50 Best Light Brown Hair Color Ideas in 2024

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Is it time for a new hairstyle? Beautiful light brown hair is always on-trend. Adding color is the best way to bring some life into your hair. There are so many different ways to achieve the perfect hair color. You need to find one that is not too dark and not too light but one that is made perfect just for you!

We will show you the difference between the different types of colors, and there are numerous choices. On the more popular side, there is honey, walnut, icy blonde, and caramel. Plus you will learn all the best techniques for making your hair look gorgeous. You could do a color melt, add highlights, try an ombre or balayage. After reading this list you will know exactly what color you want to live your best life right now.

1. Light Brown Balayage

This beautiful shoulder-length light brown balayage brings so much color into your hair, while still keeping it natural looking and so pretty.

2. Icy Blonde Root Shadow

This incredible icy blonde root shadow color looks so great on a shoulder-length cut, all you need to do is add a little curl on the bottom for a super trendy look.

3. Light Honey Blonde Hairstyle

The light honey blonde hairstyle is perfect for all the redheads out there, the light honey pairs perfect for a light and airy gorgeous look.

4. Cool Beige Blonde Short Length

If you are wanting your next look to shock and awe your friends, the cool beige blonde look is what you need. This gorgeous style is short and fun with a pop of color.

5. Cool Blonde with Black Extension Long Hair

Keep it short and simple with this beautiful cool blonde bob cut hairstyle, so perfect for summer das and a breeze to style.

6. Wavy Blonde Balayage

A beautifully classic hairstyle is the wavy blonde balayage. This looks great with longer locks just add a little curl on the bottom of your hair and you will be looking fantastic where you go.

7. Beige Blonde Highlights Hair Color

Beige blonde highlights on brown hair are such a pretty way to lighten up your long hair! Wearing it straight like in the photo above really lets the blonde shine!

8. Light Brown Layered Wavy Edge Hair

This next gorgeous look is a light brown layered look with medium-length wavy hair. Adding light brown highlights to your wavy hair is the best way really show the volume and beauty that your hair has.

9. Fresh Cold Light Brown Hair

Fresh cold light brown hair is a simple but beautiful way to add a little color to your life. This look is so pretty when it is loosely curled into beach waves like the photo above.

10. Beige Blonde Highlights Short Hair

A shortcut with beige blonde highlights is so pretty for anyone who is looking to move to the lighter side. This look is a great way to be almost blonde, but still, keep the brown tones throughout your hair. This would be a perfect color for a bride on her big day.

11. Light Brown Honey Blonde Hair

This next look is light brown honey blonde, and it looks perfect for anyone growing their hair out. It is darker up on the roots and gradually gets the light honey blonde on the bottom.

12. Root Shadow Highlights Medium Length

You can easily achieve this root shadow highlight look, this color style makes your hair look like you have been hanging out in the sun, it is achieved by keeping the roots a little darker than the rest of the hair for a beautiful, natural look.

13. Pearl Beach Blonde Highlights Short Hair

If you need a brand new look for summer, the pearl beach blonde highlight is so cute. With the most delicate touch of pearl color and messy beach waves, this look will make you feel confident all summer long.

14. Brown Caramel Balayage Highlights

Caramel-brown balayage highlights are simple and beautiful. This hairstyle is the perfect way to keep your color looking natural.

15. Money Piece Light Brown Balayage Highlights Hair

If you are looking to try something new then go ahead and book your salon date for a money piece light brown balayage hair. It is so pretty on any type of hair and will leave your hair with the perfect sun-kissed look.

16. Light Brown Baby Lights Balayage

With baby lights and balayage throughout your brown hair, you can style it anyway you like and will always look so fresh.

17. Wavy Ashy Brown Blonde

Wavy ashy brown blonde is such a fun look for summer. These two colors together are so beautiful and would look great on anyone. Add a loose curl throughout and it complements this hair color wonderfully.

18. Light Brown Dimensional Blonde

For all the ladies who want a dimensional blonde light brown hairstyle, this one is for you. With the front of your face framed with thicker blonde pieces, it will instantly upgrade your look.

19. Light Brown Money Piece Highlights Wolf Hair

If you pair it with the trendy wolf hair, you will have the best look for this year.

20. Natural Brown Hair Balayage

For a simple but elegant look, try the natural brown balayage. It’s a great way to get some gray out of your hair, or just add some color for the summer.

21. Wavy Foil Toned Hair

For a natural look try the wavy foil-toned hair. It has the softest highlights throughout your hair, perfect for really making those curls stand out.

22. Bumble Brunette Hair

This beautiful bumble brunette look has light brown highlights peeking throughout your hair. It is so pretty for any time of the year.

23. Light Bright Brown Hair Layered Highlights

These chunky bright brown layered highlights are a beautiful look for any woman. Try it was a caramel highlight tone and finish it off with a loose curl and you are all set.

24. Walnut Rich Brown Hair

Try this walnut-rich brown hairstyle, it is such a gorgeous way to have your hair done, don’t be surprised when all your friends ask you for hair tips.

25. Light Brown Red Hairstyle

This light brown and red hairstyle is perfect for fall! With the amber vibes and lowlights, this hairstyle will bring out all the best vibes your hair has to offer.

26. Wavy Light Brown with Ashy Edge

Next is the wavy light brown hairstyle with an ashy edge. This is a beautiful combination of colors for light brown hair, and the ashy edge just sets it all off. If you are looking for a new cut for your wavy hair we can help with that too.

27. Color Melt Light Brown Hair Color

Who doesn’t love a good color melt, this is created by mixing 3 or more colors throughout your hair, for a natural look. Color melts are perfect for people of any age, and this pretty light brown color looks wonderful when straight.

28. Long Wavy Light Brown Hair Color

Next is for all the ladies with medium wavy hair, this look is so easy to get. Just a few simple highlights and layers and you are set with a beautiful hair new hairstyle.

29. Light Brown Hair for Short Hair

This next look, light brown hair for short hair is simple and sophisticated. This is a great look for working women. It has big chunky highlights that cover all of your hair, this look would be great finished off with a hair straightener.

30. Healthy Light Brown Hairstyle

Healthy hair is the best kind of hair, and the healthy light brown hairstyle is beautiful. With long layers and highlights throughout it, this look is naturally beautiful.

31. Natural Red Blonde Balayage for Long Hair

If you have natural long red hair add a blonde balayage for a new look. This style would look great up in a long swoop ponytail.

32. Dimensional Brown Long Bob

Pair your new long bob haircut with the lightest touch of blonde highlights for a new, tasteful look. This simple but elegant look will have everyone complimenting you on how great you look.

33. Light Silver Grey Hair

For anyone trying the new trend of silver hair, this light tone is a perfect place to start. This is a gorgeous look if you want to keep your darker natural color with just a little silver coming through.

34. Dimensional Color Copper Brown with Babylights

Cooper brown baby-lights pair so well with light brown hair. If you keep your hair long and straight this look is for you.

35. Mushroom Hair Color for Wavy Short Hair

Short wavy hair can be hard to find the best cuts for, pairing it with the mushroom hair color really brings the best out of the beauty of the waves.

36. Pearl Brown Balayage

Next up is the pearl brown balayage just the name alone sounds so elegant. This gorgeous pearl color looks great with long loose flowing curls just like in the photo above.

37. Bright Mushroom Blonde Balayage

This classy bright mushroom color is a great way to go blonde, but not bright blonde. Keep it classy and simple with this beautiful tone of mushroom balayage.

38. Mushroom Ombre Hairstyle

Ombres pair so well with longer layered hair, add the mushroom blonde color on top of that and you have the best look for the summer.

39. Beachy Waves Mushroom Brown Hair Color

This gorgeous mushroom brown color looks so cute paired with a beach wave, making you look like you came straight from your beach holiday.

40. Caramel Hair Balayage for Long Hair

Beautiful long hair deserves a caramel balayage, it keeps your hair looking so smooth and silky, you won’t be able to stop running your hands through it.

41. Caramel Brunette Hair

Caramel highlights for brunette hair are such a classy way to add some color to your hair. The finished product looks perfect for any type of styling you have in mind, wear it straight, curly or up in a pony.

42. Caramel Highlights For Medium Length

Medium-length hair can be so hard to find a good cut for, by adding some gorgeous caramel highlights you can completely transform your look.

43.Caramel Ombre Blonde

Another awesome way of adding some blonde into your hair is the caramel ombre look. An ombre style starts with dark natural color at the roots and it will become gradually lighter and lighter and fade down the hair. It is so pretty and natural looking that you will keep coming back for more.

44. Caramel Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are another fantastic way to add cameral color to your brown hair. The color will be natural looking and fluid throughout leaving you feeling like a princess ready to go to the ball.

45. Walnut Balayage Hair

Who doesn’t love a vibrant walnut color fresh from the salon, add some balayage to it and you have a lovely new style.

46. Full Walnut Highlight

This full walnut highlight is a fresh take on the normal blonde highlight, it is a darker more natural tone. Great for beautiful older women who have held on to their long locks.

47. Ash Brown Hair

This vibrant ash brown color is beautiful for women of any age. Add a big loose curl and it really sets that ash color off.

48. Gold and Walnut Hairstyle

Adding both gold and walnut to your hair is a wonderful mix of using high and low lights. The two tones of color pair so well together that you will love the way you look.

49. Warm Golden Hairstyle

If you are in search of the perfect summer color, the warm golden hairstyle is it. The warm gold color looks so beautiful after your skin is sun-kissed.

50. Honey Brown Blonde Hair

Honey brown blonde hair pairs perfect with women with a darker complexion. Keep it long like in the picture above and add some loose curls and you are good to go for any event.


Who knew there were so many different ways to wear your light brown hair? After picking out your favorite light brown highlight hair color if you need some tips on how to keep your colored hair healthy, we’ve got you covered. Let us know down below which one you will be trying on your next hair day!