105 Funny Quarantine Hairstyle Memes to Make You Laugh in 2024

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It wasn’t easy and we are still not completely over the lockdown restrictions, but humor helped us cope with the challenges of the quarantine! Especially when it comes to haircutting and homemade hairstyles, the internet flourished with funny hairstyle memes about the daily struggle of keeping yourself presentable while doing everything from home!

We have seen and lived some laughable experiences or pure cringe moments in the search for the perfect stay-at-home hairstyle! Let’s take a look at some of the funniest!

I. Quarantine Hairstyle Memes featuring Struggles

1. The Everyday Messy Hairstyle Meme

Bad hair days became weeks and months and so, the messy, tangled hairstyles became the new normal. Maybe Maybelline should change their motto for the time being, as the postcard suggests. Right?

The Everyday Messy Hairstyle

2. Iconic Quarantine Hairstyle

Is there anything worse than an ill-fitting wig? Well, 2020 quarantine definitely competes with that feeling of something totally bothersome, from many points of view, so Beyonce’s look is totally spot on!

Iconic Quarantine HairstyleIconic Quarantine Hairstyle

3. The Struggle Is Real

Barbers and hairdressers were among the most affected people during the lockdown and since social-distancing is almost impossible when doing someone’s hair, stylists had to improvise really hard!

The Struggle Is Real

4. Is This Over Yet?

Ah, that feeling when it will be all over and you can get pampered at your favorite spa and hair salon! Indescribable! Or is it?

Is this over yet

5. Hairstyle Memes: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

Cringy is too weak of a word to describe the struggle of getting a decent cut in these trying times! Quarantine haircuts will haunt us for years, just like this horror painting! Lol!

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

6. Everyday Struggles in Quarantine

Sleeping Beauty had a serious problem but boredom was not part of it! Hairstylist and barbers on the other hand… ugh, tough times!

Everyday Struggles in Quarantine

7. Self-care is Not Always an Option

Do-it-yourself haircuts can sometimes have serious repercussions and this meme might have hit a soft spot for many of us in these past months. Maybe you can postpone those selfies for a while…

Self-care is not always an option

8. Fool me Twice, Shame on Me!

Judging from this meme, cutting your own hair seems to have caused some serious casualties on social media, which is the only socializing we got to do in the last months.

Fool me once, shame on you!

9. No Clients, Fabulous Dog!

A talented hairdresser has to keep his hands occupied somehow and since a dog is a man’s best friend… a fur braiding session ensued! Are those french braids or mermaid?

No clients, fabulous dog

10. The Flip Side

Always look on the bright side of life is what they say and this quote right here shows us the unexpected benefits of wearing a face mask! Life-saving and fabulous looking, what more can you ask from these social distancing hairstyle memes?

The Flip Side

11. Quarantine Essential Hairdos

Messy hairstyles were back in trend really hard this spring and summer. If you recognize your latest styles in the hairstyle memes list below, we highly recommend checking some of the articles on our site for some inspiration! Bye-bye, messy bun!

Quarantine Essential Hairdos

12. Don’t Cut Your Bangs

Making a minor change to your hairstyle yourself doesn’t sound too harmful until you take a look in the mirror! Don’t cut your fringe, instead check these 100+ Types of Bangs you can get at your favorite hair salon!

Don't Cut Your Bangs

13. Too Busy to Put in the Effort

Totally relatable, the meme below comes to show why isolation really messes up with our self-care routine. Maybe your hair deserves better treatment!

Too busy to put in the effort

14. The Inner Struggle is Real

Bangs and existential crisis have a close relation which psychologist tend to ignore. Maybe it has to do with that other famous hair-quote: “When a woman changes her hair, she is about to change her life”? Who knows…

The inner Struggle is real

15. A Possible Outcome Hair Meme

Both women and men can relate to this meme and we must take a moment to appreciate the effort of all hairstylists out there for putting up with crazy hairstyles on a daily basis.

A possible outcome

16. Different Lock-down Styles

Different countries, different lockdown measures. Australia in particular tried to come up with a rather unconventional solution to keep some services available.

Different Lockdown Styles

17. Don’t Cough

At the hair salon or elsewhere, coughing became a big faux-pas in terms of social behavior. Watch out for unrequited attention!

Don't cough

18. Unbelievable!

Learning something new was on many people’s to-do lists during the lockdown and hairstyles make no exception! French braids are super easy to do, learn some tips here.

19. A Simple Quarantine Hairstyle Memes Guide

Pick your favorite look from these unique and funny hairstyles memes! Admit it, you have seen at least one of them as suitable for your pretty locks during quarantine!

A Simple Hairstyle Guide

20. Nope

What can go wrong when cutting your own hair you’re asking? Well, this is complete proof that do-it-yourself hairstyles can have serious repercussions on your self-esteem.

21. Replacing your Hairdresser

Quarantine life sometimes felt unbearable, but moments like the one below made the whole process a bit funnier than we expected it to be. Occasional hairdressers will never replace pros, though!

Replacing your Hairdresser

22. Lockdown Essentials

Lockdown period helped many of us keep their priorities straight and their hairstyles messy! Turn out, you never appreciate the real value of a hairdresser until you can’t get one!

23. Special Edition

This “messy high bun with front falling strands” sure looks painfully familiar for many of us. Special times require “special” hairstyle memes, we have to admit that!

24. Finally Over!

If people could just master their survival instinct, maybe we wouldn’t be so crazy about making home supplies and beauty transformations all at once!

25. Told You So!

These adorable llamas seem to have been in worse situations than people stuck at home with a pair of scissors in their hands and a lot of confidence in their styling skills!

Told You So

26. Unconventional Methods

Who knew cutting your own bangs could have such positive side-effects, right? If you cannot resist the temptation of doing your own fringe, at least don\t baby bangs!

Unconventional Methods

27. Missing the Pre-lockdown Days

Painfully relatable, this meme shows that getting your hair cut doesn’t always come with a happy end for many of us! Home haircuts on the other hand, almost never do that either, unless you are a professional hairstylist, of course!

Missing the Pre-lockdown Days

28. New-found Hairstyles

Laziness and boredom are said to be our greatest source of innovation. This story sure confirms that! Trying to curl your hair with a flat iron is not that ridiculous though.

New-found Hairstyle

29. Best Paid Job

Hitting jackpot thanks to a negative situation with a positive outcome is surely a position in which we would all like to be at the moment so, yeah, good game, hairstylists and barbers!

Best Paid Job

30. Hairstyle Struggles

Getting back to business will surely affect our hairstyle skills more than we might expect it, so yeah, keep practicing at home, for your own safety and self-esteem!

Hairstyle Struggles

31. The New Heroes

Hairdressers should have an AMA section on their social media pages during these trying times, joke aside! This whole self-haircut is getting out of proportions.

The New Heroes

32. Isolation Hairstyle Memes Guide

Low bun high bun, side bun, sligthly tilted bun, the messy-bun universe just got expanded! Long hair is never easy to wear, especially in quarantine!

Isolation Hairstyles Guide

33. Lockdown Hairstyle Memes Ideas

The expectations versus reality memes are getting pretty honest this one below will surely touch a soft spot for all the ladies out there who dreamed of the perfect messy bun.

Lockdown Hairstyles Ideas

34. Not The Result You Expected

As intentional as we try to be about our hairstyles, this haircut is definitely not the result of laborious work in the salon, done by a real hair stylist, with a proper pair of scissors…just nope!

35. Wake Up When The Lockdown Ends

Let’s shed a tear for all our hopes and dreams of perfect summer hairstyles that got all swamped away with the restrictions. The comeback to normality seems to postpone all our plans.

Wake Up When The Lockdown Ends

36. As Nervous As Can Be

Feeling shaggy yet? Joke aside, this cute dog might have its fur in better condition than many of us out there, but let’s wait patiently a little longer for our own health.

As Nervous As can be

37. Hairstyle Memes Expectations

“Business in the front, party in the back” is the well-known phrase that describes mullet-haircuts and we would be glad to apply this same principle in other areas of our lives as well!

II. Messy Buns Hairstyle Struggles

38. The Typical Result

Expectations versus reality is a harsh-game people play to cope with the sad reality of messy-buns. Oh, the struggle! Every woman with a medium-long hair has at least once confronted it!

The typical result

39. I Feel You, Sister!

Messy buns are supposed to make you look young and lift your facial features but sadly, it is rarely the case for so many of us. How come other girls are successful, we can’t help but wonder…

40. Sleek Bun Hairstyle Memes

A round of applause to support all the curly women with a 4C type of hair that ever dreamed of sleek straight hair, thinking it could be achieved. It must be hard…

Sleek Bun Hairstyle

41. Reality Vs. Expectations

Relaxed and casual or barely human? There is no in-between when it comes to messy buns and this meme is here to prove it. However, a girl can dream!

Reality Vs. Expectations

 III. Blonde Hairstyle Struggles

42. Not the Best Idea Hairstyle Memes

Why paying ridiculous amounts of money to get your hair colored, you ask? Well, this meme should answer that question with no misunderstandings. “Cheap haircuts are not good, and good haircuts are not cheap” applies to hair coloring too!

Not the best idea

43. Those Roots!

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say, you better shut up”, is what they say! Well, this girl sure tried to get a compliment for those dark roots popping. Well done!

44. The Complete Quarantine Hairstyles

Not all hairstyles were created equal and they definitely didn’t get born in your bathroom, with barely functional equipment or knowledge. These photos are painfully relatable, we must say.

The Complete Quarantine Hairstyles

45. Hairstyle Memes on Fleek

Whether it’s a failed experiment, whether it’s a long-overdue coloring job, getting your roots so long is surely a struggle only blondes can understand.

Hairstyle on Fleek

46. Over Night Pro

Results don’t come easy and expertise in the coloring department is surely undervalued until you try to do it yourself at home while skipping the written instructions and letting strangers on the internet explain it to you.

Over night pro

47. Let The Real Pros Handle Hair

It’s not called arrogance, it’s called knowledge and it should get more respect, but sometimes you have to learn it the hard way.

Let The Real Pros handle hair

48. Blonde and Sassy Hairstyle

Oh, the failed orange-colored results of getting your hair blonde can sometimes have really funny outcomes. Funny as in embarrassing!

Blonde and Sassy Hairstyle

49. Word of Advice

Sure, hairdressers get a well-deserved break before the storm of clients will come asking for help with failed hair jobs done at home. This meme couldn’t be more accurate!

Word of Advice

50. Maintenance is Key

Color maintenance shampoos are no joke. Clients with brassy hair should take notice.

Maintenance is key

What’s worse then a long-overdue coloring job, you ask? Bleaching your hair until it turns orange-yellow like a carrot you forgot to take out of the sun.

DYU is not recommended

52. Finally Revealed!

Hair coloring is never a funny subject but this meme tickles our mean humor. The quarantine has revealed all sorts of unknown fact for many of us.

Finally Revealed

53. The Unknown Hairstyle

Expect- the- unexpected is a way too harsh game to play when dealing with your own hair so just invest in your patience instead!

The Unknown Hairstyle

54. Post-Quarantine Hairstyle Goals

All girls with wavy and curly hair know this struggle way too deep not to acknowledge their going back to the harsh realities of weather conditions.

Post-Quarantine Goals

55. Blonde Roots Struggle

Apparently the saying that “getting blonde hair is a higher commitment than marriage” finally revealed its meaning. Dark roots and blonde hair is a tough combination to pull.

Blonde Roots Struggle

56. Balayage Hairstyle is for Everyone

The temptation of getting a little innocent, harmless balayage on virgin hair is a real struggle of modern days. The meme shows us why!

Balayage Hairstyle is for everyone

57. Denial Phase

Just listen to what the specialist has to say and look for solutions for damaged hair is what a mature person would do, but then, how many of those people do you know in real life? Ha-ha-ha (sobs internally).

Denial Phase

58. Unnoticed Hairstyle Memes

This meme hits us right in the feels! Man, is there anything more frustrating than those rare moments when the hairstyle is on fleek? A heartbreak? Vaguely close!

Unnoticed Hairstyle

59. Box Dye Hairstyle

Eeek! Watch out for your hairdresser’s reaction when getting ideas about coloring your hair yourself. This might prevent a disaster waiting to happen!

Box Dye Hairstyle

60. ’80s Hairstyles

No judgment here, just consciously noticing the irony of people going back to ridiculous hairstyles, this time with no intention of impressing anyone except their dog, the only on-looker during the lockdown.

'80s Hairstyles

IV. Recently Discovered Hairstyle Issues

61. In Dire Need of a Haircut

You are well familiar with the paranoia symptoms but what do you know about ” I need a haircut!” symptoms? Well, the lockdown might have given you a clue or two…

In dire need of a haircut

62. Practice doesn’t Always Make Perfect

The frustration is practically a distinctive part of any long haired girl out there and this meme just breaks our hearts.

Practice doesn't always make perfect

63. It’s all About Priorities!

Low- maintenance gets a new definition during lockdown thanks to the lack of social pressure to look good. If it feels right, this hairstyle is your soulmate!

It's all about priorities

64. Hairstyle Vacation

Oh, the one-hour long or more pampering session you get to experience every time your enter that hair salon should really get a special name!

Hairstyle Vacation

65. Quarantine Hairstyle

Been there, done that! Waiting for a haircut is a tough time both in quarantine times and on Holidays Eves as well so hang in there, shaggy fellows!

Quarantine Hairstyle

66. Ode to the Ponytail

The classic ponytail, better known as the go-to hairstyle we all choose at least once a week finally got the recognition it deserves! Praised be the internet!

Ode to the Ponytail

67. Homemade Solutions are Overestimated

It takes a special type of persuasion to convince women not to put all the kitchen ingredients onto their scalp and this meme is part of it! Just get a trim, ladies!

Homemade Solutions are overestimated

68. Oh, the Effort!

Kinky curly haired women are probably way too familiar with this type of struggle so this meme comes as a recognition of their efforts!

Oh, the effort

69. Hairstyle Goals

Reality vs. expectations was particularly a painful experience during childhood years and every girl struggling to get those box braids herself probably knows what I’m’ talking about!

Hairstyle Goals

70. Best Hairstyle Tip

Getting good care of your hair should be mandatory just like you take good care of your phone, car, skin, and clothes. Your scalp will appreciate the effort!

Best Hairstyle Tip

71. Hairstyle Dilemma

It’s an emotional roller-coaster sometimes, but having to choose from so many options can really take a toll on your inner peace. What a wholesome meme!

Hairstyle Dilemma

72. Shaggy Hairstyle FTW

A look we are more and more familiar after the lock-down experience, the Yetty appearance is not a surprise anymore even after the restrictions were lifted! Long live appointments!

Shaggy Hairstyle FTW

73. The Ever Lasting Hairstyle Issue

This situation is 100% totally relatable and super accurate! The effort of blow-drying your hair right before going to bed is inhumane!

The Ever Lasting Hairstyle Issue

74. Alternative Workout Activity

Those arms getting toned and firm once the cold season is back and you can’t simply dry your hair in the sun anymore is a natural consequence of blow-drying. They should sell them in the sports department of the supermarket!

Alternative Workout Activity

75. Must Resist Temptations

Ever had a thought this strong that keeps you agitated and nervous at night? Getting your hair braided in a protective hairstyle is sure problematic from this perspective!

Must Resist Temptations

76. Missing The Little Things

So simple, yet so true! What a comeback to reality going to a hair salon was for clients and hairdressers all around the world!

Missing The Little Things

77. More than just a Hairstylist

Getting a haircut is more efficient than buying a new dress and so after nailing the term ” shopping therapy”, there should exist a term for hair therapy as well!

More than just Hairstyling

78. Life is too Short for Self Hairstyle

Getting a break from that blow-dryer that solicits the arms as hell is surely one benefit of getting your hair done by someone else!

Life is too short for Self Hairstyle

79. More than Just a Job

Becoming a hairstylist simply doesn’t get enough recognition sometimes but this meme is here to fix it! Ah, the wonderful internet!

More than just a job

80. Everyday Hairstyle Events

Accurate depiction of my mental breakdown this morning when attempting at getting a crown braid. It ain’t easy being a modern Rapunzel for sure!

Everyday Hairstyle Events

81. Self-made Bangs

Not all of us can draw a straight line but many of us think we can handle cutting our own curtain bangs! What an illusion!

Self-made Bangs

82. Hairstyles as Coping Mechanism

Changing the outside is easier than the inside but it sure comes with a cost! When was the last time you tried to change your looks?

Hairstyles as Coping Mechanism

83. Hairstyle Appreciation

Twists-out is surely a hairstyle that won’t always deliver the best results! But the effort is the same and it shouldn’t go unnoticed!

Hairstyle Appreciation

84. Curly Hairstyles Issues

The fascination for curls is an old issue all curly people must endure because we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone is born with curls, sadly!

Curly Hairstyles Issues

85. New Best Friend

Attention, dry-shampoo addicts! This meme is an accurate portrait of your hair care cleaning routine in quarantine!

New Best Friend

86. Hard to Find

“I sometimes see you lurking underneath my sofa on the floor/ Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” should be the new lyrics of Lionel Richie’s musical hit, adapted for bobby pins and lost hair accessories everywhere!

Hard to find

87. Best Hairstyle Ever

Getting the perfect ponytail is the type of satisfaction we all crave in our imperfect lives but hair ties have a different opinion, unfortunately.

Best Hairstyle Ever

88. Ponytail-Struggle

Simply unfair! Life is never synchronized with our intentions and that just hurts beyond words. Ponytails will never come out perfect when needed!


89. Current Quarantine Hairstyle

Weird-bun should be a new trend in hairstyles this year! Just look at all those flawed masterpieces you create every morning in your hair! Priceless!

Current Quarantine Hairstyle

90. Homemade Mask

Again, the underlying issue this meme points out is that we, women have the overwhelming tendency of applying any type of food in our hair.

Homemade Mask

91. Braids are Underestimated

Now, this meme right here should be printed and handed out to all the women hitting the gyms and yoga studios right now! Braids and blow-dries are simply a type of exercise a woman must perfect!

Braids are underestimated

92. Saving Solution

Bad hair days are part of life! Maybe too big of a part, some might add. And by some, I mean, me and all the other women on the surface of the Earth.

Saving Solution

93. Double Advantage

Have you tried blow-drying your hair with your head downward? This trick might help with the inhumane arm effort needed.

Double Advantage

94. Lockdown Conclusions

Never underestimate the power of a hairstylist until you can’t get his services anymore! This meme has a valid point. And an awful haircut!

Lockdown Conclusions

95. Validation Struggle

No matter the action, we all seek recognition, so why would haircuts be any different? Keep this in mind for your next visit to the beauty parlor.

Validation Struggle

96. Quarantine Effects

Bowl-cuts, baby-bangs, Hagrid-like appearances, are no longer just a bad dream for many of us. Luckily, hair does grow back!

Quarantine Effects

97. New-found Career

Well, if lately, you found yourself “bored in the house” as the lyrics say, this new occupation could solve the issue of ever-disappearing bobby pins.

New-found Career

98. Endless Hairstyle Options

Curly hair is one of the most versatile types of hair out there and this is not an advantage all the time, as this meme funnily shows us. Decision making is hard!

Endless Hairstyle Options

99. Hair Care Mysteries

Pools are the number one enemy of your hairstyle, no matter how good care you take outside of it. Use a bonnet or just don’t leave it soaking in that treated water all day.

Hair Care Mysteries

100. Relatable

It’s all fun and games with dry shampoo until you are not sure if what you have on your head is hair or a form of cotton candy you can’t eat.


101. Always Plan Ahead

Washing your hair should be a well-planned routine as this meme here tries to convince us, but don’t worry, washing it daily won’t affect its health unless you use strong shampoos.

Always Plan Ahead

102. Hairstylists Are Modern Magicians

This illustration is self-explanatory but the actual experience of working with hair can be so rewarding that it actually makes sense to anyone inside this world.

Funny Hairstyle Memes

103. Rubber Bands and Chewing Gum

To anyone that ever struggled with stressful to manage hair, this wholesome meme is everything.

Funny Hairstyle Memes

104. Drying Extra-Long Hair Is a Struggle

They don’t say too much about washing it, but drying your hair is sometimes so tiring that it should count as cardio.

2 Funny Hairstyle Memes

105. Multitasking is a full-time job

Sometimes too much, sometimes not enough, hair is both a blessing and a curse, and having to manage it all by yourself is sometimes dangerous.

3 Funny Hairstyle Memes


Sometimes accurate, sometimes plain weird, the situations depicted throughout the internet in tweets, memes, and virtual notes make a great laughing experience. We hope you had as much fun reading them as we had compelling these 105 quarantine-related hairstyle memes.

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