50 Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women in 2023

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Are you looking for the best dreadlock hairstyles for women? Then you have definitely come to the right place. This is a list of beautiful dreadlocks styles for women for 2023. Dreadlocks are a style that has been growing among women in recent years, but the dreadlock style has been around since ancient times.

And even though you do not have to brush your hair, dreadlocks are still a big commitment. Wash days are longer and harder, and you most likely will have to retwist your dreadlocks every 3-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth.

There are many different types of dreadlocks but what makes it a short dreadlock is if the braid is two to seven inches long. Some women seem to prefer shorter dreadlocks because they can be more comfortable to wear and easier to keep up with for a longer period of time. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful and innovative ways to way your dreadlocks in 2023!

1. Re Twist Dreadlock Hairstyles

The Retwist dreadlock is a perfect look if you are just getting started on your dreadlock journey or need a new look. In the photo above, they are separated into three bigger braids pony and pulled into ponytails. Pair it with some fun colors, and you are all set.

2. Box Braid Dreadlock Hairstyles Long Length

Box braids are a popular choice for many women. This long length featured here can be worn for long periods of time and is known as a protective style. This allows your natural hair to grow out while protecting the ends. It is stylish and can be worn in many different ways.

3. Dreadlock Tower Hair

Dreadlock tower hair is a great style for you if you like your hair out of your face. This dreadlock hairstyle is so beautiful and versatile that you can wear it to work one day, attend a wedding the next, and feel comfortable the whole time because you know you look good.

4. Dark Black Long Dreadlock Hairstyle

This dark black long dread hairstyle is a classic. These dreads will look good on any woman who wanted to wear them. It can be put up in a bun, worn long, or even put into a big braid down your back. All while letting your natural hair growth.

5. Long Black Dreadlock Hairstyles with Golden Highlights

This long black dreadlock with a pop of blonde is a perfect way to show some texture to your hair. It is subtle enough that it will look amazing in any way you wear your dreads. This is a great summer look for any woman.

6. Long Copper Brown with Green and Purple Dreadlock Hairstyles

These long copper and purple-colored dreadlocks are a perfect combination to make you and your hair stand out. These dreadlocks would look great in any season, but they give off an autumn vibe. They can be pulled up into so many different combos that you can always keep looking your best for any outing.

7. Shiny Dreadlock Hairstyle with A Ring Curl on Edge

Shiny dreadlocks with a ring curl are an elegant way to style your dreads. This beautiful ring curl would look worn straight down your back or pulled up with a pony. They can be worn for longer periods of time and help you look classy.

8. Dark Red and Light Blue Dreadlock Style

Check out these dark red and light blue dreads; they are a stunning combination. They almost give off the vibe of princess Ariel when they are pulled back like in the picture above. These dreadlocks are a fun way to have some color in your life.

9. Twist and Turn Dreadlocks

Twist-and-turn dreadlocks are a great combination of two different kinds of dreadlocks. They keep your natural hair tight in a twist while adding some volume at the ends of your dreads. Twist-and-turn dreadlocks can be worn up in a pony or down by your shoulders for an effortless style either way you want.

10. Attractive Bun with Bangs Locs

An attractive bun with bangs and dreadlocks is a great hairstyle if you like your hair pulled off your neck into a nice bun. The attractive bun is a fun hairstyle that brings your hair more texture. The bangs in this dreadlock look so gorgeous on women with all types of faces.

11. Re Twist Locs for Medium Hair

Re Twist locks for medium length hair is a dreadlock style when you need to get your dreadlocks retwisted. This is an easy hairstyle that will last you a long time. In the photo above, it is styled with a single big pony down your back.

12. Twist Locs with Light Brown Highlights

Twist locs with light brown highlights are a beautiful dreadlock hairstyles that adds some subtle color to your style. The light brown highlights will bring more texture to your hair and is a wonderful new look for the warmer weather seasons. In the photo, they have twist locs pulled up in a high ponytail with light brown throughout.

13. Loc Petals with A Hint Copper Brown

Loc petals are always a classic way to look your best. When you throw a hint of copper brown into the loc petals, it sets this dreadlock style off perfectly. Loc petals are a little time-consuming, but they are worth the effort.

14. Melanin Poppin Dreadlock Hairstyle

Melanin Poppin’s dread style is a beautiful short dreadlock hairdo. In the photo above, they have it braided to wrap around the back of your head. It is a perfect way to keep your dreads up if you are just starting out. This hairstyle will make you stand out no matter where you go.

15. Half High Bun Pony Dreadlock Hairdo

Half-high bun pony locs are a fun combination of two different types of locs. They start off with small twists and connect to a thicker braid. Half of your hair will hang down your back and the other is up in a high ponytail. A beautiful loc style that will keep your hair out of your face and keep you looking your best.

16. Double Strand Twist Dreadlock Hairstyle

Double-strand twist dreadlock hairstyles start with smaller twists at the root of your hair and they twist into thicker strands as it grows. This style of dreadlocks is classically beautiful. They can be kept long or pulled back in whatever way you would like.

17. High Single Bun Re Twist Locs

High single buns re-twist locks are so beautiful to look at. This style is pulled into 6 to 8 different sections that all lead into a single bun with twist locs. This dreadlock hairstyle would look great on any type of face, and in the photo above, they added some light brown color to really make the bun stand out.

18. Cute Locs Bun with Petals

A cute locs bun with petals is a great way to keep up with your dreads. These individual twists are pulled tight against your head, leading into a super cute petal bun. The petal bun can have some color added, like in the photo above, and is a great way to add some variety to your hair.

19. Cute Locs in Two High Buns

This fun hairstyle with cute locs in two high buns is a trendy way to wear your dreadlocks. This hairstyle starts with twisted dreadlocks pulled back into two buns on top of your head. This is a great way to wear your hair in any season but seems most appropriate in the summer because it keeps your hair up off your back.

20. Large Petal Bun Dreadlock Hairstyle

A large petal bun would look great on anyone. It is a way to pull your long dreads into a bun that sits high up on your head. In the photo above, they used a great combination of colors to keep this large petal bun looking young and vibrant.

21. Bun Dreadlock Hairstyles for Men

The bun dreadlock hairstyles are great for women of any age. It is an easy and elegant style for any occasion. This hairstyle is comfortable and will last for quite some time. In the photo above, they kept the color neutral, and it looks fantastic.

22. Short Pony Dreadlocks Dark Brown Hair

A short hair pony dread loc with brown hair is such a fun way to wear your dreadlocks. This short dreadlock pony is light and will not way you down. With your hair pulled back in a short pony, you will look perfect in any setting, and gives off a professional vibe.

23. Retwist and Style Up Dreadlocks

Re twist and styling up dreadlocks are so pretty. Style up is in the name of this hairstyle, and it fits it perfectly. Dress this dreadlock hairstyle up for a school dance or weekend party; people will comment on you all night.

24. Two Strand Retwist and Style Locs

The two-strand retwist and style loc is a really cute way to wear your dreads. They are put up into two braids on top of your head, and they meet in the middle and run down your back for a half-up look.

25. Copper Brown Style Up Dreadlock Style

This copper-brown style up dreadlocks is a perfect pop of color for your next look. This dreadlock look is defiantly a classic way to wear your locs. This style-up look will keep your hair in place for several weeks and keep you looking your best.

26. Yarn Style Dread with Two High Buns

Yarn-style dreadlocks with two high buns are such a fun look for anyone but look so cute on younger girls. In the photo above, they gave her bangs and the perfect combo of pinks and oranges to keep her looking cute and stylish.

27. Swirly Dreadlock Hairstyle Bun Style

The swirly dread bun style pulls almost all of your hair up into a bun. The dreadlock hairstyle in the above photo includes bangs and looks so good.

28. Posh Dreadlock Hairstyle for Women

The posh dread hairstyle looks just like it sounds. It is a beautiful updo that pulls your hair back instead of up and meets in the back. This hairstyle is great for has an elegant feel to it and would be great for warmer months.

29. Natural Dreadlock Hairstyle

Natural dreadlock hairstyles are simple but lovely way to wear your hair. It is pulled across the back of your head and then wrapped onto your head. This hairstyle is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion you have coming up.

30. Flat Twisted Dreads

Flat twisted dreads look great when pulled into two braids on top of your head. In the photo above, they have it styled just like that and pulled into a pony. This would be a great hairstyle for an active woman.

31. Swirly Dreadlocks Style

Swirly dreadlocks are a new way to wear your hair. This dreadlock hairstyle keeps all your hair pulled into a long swirl. It looks so pretty from the front, but the real magic is in the back.

32. Crochet Dreadlock Hairstyle

Crochet dreadlocks are a thicker type of dread. They almost look like crochet yarn, hence the name. This hairstyle is an updo and keeps your hair looking great.

33. Red High Bun Dreadlocks Hairstyle

The red high bun dreadlock hairstyle is a really fun way to wear color and stand out. This hairstyle kept the natural color in the roots and was pulled back into a high red bun. It looks perfect for any season but would really be perfect for the fall.

34. Long Rasta Dreadlocks

Long rasta dreadlocks are one of the most popular ways to wear your dreadlocks. This hairstyle takes years to grow and so much work, but the results are so worth it.

35. Rasta Dreads with Accessories

Rasta dreads with accessories are another very popular way to wear dreadlocks. The accessories can be anything you would like; in this photo, they have a rainbow sew-in, but you can do beads or even shells braided into your dreads.

36. Semi-Free Form Locs Style

Semi-free for locs style is a combination of both natural hair and dreadlocks. In this photo, she wears it high up in a bun, and some of her hair is pulled out to look like bangs. This semi-free loc style is so pretty when worn on any woman, but especially younger girls.

37. Dreadlock Bantu Knots Hair

Dreadlock Bantu knots hair is super cute. These individual twists are twisted into little buns that almost look like flowers. This is a wonderful dreadlock hairstyle for girls.

38. Rasta Locs Style with Accessories

Rasta locs style with accessories is a wonderful way to express your creativity. These rasta locks are thicker than other styles, so they can go great with almost any hair accessory.

39. Very High Buns with Dreaded Bangs Hair

Very High buns with dreaded bangs hair are such a classy way to have your hair done. This hairstyle lets you have your hair long and free while still keeping it up and out of your face. Adding some color to the ends will really help your hair stand out.

40. High Bulk Dread Buns

High-bulk dread buns are a high-fashion way to have your dreads. This is another one of the semi-free loc styles that keeps the start of your hair natural with the locs wrapped into a tall bun on top of your head. This hairstyle would look great when dressing up or keeping it casual.

41. High Dread Loopy Buns Hair

High dread loopy buns are a way to have your hair up in a bun but still keep it fun. In the photo above, they have added some golden brown color to the bottom of the dreads, allowing the loopy bun to really pop.

42. Dreadlock Short Ponytail

Dreadlock short ponytail is a perfect way to keep it simple and pretty. They have her hair pulled tight on the top of her head and the dreads into a high pony that can still be removed if needed.

43. Dreadlocks Braided Hair

Dreadlocks braided hair is a popular way to wear your dreadlocks. In the photo above, they have her hair parted into different sections and then twisted into a low bun in the back. This updo is a great way to keep your locs in place.

44. Natural Curly Dreadlocks Hair

Natural curly dreadlocks are beautiful spiral curls. In this dreadlock hairstyle, the dreadlocks are pulled up high into a pony, and the curls fall onto her shoulders. They added pops of different browns and oranges that really separate the curls and bring this dreadlock hairstyle to life.

45. Red and Black Dreadlock

Red and black always look so nice together, which is why this hairstyle is so popular. They kept the dreads in this hairstyle on the thicker side and put the beautiful red color on the tips. Half of her hair is pulled up into a ponytail at the back of her head. The outcome is beautiful and timeless.

46. Spicy Red Dreadlock Tower Hair

Spicy red dreadlocks tower hair is just like it sounds, so spicy! This long hairstyle is more adventurous and added accessories to some of the dreadlocks on top of the hair tower. This spicy red hairstyle will defiantly add some spice to your life.

47. Two Short Free-Form Dreads Hair

Two short free-form dreads are a great way to wear your dreads when you are first starting out. This free-form style of hair keeps the dreadlocks twisted on top of your head but allows you to style them in many different ways. In the photo above, they choose to go with two short ponytails, and the outcome looks beautiful.

48. Semi Bun Locks Hairstyle

Semi bun locks hairstyle is a great way to do a half up, half down look. They have added some red tones into the dreadlocks here, which really helps the bun look great.

49. Twisted Braided Locks Hair

Twisted braided locks are another great hairstyle for 2023. This hairstyle has 6 different sections on top of your head that are twisted back into a high ponytail. It is a really pretty style that can easily be done.

50. Half Up Twisted Braided Locs

Half-up twisted braided locks are a beautiful way to have your dreadlocks styled. In this style, your hair is twisted to the side and then meets in the back in a beautiful bun.

All these beautiful deadlock hairstyles will look so great in 2023; they are right on-trend.

Dreadlocks History

Dreadlocks hold special a very special place in history; the first-ever record of the dreadlock hairstyle in history was all the way back in 1500 BC. In today’s world, dreadlocks have evolved into a way to express yourself freely through your hair, and there are so many different ways to style your dreadlocks.

If you choose to dreadlock your hair, it is a very time-consuming and, sometimes, lifelong commitment. That is why it is so important to choose the right dreadlock look. The small dreadlock hairstyle is so popular because this type of dreadlock is so versatile.

One of the best things about dreadlocks is that once you get them done, you can keep the same hairstyle for months. They can work up, down, or half and half on any given day and be styled with ease. It is also very easy to add accessories to your dreads so that they always feel new.


We hope that these 50 short dreadlock hairstyles for women have helped to inspire your new look for 2023! Please tell us which one on this list is your favorite style.

Did we forget to add any of the best dreadlock hairstyles for 2023? Let us know!