50 Hottest Tribal Braids Hairstyles Ideas Popular in 2024

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Hair makes a big difference in how promising and elegant one can look. Therefore, it is the significant beauty aspect that consumes our thoughts. Protective hairstyles are best in this busy life, especially for afro hair girls. However, gathering them all may feel hectic to you. So, we bring the trendiest tribal braids hairstyles ideas. Feel excited to explore! Bookmark this article to get the spectacular protective hairstyle any time this year. So, let’s begin! Info first, so you know what you are opting for, it will make it beginner-friendly too. 

Tribal braids are native to Africa. It contains various braiding techniques and patterns and can also have beads and rings. It regained popularity in the 2000s when famous celebs Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Keke Palmer showed up on the red carpet with tribal braids. Now YouTubers are also flaunting their style by making this hairstyle.

1. Feed-in Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Tribal braids are also called feed-in braids. Wavy, straight, and criss-cross sections will make it exciting. With the side patterns and heavily laid edges, this hairstyle looks engaging. 

2. Half Feed-in Half Sew Braids

It is a unique combination to see and looks gorgeous, like a half-up, half-down hairstyle. As the name suggests, it has sew-in weaves from the crown to the nape on natural hair, while at the front, it has cornrows with a combination of pattern with butterfly patterns on the head side.

3. Stitch Braids

Straight stitch braids with tiny triangular patterns that go into the braids look so fancy. Tiny braids and laid edges are always a win to enhance your style. 

4. Long Braids

Small cornrow braids in a diagonal pattern on each side of the head like middle swept hair look trendy. You need to do five braids in each diagonal section. 

5. Fulani Tribal Braids Hairstyles

These Fulani tribal braids can contain various textures but have one braid in the center going backward and a braid at the temple going opposite to your face directly. The heart shape and wavy pattern make it even more pretty. 

6. Full Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are the most natural-looking braids. Besides natural-looking, these are versatile to move braids in any direction. It looks gorgeous on everyone. 

7. Cornrows Style Tribal Braids Ideas

This hairstyle makes anyone appear trendy and traditional at the same time. The braids’ pattern looks traditional, and the thickness of the braids makes it chic.

8. Short Hair Knotless Tribal Braids Ideas

The style in which the base of braids is visible to one side of the braid. That makes the knotless braid base triangle, which look high-fashion. 

9. Ombre Hair Tribal Braids

Orange ombre hair makes you look stand out. The wavy, straight, and intersecting braids make it a must-try hairstyle. 

10. Charlotte Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Charlotte tribal braids with one braid in the middle going backward look gorgeous. The blonde hair combination will make it even more eye-catching. 

11. Natural Hair Feed-in Tribal Braids Ideas

Tribal braids can be super elegant; other than prominent braids, their base is laid down in the creative section and looks amazing. Adding brown-copper hair black enhances it more. 

12. Knotless Box Tribal Braids

Knotless medium-sized braids in middle parting style look ravishing. Fully hydrating hair will look fantastic.

13. Long Hair Cornrows

Slightly curved braid rows on top of the head will look trendy, while the fully straight braids on the sides highlight its traditional side. 

14. Large Knotless Braids

Large knotless braids with big bases are suitable for anyone to get a youthful look. 

15. Box Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Big box braids with chunky blonde money-piece are the trendiest hairstyle to apply. The blonde money piece will highlight your skin complexion. 

16. Red Hair Medium Knotless Braids

This hairstyle is best if someone wants to stand out while looking glamorous effortlessly. The pinkish-red hair will look fantastic.

17. Black Hair Tribal Knotless Braids

This tribal hairstyle vibe is like an undercut hairstyle. It is perceived as bold and alluring. The blonde hair tint will make it even more amazing. 

18. Jumbo Braids

Lemonade tribal braids are always winning. Gray braids will enhance tribal braids’ beauty even more promisingly. 

19. Long Hair Lemonade Tribal Braids Ideas

The Wide base of box braids with the thick flowy braids is a super chic and trendy hairstyle. It is favored among other women other than women of color. 

20. Neat Feed-in Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Thick side sweeping lemonade braids with a hint of light lemon color are great. It is also highly preferred by professional ladies because it will suit every face shape and stay away from the face. 

21. Large Knotless Box Tribal Braids Ideas

Box braids with extensive bases are super sophisticated. There will be approximately 16 braids on the wearer’s head. 

22. Freestyle Fulani Tribal Braid

Other than the various patterns of braids on the head, the butterfly pattern that makes a thick temple braid makes a traditional style chic. 

23. Freestyle Dess Dior Braids

Unique braids all over the head will be visible with a lower bun. This hairstyle contains braids with one intersecting point and a heart at the temple for an exquisite appearance. 

24. Medium Knotless Tribal Braids Ideas

Knotless braids appear flat on the head as compared to knotted braids. That makes braids long-lasting and elegant. 

25. 5 to 6 Straight Backs Tribal Braids Hairstyles

If you also want to follow trends, tell a few things to your stylist; say that you want a heart at the temple and a low bun at the nape. It majorly includes six straight braids and tribal braids. 

26. Crochet Tribal Braids Ideas

Crochet braids appear prominent on the head. Crochet braids in side-swept style look graceful. The curved braids on top of the head look fashionable. 

27. Medium Fulani Tribal Braid

Criss-cross, straight and wavy patterns make Fulani braids impressive. The golden-brown hints on black hair make it prettier. 

28. Feed-in Box Tribal Braids Ideas

Feed-in tribal box braids never went out of fashion. Making braids heavier on one side will make the style even more impressive. 

29. Medium Tribal Braid with Design

Intersecting, straight, and heart shape patterns together are so ultra-modern. The key to making it flatter is hydrated and shining hair. 

30. Small Box Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Cornrow braid made with a technique that conceals the braid base under it looks magnificent. When the braids start dramatically getting thicker, it gives a chic impression. 

31. 4 to 6 Feed-In Tribal Braid with Design

Thick braids that intersect after a few inches look amazing. A big wavy braid pattern acts as a game-changer to make it fashionable. 

32. Freestyle Tribals Braids

Big criss-cross and straight braids on the half head while the other half’s braid pattern is not visible and looks not fancy but attractive. 

33. Cornrows with Box Braids

Straight cornrows in the middle-parted style are super protective. To give it the versatility to make braids flowy, the back of the head has box braids. 

34. Small Stitch with Design

Intersecting and wavy patterns are unique. Auburn hair in braids gives a hairstyle a gorgeous appearance and complements your skin tone. 

35. Blonde Tribal Braids Hairstyles

These blonde-colored braids with platinum gray hints give hair a precious feel. This simple pattern of tribal braids with concealed bases looks sophisticated. 

36. Violet Hair Tribal Braids Ideas

In this hairstyle, color transitioning is everything. When hair transitions from black to purple-violet instantly but seamlessly, it looks incredible. And we know BTS Armys will madly adore it.

37. 5 Stitch Tribal Braids 

Thin stitch tribal braids with a wider base make this hairstyle look traditional and elegant. 

38. Fulani Feed-in Tribal Braids

Side-swept Fulani feed-in braids with braids at the temple opposite the face direction look mesmerizing. But if someone has a larger forehead, laid edges will make it suitable for everyone. 

39. Simple and Chic Tribal Braids

Cornrows braids in a middle-part manner give a feel like an undercut hairstyle. The lightly curved braid will make hair fall on your shoulders beautifully. 

40. Stitch Ponytail Tribal Braids Hairstyles

A combination of thick and thin cornrows that lead to a high ponytail looks super trendy and sophisticated. 

41. Havana Tribal Braids

Havana tribal braids have bases similar to box braids. Copper-brown color braids on a dark base look very impressive. 

42. Black Hair Tribal Braids

Seven diagonal braids like middle-part hair look refreshing. Flowing wavy braids makes it perfect for the beach, with a braid that in a forward direction that falls in front of the shoulder seems excellent. 

43. Long Hair Knotless Tribal Braids

This hairstyle looks inspired by the Spider-Man Movie because of the dramatic edges that appear in braids.

44. Knotless with Top Bun Tribal Braids

Half-up, half-down hairstyle is also possible with tribal braids. Having a big top bun will make it look chic. The golden hair enhances its beauty. 

45. Freestyle Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Wavy and criss-cross patterns, in other words, freestyle braids containing these three patterns, look gorgeous. Moreover, it’s a package of all current trends. 

46. Feed-in Stitch Tribal Braids

Few prominent cornrows while creating the creative patterns from which you take hair to highlight your fun-loving and creative-sophisticated side. 

47. Two Layer Bridal Braids

Two-layer bridal braids in natural brown color on a dark base in a side-swept style make you instantly glamorous. 

48. Black Hair Medium Knotless Tribal Braids

How can someone say no to this box braid and curly hair mixed hairstyle? It makes you look chic and elegant at the same time. 

49. Knotless with Beads Tribal Braids

When beads are added, knotless braids become even prettier. But remember either to have beads/rings on hair or at the ends. 

50. Medium Knotless Tribal Braids Hairstyles

Knotless braids hairstyle with a mixture of blonde and burgundy braids looks spectacular. Transparent beads at the ends make it look fabulous and a long-lasting hairstyle.

Tribal Braids Hairstyles FAQs

How Many Packs Of Hair Do You Need For A Tribal Braid?

For tribal braids on a full head, you need 5 to 8 packs of hair. However, the hair required also depends on the thickness of the braid and style.  

How Long Do Tribal Braids Last?

Usually, tribal braids last between four to six weeks. However, the longevity of the hairstyle depends on how thin or thick your braids are; thick braids last shorter. Also, how well you care for braids contributes to increasing hairstyle lifespan.  

Are Tribal Braids One Specific Kind Of Braid?

No, tribal braids are not specific kinds of braids. The category of braids includes various braids like box braids, Fulani braids, ghana braids, etc. 

How Do You Keep Braids From Frizzing?

Using hydrating pomade or gel while making the braids will prevent frizz. It will coat the hair and conceal flyaways and split ends.


We are sure you can’t wait to have the tribal braids hairstyle, of which you just took a screenshot. And we are seeing you rocking all these hairstyles this year. But only great care will ensure it lasts longer and looks pretty until installed.

To prevent dryness on the scalp, apply a leave-in conditioner between cornrows. Also, oil between cornrows, but don’t overdo it. To ensure that tribal braids will stay fresh, use a satin/silk pillowcase, scarf, or bonnet. To remove flakes from the scalp, do wet towel rubbing toward cornrows. Last but not least, don’t keep them for over six weeks.