50 Cool Ponytail Braids Hairstyles Ideas in 2024

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When it comes to braiding hair, many think of it as a boring hairstyle. But having the right inspiration to create a ponytail braid style attractively warm up your look and keep the hair managed. So, we have gathered the most loved, eye-catching, and cool ponytail braids ideas right now. 

A braided ponytail is not always a traditional three-strand braid; it can be as complicated and intricate as you want. However, our hairstyles are exciting but easy to recreate on your own or by your stylist.

Blake Lively, Alicia Vikander, Kate Bosworth, Emily Ratajkowski, and Olivia Culpo showed braid ponytail hairstyles to highlight their glam look at the biggest events.

Here are cool ponytail braids ideas right now for everyone and every type of hair to try this year. So, let’s start. 

1. Messy Ponytail Braids

A fluffy dutch braid starting from halfway back from the hairline, with a sleek side, gives the face a slimmer effect. The prominent orange highlights in the ponytail make it edgy and perfect for autumn. 

2. Blonde Hair Ponytail Braids

This blonde ponytail braid with black base color is super elegant and secure. You can achieve this look by making a three-strand braid. Just make sure not to create three equal sections. One must be the biggest, the second must be normal, and the third should be the thinnest. 

3. Classy Ponytail Braids

This classy ponytail hairstyle on black hair involves a fluffy french ponytail at the crown with tight twists at the sides, making a high cranial top that elevates the look without making a big change in look. 

4. Cool Ponytail with Decor

If you are going on vacation or to the beach, making this hairstyle is a must-try to look refreshing. 

This cool ponytail hairstyle for summer is obtained by doing a loose french braid and tying it during the nap. Then make two simple braids with some flowing hair at the back. Finally, don’t forget to add white sunflower to compliment brown hair with blonde highlights

5. Pink Hair Fishtail Ponytail Braids

This idea is super cool and new. It involves the bubble ponytail concept with a fish braid in each bubble. It is one of the cool ponytail braids ideas right now, but the glossy floral pick hair color makes it magnificent. 

6. Blonde Wavy Hair Ponytail

This is the boss lady hairstyle. It involves side twists that are secured in a way to make a braid at the back of the head. 

You can start this hairstyle by making a high-side twist at the hairline. When reaching the ear, start twisting the hair on its own and secure it on the opposite side on the back of the head. Repeat the same on the hair below the ear and make a wavy hair ponytail at the back of the head.

7. Blonde Hair Sleek Ponytail

This is the boss lady hairstyle. It involves side twists that are secured in a way to make a braid at the back of the head. 

You can start this hairstyle by making a high-side twist at the hairline. When reaching the ear, start twisting the hair on its own and secure it on the opposite side on the back of the head. Repeat the same on the hair below the ear and make a wavy hair ponytail at the back of the head.

8. Braided Messy Ponytail

Messy hair is never out of fashion. However, it gives a chic look by appearing that one has voluminous hair. 

Part hair into three sections before making a ponytail. Braid one section while loosely twisting the other two sections and making an invisible base ponytail.

9. Unicorn Hair Color Cool Ponytail

Which little girl doesn’t want to get a unicorn? To make this fantasy hairstyle, keep the head hair natural-colored while dyeing the bubble ponytail hair and create dimensions of tiffany blue and light purple.

10. Bridal Ponytail

A little loose bridal ponytail with a floral hair clip makes you look like a delicate princess and a strong lady inside. This is a great wedding hairstyle for long hair.

11. Hidden Ponytail Braid

We all are fans of french braid, but if someone does not like the hair section’s prominence going here and there to create a french braid, this hidden ponytail idea is best. 

12. Waterfalls Braids

Waterfall braids look feminine. It feels like a delicate and attractive hair catcher. Adding a messy bun to it gives a sporty feel. 

13. Fun Beaded Cool Ponytail

Ladies should never attend parties without looking sophisticated and managed. The chunky beaded clip on a medium ponytail looks cool and fun. 

14. Cool Braided Ponytail

Cornrows braid towards the crown of the head and make the ponytail to create a stunning look. The maroon and black-colored hair with accessories look stylish. 

15. Blonde Long Hair Ponytail Braids

Create two tight dutch braids with sleek sides for a high blonde ponytail braid to achieve a stunning look. 

16. Ponytail Weave Braids

It is a super sophisticated hairstyle that is best for black women. Create a clean pattern cornrows braid starting from the nape to the ponytail base. Then, add a weave there to make yourself eye-catching. 

17. Balayage Hair Ponytail Braids

Brown balayage hair with smaller braids on top with sleek hair on the rest of the head with a heavy ponytail look ravishing.

18. Braided Ponytail with Curls

Want to keep hair tidy and secured? Make small tighter braids all over the head and gather all braids to create a high ponytail—add curls with curling tongs at the ends.

19. Knotless Ponytail Braids

Micro braids and cornrows with a high braid ponytail give you a timeless look. 

20. Cornrows Ponytail Braids

Full spiral tresses framing the face are a great addition to the traditional cornrow high ponytail.

21. Blonde Hair Ponytail with Bangs

Blonde highlights on dark brown hair with a big braid on the head are irresistible. The blonde hair money piece adds more charm to it. 

22. Blonde Hair Butterfly Ponytail Braids

With this super chic hairstyle, you are good to go anywhere. Start making this braid hairstyle from the top of your head. Tie hair after every few inches and flip hair inside out before securing every other tie. Don’t forget to pinch out the sides of braids.

23. Long Ponytail Braids

Slick out all the hair backward and make a ponytail, then begin making a fishtail braid and then tie and start making the fishtail braid again; repeat the process until all hair is covered. 

This hairstyle is guaranteed to flatter anyone’s appearance. 

24. Ombre Hair Braided Ponytail

Small tight dutch braids to make a high ponytail on ombre hair gives a very stylish and managed look. 

25. Low Braided Ponytail

Suppose you want to have a super sophisticated and vogue look. Make braids on both sides of the head and ponytail braid starting from the nape of hair with no flyaway. 

26. Feed-in Ponytail Braids

Feed-in braids mean cornrows that look tidy and attractive when they get thicker gradually. It is an excellent idea to do feed-in braids with a simple pattern and tie them in a ponytail. 

27. Middle Part Braided Ponytail

People have seen slicked-back ponytails, so why not try it in the middle part style. But before making this braided ponytail, add golden highlights to the hair. It will make the hairstyle alluring.

28. Chunky Plait Ponytail

Plait or braid looks amazing and gives a youthful effect when chunky. To get this look, make a dutch braid from the top of the head to the nape, then secure the hair with a rubber band. Don’t forget to pinch out the braid to make it chunky. 

29. Black Hair Ponytail Braids

Why not add bangs to your braid ponytail to get a stylishly fashionable look. Make two cornrow braids reaching your ponytail base with bangs highlighting the cheekbone.  

30. Thicker Cornrows Braid Ponytail

If you want to upgrade the cornrows’ hair, we suggest making these chunky cornrows. Also, the high ponytail of these chunky braids makes this hairstyle edgy. 

31. Stitch Knotless Ponytail Braid

This small feed-in stitch braid ponytail looks fancy and is a well-favored protective hairstyle. 

32. Ghana Ponytail Braids

You must have heard of using weaves when making ponytails to make hair look gorgeous. But Ghana ponytail braids involve using extensions intertwined in natural hair to give the wearer a care-free protective hairstyle comparatively. 

33. Braided Highlights Hair

Dimension of bright turquoise and navy blue hair color looks on dark base color braided ponytail makes your glam stand out. 

34. 10 Stitch Braids into Ponytail

These ten stitch braids into a ponytail look as pretty as a picture and are tidy-looking. This hairstyle gives anyone an always-ready look in daily life. 

35. Medium Hair Ponytail Braids

This interesting and supreme medium hair ponytail braid is easy to create.

Divide head hair into three sections: 2 to make hair twists on head sides and the middle to create a french braid. Criss-cross the twists’ hair on a ponytail braid and turn the french braid into a simple 3-strand braid in a ponytail.

36. Feed-in Knotless Ponytail Braids

Maybe you think feed-in knotless braids are usual ones, but the perfect color addition can make it tip-top. 

We suggest adding golden-brown highlights to the neck-length hair. Then start adding white highlights to hair from mid-back length till the ends. 

37. Feed-in Charlotte Ponytail Braids

When tied in a high ponytail, Charlotte Cornrows’ braids look ravishing. Unfortunately, this hairstyle does not get rough easily. 

38. Crochet Ponytail Braid

This gorgeous crochet ponytail braid hairstyle is best for all black women worrying about washing and moisturizing scalp and hair properly. 

39. Sleek Ponytail Braids

This ponytail braid hairstyle looks tip-top when peanut blond highlights are added. A sleek look will make it even more eye-catching. 

40. Long Hair Cornrows Ponytail Braids

Don’t think that others can’t slay cornrows other than women of color. To complement the fair complexion, add blonde and white highlights before making the hairstyle. 

41. Butterfly Sleek Ponytail Braids

 When tied in a super long ponytail with sleek hair on the scalp, the simple and charming butterfly braids look first-class to attract everyone in the gathering.

42. Red Hair Knotless Ponytail Braids

Love the hot and bold vibe? Make the knotless braids feeding in the red hair extensions. The high ponytail makes it look high-fashion. 

43. Simple Chic Slicked Back with Braided Ponytail

A simple slicked-back high braided ponytail, if done correctly, looks chic and finest. 

44. Simple Ponytail Braids

This simple and coolest braid ponytail hairstyle makes it perfect for any occasion. You can get this look by doing a dutch braid starting from just your partition line and crossing the braid over the ponytail braid. 

45. Feed-in Freestyle Ponytail

Freestyle versatility is the main reason why women love to have braids. With a freestyle feed-in braids pattern, when a high ponytail is made, you look incredibly appealing. 

46. Box Braids Ponytail

Box braids make anyone look graceful and sophisticated. But when beads and bright hair color are added, it looks trendy. 

47. Black Hair Sleek Ponytail Braids

Sleek black hair with a ponytail braid is an elegant hairstyle anyone can’t say no to.

48. Lower Back Feed-in Ponytail

Adding face-framing braids makes the feed-in braid ponytail suit everyone. Framing tresses add refinement and elegance to the facial features.

49. Twisted Low Ponytail

This is one of the best cool ponytail braids ideas right now that suit everyone. 

You can make this hairstyle by doing an inside-out step at each braid intertwine step. Then, pinch out the braid to make it prominent. 

50. Box Braids Cornrows Ponytail

Brown-orange ombre hair color on a sleek ponytail braid with a few strands flowing on the face sides looks super refreshing. 

Ponytail Braids FAQs

How Do You Make A Ponytail Braid Unique?

Whatever hairstyle you have seen on the internet or in real life, you have an inspirational idea that you always wanted to include in your braid ponytail. Never ignore that idea and customize it to make your hairstyle unique.

Do Braids Look Good On Short Hair?

Yes, braids on short hair are an effortless way to stand out from the crowd. As long as your hair is long enough to catch in a braid, you can make short braids closer to the head.

Are All Ponytail Braids Tight? 

No, but many people think so. There are various types of braid ponytails. Some are loose, made with big loose twists, and some are tight on the scalp.

Here are cool ponytail braids ideas right now for everyone and every type of hair to try this year. So, let’s start. 


These 50 cool ponytail braid ideas are best for everyone. It can be securely made on medium and short hair while adding extensions when feeding in braids. Although ponytail braids are easy to manage, they should not be worn for a prolonged period because braids can cause tangles or permanent damage to the hair.

You must have taken screenshots or bookmarked this article to show your favorite ponytail braid style to your stylist. You can freely customize hairstyles like adding bangs and beads, as our listed hairstyles are versatile.