50 Hottest Swoop Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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Swoop ponytail hairstyles are so sassy to make you look like a Queen. This hairstyle has never gotten out of fashion since it came (before the 2000s). Recently, its trend rose like never before. All the famous trendsetter celebrities are rocking swoop ponytail hairstyles like Rihanna, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, as well as Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B, and who can forget Ariana Grande?

So, we brought the most-loved swoop ponytail hairstyle ideas. But, hold for a second, are you leaving just because you have short hair? Stay here; our swoop ponytail ideas are for each hair length.

1. Swoop Ponytail Weave Hairstyle

Slicked-out side swoops just above your eyebrows will frame your face beautifully. Then add a weave to add length to your hair. This classic hairstyle is for if you like low ponytails or have difficulty styling the edges.

2. Long Balayage with Highlights

If you like that other color that appears in your sleek swoop ponytail, we suggest adding golden brown highlights. It will look more fashionable. Don’t forget to straighten and sleek the ponytail hair and make its base invisible.

3. Knot Bun Hairstyle with a Braided Style

This hairstyle is best for you if you want to make a swoop ponytail that does not bother you or gets loose. For this, sleek the swoop and tie it in a low ponytail. Make the ponytail base invisible and braid the ponytail hair until the ends.

4. Sleek Knot Hairstyle

Do you like medium-height hairstyles and want to add some curls to them other than keeping them fully straight? If yes, then make a simple medium-height swoop ponytail. Make its base invisible. Curl the sideburns towards the face. Also, curl hair at the ends too to get the desired look.

5. Knot Bun Hairstyle

If you have small hair and want to rock the swoop ponytail trend, then this idea is best for you. Swoop hair and tie it in a low ponytail to achieve this chic and classy look. Make a low knot bun to flatter your appearance.

6. Sleek Edges Bun Hairstyle

If you can’t decide on a hairstyle for yourself, then pick it. This gorgeous hairstyle is suitable for any dress and for any event. This swoop and sleek medium-height ponytail with styled edges and sideburns look so fancy. Curling hair at the ends outward will be a great idea.

7. High and Down Hairstyle

Do you like big high swoop bangs but not high ponytails? This hairstyle is best to make you look lovely. The high swoop in it looks extra gorgeous with a down wavy textured ponytail.

8. Braided Swoop Hair

It would be best if you wanted a swoop ponytail idea that does not need touch-ups, basically your protective hairstyle. Then show this picture to your stylist. The braided swoop, braided ponytail with its invisible base is your attractive ready-to-go hairstyle.

9. Pitts Burger Hairstyle

The high, crown ponytail looks super attractive with a swoop. If you want to make a fashion statement, this swoop ponytail idea is best for you. But we suggest figuring out if this hairstyle suits your face shape. 

10. Sleek Bun Swoop Hairstyle

Short hair is pretty when it looks refined. To make it look managed and fabulous on you, then a sleek bun snoop hairstyle idea is best. Sleek out the hair and tie to make a bun snoop hairstyle. Don’t forget to style your edges and sideburns.

11. Spicy Dark Red Hairstyle

People must have seen swoop pony style in the dark color, but they did not think that you come with this hairstyle in spicy dark red hair. This color makes you look stunning, chic, and glamorous. Styling edges and sideburns are the keys to rocking this style.

12. Black Sleek Curly Hair

A black sleek swoop ponytail is compelling when styled with wavy textured hair in a high ponytail.

13. Shiny Long Hair with Curly Edges

Young girls look super precious and elegant with the swoop bang tucked behind the ear. Making a ponytail high will add beauty to your style.

14. Quick Weave

Adding a weave to your hair gives your short hair the volume and length to make an astonishing ponytail. It will look ravishing if the natural-looking weave is installed perfectly.

15. High Knot Bun Hairstyle

The side bangs are always eye-catching. But it looks awesome when they are fuller, shiny, and silky and reaches your collarbone with some curls at the end. Sleek out the rest of the hair on the crown of the head and make a topknot there.

16. Clean High Knot Bun

Do you have mid-length hair and don’t want to add weaves to your hair? They sleek all the hair backward, gather them at the crown, and make a defined bun there. Styled edges with this one of the best swoop ponytail ideas right now make you look ravishing. Check out more of these natural hairstyles for black women.

17. Clean Low Hair

Twisting a ponytail on its own makes a bun looks magnificent when styled with sleek swoop hair.

18. Curly Swoop Hairstyle

All slick back hair with a high straight ponytail and styled edges create a fantastic chic impression.

19. Lengthy Pony Hair

This is one of the best swoop ponytail ideas for all college and university-going girls. This long curly swoop ponytail is famous because it looks natural and stunning at the same time.

20. Barbie Swoopy Medium Length

The Barbie swoop pony became renowned worldwide when celebrities started making it. The perfect barbie swoop makes you look flawless and eye-catching.

21. Low Slick Back Pony Weave

A low slick back ponytail look is a polished and refined hairstyle that can be worn in offices too.

22. Pony Weave Hairstyle

This swoop ponytail idea looks unique, minimal, and flawless. Just a slick back straight pony will give you a classic look. This is a great hairstyle for long hair.

23. Natural Sleek Pony

If you want to rock the heavy sideburns and edges, these natural-looking ponytails will give you a natural and maintained look.

24. Half Up and Down Swoop Pony Hairstyle

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are never out of fashion. You can make it with a big swoop by touching your eyebrows. It will give you a lavish look.

25. Slicked Ponytail

Would you like snap clips added to your hair? You can achieve this look with this hairstyle. Sleek the swoop, snap clips above the ear, and tuck the rest of the hair behind the ear. Chunky, glittery clips add glamor to your style.

26. Frontal Shiny Sleek Pony

If one’s hair is not so fuller, we suggest they wear a frontal. A shiny slicked ponytail will make you look smart and fashionable.

27. Curly-Sided Bangs Swoop Hairstyle

This swoop ponytail idea is classy more than sassy. The tucked-behind ear swoop with a high ponytail can make anyone look sophisticated.

28. Shiny Half Up and Down Swoop Hair Medium Length

The swoop with a great curve and a very high ponytail look very attractive on young girls. This hairstyle is suitable for both medium and long hair.

29. Shiny Long Pony

The long, shiny, slicked-back ponytail makes you look like a queen. This thick and long ponytail is a big yes for any celebration event.

30. Very Low Bun Sleek Swoop Style

The slicked hair with a swoop style with a bun just above the nape looks elegant on short to medium hair lengths.

31. Classy Dimensional Curl

Make dimension curls swoop instead of slicked-out swoop hair; it’ll make you stand out from the crowd. The fluffy curly hair in the pony attracts everyone. This swoop ponytail idea is suitable for workplaces too.

32. Sleek Swoopy Mid-High Hair

Is anyone looking for a swoopy mid-high ponytail hair color to grab everyone’s attention? Look at this hairstyle. The color transition from dusty blush pink to red wine color is enough to add sparkle to your appearance.

33. Swoopy Weave Ponytail

When you slick back a ponytail in swoopy form with styled edges, it’ll look extra gorgeous.

34. Swoopy Wavy Hairstyle

Super slick-back and silky ponytails are everywhere. Why not make a wavy ponytail instead of a silky straight that makes you appear stunning?

35. Flipped Swoop

This 90’s inspired barbie ponytail can make anyone look lovely and charismatic.

36. Flipped Edges Hairstyle

A swoop ponytail tucked behind your ears looks so dramatic. The fully formed one big curl makes it more alluring.

37. Hairstyle for the ’90s

This classic swoop hairstyle ponytail is one of the irresistible hairstyle ideas right now. The transition from dark brown to spicy orange-brown color will make it super hot.

38. Left and Right Swoop Pony Hairstyle

This hairstyle tells you you are never too old to look young. It makes anyone’s personality cute. The right amount of makeup and accessories will make you appear breathtaking.

39. Half Up and Half Down Sleek Hair

Half-up Half-down hairstyle with a sleek ponytail always creates a win-win condition for any occasion and dressing.

40. Half Up and Half Down Wavy Edges

Swoop pony hairstyle with all slick back hair; edges are styled. The styled edges will make the hairstyle look more polished and give it a perfect finish.

41. Short Reddish Hairstyle

The short ponytail bun in reddish hair color is a chic and sporty hairstyle.

42. Blue Top Knot Bun

This hairstyle will be amazing if you go to a theme party or hang out with friends at a luxury hotel.

43. Bottom Knot Bun Hairstyle with Bangs

We suggest a bottom knot bun if someone wants simplicity for making a swoop hairstyle. It will be suitable for short and medium hair.

44. Half High Top Bun Swoop Pony Hairstyle with Bangs

This half-up half-down hairstyle with curly flowing hair at the back will highlight your classic fashion sense.

45. Black with Copper Lowlights

Soft, silky hair with copper lowlights will add beauty to the swoop pony hairstyle. This is a great ponytail hairstyle for black hair.

46. Ponytail Weave Hairstyle

If someone wants to enjoy a swoop hairstyle with a polished look that stays longer, we suggest making it with a low bun.

47. Top Bun Long High Hairstyle

Swoop that does not look tight but properly sleek out with a high pony with curls at the ends is a style that flatters anyone’s appearance.

48. Long Braided Hairstyle

The braided hairstyles for long hair in a swoop pony are classy and uncomplicated hairstyles that always win hearts.

49. Ring Curl Hairstyle

These princess curls with swoop hair are one of the best swoop ponytail ideas right now.

50. Large Wave Curls High Hair

Large wave curls in the pony and the swoop frame your face amazingly and is a fantastic and super elegant hairstyle.

Swoop Ponytail FAQs:

What is a Swoop Pony Tail?

If you want your hair to look neat and put together, you should know what a swoop ponytail is. This style is a combination of curly and silky hair. You can achieve this look by following a few easy steps. Start by brushing your hair. Then, tie a high or low ponytail and attach the remaining strand to the bun. Once you have finished brushing your hair, tie your swoop into a bun.

To create the swoop, you need to part your hair into three parts. First, begin with small, box-like sections. Take a comb and part the hair with the tail. Use the comb to separate the hair. Begin by plaiting the first section behind your ear. Then, repeat the process with the next strand. Secure the first section with a hairpin before moving to the next section. This will keep your swoop firm in place. To add dimension to your swoop ponytail, braid it with a hair extension.

Before you start your swoop ponytail, be sure your hair is smooth and straight. Using a styling product is recommended to prevent damage caused by hot tools. If your hair is too thick for a ponytail, try applying heat protectant spray to your hair.

Can You Make A Swoop Ponytail Hairstyle If My Hair Is In A Natural State (4c)?

Yes, you can make a swoop ponytail by yourself on not stretched hair. But you need to moisturize and dampen your hair well. Most importantly, you will need a generous amount of gel (eco styler or wet line extreme) to provide strength to the hair to stay in the created form its place.

If You Don’t Have A Weave And Have Short Hair That Is Not Stretched, Then How To Achieve Swoop Ponytail Hairstyle?

When applying products and sleeking out hair, aim to make a low ponytail. If your natural hair is hydrated and moisturized well, there will be a cute puffy low ponytail.

How Can You Get A Big Swoop?

For this, section your hair the deeper and arch the big swoop you want.

Quickest Explanation, How Can You Get A Swoop Ponytail Hairstyle?

First, section out hair to make a swoop and clip it at the hairline. Second, sleek out the rest of the hair using products, gather them to make a ponytail, and secure them using a tie. Third, slick the swoop to the side (using products and a hairdryer). Also, don’t forget to form it to make it meet the ponytail base Fourth, tie all of them together and wrap some hair around the ponytail base to make the tie/rubber band invisible.


The above-listed bold and girly 50 swoop ponytail idea is perfect for any night party or day event. Wear this hairstyle to your casual and professional meetings is no problem.

It is low-maintenance and long-lasting protective hair that can be achieved on all hair types. Moreover, you can customize them with braids and buns with different colors and lengths of weaves.

 So, get ready to be sassy and classic this spring but don’t forget product build-up damage to your hair. Show your favorite hairstyle picture to your stylist; while making your hairstyle, ask them how to care when it is installed. This will ensure flattering your appearance while making it look natural.