50 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

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For the last five years, American-African women have proudly been showing off their natural kinks, coils, and curls. This trend told us how versatile natural hair could be to adopt and rock any hairstyle. Major beautiful ways to make natural hairstyles are twist-outs, braids, and updos. This article will inform you of the 50 natural hairstyles for black women, showing how you can wear each style (twist-outs, braids, and updos) with different patterns to make it exciting.

Before you think that your hair needs to be silk pressed or stretched and should be of a certain hair length to make the style look good, hold on; we have natural hairstyles for all Type 4 hair in their natural state too that look decently stylish. 

So, why wait? Take a few minutes to explore them and get your next protective natural hairstyle for black women idea! Let’s start.

1. Sleek Bun for Black Women

The classic “school-girl” hairstyle is back. This classic hairstyle with laid edges is perfectly suitable for every age woman. Also, it gives a younger appearance. 

2. Shiny Dreadlocks Hair

Dreadlocks are perfect for those who want a protected hairstyle that helps to increase their hair length. When these are maintained properly, it looks shiny and super gorgeous. You can tie a few dreadlocks at the back to keep them from falling on your face. 

3. Long Defined Curl Hair

Curls look magnificent when they are defined. You can also fully hydrate and moisturize your curls, giving them a definition that makes hair glossy and long. 

4. Short Defined Curl Hairstyle

Golden streaks on short defined black hair are super-stylish and eye-catching on 4c hair.

5. Flat Twist Thread Hair

If you want hair supremely stunning when tied in flat twists, try this gorgeous pattern with an updo at the back.

6. Flat Twist Updo

This Mohawk-style flat twist updo for long hair gives you a more stand-out look. 

7. Two Strand Twist

Do upside-down braids fascinate you? A similar look is also possible on kinky, curly hair. Create two-strand twists and gather hair at the top and make a bun. 

8. Flat Twist with A Little Dazzle

These backward flat twists with a dazzling pattern at the back make people interested in anyone’s style. 

9. Flat Twist with Two Strands

These princess hair twists create hair volume at the hairline and back of the head, flatter your face shape. This style is created with flat twists and two-strand twists. 

10. Flat Twist Knotless Braids

Knotless braids with interesting patterns and curls at the ends ensure flattering your style. 

11. Two Strands Crochet Braids Twist

Two-strand crochet braids in an elegant pattern with a low bun to make you look sophisticated. 

12. Corn Row Braid Medium Chin Length

Medium chin-length cornrows braids in navy blue glossy hair are so exquisite. Adding the right accessories to the braid makes it even more fashionable. 

13. Natural Bun with Flat Twist Updo

  Flat twists with a big natural high bun give you a polished and stunning look. 

14. Red Pixie Chopped Mob Flat Twist

This pixie chopped mob flat twists is an outstanding hairstyle, and the red color makes it even bolder. 

15. Braiding with A Twist Locs

Upward twist locks braiding with a massive bun at the top can give anyone a managed look. 

16. Long Crochet Knotless Braids Hair

Long crochet braids become even more captivating when dark orange color is added while roots are black. 

17. Box Braid Styles Hair

Box braid hairstyle with light blonde money pieces that frame your face beautifully makes your complexion glow. 

18. Stitch Triangle Braids

Stitch triangle braids with turquoise color braids on one-side look lovely and luxurious.

19. Knotless Braid with Beads

The knotless braid in a pigtail style with beads at the ends looks fantastic. 

20. Copper Box Detroit Braids

Detroit braids are famous because they look clean like they are painted. And the copper brown color will make it look so refined. 

21. Braid Curls with Beads

Faux Locs with gray/silver hints gives the hair an extreme luster. This style looks classic and luxurious. 

22. Soft Locs with Beads Hair

Soft faux locks are smooth and have a great sheen in them. The beads at the ends make locks long-lasting and pretty. 

23. Asymmetrical Twist Curls

Asymmetrical big curls twists that cover the sides of the face make a face look slimmer. 

24. Spring Twist Braid

These lightweight and eye-catching spring twists evoke the spirit of the summer holidays. The blonde highlights enhance its gorgeousness.

25. Popping Curls Twist

If someone’s hair is a few inches grown, they should also show them off with pride. With some moisturizing, dehydration, and definition to the curls, they will pop beautifully. 

26. Memphis Twisted Hairstyle

The Famous Memphis twisted hairstyle with light brown ends looks impressive. 

27. Kinky Curly Braid Style

Small cornrows braids on the back of the head that makes hair fall forward like a forward mohawk make anyone look stylish and smart.

28. Juicy Black Curls Medium Length

The wet look curls look so alluring and refreshing to be made anywhere. 

29. Corkscrew Curl Flat Twist

Corkscrew spiral curls, flat twists with a low bun is a hairstyle you should try once. 

30. Twist Out Style

All twist-out hair in spiral shape curls is good-looking. Some twists falling on your cheekbone highlight the best facial features. 

31. Flat Twist Out Hair

This natural hairstyle tells that other big twists, thin flat twist out hair in a simple pattern can also be eye-catching. 

32. Silky Flowy Hair

The copper-brown balayage on black silk pressed hair looks so glossy and royal. 

33. Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braids made in an angle like mohawk’s to collect hair at the top look so classic and fashionable. The golden, brown, and black colored braids make it flattering. 

34. Bun Cornrows Braid Hairstyle

The chunky cornrows braids with great contrast color like the blonde color on a dark base with a low bun are elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

35. Box Cornrows Feeding Braid

Backward big feeding cornrows of copper and black color can give anyone luxury style.

36. Pink and Black Knotless Braid with Beads

Knotless braids with beads with black hair all over the head and some pink braids at the back with beads look impressive. When any hairstyle is made, it will show up here and there that looks great.

37. Short Knotless Braid

When short knotless braids gather at the top crown, some short braids reach your collarbone with beads at the ends that look ultra-modern. 

38. Thick Locs Braid with Beads

The thick brown braids on dark base color with beads at the ends is well-favored fashion. 

39. Colored Stitch Braids

The blonde color stitch braids on a dark base with chunky beads at the ends look high-fashion. 

40. Red Knotless Braids

The knotless braids in red (burgundy) color with heavy beads at the ends make you look extra gorgeous. 

41. Clean Black Knotless Braid with Beads

Teenagers also look appealing and tidy when the knotless braids are made clean with some beads at the ends. 

42. Fulani Braid Style

Traditional front-to-back cornrows (Fulani braid style) will make you feel like you have got back to your roots.

43. Bun Cornrows Braid Hair

Bun Box Braid Hair - A woman wearing a sexy top

Making cornrows braids on the head to gather hair at the top of the head and make natural hair there looks stunning. 

44. Long Bob Braid Hair

Making angular and asymmetrical bob with the box and cornrows braids hairstyles is an excellent idea. 

45. Copper Brown Fulani Braid Hair

Wearing traditional front-to-back cornrows in an updated style with curls at the ends is a high-fashion natural hairstyle for black women. 

46. Short Bob Box Braid

Short box braid bob with yarn design is one of the fabulous natural hairstyles for black women. 

47. Kinky Twist Hair

With kinky twist hair and dreadlock hair at the back is a great protective that looks good too. 

48. Faux Locs Twist Hair

Faux locs twists and heavy lower bun looks ultra-fashionable with a touch of traditional hairstyle. 

49. Bun Halo Twist Hair

The halo twists, the simplest hairstyle, looks chic when hair is shaped asymmetrically. 

50. Elegant Halo Twist Hair Low Bun

Halo twists with buns are always pretty, but when accessories (comb clips) are added to make it elegant, it looks super magnificent and wonderful.


Those’re our best-picked 50 natural hairstyles for black women. You must have found various favorite hairstyles here that are making you excited for your next salon visit. To get the most flattering natural hairstyles, discuss these vital factors with your hairdresser and stylist: hair type, face shape, styling ability, and personal preferences. 

Whatever hairstyle you make, we advise taking care of hair during the whole period your hairstyle is installed, don’t let the hair become brittle and dry. Also, don’t prolong the recommended duration of the hairstyle to keep hair healthy. 

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women FAQs:

What Is Black Women’s Hair Called? 

Black women’s hair is called Afro hair. Afro hair can be Type 4 kinky hair or Type 3 curly hair.

What Are Protective Hairstyles for Black Women?

Afro hair is prone to dehydration, breakage, and damage. Hairstyles (braids and twists) that are made to avoid manipulation to grow healthily are called protective hairstyles.

How To Prepare Hair For A Protective Hairstyle?

Preparing hair for a protective hairstyle includes cleansing, deep conditioning, moisturizing, and sealing the moisture. Often stretching hair is also necessary. 

Generally, when a person goes to a hair salon, the salon prepares afro hair for a protective hairstyle.

What If Someone Had A Hairstyle Installed For A Prolonged Period? 

Protective hairstyles are healthy until the wearer takes care of hair and undo the style after the suggested period. Otherwise, the product build-up can damage hair badly.