50 Trendy Baddie Hairstyles for Women Popular in 2024

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Who does not want to be a baddie? But first, let’s clear the meaning of baddie. The baddie is not referred to as a bad girl; it’s about the girl who is always slaying the game and always looking good—a girl who is always tip-top and out together even on off days. Yet, the best way to show that you are a baddie is by going for baddie hairstyles.

So, get ready to be a baddie and stun everyone with your beauty every time. Women ask, what is a baddie hairstyle? The answer is that it can be any hairstyle containing tied or untied hair, high or low, long or short, and braided or not braided hair. We have gathered 50 cool baddie hairstyles trending right now. So, let’s start and look awesome even if your friends make a surprise visit to your home. 

1. Half-and-Half Down with Updo

High sleek hair with a ponytail at the top middle of the head of half hair while half-hair down looks sizzling with styled edges. The shiny, silky hair spreading on the shoulder makes this updo for long hair glamorous. 

2. Baddie Hairstyle and Brazilian Body Wave

High gloss hair with a natural texture is a great choice for any time and in every field. Black girls can achieve this hairstyle by installing body wave hair. 

3. Curtain Fringe with Messy Bun

People usually see women of color in tight hairstyles. But this oh-so-gorgeous hairstyle with a long curtain fringe with a voluminous messy bun warms up the looks in a fashionable sense. 

4. Deep Wave Bob for Baddie Hairstyle

Girls! There can be more flaunting styles than the long slicked hairstyles; some are short curly hair bobs with deep wave hair texture. The undefined, combover side-swept style gives a modern-day or party look touch. 

5. Red Hair and Glam

The high sheen, soft red hair slicked on top with maroon hair in the front looks attractive. The light bevel curls at the ends make it look amazing. 

6. Coily Space Buns

Neat, fresh coil twists on the scalp with dreadlock style coils in a bun creates a pretty hairstyle that suits young girls, too other than child girl.

7. Baddie Style and Frontal Ponytail

Soft, shiny baddie hairstyle with side swept-curtain bangs on one side with big and light curls reaching the collarbone highlight the best facial features. 

8. Short Passion Twist

Passion twists are a great go-to, chic hairstyle and a side-swept style with concealed edges makes it a protective hairstyle. So you can be a baddie each day without major effort. 

9. Thick Bangs and Updo

Heavy side-swept bangs in layer cutting are always attention-grabbing, even more, when an updo follows them for medium hair. The high bun of silk pressed hair or straight, glossy hair makes it impressive. 

10. Curls and Straight Baddie Hairstyle

A hairstyle containing straight and curled hair is a fantastic combination of a sweet and dauntless look. You can also get this hairstyle by creating a 4:6 partition and curling some hair. 

11. Long Knotless Butterfly in Baddie Style

Thick long knotless braids with curly ends on wide and clean partitions look brilliant. The curly ends make it look chic and trendy. 

12. Color Dyed Baddie Hairstyles

Untied hair can be the reason to make you look tip-top, but if it is dyed. The pinkish-gray color will be a wise and flattering choice, 

13. Traditional Sew-In with Side-Swept Bangs

 Traditional sew-in hairstyle with big swoop hair as silky side-swept bangs covering one eye brings more attention to the face. Soft and shiny, voluminous hair makes this hairstyle cute. 

14. Crimped Reddish Brown for Baddie Hairstyle

Middle part slicked hair with big crimps on auburn hair looks fresh and always has ready vibes because of its rich color. J-Hope once flaunts auburn hair that attracts the world to try it. 

15. Baddie Hair with Deep Waves and Glam

The deep wave long untied hair with combover side-swept style looks glamorous. Laid edges and defined waves are the keys to rocking this baddie hairstyle. 

16. Baddie Style and Top Knot Bun

All slick back hair with a top knot bun and the concealed base is a high fashion style. Out of the face, laid edges make it look tidy. 

17. Orange Brazilian Straight Bobs

Considerably asymmetrical hairstyle with a big swoop side-swept style covering one face looks elite. You can get this swoop style by making the partition line deeper in the middle. The styled edges and orange Brazilian hair make it more attention-grabbing. 

18. Braids and Curls with Baby Hair

Dutch braids at the hairline keep the light, wavy, and fluffy hair out of the face and are a ready-to-go hairstyle every time. The un-tied 2b hair type makes it look casual. The well-styled baby hair makes it trendy. 

19. Baddie Hair with Deep Wave Bundles

Tight deep wave bundle installation in center part style with straight and sleek top is so sassy. The hair drenched in moisture is the only way to make it flatter. 

20. Curls and Space Buns

Straight and sleek hair with a zig-zag partition and soft-looking space buns looks impressive. In addition, the shoulder-length hair gives the wearer slaying and youthful appearance. 

21. Bangs with Knotbun for Baddie Hairstyle

This is the ultimate baddie hairstyle. The clean heightened top knot with the thick bangs covering eyebrows brings attention to the eye and makes it brighter while giving you a royal style. 

22. Large Curls in Baddie Hairstyle

Voluminous side-swept bangs with large smooth, and shiny curls are a great way to look phenomenal. It seems naturally elegant without looking like something overdone.

23. Baddie Hairstyles with Side-Parted Bangs for Natural Hair

Hair with a big swoop and side-parted bangs in sleek straight style on top gives you an ace fashion vibe. In addition, the styled and fluffy hair curls look great. 

24. Long and Coily for Baddie Hairstyle

The long curly hair in the side-swept style without a specific partition line and without covering the head looks fashionable, trendy, and tip-top. This hairstyle looks good if the hair is properly hydrated.

25. Bunchy Crimped Baddie Hairstyles

Fluffy crimped hair with a sleek base and pattern braids look ultimately cool. Likewise, a half-up half-down hairstyle with a concealed base ponytail looks awesome.

26. Black Box Braids for Baddie Hairstyle

This cool, baddie hairstyle contains braids, locs, and defined curls on longer hair. This exciting hairstyle can make anyone the center of attention without even trying.

27. Messy Bun Mohawk Baddie Hairstyles

This messy bun mohawk style is worth trying if someone is into dauntless and glamorous baddie hairstyles. To create a messy curly bun and style front hair, you need to separate hair into three parts, top front, crown, middle, and lower back.

28. Straight Hair and Sweet Curls Baddie Hairstyle

The straight and sleek hair on top with a sweet kinky texture in the rest of the hair makes it a great choice for heart-shaped face women.

29. Blonde Crimped Baddie Hairstyles

The high sheen platinum blonde hair with crimped hair in wavy form is cool to be shown off on any occasion.

30. Updo Baddie Hairstyles with Knotbun

Thick feed-in cornrow braids with a top and tall updo bun is an ultra-modern baddie hairstyle. Keeping the base clean and sleek is how to make it look great.

31. Splendid Baddie Hairstyles with Curly Space Buns

This splendid curly with middle part style looks cool with curly voluminous space buns. It is gorgeous to wear in offices, for fun times, and in university/colleges.

32. Goddess Braids in Baddie Hairstyles

Knotless braids with some free curly hair and braid cuffs look gorgeous in the middle part style. The free curls give this hairstyle a modern look. 

33. Red Brazilian Baddie Hairstyles with Straight Bobs

If someone wants to stand out and add symmetricity to their face shape, then this red Brazilian straight bob is best for them. The sleek straight hair and styled baby hair are the main things to rock this hairstyle. 

34. Large Updo for Baddie Hairstyles

The coolest baddie hairstyle that does not need much management is here. To achieve this style, sleek out the base hair, and gather all hair to make a high, voluminous updo. 

35. Two Cornrows Baddie Hairstyles

This is an on-fleek stylish hairstyle. The fully straight middle-parted hair with thin to thicker cornrows at the sides of the head with a lower bun looks modish. 

36. Fountain Weave Baddie Hairstyles

The straight hair on the scalp with flowing kinky curly hair covering the sides of the head is enchanting. You can get this look by purchasing by adding a weave by concealing its ponytail base with a lot of hair to get this fountain style. 

37. Baddie Hairstyles with Ginger Hair Color

The rolled hair with big swoop hair may sound common. Adding the rich ginger color customize it to make it your signature look.

38. Baddie Hairstyles with Curls and Two Sides Braids

Baddie Curls and Two Sides Braids - a woman wearing a white shirt

The diagonal partition line with African-style dutch braid along the partition line helps you make a fashion statement. The hair jewelry and braid cuffs with deep wave hair look amazing. 

39. Copper Baddie Hairstyles with Curls

Twisting the curly hair adds new excitement to the hair. The two-toned hair with corkscrew curls makes it one of the best baddie hairstyles right now.

40. Curls and Braids with Baddie Hairstyles

A clean triangular parted base with braids on the top area of the head and a half-up half-down hairstyle looks stunning. The tight deep wave hair makes it more attractive.

41. Baddie Hairstyle with Honey Blonde Highlights

Black girls can look extremely pretty with blond highlights, keep the base color light brown and crimp their hair. 

42. Water Waves Baddie Hairstyle

This water wave baddie hairstyle is insanely gorgeous. You can make it middle-parted and give your hair a wet look to appear more manageable. A mousse works best to achieve it. 

43. Black and Long Crimped Hair

Long shiny hair with a big crimp pattern looks ultimately stunning with styled edges and a straight partition area. 

44. Coily Long Bob for Baddie Hairstyle

Coily hair texture drenched with mousse for a great wet look in bob hairstyle with side part comb over style looks chic and sassy. 

45. Fountain Pony Tail in Baddie Hairstyles

Blonde crimped hair in a half-up half-down hairstyle looks incredible with the right clothing color. The high-up ponytail looks like a fountain and creates a beautiful high cranial top. 

46. Locs Crochet Braids for Baddie Hairstyles

Thread deadlocks with a cleanly brushed out base look elegant. Depending on which color suits your skin tone, you can choose the thread color. Having it in bob style makes it look manageable. 

47. Short and Cute Half Up and Down Baddie Hairstyles

Half-up, half-down hairstyles look chic for any informal or formal event. You can get this hairstyle by starting to make cornrows and stop at the crown, gather cornrowed hair and make a half-up bun. Then cornrow the rest of the hair and curl the ends. 

48. Baddie Hairstyle with Burgundy Color

Burgundy color hairstyle complements the afro girls, and this baddie hairstyle suits everyone. You can achieve this hairstyle by sleeking out the base and making a straight swoop, and making a half-up hairstyle in soft, shiny hair. 

49. Baddie Hairstyles with Small Bun

Straight hair at the scalp in a half-up, half-down hairstyle with kinky hair installation looks excellent with styled edges. 

50. Baddie Hairstyles with Voluminous Half-and-Half

Straight, sleek hair on the scalp with kinky hair installation and face-framing high cranial top ponytail look elegant. It Leads to a voluminous hairstyle spreading on shoulders that look fun-loving.  


You must have picked your favorite baddie hairstyle; now it’s time to make it. 

Use products made for your hair type and texture when making a hairstyle. Start with clean hair and have some necessary tools like a rat-tail comb to ease styling. You must have hair spray and gel to keep the hairstyle in place and mist spray and mousse if you’re working on afro hair.

You can opt to make easy hairstyles on off days, making them easy to make and undo. However, if you make an intricate hairstyle on working days, don’t wholly undo it if it can look fresh with little touch-ups so it can last one more day.