is this dark blue hairstyle with symmetrical sidelines that create a break in the dense, curly pattern.

67. Black and Brown Curly Top with Shaved Sides

Ask for a subtle balayage for your central stripe and keep the rest short and natural-colored to balance the look.

68. Blonde Curly Shaved Hairstyle For Black Women

While the top reaches an approximate length of 1 inch, the sides of this shaved hairstyle are faded and neatly combed to create a smooth texture that reveals the delicate shiny color of blonde.

69. Soft Pink Shaved Hairstyle

Shaved hairstyles for black women can also be super short, zero faded, and still impress through the color choice! This pink color can lighten up even the dullest mornings!

70. Short Taper Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

This mix of short top strands with shaved sides and metallic accents added in the crown area makes for a modern example of shaved short hair hairstyles for black women!

71. Short Platinum Shaved Buzz Cut

This effortless look is impressive no matter how you decide to color it! Either bleached or in a specific color, this Buzz Cut is a cool example of shaved hairstyles for black women who dare to be different!

72. Curly Twa With Soft Side Part Hairstyle For Black Women

Ask your hairstylist for the shortest, cutest TWA, add a small side part to break the pattern, and prepare your biggest earrings to ensure you are all dolled up!

73. Blonde Curly Taper Hairstyle

With a dense, compact texture of coily curls, this golden taper haircut puts your facial features in the spotlight, and you can keep it in shape with a twist comb.

74. Flat Twists Braids with Hair Cuffs

A combination of shaved hairstyles for black women and traditional hairstyles, this super short and symmetrical hairstyle needs a professional braider who can install the twist braids and tie them together at the nape.

75. Undercut Hairstyle with Shaved Side Design

A modern interpretation of the undercut, this hairstyle has a shaved side with two parallel side lines drawn with surgeon precision and a long, straight part on the other side of the head for an asymmetric touch.

76. Short Silver Twa with Shaved Design

The list of short-shaved hairstyles for black women couldn’t have been complete without this amazing TWA suggestion. Simply color the micro curls in a beautiful shade of silver-blonde for your head with a cool razor design.

77. Long Chiseled Cut with Thin Sideburns Hairstyle

The shaved part is only at the back and at the sideburns of this short hairstyle for black women, which allows the beautiful texture and natural shine of your hair to reveal your face.

78. Ultra Short Nerdy TWA

When you want to get rid of those messy, long curls that get into your face, this ultra-short TWA is the fastest and easiest-to-maintain option of shaved hairstyles for black women!

79. Shaved Black Curly Haircut with Side-Line

This hairstyle has all the chances of becoming your favorite since it has a bit of length and a shaved part of finely chiseled sideburns.

80. Blonde Shaved Hairstyle with Thin Side Part

This bold look requires minimal maintenance efforts and cool makeup to accentuate your face! Cool, right?

81. Blonde Shaved Hairstyle with Zig-zag Design

With a similar length to the previous suggestion, this shaved hairstyle has the right strands and a subtle side part, combined with a razor design that makes the whole ensemble much more sophisticated!

82. Slicked TWA with Side Part

A combination between a wavelength hairstyle and a super short TWA, this hairstyle only needs a styling product and a fine comb to carefully arrange the coils every morning.

83. Messy Afro with Shaved Sides Hairstyle

Maximum volume and minimal side weight is ensured with this afro hairstyle that has a low fade combined with a subtle razor design and curly sideburns! Wow!

84. Platinum Silver Hairstyle with Finger Waves

There are a few combinations left out there that will make your appearance more astonishing than this sleek, platinum-blonde hairstyle with finger waves and shaved sideburns!

85. Black Curly Taper with Black Lives Matter Pattern

A dense, compact mass of curls is the perfect canvas for displaying an empowering message!

86. Bleached Spiky Hairstyle with Side Part

This hairstyle reminds us of the ’90s so badly, and it’s also an excellent idea for those with straight hair to wear with bold hair color.

87. Short Crimpled Hairstyle with Side Part

Whether you choose to wear this haircut simply or by crimping the sides a little bit, this haircut is a cool combination of classic design with a different execution, and we adore it!

88. Blonde Light Taper Cut With A Side Part

Create the maximum contrast with this platinum blonde haircut with an added subtle side part that makes the whole ensemble look put together.

89. Razored Pixie Cut Hairstyle For Black Women

This is a true work of art that reveals the thick full texture of black hair with just a couple of intelligent cuts and an amazing razor design that instantly attracts the eyes of onlookers!

90. Long Straight Pink Top with Dark Shaved Sides

This version of a Mohawk with a reversed top works as fake bangs and is a true work of art that will instantly illuminate your face and bring the focus to your eyes.

91. Blurry Orange Fade with Razor Design

This impressive shaved hairstyle with bright and dark orange hues is your permanent splash of color that your outfits miss.

92. Indigo Blue High Fade with Leaf Design

All of this hairstyle’s elements are unique and wonderful and can be enough to brighten your mood on a gloomy day.

93. Blurry High Fade with Curls

Request a combination between a high fade with a blurry transition toward a curly crown and add a side razor design that will make everyone admire your style!

94. Short Twa with Shaved Sides and Razor Design Hairstyle

With a blocked nape and exposed sides, this short TWA is made to look even more modern thanks to the zig-zag sidelines added to it.

95. Short Wavelength Shaved Hairstyle For Black Women

Enjoy your curls even though they are completely flat and shine brighter than you could ever dream, with a wavelength-shaved hairstyle that will expose just a hint of your natural color.

96. Red Curly TWA Afro Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

To get the best of your curls, you can opt for a 1-inch length TWA with slightly shaved sides and a bright ruby-colored top with a spiky texture.

97. Orange Colored Twa with Shaved Sides Hairstyle For Black Women

This shaved hairstyle for black women is sure to make an impression. The specific orange shade used for this cut is so firey that you will “make hair contact before making eye contact.” Marvelous!

98. Bleach Blonde Shaved Hairstyle

This ultra-short, minimal look is the go-to option for a fashionable appearance, especially if you prefer full, rich makeup.

99. Messy Hairstyle with Shaved Sides Hairstyle

Perfection can be achieved, and this haircut proves so: straight razor-faded sideburns and temples with a 2 inches long top and a loose, smooth texture for the crown make an incredible combination, right?

100. Wavelength Hairstyle with Shaved Sides Hairstyle

Ask for a gorgeous combination of dark chocolate colors, and light caramel ones can be created on top of your crown, while the sides can be shaved to create a slim appearance.

101. Short Chopped Blonde Hairstyle

Keeping a bit of length at the top will improve your hair’s volume while shaving the sides and the nape short will create a slim appearance for your lower level.


There are limitless options when it comes to shaved hairstyles for black women! Whether you want to sport box braids, a TWA, a Mohawk, or an asymmetric cut, you can always dare for more by adding a small portion, just a tiny bit, of shaved hair strands! So which 100+ shaved hairstyles for black women make you want to try it? Let us know in the comments section!

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