50 Easy Low Maintenance Haircuts in 2024

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We all want to get rid of the stress of styling the perfect hair we face every day and save our time. Low-maintenance haircuts are the top option for that. Low maintenance hairstyles save 40 to 60% of the time spent on styling each day, so that’s why we have brought the best and most popular low-maintenance haircuts right now. 

Candice King, Mandy Moore, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and Marion Cotillard have served the best looks to the world with their low-maintenance hairstyles.

Low maintenance haircuts can be of any category like curly, straight, long, or short hairstyles. Low maintenance hairstyles require less styling time and stay in shape for a longer time. 

1. Root Smudged Textured Low Maintenance Bob Haircuts

Smudge roots, dark and brown hair with pinkish blonde touch with a bevel from mid-length towards the ends that look like a big curl looks amazing. In addition, women whose hair is prone to flyaways can also rock this haircut.

2. The Mid-Length Curls

Mid-length, casually styled curls flatter Asian facial features the most. So, these messily styled curls give hair volume on the head, especially on the sides, making it perfect for ladies with square or any other wide face shape.

3. Pixie Bob Low Maintenance Haircuts

This pixie bob-cut blonde bob can be styled in any manner. Just straighten out the hair, and bevel out the hair on top to make a high cranial top to make it suit your face shape. Then, it only needs a few brush strokes to style the hair.

4. Soft and Natural Balayage

 A soft natural blonde containing the hues of blonde, honey, and brown color makes you look chic without any prominent makeover. The slightly curly hair makes it easy to style and stun every time. 

5. Flowy Low Maintenance Layered Haircuts

If you have wanted the flowy layers in hair without maximum styling, then here is the way to achieve it: get the flowy layered haircut, lightly curl the hair away from the face and let the rest of the hair in natural form.  

6. The Long Angled Bob

If you naturally have straight hair, then there is nothing low-maintenance than a long angled bob, but it only needs your favorite styling cream/gel to keep the hair in place. 

7. Soft Layers and Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the dream of every girl to rock. Flicked out bangs away from the face with a bit of bevel at the ends makes this haircut soft and elegant.  

8. The Tousled Pixie Low Maintenance Haircuts

 Tousled, wavy hair is the hottest, especially in pixie cuts. The curved cut head back makes it look sassy.

9. Long Shag and Added Texture

This shaggy haircut containing choppy ends and a layer around the crown looks stylish. The added texture gives it a low-maintenance and casual look. However, it can look high fashion when styled in a specific manner.  

10. Triangular Low Maintenance Haircuts for Older Women

The medium haircut style is short, like a bob-cut on the nape of the neck and gradually gets longer when reaching towards the face. The white and gray hues make it perfect for women over 60.  

11. The Big Chop Low Maintenance Hairstyle

The chopped hairstyle is sassy and glamorous and is such a low-maintenance style. It contains chopped hair sections of different lengths. Girls with 3A hair can also rock this haircut, but the aim should be to keep curls well-defined and hydrated.  

12. Sleek Pony Tail

A sleek ponytail looks best with a swoop. For this, side-swept the hair with a deep partition, sleek and gather all hair at the lower back of the head, and add hair bundles to make the ponytail longer and fuller. It can last a week with proper care.  

13. The Typical Bun Hairstyle

The bun hacks are viral, and every lady is trying to figure out the easiest way to tie up their hair in a bun. However, a messy bun with some hair strands works best for any moment. 

14. Deep Waves Low Maintenance Haircuts

Smudge roots and brown hair with white blonde highlights make you look effortlessly gorgeous. The big deep waves curl do not need frequent upkeep throughout the day.  

15. Intricate Cornrows Hairstyle

Do not think that cornrow braids are only for afro girls. It’s famous among Indian celebrities and Hollywood celebrities. The intricate cornrow hairstyle with a fuller high ponytail is eye-catching. 

16. Soft Blown-Out Low Maintenance Haircuts

Middle-parted hair where the front hair section has a big curl at the hair ends while the rest of the hair has a bevel at the ends creates a soft blowout look. It helps you create a classically feminine look.  

17. Textured Graduated Bob Cut

 Graduated hair, especially short hair, where weight is built up within the shape, and the progression of hair from short to longer gives a healthy hair effect. The platinum gray hair with dark base color looks great. 

18. Bun and Undercut Style

 This undercut style is best for you if you love making signature fashion statements and bold styles. For example, a mini bun on platinum blonde hair looks ultra-modern.  

19. Mid-Length Bouncy Fresh Curls

Hair reaching the collarbone with big bouncy curls looks attractive. The brown ombre and middle-parted hair make it perfect for any skin tone and round face shape. 

20. Middle Part with Face-Framing Layers

 White blonde hair with smudge roots and looks great on straight hair texture. The long curtain bangs framing the face make a face appear less round.  

21. Blunt Shag Low Maintenance Haircuts

Shag cut is already trending, and if you make its hair ends blunt while haircut, it will give hair a fresh look. This kind of haircut looks great, even styled with finger combing.  

22. Collarbone-Length in Tousled Waves

 If you love tousled waves but want them tidy, pick this low-maintenance haircut. The collarbone length and blonde balayage make it perfect for all. 

23. Cute Asymmetrical Bob

 If someone is into enhancing the symmetricity of their face, we recommend this cute asymmetrical bob. The light brown hints and graduated volume on top and back of the head make it suitable for slimmer faces.  

24. Low Maintenance Medium Layer Haircuts

 If you have ever said “no” to a layered haircut because the ends are blunt, check out this low-maintenance haircut. The soft ends with light brown ends look elegant. But hair should have a lot of volume for this haircut.

25. Short Finger Coils

If you ask us for a sassy short haircut for afro girls, we will say “this.” Finger coils style that is shorter on the sides and fuller on top like a mohawk style, and its ends falling on the forehead enhance the beauty of facial features. The pure blonde color at the ends of the coils makes it enchanting. 

26. Short and Choppy Low Maintenance Haircuts

Neck-length choppy haircut with soft curtain bangs with not-so-prominent middle partition hair is excellent. You can get this look with a professional blowout. 

27. Medium Length Wolf Low Maintenance Haircuts

 Wolf cut has been trending, and girls are showing hacks to get and uploading a video of their wolf cut, trying a tutorial that has taken the TikTok by storm. If you are one of those who don’t like extreme wolf cuts, then try this medium-length haircut with a subtle touch of wolf cut. 

28. Textured Chin-Length with Choppy Layers

Textured chin-length hair with the volume on top is captivating. The ginger color and chopped layer make it perfect for both white and black girls.

29. Sunkissed Short Cropped Pixie Hair

 Honey and blonde hair color mixture create a sunkissed effect that looks trendy and elegant. In addition, the pixie cut in this Style with dark roots makes it exciting and low maintenance. 

30. Mullet Low Maintenance Haircuts

Mullet made a great comeback when Jeon Jungkook appeared with mullet hair and grabbed the attention of millions of people. So, now, ladies are into mullets too and finding a way to flatter their Style, and this mullet is best if you want to keep the hair length long at the back. 

31. Reverse Balayage Wave Low Maintenance Haircuts

Balayage has highlights and darkness in color prominent at the top of the head. Think reverse of this Style with waves in hair for an exciting hairstyle.  

32. Low Maintenance Haircuts for Straight Hair

Naturally straight hair with trimmed hair via clipper makes it a model-like hairstyle. It always feels manageable when the hair ends to show off from any hairstyle. 

33. Wavy Money Piece Hair

Money pieces are already trending and considered high fashion to make anyone look glamorous. You can get a great combination of blonde money pieces with brown balayage.

34. Chic Mid-Length Low Maintenance Haircuts

Pixie cut in middle part style with graduated volume at the back of the head towards the nape of the neck is super easy to manage. Mostly, the hair stayed in its place when styled.  

35. Feathered Low maintenance Haircuts for Older Women

When women get old, it’s normal to face hair thinning. However, to retain volume on the head and a youthful look, you can opt for a short feather haircut like the picture.  

36. Low Maintenance Dense Haircuts

Blonde ombre hair in the middle part style with tousled waves is a perfect style to enjoy the beach, on vacation, and out with friends.

37. Mid-Length in Highlighted Ombre

Brown hair with the hints of brownish-pink color looks superb. Likewise, soft, voluminous blowout looks with a bevel in hair look attractive.  

38. Fishtail Braids and Curls

Well-defined curls are everyone’s favorite. And adding a hairstyle that makes curly hair looks manageable, like fishtail braids, is highly appreciated.  

39. Short Curly Shag Haircut

Short curly shag cut with graduated volume from the top towards the ends with curly curtain bangs over the forehead is the least maintenance hairstyle.  

40. Feathered Textured Low Maintenance Haircuts

If someone’s hair gets tapered at the ends, we suggest feather hair at the length of the hair. The flicked-out hair will make the hair appear voluminous.  

41. Afro Super Short Low Maintenance Haircuts

If an older lady’s hair becomes super short, opt for the hairstyle shown in the picture. It will take less time, energy, and money than other ways to get hair back on the head.  

42. Low Maintenance Combover Haircuts

This combover style seems low maintenance that can be styled with fingers, but it is not like men’s comber. With tapered back and cut-in hair, the long hair on top of the head reaching the top back of the head looks suitable for most everyone.  

43. Fine Silky Smooth Hair

Super, medium-density fine hair is ultimately gorgeous and elegant with a 4:6 partition. You can get this look with keratin treatment but only the zero formaldehyde.     

44. Classic Bob Haircut

A classic bob hair cut of chin-length looks great. The soft ombre effect makes skin tone brighter.  

45. Low Maintenance Side-Parted Haircuts

The side-parted asymmetrical pixie cut with a long fringe at one side enhances the face’s symmetricity. In addition, the tapered undercut makes it even more eye-catching.  

46. Bushy Textured Waves Low Maintenance Haircuts

Bushy textured hair is considered high fashion and becomes low maintenance when shorter in length, even more than shown in the picture. The blonde honey highlights with wavy texture look irresistible.  

47. Pixie Faded Haircut

Pixie faded cut with the volume on top of the head looks best on heart, diamond, and oval face shape. The muted pastel pink color is the key to rocking this Style. 

48. Elongated Pixie Cut

Long pixie with side-swept volume and fuller side looks great on women with square face shapes because it softens the facial features. 

49. Curly Hair Tips

The curly hair in the wavy form in the middle part style with volume is best for a triangle face shape. This haircut is pretty to wear anywhere. 

50. Lengthy Dimensional Hair

Long hair with dimensional highlights and a soft ombre effect is so graceful. The slight waves are a perfect addition to make it worthy for big-scale events. 


 You must have picked the best low-maintenance haircut. Best decision! Now you can spend more time on other things, less on styling hair, and still look gorgeous. But here are a few things you must know. First, if you pick a short, low-maintenance haircut, you will have less versatility in styling your hair. Second, long or short and low-maintenance hairstyles are not wash-and-go, you need to style them properly, and you will need almost no tweaks to keep them tip-top. Third, shaggy hair and a bob-cut is the best option for thin hair. Finally, tousled hair and shag hair is best for naturally wavy hair.