101 Great Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs to Try in 2023

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Long layered haircuts and hairstyles with bangs are an awesome way to get the most out of your long tresses! When you have plenty of lengths, you can play with the different levels by adding layers, and the bangs are always an easy way for a new look. If you don’t feel like adding bangs to your hair, check these 101 Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts with bangs for long hair too, but I think it will be hard to resist getting one after checking out these 101. Suggestions we prepared below!

I. Long Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs for Straight Hair

Check out these long-layered hairstyles with bangs for your straight hair.

1. Platinum Blonde Long Layered Shag Haircuts with Straight Bangs and Long Sideburns

This is a super stylish and daring long shag haircut, a very layered shag with face-framing bangs that reach above eyebrows level and long sideburns that you can wear behind the ear if you don’t like this hairstyle. Wear the rest of the hair straightener or in a ponytail; it will be equally fabulous!

2. Straight Long Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

These long layered tresses will frame your head and neck beautifully, paired with a cool asymmetrical fringe that gives a relaxed vibe to the whole haircut. This is one of the simplest and prettiest versions of long layered hairstyles with bangs.

3. Feathered Layers for Straight Long Hair with Long Bangs

Soft, free-falling feathered layers are a cool option for your long hairstyle, especially if you have light-colored hair like the person in this photo. Simply brush your hair after washing it and sweep it on one side for a stylish coiffure.

4. Asymmetric Pastel Layered Hairstyle with Asymmetric Bangs

This uneven, straight-cut hairstyle for medium-long hair is awesome paired with these soft, pastel contrasting colors of strawberry blonde and olive green and the bangs are the highlight of the whole look!

5. Straight Long Layered Dark Haircuts with Electric Blue Colored Bangs

Pair your typical long-shag layered haircut with uneven, face-framing bangs in a strong, bright color like this electric blue for a killer look. You can straighten your hair using a flat iron or wear it naturally.

6. U-shaped Red Layered Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

U-shaped layers frame the face and cleavage beautifully, creating a U-shape contour to your face, and they look best when straightened using a flat iron. If you have red-colored hair, you can opt for dark smokey eye makeup to complete the look.

7. Subtle Layered Long Straight Haircuts with Long Bangs

Straight hair can gain volume and texture when adding layers to it, and you can wear it naturally and make sure your bangs stay in place by adding a headscarf, a chic way to change your look.

8. U-shaped Layers for Straight Dark Hair with Blunt Bangs

This hairstyle is awesome, thanks to the U-shaped layers that start at jawline level and go past-shoulders level. The shortness of the blunt-cut bangs contrasts with the length of the tresses.

9. Shaggy Long Layered Haircuts with Heavy Bangs for Ombre Hair

Make the best out of your blonde-brunette ombre hairstyle with a layered haircut paired with face-framing straight bangs that will draw attention to your eyes. Add subtle waves to enhance the volume and texture of your hair, and you nailed it!

10. Red Stick Straight Layered Hairstyle with Side-swept Bangs

A great way to enhance the length and shine of your long tresses, especially if you have thin hair, is to add layers that will make the color pop and give shape to your hairstyle.

11. Long Shaggy Straight Brunette Hair with Heavy Bangs

This modern, heavy fringe sculpts your face and is perfect if you have a large forehead. It will equalize the proportion and draw attention to your eyes. Leave the rest of your hair free-falling to display the layers of the haircut.

12. Ice Nordic Blonde Shaggy Layered Hair with Heavy Bangs

Another masterpiece when it comes to layered straight hairstyles, this ice Nordic blonde shaggy haircut suits all types of physiognomy and looks best when straightened. Get this neat, elegant look, especially if you have thin hair.

13. Extra Long Heavy Layered Brunette Haircuts with Uneven Bangs

Get the most out of a layered haircut for your extra-long tresses with this heavily layered shag that will give shape and dimension by keeping the length at the same time. You can add a couple of highlights to enhance the beauty of the hair, or you can wear it naturally; it will be great nonetheless!

14. Copper Colored Layered Hairstyle with Heavy Bangs

A beautiful shade of copper red deserves a fair display, such as this layered hairstyle with heavy bangs, highlighted with a different color for extra shine and style.

15. Long Straightened Layered Haircut with Straight Short Bangs

This hairstyle suits any type of hair and is very easy to wear, especially if your hair is naturally straight. Balance the straight razor-cut lines with a messy up-do and let your hair free fall.

16. Feathered Layered Hairstyle with Thin Straight Fringe

Thin, fine hair can benefit the layers cut since it will create a soft, feathered look paired with a straight thin fringe, cut in the same way.

17. Caramel Balayage for Layered Long Hair with Long Bangs

This two-level layered haircut with subtle waves makes for a great display of this gorgeous color, and the long, winged bangs frame the face and neck just perfectly, blending with the rest of the layers, a look you can get. With the help of one simple rotating brush!

18. Disconnected Layered Hairstyle with Messy and Long Bangs for Red Hair

For those searching for an edgier look, this disconnected layered hairstyle is a good option for preserving your hair’s length and shaping your locks to resemble a long bob. A mixture of haircuts, really, this messy up-do is made possible only if you have long straight hair.

19. Wavy Layered Hairstyle for Purple Ombre with Straight Bangs

For the days when you can’t decide if you want straight or curly hair, get both with the help of straight bangs and wavy locks for the length of the hair. Flaunt those layered tresses by adding a subtle purple ombre to your color.

20. Voluminous Blonde Ombre for Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

This is a cool, laid-back hairstyle, with voluminous layered hair and straight, thick bangs that cover your forehead and frame your face giving it a mysterious look.

21. Shaggy Chopped Layers with Sleek Bangs for Dark Hair

A very textured, layered hairstyle for long hair, this shag haircut sports sleek, uneven bangs that frame your face and finely chiseled cuts to tame your wild longs and create a beautiful shape.

22. Auburn Long Layered Hairstyle with Side-part and Bangs

This gradually longer auburn hairstyle is super-cool, thanks to the great hair color and the well-done layering both for the hair length and side fringe.

23. Cinnamon Red Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Gorgeous color and great layers are the recipe for this killer natural look you can sport anywhere since it will enhance your features and frame your face and neck beautifully.

24. Orange Long Layered Hairstyle with Long Winged Teal Bangs

Strong contrast in hair color makes for a very loud and strong hairstyle that is here matched with long layers and winged bangs to create the perfect balance between color and shape.

25. Blonde Long Layered Hairstyle with Straight Bangs and Headband

Adorn your long layered hairstyles with bangs with a headscarf, a simple twist to your natural free-falling hairstyle that is great for those days when you want to make a change in your appearance.

26. Feathered Layers of Blonde Hair with Baby Lights and Long Bangs

This is probably the best combination of a melange of hair colors and a feathered layering hairstyle. Opt for long bangs and layers to get this look and enhance them using baby lights.

27. U-shaped Blonde Layers with Face-framing Bangs

Upgrade your typical blonde hair ombre with these U-shaped layers that you can style using a rotating brush to give them volume and shape and winged face-framing bangs.

28. Orange Ombre for Long Layered Haircuts with Round Short Bangs

Great contrast between the top part of your crown and the rest of the hair is obtained here by opting for a red-orange ombre with heavy layers and straight short bangs in dark color.

29. Long V-shaped Layers for Red Hair with Straight Bangs

A more natural but equally beautiful look, this same color layered hairstyle is great if you straighten your hair with a flat iron at the ends to display all the tresses and opt for long straight bangs to frame the figure.

II. Long Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs for Wavy Hair

Here are some references for your long-layered style with bangs for your wavy hair.

30. Two-toned Blonde Layered Hairstyle with Wavy Bangs

Part blonde, part caramel-colored hair, this medium-long layered hairstyle with bangs is both classy and different from your average blonde haircut style. Wavy hair with bangs is what you need!

31. Wavy Rainbow Colored Long Layered Hairstyle with Face Framing Bangs

Wow, just wow! This rainbow-colored long layered hairstyle with bangs is all about the greatness of bright shades and contrasting levels to mark every layer of your haircut.

32. Pink Blonde Long Layered Haircuts with Dark Roots and Modern Bangs

This modern, side-swept messy fringe matches the rest of the layered hairstyle that sports a cascade of pink-blonde long straight locks, very feminine and modern!

33. Bridget Bardot Style Layered Haircut with Medium Length Bangs

Look like a 60’s style icon with this Brigitte Bardot-inspired haircut. Long, face-framing bangs, dark roots, and voluminous, wavy locks that fall like a cascade on the sides of your shoulders.

34. Wavy Caramel Balayage Layered Hairstyle with Face Framing Bangs

A very soft and subtle hairstyle, this wavy caramel balayage for layered hair is great for any type of hair, especially for hazel eyes.

35. Wavy Shag with Long Brunette Layers and Winged Bangs

Big shaggy hair with plenty of layers and angles that frame your face and make this gorgeous look is what this haircut is all about! The framing winged bangs are a great addition and only need your reddest lipstick for a perfect, effortless look!

36. Long Layered Hairstyle with Straight Short Bangs and Subtle Waves

Super stylish modern layered haircut with straight baby bangs is here illustrated on straight dark hair. Opt for subtle small waves to create this exact look.

37. Wavy Multicolored Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Ashy blonde for your ends, soft caramel, and strawberry pink for half of your hair make a cool, multicolored layered hairstyle that is bound to make you stand out in a crowd.

38. Vibrant Balayage for U-shaped Long Layered Hairstyle with Swoopy Bangs

Vibrant balayage or Balayage, how the author of the hair coloring technique called this hairstyle, implies mixing vibrant colors in your balayage for this multicolored result that looks great with a wavy layered haircut.

39. Extra-long Wavy Long Layered Shag Haircuts with Full Bangs

A natural, healthy look for your extra-long haircut is obtained by adding heavy horizontal layers and a thick fringe that will give a voluminous shape to the upper part of your hair.

40. Wavy Blonde Long Layered Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

The perfect babe look, this blonde wavy hair has a heavily layered fringe and wavy curls that perfect the style. This is a good option for a night out or simply for that day when you want to feel feminine.

41. Rainbow Balayage for Wavy Long Layered Hair with Straight Bangs

Instead of coloring all your hair in rainbow colors, as we saw in a previous example, opt for a balayage technique of adding splashes of color here and there and accentuating the length of your bangs.

42. Extra-Long Layered Caramel Balayage with Straight Bangs

Add an instant boost of coolness to your typical caramel balayage with these straight choppy bangs that will frame your face and draw attention to the eyes.

43. Bouncy Long Layered Hairstyle with Middle Part and Bangs

Probably a feathered layered haircut, this long haircut benefits some bouncy curls at the ends, creating a beautiful visual effect and going great with the side-swept bangs.

44. Blonde Wavy Layered Hairstyle with Straight-Cut Bangs

Blunt straight short bangs and wavy free-falling layers of blonde locks, what is not to like about this edgy but feminine look? This is a great way to go if you crave a change from your typical blonde ombre.

45. Shaggy Red Layered Hairstyle with Face-framing Bangs

Long, luscious red locks displayed in a negligent mess and straight, face-framing bangs make for the perfect babe look in those days when you don’t have time for complex hairstyles.

46. Root Melt Balayage for Wavy Layered Hair with Curved Bangs

Such a soft, feminine combination of shapes and colors, this high contrast balayage is here displayed on an equally beautiful haircut, a layered wavy hairstyle with curved bangs that follow the natural line of the forehead all the way to the ears level.

47. Rainbow Balayage for Wavy Long Layered Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

A very rock’s roll look, this light rainbow balayage with dark roots creates a halo effect around your figure and illuminates the whole face. The dark undertones give plenty of depth and volume to the lower part of the hair.

48. Messy Wavy Chopped Layered Hairstyle with Baby Bangs

The neat, curved cut of the baby bangs creates a virtual circle around your forehead and frees your face, while the messy long layers add volume and texture to your hairstyle. As a bonus, the sideburns are chopped to mark the jawline.

49. Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle with Baby Lights and Side Swept Bangs

A great feminine way to enhance your long locks is to add layers, a wavy side-swept fringe, and baby lights in all the right places to brighten your face.

50. Purple Wavy Long Layered Hairstyle with Winged Bangs

Light purple and lavender-pink tones mix together in these long layered hairstyles with bangs to create a feminine look. The bangs are styled to stay off the face and blend with the shortest layer of the haircut.

51. Shag Haircut for Red Layered Hair with Full Bangs

Choppy, messy gorgeous red locks layered to give you a shaggy look and paired with long straight bangs make for the perfect redhead in town!

52. Messy Long Layered Hairstyle with Face Framing Bangs

This messy look is obtained by cutting horizontal layers in your hair’s length and chiseling them well, maybe even applying a hair serum or gel to get the wet look and adding straight-cut bangs.

53. Luscious Extra Long Layered Haircuts with Face Framing Bangs

A great balayage starts with highlighting the right strands of hair so that your face is illuminated and the right curls are accentuated with splashes of dark blonde color to frame your figure. Plus, the balayage makes the layers even more visible!

54. Natural Long Layered Hairstyle with Chopped Bangs

Fine chiseled and short-trimmed layers with chopped bangs make for a cool, effortless natural look for your long tresses, no matter the color!

55. Voluminous Blonde Long Layered Hairstyle with Full Bangs

Long, bob-shaped top layers ensure the most gorgeous and full volume to your long layered hairstyles, with bangs in the front blending beautifully with the rest of the strands.

56. Extra Long Shag Haircut for Red Hair with Face Framing Bangs

A pretty cinnamon red color, fresh and feminine, goes great with an easy long shag haircut that adds volume, dimension, and extra shine to your long tresses that reflect more light.

57. Shaggy Wavy Long Layered Hairstyle with Bardot Bangs

The brunette version of Bardot bangs is an equally cool-looking hairstyle that displays the beauty of dark hair. Add waves to enhance the length and femininity.

58. Chunky Long Layered Haircuts with Piecey Bangs

A more modern, androgynous look is this version of a medium-long shag with chunky wispy layers and pieces of bangs to complete the hairstyle. Loose, thin waves soften the whole look.

59. Subtle Wavy Long Layered Hairstyle with Dark Roots and Side Swept Bangs

Long layers increase the volume of your ends and add texture to thin blonde hair, so don’t be afraid to add them. The side-swept bangs, slightly curved, frame your face and draw attention to the eyes.

60. Shaggy Long Wispy Layered Hairstyle with Two Colored Bangs

No matter the color combination, this fine chiseled layered haircut creates a beautiful shape for your head. Opt for green and orange colors to get this exact look and a thin-cut fringe.

61. Chunky Long Layers for Ombre Hairstyle with Face Framing Bangs

A very fashionable option, this chunky long layered messy hairstyle is here to stay! Add long straight bangs to balance the messy negligent style of the longer strands.

62. Messy Long Layered Natural Hair with Face Framing Bangs

An effortless option for those who want layers is this messy medium-long haircut that benefits from the addition of layers and the bangs that blend with the rest of the hair seamlessly!

63. Bouncy Long Layered Hairstyle with Side-Swept Bangs

Thin, bouncy front curls give plenty of femininity, and the layering is great for creating a contour to your long lock. Add bangs to the haircut so that the crown hair’s upper side is as big as the ends.

64. Red Shag Haircut with Chunky Bangs

From straight and shapeless to a voluminous, shaggy look, this transformation is awesome! The red color and the uneven chunky bangs draw attention to the eyes and not to the mouth area, as is the case in the first picture.

65. Playful Long Layered Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Well-defined, long waves and a couple of layers can do wonders for long thin hair, as you can see in this example since it gives dimension and bounciness to lifeless hair. The long bans should be side-swept.

66. Dark Chocolate Colored Layers Hairstyle with Straight-Cut Bangs

Upgrade your straight and easy long hairstyle by adding layers, a straight razor-cut fringe, and subtle waves to contrast with the straight lines in the crown area and the strong color.

III. Long Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs for Curly Hair

67. Extra Curly Long Shag Hairstyle with Curly Bangs for Balayage

Angelic curly locks can benefit greatly from layers, too, since the overall shape is shaggy and messy, and the blonde highlights are enhanced too.

68. Dark Shaggy Curly Layered Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

A wiry messy look is one of the few styling options for curly hair. The added natural curly bangs complete the look, and you can use a pomade or hair oil to get the wet shiny look.

69. Long Layered Curly Hairstyle with Big Side-swept Bangs

Extremely curly hair looks gorgeous, and you can add a contoured shape to your locks with a shag haircut and big bouncy side-swept bangs that will be the highlight of your look.

70. Voluminous Curly Layered Hairstyle with Messy Bangs for Blonde Hair

This 70’s inspired shag hairstyle with heavy layering is a good way to tone down a bit of your curly volume and also create a beautiful shape to your locks.

71. Curly Long Layered Haircuts with Chunky Bangs

Horizontal layering will give plenty of volume to your crown hair and allow your curls to stay well-defined and shiny. Leave the bangs free and natural for an exact look.

72. Curly Heavy Layered Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

It’s amazing what a bit of layering can do to the shape of your curls; shortening the length of your crown hair will make your hair curlier and with more volume.

IV. Long Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

A lot of styles can be done with your long hair. With that being said, here are more layered haircuts that you might want to try to wear.

73. Half Bun for Long Layered Highlighted Hairstyle with Straight Cut Bangs

Flaunt your long tresses with a half-up, half-down hairstyle that will display the blonde strands of hair as well as give volume to your crown. Simply put half of your top hair in a bun, comb your bangs, and let the rest of your hair free fall.

74. Top Knot with Face Framing Bangs for Straight Hair

For a stylish event, opt for this elegant top knot with face-framing long straight bangs arranged neatly around your face. Cover the knot with a separate strand of hair to cover the hairband for an impeccable look.

75. Messy Bun with Free Falling Bangs

If your hair is naturally wavy and voluminous, make a quick, messy top bun and pull some of the strands out of it to create this gorgeous, simple hairstyle for layered hair. This hairstyle will look great even with older women.

76. Loose Back Braid for Rainbow Colored Long Layered Hair

Play with the colors and layers in your hair with a loosely braided tail for half of your top hair and soft waves that will make the colors really pop and let the layers free.

77. Loose French Braid with Free Falling Bangs

A more elegant, classy version of the braid is this loose french braid with free-falling strands and long bangs that is also compatible with layered haircuts since it’s a good way to gather all the short hairs in the braid while also keeping the elegant negligent look.

78. Double Dutch Braids for Long Layered Hair with Face Framing Fringe

Dutch braids are super cool to sport when you want that extra shape and volume to your hair, and these double braids will ensure that all your short layers are included and go well with the long fringe also.

79. Feed-in Braids for Red Long Layered Hair

Another great way to make sure your shorter strands stay in place is to create feed-in braids starting at the top of your hair and going all the way down to your ends. The good news is that you can also include your bangs in this hairstyle!

80. Half Up-do for Choppy Long Layered Hair with Bangs

This half ponytail is a quick and easy-to-do hairstyle that will give your mane extra height and volume while letting your bangs free fall and frame your face.

81. Structured Messy Space Buns for Red Hair with Straight Bangs

This messy, structured space buns hairstyle makes your color and texture pop out a more complex, elaborate look for special occasions. Leave the bangs hanging and neatly combed for a contrasting effect.

82. Swirling Low Ponytail for Blonde Layered Hair with Bangs

Long layered haircuts go great with multi-leveled hairstyles, waved and not uniform, working as camouflage for the different lengths in your mane, such as these swirling low ponytails, swirled and teased to increase the volume. Pair it with swooping bangs and maybe a hair accessory for special occasions. This may perhaps be a great long hairstyle for prom.

83. Crown Braid for Long Red Layered Hair with Straight Bangs

Making a crown braid or Heidi braid is an excellent idea for layered hair since the hairstyle will again involve all the different hair strands, while the bangs will display the texture and color of your hair.

84. Crown Fishtail for Long Blonde Layered Hair with Free Falling Bangs

A bit more sophisticated and thinner than a usual crown braid, the fishtail braid can bring the same advantages and is also suitable for elegant events where you want to impress everyone.

85. Twisted Side Ponytail with Wavy Bangs

Create a pretty side ponytail by twisting your strands and using them to cover the hairband, and add a couple of hair curls to complete the look. You can sweep your bangs to the side.

86. Long Layered Ombre Hair with Side Braids and Bangs

Add a feminine touch to your long tresses by adding two side braids that start at the center of your hairline and fall freely from half down your hair. They are a cool romantic way to change your hairstyle.

87. Camilla Cabello’s Braid for Two-Colored Hair with Straight Bangs

Classic braids with long bangs and a killer combination of colors are the recipe for a cool hairstyle that the singer also rocked and served us as inspiration for braiding ideas.

88. Teased Straight Ponytail for Layered Blonde Hair with Layered Bangs

This ice-blonde straight hair made to look straighter with a flat iron was teased up and caught in a neatly combed ponytail, making it look super stylish. The V-cut bangs make for the perfect frame for your face.

89. Feed-in Braids with Space Buns for Messy Blonde Hair

This idea for layered hairstyles is a bit more complex than your average coiffure, but it looks super boho-chic! Simply braid two plaits on the sides of your parted hair and secure them at the back of your crown. Afterward, start making two space buns and secure them using hair strands so that the final look is stylish and feminine!

90. Elegant Bun for Blonde Hair with Dark Roots and Free Falling Front Pieces

Add extra height and shape to the hair with this elegant high bun for straight hair, and let the front hair simply fall on the sides. The dark roots make a great contrast with the rest of the blonde hair.

91. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Curly Chocolate Brown Layered Hair with Bangs

A great way to make sure your coiffure will stay the same throughout the event is to fix it in a half ponytail and curl the rest of your hair using a curling iron so that the locks are well-defined and even. It is well complemented with a brown hair color.

92. Straightened Teased Back Ponytail for Blonde Layered Hair with Dark Roots and Straight Bangs

This 90’s inspired look is cool, compatible with layered hairstyles, and mandatory for bangs! If you have bangs, you are virtually obliged to pair them with a ponytail that you can tease and style so that it has more volume and add a couple of strands on the side for a negligent look.

93. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Blonde Wavy Layered Hair with Bangs

If you don’t have much time to style your long layers, simply gather the top strands in a back tail and twist them a bit for a stylish effect. Let your bangs free fall, use a piece of hair to cover the hairband, and enjoy the result!

94. Voluminous Curly Ponytail for Chocolate Brown Hair with Free Falling Front Pieces

Tease your crown hair and put it in a tail with plenty of volume and camouflage by another hair strand pulled over the hairband. Curl the ends of the hair and some free-falling front pieces that will add extra chicness to this classy look.

95. Single Tight Dutch Braid for Balayage Hair with Teased Ponytail

Great if you have long bangs, too; this tight high Dutch Braid or balayage hair is super awesome and gives you a rockn roll vibe, thanks to the fake Mohawk effect. Tease the rest of the tail for extra volume.

96. Half-braided Pigtails for Blonde Hair

Layered hairstyles involve a bigger effort to style all the different hairs, and such is the case with these half-braided pigtails that are guaranteed to include all the small hairs and pair well with bangs.

97. Feed-in Cornrows with Contrasting Color Extensions for Blonde Hair

Whether you have bangs or not, the cornrow hairstyle has you covered! Simply start braiding cornrows from your forehead downwards and, in the process, add hair extensions and metallic or shiny strands to enhance the look and enjoy plenty of lengths.

98. Shaved Sides Haircuts for Long Straight Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Add extra coolness to your layered haircut with these shaved sides that you can cover or uncover when you put your hair behind the ear. A very punk, rebel look without spikes or piercings!

99. Long Layered Hairstyle with Blonde Highlight and Bangs

Vamp up your typical layered hairstyle for straight hair with subtle waves and a blonde highlight to break the color pattern. Side bangs are also part of the ensemble; don’t forget the hoop earrings.

100. Multi-braided Ponytail for Long Layered Hair

These stylish braided up-do looks are more complicated than it is since they are two asymmetric back braids gathered in one single twisted ponytail, but the final look is gorgeous nonetheless.

101. Half Ponytail for Long Layered Hair with Volume

Choose to vary your hair color by adding purple and blue highlights of hairpieces to your dark hair and amp it up using a hairband and a normal brush. Leave the side of the bangs swept and hanging for a casual look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a hairstyle with bangs?

They rejuvenate you, give you fresh air, hide forehead wrinkles, thin your face, and help you make a fashion statement; inevitable bangs, and hairstyles, chosen intelligently taking into account facial features and age, come only with benefits.

You could associate them with a double-edged sword; on the one hand, they individualize you, and on the other hand, when they are chosen incorrectly, they can cause you a great injustice.

As the hair ornament – the hairstyle – is an element that those around you appreciate when evaluating the degree of attractiveness, choose an informed hairstyle with bangs that suits you best.

You have to consider the face’s shape, the hair’s texture, the time you will invest in arranging the bangs, and the age when you opt for bangs.

The most important thing is to choose the bangs that fit you well and start learning to incorporate them into the day or evening hairstyles you wear. Straight and with volume, straight without volume, straight and spun, on one side, with a path in the middle, short, over the eyebrows, or long, at the level of the perceptions, the bangs can be worn in so many styles.

Bangs depend on physiognomy.

We would all be fine with straight and rich bangs in an ideal world, just like Zooey Deschanel. But the shape of the face is the one that ultimately dictates what type of haircut with bangs to wear.

If you have a round face, the type of haircut with straight and voluminous bangs is the last thing you need, and this is because your face will look shorter and thicker (see the picture next to it). Although it’s the kind of haircut you wore when you were little, as an adult, you don’t need to be reminded of how beautiful and beautiful your grandmother is.

Instead, try the spun or asymmetrical bangs, long in parts, which frame and thin your face. On the other hand, straight, rich, and light-volume bangs will sweeten the features of a girl in the shape of a heart or diamond.

If you have an oval face, then you are lucky; you can wear practically any type of bangs.


There are countless ways to wear long layered hairstyles with bangs; either you choose to hide the bangs or let them free. Either way, this complex haircut allows for multiple styling options, and it’s a great opportunity to flaunt your long tresses.