100+ Haircuts For Teenage Girls With Style

Healthy shiny hair is the best accessory at any age and this is why we came up with an article entirely dedicated to haircuts for teenage girls! Experimenting with your hair is a cool phase in your life and you are free to try any of these 100+ haircuts for teenage girls, depending on your preferences!

I. Bob Haircuts For Teenage Girls

1. Straight Bob Hairstyle with Rose Headband

To emphasize your crown’s weight, you can tease the top part and straighten the length of the hair in order to create a bigger volume and apply a pastel pink headband with a rose ribbon for extra femininity!

2. Modern Asymmetric Bob with Ashy Grey Highlights

This cool, uneven ear-length bob with an alternating mix of ashy grey highlights and black strands is the perfect way of creating a contrast with your white porcelain skin.

3. Citrus Lemon Straight Bob with Dark Roots

This high contrasting mix of dark roots and lemon yellow strands creates a cool, bright hallo that will instantly attract everyone’s eyes towards your face. For more ideas check 100+ Easy Hairstyles For School!

4. Blonde Bob With Half-up Do and Ribbon

Quick hairstyles also can also be created with a simple hair straightener and a cool, yellow hair ribbon that you can tie at the back of your head to fixate half of the crown’s weight.

5. Blue Messy Bob with Baby Bangs Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Extra short bangs with a messy curly texture colored in an eccentric color such as this teal blue bob will make your haircut unique looking and reveal your nostalgic personality.

6. Peach Pink Bob Haircut with Straight Bangs For Teenage Girls

Choosing a bright, peach pink color for your hair and cutting it into a peach pink bob with asymmetric sides is the simplest way to reveal a cheerful, energetic side!

7. Short Chopped Bob with Hair Accessories

Go for a modern haircut such as this blunt cut bob with a subtle blonde ombre that you can lighten up by applying a colorful hairpin or by adding a couple of subtle waves!

8. Dark Violet Wavy Bob Haircut For Teenage Girls

Cosmic hair is not going anywhere! What this dark violet wavy bob stands to prove is that no color is too strong or too much if you know how to tone down the look!

9. Classic Bob Haircut with Subtle Blonde Highlights

The classic bob with subtle blonde highlights that ad a touch of brown and increase the perceived warmth of this look makes it so deliciously seductive!

10. Soft Feathered Bob with Subtle Balayage

Fine, thin hair can increase its volume with an ear-length bob haircut that will make your delicate facial lines show up, and also adding a bit of blonde colored baby lights can make your hair look very natural!

11. Two-colored Bob with Straight Bangs Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Half dark, half intense red and no intention of toning it down is what makes us go crazy for this straight medium bob with bangs. What a combo!

12. Beautiful Classic Bob with Straight Highlight

With a soft, subtle shade of brown chocolate and a natural thin middle part, this straight bob will make you look very stylish and elegant thanks to the even length and straight corners that make the overall appearance look incredible!

13. Ear-level French Bob with Straight Bangs

What could possibly look cooler than a short, slightly angled bob with straight bangs that reach just above the eyebrows and a chin-level length with very pointy wings?

14. Electric Blue Wavy Bob Haircut For Teenage Girls

This heavy chopped wavy bob with a cool length and an even cooler color makes for an exceptional haircut for teenage girls with a bold attitude that wants to express their personality!

15. Wavy Long Bob with Side Braid Hairstyle

A very feminine look can be obtained on a short bob haircut by braiding half of the hair in a side braid and leaving the other half long enough to be able to curl it and obtain a soft wave!

16. Textured Bob With Straight Bangs Haircut For Teenage Girls

This incredible mix of short curtain bangs and long thin sideburns make a cool combination with white pale skin and an intense red hue that will instantly pop in your eyes!

17. Classic Brown French Bob Haircut For Teenage Girls

The best way to wear a short bob with volume and plenty of movement is to opt for this French bob with a warm shade of brown and styling it with a rotative brush for extra bounce and curled tips!

18. Chopped Blonde Bob Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

This modern, careless look for teenage girls will require minimal maintenance thanks to the short length and blunt cut strands that make it easy to arrange with just a bit of spray for texture.

19. Straight Bob Haircut with Golden Hair Accessories

For special occasions, you can opt to straighten and tease the top part of the crown and then fixate the sides with shiny golden hair accessories to amplify the top volume even more and enjoy the maximum shine!

20. Short Thin Bob with Asymmetric Bangs Haircut

This impressive look has amazing colors blended perfectly in a geometric ensemble that almost changes your physiognomy without plastic surgery! Not to mention the incredible fringe making your look so cool!

21. Classic Bob Cut With Side Swept Bangs

If you have thin hair, opting for a golden shade of blonde will be the perfect way of adding texture and obtain a sleek, perfectly shaped bob with a cool side-swept fringe that brings softness to your look.

22. Curly Bob with Side Part Hairstyle

For those with slightly wavy hair, opting for a curly bob will help in maintaining the curls look amazing and frame the face bringing shape to your hairstyle!

23. Disconnected French Bob with Straight Bangs

Those who love an edgy attitude will love this brutally chopped ear-level French bob with blonde yellow highlights that make the hairstyle look amazingly bright!

24. Long Ashy Blonde Bob Hairstyle with Side Part

Ashy blonde hairstyles are the latest trend and this long bob with perfectly shaped curls and a natural side part can become a day-to-day hairstyle that you can wear to school!

II. Mullet Haircuts For Teenage Girls

25. Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

One of the biggest comebacks in the hairstyle world, the “Mullet” is a great haircut for those girls with lots of hair that are looking to eliminate the volume and gain shape around the crown and chin.

26. Emerald Green Mullet with Straight Bangs Hairstyle

This extreme hairstyle has a cool emerald color combined with an incredible mullet design with short cut bangs and adding big statement earrings and a cool pair of sunglasses will enhance the effect.

27. Green Brown Mullet Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

Nature lovers can wear greenery in their hair as well! This finely shaped mullet with straight thick bangs has two green front highlights and short cut sideburns for a cool look!

28. Blue-colored Mullet With Heavy Bangs

This long mullet haircut can make a cool impression and the heavy bangs will bring all the attention to your cool dark sideburns and towards the eyes!

29. Peach Pink Mullet Haircuts For Teenage Girls

We can’t fall in awe over this peach pink mullet haircut with darker accents around the nape and at the sideburns that make the whole hairstyle a cool ensemble of soft pastel colors and chopped strands that is extremely eye-catching!

30. Long Two-colored Shag Mullet With Purple Highlights

Thick bangs with plenty of volume and a long, layered mane in a uniform color will go great with purple-colored front highlights if you love strong colors!

31. Pastel Mullet Modern Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

Enjoy all the colors in your hair by opting for this modern pastel-colored mullet with shaved sideburns and a rich texture for your top with side-swept bangs!

32. Soft Mullet with Orange Colored Highlights

If your hair tends to have a wavy texture, opting for this soft mullet will increase the curly shaped strands and you can ask for two highlights in a contrasting color to bring a bit of brightness into your dark brunette locks!

33. Short Dark Mullet with Blue Bangs Hairstyle

Chopping the hair around the head at three different lengths and adding a very bright, uneven, chopped-up fringe will offer your looks a radical, edgy vibe that you can enhance through makeup!

34. Soft Mullet With Burgundy Colored Bangs

This super cute look is created by opting for a soft mullet with strands that cover the temples and a highly chopped fringe that covers the forehead partially. You can ask for subtle burgundy highlights for a little color variation!

35. Short Mullet Shag Haircut For Teenage Girls

This gorgeous mess is actually a combination between a mullet haircut and a shag for straight hair that helps your natural texture and waves show up and adding subtle blonde highlights will add golden colored accents to your looks.

36. Long Shaggy Mullet Haircut with Straight Bangs

While the long strands are curled to bring a curly, soft texture on the sides, the bangs are very feathered and cut at a short length to bring your look a rough edge that you can match with strong eye-makeup and a rock’n’roll attitude!

37. Straight Mullet Haircut with Long Sideburns

This original look will surely catch the attention of your friends thanks to the unexpected combination between long wavy sideburns and highly chopped bangs with a V-shaped contour that frames the face.

38. Spiky Modern Mullet with Lavender Pink Colors

This extraordinary look is another successful combination of aggressive cuts that make the and a very feminine, pale shade of lavender-pink hair color that softens the whole design!

39. Goth Mullet Hairstyle for Teenage Girls

Goth music lovers can opt for a mullet haircut that will ensure plenty of weight and volume around the face and that can be the best dark accessory to their thematic outfits!

40. Emerald Green Short Spiky Mullet Haircut

With subtly shaved dark-colored undertones and a bright emerald green tone, this short spiky mullet is one of those classic punk haircuts for teenage girls that we will always admire!

41. Extra-long Mullet Haircut with Subtle Highlights

Another great idea for cool haircuts for teenage girls is this extra-long mullet with a very finely chopped fringe and crown that continues with long sideburns and even longer back strands to create an uneven mane. Adding subtle blonde highlights will help you enhance the amazing texture!

42. Mullet Pixie Cut with Dark Roots Hairstyle

This incredible haircut for teenage girls is unique looking thanks to the bright platinum blonde applied on the surface that creates a metallic reflection in combination with the dark roots.

43. Super Short Orange Mullet with Purple Highlights

Surprise everyone with this brightly colored, super chopped mullet with purple highlights that create a cool contour around the forehead, making it a cool modern look.

III. Long Hairstyles and Haircuts For Teenage Girls

44. Long Layered Hairstyle with Pink and Brown Highlights

This masterfully executed long layered haircut is beautifully enhanced with the bright pink accents that make the eyes focus on the facial features and not on the hair’s length.

45. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Purple Highlights

If you want to bring a playful note to your long wavy hairstyle, ask for thin, pale purple-colored strands around the face to create a feminine haircut for teenage girls.

46. Long Feathered Straight Haircut with Multicolored Highlights

This incredible color mix is easy to replicate by a professional hair colorist and the only thing remaining for you to make it look this cool is arranging it with a side part and straightening it with a flat iron and bam! Ready to shine!

47. Long Layered Haircut For Blonde Hair with Silver Undertones

Another stunning haircut for teenage girls is this silver-blonde layered hairstyle with grey undertones and a messy top that creates a cool visual effect.

48. Purple Pink Long Haircut with Straight Bangs

Sailor Moon vibes are super present in this straight haircut with long sides and a super gradual transition from the lavender pink-colored crown towards magenta-colored tips.

49. Long Wavy Blonde Shag Haircut with Dark Roots

With blonde colored long strands that are curled to create a very feminine soft look and dark roots, this haircut makes for a cool appearance especially if you pair it with contrasting eye make-up.

50. Long Straight Silver Blonde Haircut For Teenage Girls

This amazing light and soft looking long haircut with a straight line will instantly make your appearance a magnet for compliments since this hair color is truly impressive!

51. Long Shag with Wispy Bangs Haircut For Teenage Girls

Hair that moves and brings freedom to your locks can be achieved with a modern shag haircut for teenage girls that will impress everyone by enhancing the beautiful shine and natural texture through simple scissors cut.

52. Medium Long Layered Haircut For Blonde Ombre

The perfect ombre for blonde hair is right here! Look at these playful curls that enhance the shine of the hair and make it glow whenever a ray of light touches them! Angelic look with no wings needed!

53. Medium Long Haircut with Purple Highlights and Choppy Fringe

This interesting look is based on the contrast between straight, shiny dark strands and choppy short bangs separated by two side highlights colored in purple that make the whole look less dark.

54. Long Curly Feathered Hairstyle with Accent Braid

This negligent braid is the central element that will enhance your long feathered hairstyle with no effort and bring a feminine vibe along with the messy waves.

55. Long Braids with Blue Highlights And Curly Sideburns

A modern mermaid would be jealous of this incredible long haircut that combines so many cool elements to create a cool hairstyle for teenage girls and free spirits out there!

56. Natural Shag with Straight Bangs Haircut For Teenage Girls

While the whole weight of this haircut for teenage girls is centralized on the top, the color follows the same pattern, being darker towards the crown and lighter at the tips where it reaches a cool cinnamon shade. The messy, careless texture brings a natural vibe that is super girly and fresh!

Natural Shag with Straight Bangs Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

57. Soft Feathered Purple Haircut For Teenage Girls

These amazing layers are so thin and soft that they make the whole haircut amazing looking and super bright although the dark purple tones add a cold note.

 Soft Feathered Purple Haircut For Teenage Girls

58. Stick Straight Fresh Blonde Haircut For Teenage Girl

This haircut is somewhere between a bob and a medium-length hairstyle but what makes it truly special is the cool blonde color that gives a major Nordic vibe.

 Stick Straight Fresh Blonde Haircut For Teenage Girl

59. Ashy Blonde Lob Haircut with Colorful Hairpins

This chopped up, ashy blonde bob has longer front strands and is styled with a couple of colorful hairpins that bring a playful note to the whole look.

60. Straight Brown Balayage with Baby Copper Lights for Lob

This amazing mix of copper brown and cinnamon baby lights creates a cool visual effect under bright lights and makes this long bob with side-swept bangs a killer look for any woman, not just a haircut for teenage girls!

61. Lob Haircut with Deep Side Part and Tiny Side Braids

If you crave an asymmetric hairstyle you can turn any haircut for teenage girls into a cool one by taking the hair on the sides and turning it into three different strands and combing them over the other half of the hair.

 Lob Haircut with Deep Side Part haircuts for teenage girls

62. Classic Brunette Wob Haircut For Teenage Girls

Natural doesn’t have to mean boring! This wavy bob proves it through and through thanks to delicate curls that bring a delicate feminine touch!

63. Electric Blue Short Layered Hairstyle

A straight, layered medium length haircut with long wispy bangs that follow the contour of your face will make a cool mix with a strong hair color such as this electric blue shade with brunette undertones!

 Electric Blue Short Layered Hairstyle

64. Shaggy Perm Haircut with Curly Bangs For Teenage Girls

Curls for days and a big winning smile are a great addition to a shaggy perm haircut for teenage girls that want to enjoy a cool long hairstyle.

65. Honey Blonde Wob Haircut For Teenage Girls

This impressive hairstyle is a very trendy look at the moment that has minimal length and minimal color adjustments done to make your bob look super elegant and refined.

66. Dark Caramel Wob Haircut For Teenage Girls

With very fine curls and an impressive blend of dark caramel and brunette strands, this wob is your perfect tool for conquering everyone’s attention! So delicious!

67. Lob With Accent Braid Hairstyle

Even if you are only at the beginning journey of your braiding skills, this particular haircut for teenage girls allows you to create one by simply using three elastic hairbands and a fixating bobby pin.

 Lob With Accent Braid Hairstyle haircuts for teenage girls

IV. Unique Haircuts For Teenage Girls

68. Short Feathered Pixie Cut with Straight Bangs

A short haircut for teenage girls is also a cool option for unique hairstyles if you want to create a textured, spiky, messy look that will express your rebel attitude!

69. Crazy Pink Bowl Haircut For Teenage Girls

It’s all about the chromatic accents and the strong lines of this bowl haircut that make this hairstyle a little crazy but at the same time super girly!

70. Curly Pixie Cut with Magenta Strands

This ultra-curly, ultra-messy long pixie has a cool blend of white-blonde strands and magenta strands combined together for a glamorous look.

Curly Pixie Cut with Magenta Strands haircuts for teenage girls

71. Copper Red Pixie Cut

Fine hair can benefit this type of haircut for teenage girls. It brings a lot of volume in the top side and reveals the short shaved sides creating a great color range at the same time.

72. Curly Rock Faux Hawk with Side Braid

For those who want to rock a short on the sides long on top hairstyle without doing dramatic changes to their hair, these messy golden curls will create a cool Faux Hawk while the side braids will add a feminine touch!

73. Two-colored Bowl Cut with Side Curls

This contrasting hairstyle is a fascinating, unusual combination between a short, blunt cut half and a curly side part that is accentuated by the half alternation between blonde and black strands.

74. Blonde Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

Teenage girls with long hair can opt for this super easy to make hairstyle that is a classic Disney Princess’s look, the famous bubble ponytail! What do you think of it?

75. Volumized Ponytail with Hair Ribbon

If your length allows it, you can switch the classic ponytail for this voluminous, full ponytail with teased crown and falling strands and use a fashionable hair ribbon to secure the look.

76. Sleek High Ponytail Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

The sleek-effect is obtained by carefully combing the crown hair and pulling it into a tight ponytail while leaving the rest of the hair free- falling and you can use a separate hair strand to create a cover for the elastic band.

77. Lavender Pink Afro Hairstyle with Middle Part

Customizing your favorite Afro hairstyle, the medium-length cut can be super feminine and fun if you choose a light, pastel color such as this lavender-pink color.

78. Half-updo with Soft Waves And Blonde Highlights

Casual meets glam with this simple half-updo mixed with a strong eye-makeup and soft subtle blonde highlights that increase the shine of the curls.

79. Shiny Silky Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Special occasions can be met with a simple hairstyle executed with amazing skill so that no flyaways appear at the temples or around the hairline and the length of the hair is super smooth.

80. Blonde Balayage For Afro Haircut

A medium-length afro haircut will look way more soft and seductive if you choose to apply a subtle touch of blonde over the dark caramel strands and apply plenty of hair spray to keep a messy look.

 Balayage For Afro Haircut haircuts for teenage girls

81. Top Messy Bun Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

Say hello to one of the most famous updos ever created! The top bun with a messy texture and side falling strands looks awesome with or without blonde highlights!

82. Loose Side Ponytail with Hair Ribbon

Lazy days can still look fabulous with a soft, loose low ponytail that you secure with a soft hair ribbon while pulling a couple of front strands out to create a negligent look.

83. Half Ponytail with Hair Accessory

Separate the crown part from the long part to create a cool voluminous half-ponytail and leave the rest free falling to frame your face delicately.

 Half Ponytail with Hair Accessory haircuts for teenage girls

84. Modern Bowl Cut With Light Blonde Bangs Hairstyle

This super short bowl-cut with a straight angled line and shaved sides makes the hair gain a very geometrical shape and you can mess with the top strands to create a messy texture.

 Modern Bowl Cut With Light Blonde Bangs Hairstyle haircuts for teenage girls

85. Textured Ponytail with Headscarf

This super playful look is obtained by simply applying a bright red headscarf as close to the hairline as possible and pulling the hair at one side while leaving the rest to fall freely around the face!

86. High Ponytail with Side Rings Hairstyle

Rock’n’roll with a touch of Fairy! This glam look has a teased top with a high ponytail well gathered under a different strand of hair and you can accessorize it with silver-colored hair rings for a completely cool look.

 High Ponytail with Side Rings Hairstyle haircuts for teenage girls

87. Fishtail with Massive Hair Ribbon Hairstyle

To double the volume of the hair without teasing it you can opt for this simple fishtail fixated with a hair ribbon that makes the volume even bigger.

88. Twisted Braids Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

The famous twists can be recreated even for straight hair by creating simple ponytails and twisting them really tight in order to create a cool symmetrical look.

89. Half Updo with Long Bangs Hairstyle

A simple half-knot placed as close to the center of the crown as possible will instantly bring volume to your crown, create natural waves for your hair and blend seamlessly the long bangs!

 Half Updo with Long Bangs Hairstyle haircuts for teenage girls

90. Sleek Ashy Grey Undercut with Faux Hawk

This extreme look is a disjointed undercut with a side-swept hairline that will increase the perceived volume and leave the makeup and the hair accessories to do the talking for you!

91. Dirty Pink Undercut with Shaved Sides Hairstyle

With a cool spiky Faux Hawk and zero faded sides, this haircut for teenage girls has a slight shade of pink applied at the front that brings a cool feminist vibe.

92. Peachy Lob with Baby Braids Hairstyle

With a soft, negligent texture and a very sweet shade of peach-pink mixed with yellow blonde applied from the roots to the tips, this long bob has two baby braids that create a cool frame for your face.

93. Crown Braid with Falling Strands

A cool option of haircuts for teenage girls is this romantic crown braid with falling strands that offers a mysterious feminine appearance.

94. Bowl Cut with Multicolored Strands

Trippy is a cool word for describing this amazing option of haircuts for teenage girls that want a typically masculine bowl cut, adapted to their colorful personality.

95. Pale Blue Pixie Cut with Silver Accents

This smoky shade of blue is a very cool color for those who want a short pixie cut that is both easy to style and makes an impression when you enter the room!

 Blue Pixie Cut with Silver Accents haircuts for teenage girls

96. Simple Fishtails Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

Long haircuts for teenage girls can be turned into romantic hairdos perfectly suited for the autumn season if you opt to braid them in two simple fishtails and accessorize them with a cool neutral hat.

97. Bubble Ponytail With Blonde Balayage Hairstyle For Teenage Girls

There is no better way to flaunt those blonde highlights in your hair then this bubble ponytail that reveals the hair color in an amazing way!

98. Soft Side-swept Layered Medium Hairstyle

Layered haircuts for teenage girls look way more feminine and innocent when you opt for soft, messy curls that create a romantic delicate look to match your youthful appearance.

99. Curly Space Buns Hairstyle

Afro haircuts for teenage girls can be easily styled into cool updos and one of these options is represented by these super popular curly space buns which will bring the volume to the top and make the facial features lift naturally.

100. Pastel Pink Punk Mohawk with Undercut Hairstyle

Modern haircuts for teenage girls can successfully combine the cotton candy pink shade of color with an aggressive punk Mohawk that has a couple of curly strands to soften the whole design.

101. Blue Pixie Haircut with Messy Top

For an extra-shiny, cool appearance, this ice-blue pixie haircut with a messy top will make your haircut a dream look for any girl that wants to express her strong personality.


These easy to style and maintain haircuts are all fun and appropriate to be worn, depending on your mood and the occasion you prepare for! Some haircuts for teenage girls are more casual, while others are more elegant but one thing is for sure! There are no limits to how you can style your hair no matter the age so whatever you feel like trying, go ahead!

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