Ja Morant Barrel Twist (Pictures, How-To, and Much More!) 

This article will walk you through the captivating Ja Morant Barrel Twist and what barrel twists entail. Plus, how to recreate the hairstyle and other astounding things you should know. Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about barrel twisting? Dive into the article right away.

Ja Morant Barrel Twist Hairstyle.

Wrapping a loc around several locs to create a cylinder shape is the technique used in Ja Morant’s barrel twist loc style. His barrel twist is similar to cornrows, and this is a hairstyle that both men and women can effortlessly recreate. Below are a few examples:

1. Ja Morant Barrel Twist

1. Ja Morant Barrel Twist


Recreating the athlete style with two big cornrows.

2. Braided High Bun Barrel Twist Ja Morant.

2. Braided High Bun Barrel Twist Ja Morant.


Even ladies can have a high bun style for their barrel twist.

3. Barrel Dreads Ponytail

3. Barrel Dreads Ponytail


4. Double-Colored Barrel Twist

The barrel twist still looks great with double-colored locs.

4. double-colored barrel twist


A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Ja Morant Barrel Twists

Here’s how to recreate the Ja Morant barrel twist: Note that this is for hair without locs, which means making barrel twists isn’t restricted to hair with locs alone. Let’s start right away!

1. middle part the hair into two equal section.
  1. So, you’ll start by parting the hair into two equal parts in the middle.
2. Tie up

2. Tie up the side you’re not ready to work with; it’ll help you work smoothly with the other side.

3. Split up

3. Next, divide the side you want to work on into two equal parts.

4. tie up again

4. Tie one part with the other side you’re not working with for now.

5. divide and clip

5. Further, divide the side you’re working with, then clip away one part of the cut-out hair.

6. apply mouldin gel

6. Ensure you apply mouldin gel after separating. Apply it to the front and back of the hair you’re starting with. It enhances the smoothness of the hairstyle.

7. comb it

7. Comb the hair thoroughly and gently with a pin comb.

8. cut out

8. Start cutting like this; cutting out two and a half cm for the width of the parting is okay. Apply some mouldin gel to the cut-out hair after.

9. twist with a comb

9. Get a pin comb and push it into the hair to begin twisting the hair with the pin comb.

10. keep it safe with a clip

10. You’re supposed to keep twisting until you get to the end of the hair.

11. repeat for the next cut-out

11. Next, keep aside the twisted safe with a double-prong clip.

12. repeat for the next cut-out

12. Repeat the same with the next cut-out hair. Remember, you’ll twist the hair around while pulling the comb to the bottom of the hair to make a coil twist.

13. keep aside

13. After, use the same double-pong clip to keep them aside. Beware that while twisting long hair, it can get stuck with a comb. Just remove it and keep twisting till you get to the end of the hair.

14. dont worry about the ends

14. Twist till the end of the hair, but it’s okay if the ends of the hair don’t come out twisted just like this one. Note that this is only okay for barrel twists.

15. repeat from steps 6-12

15. Afterward, repeat the entire process from steps 12–14 for the next section of hair kept aside with a crocodile clip.

16. remove the double prong clips

16. Remove the double-prong clips when you’re done with the two sections.

17. retwist with hand

17. Next, you can re-twist the hair picked out of your hand. to ensures the hair is well twisted. You can do this for each hair before you barrel twist.

18. pick two hair

18. Pick up two hairs at the top like this to barrel twist them together.

19. pick another hair

19. After barrel twisting, pick another hair at the bottom.

20. add it

20. Join it to the two-barrel twist and twist it around the two-barre twist. Ensure you twist throughout in the same direction. For instance, if you start in an anti-clockwise direction, maintain that same direction till the end of the hair.

21. keep twisting

21. Keep barrel twisting all the twisted hair. Don’t twist two hairs at the same time; do it one after the other, top and bottom, simultaneously.

22. tight tution twist

22. When you get to the bottom of the hair, make a tight tuition twist on the remaining hair.

23. keep with a rubber band

23. After twisting, keep the hair tied down with a rubber band.

24. repeat steps 6-23

24. Repeat the entire process from steps 6 to 18 for the remaining hair.

25. apply mousse

25. Drench the hair with the mousse.

26. apply spray

26. Next, apply your GOT2B spray all over the hair.

27. use a triangle scarf to tie up the hair together.

27. Tie up the hair with a triangle scarf.

28. blow dry

28. Then, blow-dry the hair; this should take 5–10 minutes for a dryer and 3-5 minutes for a hand dryer.

29. apply oil

29. Finally, gently remove the tangles and apply an olive-oily sheen all over the hair. It enhances the shininess of the hair.

30. here, you have it

30. Viola. Your recreated Ja Morant barrel twist is here.

Take away

It would’ve been impossible to get these pictures on how to make this Ja Morant barrel twist without the help of Raushana MFL, big shout out to her! Perhaps you’ll still want to get her video of how to recreate this hairstyle. All you have to do is click here Ja Morant Barrel Twist.

Bonus 1: Other Ja Morant Great Hairstyles

Sure, not every Ja Morant fan will love to honor their hero by making barrel twists. Therefore, I’ve incorporated several excellent hairstyles the athlete has rocked over the years. They are:

1.  Blowout

1. ja morant Blowout-Haircut


Right before walking into stardom, this is how the superstar looks.

2. Ja Morant Barrel Twist Part Cornrows

2. Ja Morant Barrel Twist cornrows


This is how Ja Morant love to style his barrel twists.

3. Ja Morant’s Dread Bun

3. Ja Morant's dread bun


This is a versatile hairstyle among many basketball players.

4. Coiled Ja Morant Barrel Twist

4. Coiled Ja Morant Barrel Twist


Small dreads wrapped into several coils.

5. Middle-Part Duo-Tone Dreads

5. Middle-Part Duo-Tone Dreads


For a brighter look, twist the formed coils further.

6. Multi-Colored Coils

6. Multi-colored coils


If you prefer longer dreads with coils, this is for you.

Bonus 2: Other Barrel Twist Hairstyles

Stuck on how to style your barrel twists? I’ve got you covered! Below are unique ways you can style your twist.

1.  3 Barrel Twist Ja Morant

1.  3 Barrel Twist Ja Morant


Separate your locs into three sections to form cornrows.

2. Individual Barrel Twist

2. Individual Barrel Twist


A unique way to rock long dreads.

3. Cut and Barrel Twist Combo

3. Cut and Barrel Twist Combo


Combination of cut and barrel twist for the ladies.

4. Half-Up, Half-Down Barrel Twist

4. Half-Up, Half-Down Barrel Twist


Divide the braids into two parts: front and back. Twist and tie it to the front to form a bun, then leave the back free.

5. Short Ja Morant Barrel Twist

5. Short Ja Morant Barrel Twist.


Go for this short barrel twist if you’re not a fan of long dreads.

6. Barrel Dreads with Blue Ends

6. barrel dreads with blue ends


Just dye the end parts of the dreads blue or into any of your favorite colors.

7. Curved Barrel Twist

7. Curved Ja Morant Barrel Twist


Aside from twisting, you can make a curved style like this one.

8. Wedding Barrel Twist

8. wedding barrel twist


Look perfect on your wedding day, rocking your favorite hairstyle.

9. Heart-Shaped Barrel Twist

9. heart shaped Ja Morant Barrel Twist


Who doesn’t love love and everything associated with it, including this hairstyle?

10. Barrel Dreads with Shaved Sides

10. Barrel Dreads with Shaved Sides


Here’s another way to combine dreads with a cut.

11. Barrel Roll, Ja Morant

11. high bun barrel twist


Do you want to make a bold statement? Go for this hairstyle.

12. Flashy Colored Ja Morant Barrel Twist

12. Flashy colored Ja Morant Barrel Twist


Make the ladies drool over you while you rock this.

Ja Morant Barrel Twist FAQs

1. Who is Ja Morant?

Ja Morant is an iconic NBA player who currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.

2. How long can barrel twists last?

It can last for as long as you want to carry it-2 months at most.

3. Is the barrel twist a protective hairstyle?

Yes, it’s one of the protective hairstyles you can implement.


Here you go with everything there is to know about Ja Morant barrel twist. Now you can recreate your barrel twist style. Most importantly, ensure you condition and shampoo them every two weeks and dry wash them in-between water washes.