50 Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2024 (Style Guide)

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Everybody wants to know about a hair color that is super flattering on all skin colors and eye colors. That is the auburn hair color. It can make any dressing style ten times better whether a person is wearing a black coat, blazer, turtle neck, or a hat. 

The auburn hair color is subtle but the hottest. It is perfect for those who do not like bold and loud colors. The auburn hair color became an inspiration to others when Emma Stone, Isla Fisher, and Amy Adams show up with this hair color. 

So, we gathered 50 Auburn hair color ideas right now to warm up your look this season, whether you want a complete hair makeover or spruce your locks. So, let’s start.

1. Dark Auburn Hair with Big Curls

This brownish-red color with chestnut-red hue and chocolate color at the ends and smudged roots at the top makes this dark auburn color-rich. The big curls add extra beauty to hair. 

2. Light Auburn for Medium Length Hair

This light auburn hair color has medium red-orange color dominant. The brown-rust and peanut color touch-up make it look elegant. Slight waves make it best for medium wavy hair.

3. Auburn Lowlights With Blonde Highlights Bob Hair

You have never imagined that auburn hair color could look like this. These super chic auburn lowlights with blonde highlights on bob hairstyle surpassed all the traditional auburn recommendations. 

4. Auburn with Caramel and Copper Highlights

The coffee bean color that turns wine and gradually transitions into light-copper look high fashion. The addition of waves makes this transition even more pretty. 

5. Auburn with Copper for Shoulder Length Hair

Metallic copper and nutmeg copper shades make this (auburn color with copper) color unique and modish, among other copper colors. 

6. Auburn Color with A Hint of Gold

Auburn hair with gold balayage creates flawless color transition; the full curls in it make hair extremely attractive. 

7. Auburn Color for Braided Hair

Copper rust and brownish-pink streaks look extra lovely on long braided hair.

8. Light Auburn Color for Flipped Edge Hair

Pale copper and orange salmon colors hint at the ends with smudged roots and light auburn brownish color in the middle making it one of the best auburn hair color ideas right now. The flipped edges make it different and captivating. 

9. Auburn Chestnut Brown Color

The chestnut orangey highlights on a brown base make anyone’s appearance flattering effortlessly. 

10. Dark Red Auburn Inspired

This wine, chocolaty color with copper hints, is the best hair color for a fair skin tone with a cool undertone. 

11. Feather Layer Dainty Auburn Hair

The reddish-orange auburn where the orange is dominant with nutmeg color ends looks modern. The feather cut makes it so edgy. 

12. Spicy Rusty Red Auburn Hair

The red rusty fiery color highlights on the dark base make it so hot for any skin tone. 

13. Auburn with Red and Caramel Highlights

The caramel, red and purple tinge highlights on brown hair look sophisticated and stylish. This color is also perfect for any skin tone. 

14. Big Waves Auburn with Caramel Highlights

The notable highlights on auburn hair on big wavy hair have the capacity to set a fashion statement. It is best for a cool and neutral skin undertone. 

15. Red Dark Auburn Bob Hair

This rich red, dark hair, even on bob hair, is super gorgeous for any skin tone and any undertone. 

16. Copper Auburn Wavy Tips

This brownish, rose-copper hair color looks luxurious on a warm skin tone. The heavy wavy tips make it elegantly stylish. 

17. Auburn Ginger Layered Hairstyle

This beautiful ginger shade works equally perfect for cool and warm skin tones. The long layered haircut makes it look new and modern, among other common hairstyles. 

18. Ombre Auburn Hair Color

This orangy-ginger shade with curly hair can enhance anyone’s look supremely. The color transition from dark to light shade around your face grabs attention to its elevated features. 

19. Auburn Hair Best for Winter

Do you also think that this warm hair color is best for the warm season? No girl, you can rock the auburn hair in winters too. You only need to pick the right shade. 

This cocoa bean espresso shade with hints of metallic copper is perfect for winters. 

20. Auburn Roots and Champagne Hair Color

Champagne shade balayage on auburn roots and dark balayage is breathtaking and ultra-modern for any time. 

21. Black and Auburn Dimensional Wave

Black and auburn dimensional waves on hair look hot and inspiring. It makes you look trendsetter and elegant. 

22. Deep Brown Red Auburn Hair

Copper rose and fire brick shiny shade on deep brown hair makes anyone stand out. It looks sassy on any skin tone. 

23. Shiny Cinnamon Auburn Half Wave Hair

This cinnamon hair color may not be very vivid but can leave a lasting impression of your elegance and femininity. 

24. Auburn Wavy Choppy Hair

This auburn highlight on dark purple-brown tinged hair on angular chopped hair is the best auburn hair color idea right now.

25. Auburn Roots Rose Gold Locs

If someone wants to brighten the auburn hair color a little bit that looks graceful, consider adding rose gold highlights to it. 

26. Auburn Dark Chocolate with A Hint of Light Cinnamon

Light cinnamon balayage on dark chocolate hair is fantastic if someone wants to add a vibrancy that is not louder. 

27. Auburn Ginger Dimensional Choppy Locs

If you want to make your hair super fresh yet natural-looking, then the dimensional auburn ginger highlight is best. Auburn ginger hair color is suitable for all skin tones (warm, neutral, and cool). 

28. Choppy Auburn Red Bronze Hair with Bangs

When hair with auburn red-bronze hair color frames your face, it compliments the skin complexion, and the curtain bangs reaching the eyebrows grab focus to the sparkling eyes. 

29. Light Auburn Hair with Highlights

Reddish, yellowish-orange highlights with the spicy brown hair color are one of the coolest auburn hair color ideas with highlights right now. 

30. Natural Red Hair with Golden Highlights

The sand-blonde golden highlights on natural red hair color make you look rare and stylishly elegant.

31. Dark Black Roots and Auburn Choppy Hair

Auburn highlights on dark coca roots make your hair vibrant with brighter hints. 

32. Plum Auburn Hues for Asymmetrical Bob

Plum auburn hue gives the hair a prettiest purple tinge. On a dark base, this plumpy purple looks so high-fashion. 

33. Red Auburn for Flip Tips Hair

Burnt sienna with metallic copper and red auburn on the ends is stunning. It looks prettiest on straight hair. 

34. Rusty Auburn Hair Color

Rusty brown highlights on the wine color base can enhance anyone’s appearance. Curls will make the highlights prominent. 

35. Rich Red Auburn Best for Fall

The transition of color from smudge roots to rich red hair color that looks brighter at the ends is one of the best hair color ideas for fall.

36. Gorgeous Auburn Brown for Long Dimensional Wave

Auburn and brown dimensional wave contrast is wholesome for any season and any skin tone. 

37. Natural Fiery Red Auburn Hair

Fiery red feels like high-intensity auburn copper color. It gives anyone a fearless appearance. 

38. Tangerine Auburn Brown Hair

The shown hair color is the most beloved in the tangerine delight color palette. The auburn brown base makes it even more eye-catching. 

39. Stunning Cinnamon Auburn Hair for Medium Length Hair

The shiny cinnamon alone can give you a trendy and impressive look and it’s perfect for medium-length hair. 

40. Honey Auburn Princess Locks

Honey auburn highlights on a brown/wine-tinged base can make anyone look magnificent.

41. Dark Auburn with Red Lowlights Hair

Dark auburn hair with brick red lowlights on glossy hair is one of the best auburn hair color ideas right now to rock your appearance anywhere. 

42. Auburn Dark Chocolate and Dark Copper

The auburn dark chocolate base with dark copper highlights is a color that makes anyone easy on the eye effortlessly.

43. Shade of Auburn Chocolate Hair

The purple-brown shade on an auburn chocolate base makes this hair color richer, suitable, and flattering for any skin tone. 

44. Bubbly and Wavy Auburn for Pixie Hair

Copper and rose gold shade on a dark auburn base look stylistic for a pixie haircut.

45. Darker Shade of Auburn Best for Fall Season

The light copper shade with ginger tinge is one of the best auburn hair color ideas right now. It looks more suited with curls.

46. Warm Auburn Brown for Short Hair

If someone wants to excite their natural brown hair color that looks like real hair color, they must opt for warm auburn hair color. It looks extra appealing on short hair.

47. Auburn Color for Straight Long Hair

Brown rust hair color with copper rose shade looks best and alluring on straight hair. 

48. Chocolate Auburn for Straight Hair

This attractive chocolate auburn-toned hair looks best on a warm skin tone.

49. Orange Auburn Jaw Length Hair

This orange auburn hair having a ginger tinge is actually jaw-dropping stunningly on jaw-length hair. It gives a healthy and natural-looking flush to your warm skin tone. 

50. Wavy Dark Chocolate for Wavy Hair

Ladies with cool and warm undertones and dark (dark brown or black) or light (gray or blue) eye colors are perfect candidates for wavy dark chocolate hair with copper streaks.

Auburn Hair Color FAQs

Is Auburn Closer To Brown Or Red?

Auburn is a warm hair color and is considered a mixture of brown and red colors.

What Hair Color Makes Auburn?

Red hair colors range from reddish-brown to dark/deep ginger, making the auburn color. Its shades vary from medium to dark hair colors from the brown and red hair color mixture. The lightest shade of auburn looks like an orange.

What Skin Tone Befit Auburn Hair Color?

As you read above, auburn suits any skin tone when the perfect color is selected. But women with neutral and pale skin tones and women with cool undertones can pull off any auburn hair color. 

Can You Put Auburn Dye On Natural Brown Hair?

The vibrancy of auburn hair color on brown hair lasts longer, and it fades off nicely. That makes putting auburn dye on natural brown hair a good idea. 


We have talked about the 50 most-loved, elegant, and high-fashion auburn hair color ideas right now that are perfect for any occasion. The best part is it does not give that bold and loud look but still makes you stand out effortlessly and naturally.

However, you must know that the brighter red tone of auburn hair color fades away faster, especially if your hair is naturally of lighter color. So, you must go for regular touch-ups, limit washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week and protect it from sunlight to make the color last longer. It makes auburn hair color easy maintaining for brunettes as it is closer to their natural hair color.