50 Best Sleek Braided Ponytail Ideas in 2024

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If someone asks us about our favorite hairstyle for black women, we’ll happily say “sleek braided ponytail hair.” This hairstyle usually includes slicked back hair and a braided ponytail at the top or back of the head. One more thing, this hairstyle is not only for women with long hair, but one with short hair can also achieve it by adding hair extensions. 

If you want to know how gorgeous it can look on anyone, think of the big appearances of Zendaya, Beyonce, and Aja Naomi King in sleek braided ponytail hairstyles when they stunned the world with their glam. 

You can also achieve this look by using your favorite gels, water, parting comb, and oil made for afro hair. But, first, let’s look at the 50 braided ponytail ideas right now.

1. Middle Part Ponytail 

The middle part sleek braided ponytail looks elegant when combined with a lower ponytail. It is perfect for any occasion, either formal or informal. 

2. Jumbo Sleek Ponytail Braid

Thick braids work like magic to glam up the look. For this hairstyle, slick back all the hair and make the middle height long, chunky, and clean ponytail. 

3. Sleek Ponytail with Braid

If you are into laid edges, then this hairstyle is for you. Moreover, this sleek ponytail with a braid at the crown of the head gives a stylish look.   

4. Sleek Long Ponytail Braid

Suppose anyone thinks that they can’t look sophisticated with sleek braids, this hairstyle is best. Also, ladies with thick sideburns can get the idea from this hairstyle picture to style them. 

5. High Sleek Ponytail Braid

This hairstyle is totally the vibe of Zendaya’s hairstyle at Teen Choice Awards 2015. To achieve this look, sleek out all the hair to the top of the head, then add a weave to make the braid longer than your waist. Finally, make a braid to the very ends to appear thinner. 

6. Sleek Extra Length Ponytail

If anyone wants to look different and gorgeous without even trying, opt for this hairstyle for blonde hair. Just grab blonde extensions with peanut-butter-colored highlights and make a long sleek ponytail. 

7. Super Sleek Long Ponytail 

This superb hair idea becomes even more excellent when minimal ear accessories. Make a medium-height long ponytail braid with laid edges to get this look. Don’t forget to curl the sideburns. 

8. Box Sleek Ponytail Braid

A highly sleek low ponytail with caramel yellow hair highlights look amazing. You can make it appear trendy just by making sideburns slick straight. 

9. Blonde Hair Braided Ponytail

All slick back hair with braid ponytail that gradually becomes thinnest looks high-fashion. It increases the hairstyle beauty if you pick caramel gold hair color for braids. 

10. Smooth and Sleek Ponytail Braid

One can also make a swoop other than slicking back all the hair. It will make the forehead appear shorter. Then make a ponytail braid to get a sassy look.

11. Single Sleek Braid Ponytail

Have you ever thought of yellowish-golden and copper hair colors together? If not, look at the picture to see how fashion-forward and chic it looks. 

12. Sleek Mid-High Braided Ponytail 

We’re sure you also love the Rapunzel look. Style this look by slicking back all the hair, laying the edges, and adding hair at the top of the head. Then, start braiding hair till you reach the knee length, so order 50 inches of long hair in advance. 

13. Sleek Mid Ombre Braid Ponytail 

Ombre hair never fails to highlight femininity and boldness in a woman’s personality. To get this look, slick back all the hair, make a high ponytail, and add auburn-colored hair

14. Stitch High Sleek Braid Ponytail

If anyone wants to vibe like a business lady ready to have fun anytime, they must adopt that hairstyle. It involves three cornrow braids in the front middle of the head till the crown and box braids on both sides of the head till behind the ears. A ponytail formation makes it even more ravishing. 

15. Sleek Dutch Braids High Ponytail

Sleek hair can look super sassy. So let us inform you in easy words. 

Leave a two-inch hair hairline (make two braids of it at the ends, each falling on one side of the face). Middle part rest of the hair, slick back both sections to create pigtails. Create six sections of each pigtail and create two braids (3 sections for one braid) on both sides. Braid hair till the very end to make it appear trendy and vintage. 

16. Weave Braided Ponytail

We think you all have forgotten that having a weave sleek braided ponytail with a wider concealed base can look fancy and fashionable. Also, it allows the braid to move in any direction without awkward bent.

17. Sleek Plait Side Ponytail

No hairstyle can compete with this one among 50 sleek braid ponytail hair ideas right now. The ponytail height and shin in the hair make this simple hairstyle awesome. 

18. Sleek Ponytail with Weave and Bubbles

Don’t forget that you have another hair idea for a sleek ponytail other than a tight 3-strand braid. Yes, make a bubble ponytail. After clicking back all the hair and making a ponytail, tie a rubber band every 2 inches. Pinch each rubber band section of hair in all directions to create bubbles. 

19. Sleek Butterfly Braid Ponytail

To highlight softness in the personality, each woman should give try this gorgeous hairstyle. After making a sleek braid ponytail, pinch braided hair strands upward to give it a shape like butterfly wings. 

20. Low Sleek Ponytail

A swoop ponytail with a low, sleek braid never fails to be attractive. Make sure the hair is shiny, and the stylist has laid the edges. 

21. Sleek Braid Ponytail with a Curl at the End

This hairstyle can make anyone vibe like Ariana Grande. A high sleek ponytail with laid edges and curled sideburns can warm up the appearance. 

22. Natural Sleek Ponytail Braid

Ladies! Never get sad if your hair has been thinned out. Please don’t cut it; instead, make this hairstyle to get a chic look. 

23. Sleek Triangle Part Braid Ponytail

Triangle part braid with burgundy highlights in braid hair looks super elegant and is one of the best sleek braid ponytail hairstyles right now. 

24. Low Sleek Middle Part Braid Ponytail

The middle part sleek low braided ponytail is spectacular. It especially helps those who have less hair at the edges. 

25. Sleek Ponytail with Braiding Hair

Sleek back all hair with a ponytail braid can make anyone look perfect, whether you like to remain casual or formal. 

26. Long Sleek Ombre Braid Ponytail

Low swoop on long low ponytail from brown to blonde transitioning ombre color looks excellent. 

27. Sleek Mid Braid Ponytail 

A sleek, long pony that gradually appears thin looks super cool. If your hair is completely black, we suggest wearing vibrant color clothes to complement it amazingly. 

28. Messy Braided Ponytail

Everyone has seen sleek braided ponytails; making them look rough and fluffy will make them chic. 

29. Long Sleek Bubbles Ponytail

Braids combinations in one ponytail look irresistible. To style it, make a sleek ponytail, start making a fishtail braid, tie a rubber, make a bubble braid section, then again make a fishtail braid section, and continue the pattern until you reach the end hair. 

30. XL


XL’s sleek braided ponytail, when dramatically getting thinner, helps you make a fashion statement.

31. High Ombre Braided Ponytail

Brown ombre sleek high ponytail looks amazing when a few hair face-frame your face. 

32. High Top Sleek Braid

High braids surely give you a sassy look, but you can make it adorable too by just adding a silk scrunchie at its base. 

33. Medium Top Sleek Ponytail Braid

If you think, after a sleek braid ponytail, you have to style yourself in a certain way to look gorgeous. Look at the above picture; it can also be eye-catching in an informal style. 

34. Red Hair Sleek Braid Ponytail

If someone wants to stand out from the crowd and look bold, this red hair sleek braid ponytail idea is the best. 

35. Middle Part Braided Pony with Dramatic Baby Hairs

A middle-part braided ponytail can make the forehead appear bigger, but these sleek edges and baby hair dramatically will balance the look gorgeously. 

36. Blonde Sleek Braid with Heart

The creative pattern on the head side with the gold-blonde hair looks very glamorous. 

37. Sleek Braid Ponytail with Swoop

Swoop and laid edges can bring a sleek braid ponytail hairstyle for black hair to another level of attractiveness. It looks pretty on all face shapes. 

38. Black Hair Sleek Braid Ponytail with Heart

The heart shape made with cornrow braids and sleek high ponytail is a great representation of traditional and modern together. 

39. Low Sleek Ponytail with Baby Hair

Burgundy color on black hair might look subtle, but with styled baby hair, it will look extra amazing that people will keep guessing what’s making you pretty. 

40. Simple and Cute Sleek Braid Ponytail

If someone likes to be minimal but gorgeous in fashion, they must opt for this jet black simple and cute ponytail. 

41. Sleek Ex-Long Braid Ponytail 

If anyone’s forgotten how sleek extra long ponytails contribute to making someone attractive, they must know how she keeps the braid on one side like Aja Naomi King. 

42. Purple Hair Jumbo Sleek Braid Ponytail

Purple, mute purple, and black hair look great on jumbo sleek when colors flawlessly transition to another.

43. High Top Ponytail with Weave and Bubbles

The high-top sleek bubble ponytail made with weave is versatile to look glamorous and adorable when you want, depending on how you style yourself. 

44. Braid Ponytail with Hair Pin

Adding hair accessories is the easiest method to look attractive without even trying. But remember to keep the design minimal. 

45. Swoop Ponytail Braid

A swoop ponytail with purple auburn hair and a low, sleek ponytail can flatter anyone’s appearance. 

46. Black Hair Medium Ponytail

A medium-height sleek black ponytail is the best protective hairstyle for young girls going to educational institutes. It looks not too simple or not too extra. 

47. Middle Part Sleek Braid with Baby Hair

A low, middle part sleek braid ponytail with a less deep swoop and laid baby hair is perfect for a high formal meeting. 

48. Swoop Braid Ponytail

Deep swoop with a Rapunzel hair look is amazing. Wearing this hairstyle with a hoodie and trousers made it extra gorgeous to handle. 

49. High Top Mid Braid Ponytail

Top high sleek braid ponytail makes you look confident. But to stay confident, care for it until installed. 

50. Super Jumbo Braided Ponytail

This jumbo braid is super ravishing. However, its fullness does not achieve making a loosely braided ponytail, but the hair is pinched out outwards each time strands are intertwined. 

Braided Ponytail FAQs

Is A Sleek Ponytail Braid A Protective Hairstyle?

Yes, braid ponytail hair is a protective hairstyle as long as it is not made too tight or creates tension on the scalp. It works best for those who don’t want braids all over the head. 

Does Braided Ponytail Help Hair Grow?

When a braided ponytail is gently made on the scalp, it tucks away the hair in a healthy manner. It avoids tugging, pulling, or manipulation every day to style hair; this encourages hair growth.

How Long Does A Ponytail Braid Hairstyle Last?

A sleek ponytail hairstyle can last two weeks. But only if you take care of your ponytail and edges and cover your hair at night with a wrapping scarf. In other words, how long the sleek ponytail braid lasts also depends on how you upkeep it. 

Is It Possible To Fully Take Care Of Natural Hair When A Sleek Hairstyle Is Installed?

As you just read, sleek braid ponytail hair maximum lasts two weeks, so it does let anyone stay lazy about their hair. Therefore, compared to other protective hairstyles, which last 6 to 8 weeks, this hair idea is better to follow regular hair care. 


The short-term committed above-listed 50 best sleek braided ponytail hair ideas in 2024 are versatile enough for any customization to it, like adding cornrows braids, box braids, or swoop ponytails. Whatever hair idea you pick, don’t forget to pick a professional hairstylist. They will use quality products that will not appear flaky on hair. To keep the braided ponytail in good condition and sleek, keep using gels and hydrating products on the hair while the braided ponytail is installed. After the hairstyle is undone, follow your hair care gently to see how well it contributes to hair growth.