50 Cutest Crimped Hairstyles to Try in 2024

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Crimped hairstyles have been part of a nostalgic hair trend since the 2000s. This style involves tight and short waves to light and loose crimps. This trend rose up when Tyra Banks and Fergie appeared with crimped hair and got in the world’s eye because of their hairstyle. Women love this hairstyle as it adds volume to the hair other than giving them a glamorous look. 

So, to update you with the latest trends and variations of it, we have gathered and listed 50 cute crimped hair ideas right now. If you are the woman who is going to have crimp hair for the first time, feel free to check out the FAQs section at the end!

1. Crimped Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

Black women can also rock crimp hairstyles. To achieve this crimp ponytail hairstyle for black hair, slick back all hair, lay edges, and add crimp extensions to make a ponytail.

2. Fashionable Crimped Hairstyles

Middle-part hair with glossy crimp hair and laid edges in a forward style looks modern. 

3. Crimped Long Bob Hairstyles

Bigger crimp waves in the side-swept long bob haircut look so classic and energetic. It suits both white and black women. 

4. Crimped Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair on top and crimped, fluffy hair on the sides looks gorgeous. Other than offices, it is chic for parties. 

5. Crimped Hairstyles with Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany-colored hair with big and light crimps suits the best people living in South Asian countries. 

6. Ombre Crimped Hairstyles

A crimped ponytail in the top center of the head looks so chic. The glossy ombre color makes it perfect for black women too. 

7. Crimped Hairstyles with Blonde Tones

The loosely crimped brown hair with blonde highlights, especially at bangs, lightens the complexion.

8. Large Crimped Braided Hairstyles

Widely defined crimped hair in a ponytail with a sleek middle part and braids at the edges makes this braided hairstyle for long hair a great protective style. 

9. Beach Vibes Crimped Hairstyles

Un-uniformed big crimps with defined and undefined waves give an ultimate beach vibe. The golden brown color with dark roots is so gorgeous. 

10. Blonde Crimped Hairstyles with Tied Hair

This crimped hairstyle is tied in pigtails and it helps by adding more volume to the hair. But only crimp the ponytail hair and the rest of the free hair. 

11. Crimped and Curled Hairstyles

To get a unique signature fashion look, you can crimp all the hair while lightly curling the ends of the hair. This style looks good on women of any ethnicity. 

12. Updo with Crimped Hairstyle

Crimped hair in an updo hairstyle for medium hair with swirl bangs gives vintage and trendy vibes. This crimped hairstyle suits women over 30 and with a wider face shape. 

13. Balayage Crimped Hairstyles

Balayage crimped hair in fluffy style looks high fashion in middle part style. The right style of hair accessories will make it even prettier. 

14. Crimped Hairstyles with Mermaid Pink Color

The mermaid color hair that is non-uniformly crimped looks where color gets lighter at the ends looks exciting. 

15. Long and Fine Crimped Hairstyles

This glossy and lightly crimped hair with no frizz or fluffiness looks so elegant. In whatever way you style this hair, it just enhances your elegance. 

16. Thick Crimped Hairstyles

Thick, crimped hair in half-up and half-down style looks excellent and generally suits younger women. The thickness and fluffiness in its style make a face appear slimmer. 

17. Blonde and Blow-Dried Crimped Hair

Blow-dried hair with light crimp waves is another elegant, trendy style to add volume to the hair. The blonde color with dark roots will make it a great hairstyle for women over 60

18. Long and Thick Crimped Hairstyles

Straight long and thick untied hair is also considered elegant in educational institutes at formal events. A few changes like backcombing or hair catch makes it unique and suitable. This could also be a perfect easy hairstyle for school.

19. Ginger Hair for Crimped Hairstyles

Crimped hair in ginger color is gorgeous on every skin tone. Let us bust a myth here that a black woman can’t rock bright colors like ginger, which is false. 

20. Black Hair and Crimped Hairstyles

The middle part, untied hair which is straight at the top and wavy crimped at the back, looks exciting. The laid edges are the best way to make this hairstyle flattering to you. 

21. Crimped Hair with Two Space Buns

Space buns are always glamorous, especially if they are made of crimp hair. The clean base is key to making this hairstyle pretty. 

22. Purple Tint for Crimped Hairstyles

Purple-tinted crimped hair looks fabulous on all skin tones. The brightness and glossiness in this hair color remind Jungkook’s trendy purple hair in the Butter era. 

23. Voluminous Hair with Tendrils Bangs

The long voluminous crimped hair spreading on the shoulder gives you an elegant look. The tendril bangs frame the face to enhance its features.

24. Crimped and Gray Shade Curtain Fringe

The money piece trend never gets older. To get this hairstyle, you should get a gray hue on the curtain fringe while leaving its roots intact. 

25. Wavy Crimped Hair with Reddish Brown Style

Reddish-brown color is the best friend for women with a warm skin tone. The soft crimped wavy haircut makes personality glamorous. 

Featured crimped hair is those where some hair is specifically crimped at a distance. This model-like hairstyle will rule the fashion runway. 

27. Root Blonde for Crimped Hair

Blonde hair with smudge dark brown roots with blonde color melt is a great choice for people with cool skin tones. The non-uniformed, light crimp gives this hair a glamorous and beachy vibe. 

28. Crimped Hair with Finger Waves

Finger wave is a hairstyling technique to make any hairdo look like a vintage hairstyle. The finger wave edges with fluffy crimped hair and straight hair on top are a perfect combination of modern and old. 

29. Straight and Fine Crimped Hair

The straight and fine hair in crimp style looks attractive and perfectly suitable for any occasion like formal meetings, hangouts, and gatherings. Asian hair is best for this.

30. Soft Caramel Pieces for Crimped Hair

Caramel hints in dark brown hair with soft crimps are the best choice for younger women to praise their lovable innocent faces. 

31. Blonde Beachy Hairstyle

This fawn blonde color with a dark undertone looks alluring. The beachy waves in this hairstyle are suitable with all dressing styles, even street style dressing or party wear.

32. Short Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are a great way to style short hair. The light blonde streaks make this hairstyle brighter.

33. Rainbow Colors for Crimped Hair

Defined and solid rainbow color in hair is appreciated by those whose personality suits this. The light crimp in hair enhances the definition of colors. 

34. High Tide Deep Waver Style for Crimped Hair

Deep wave crimps hair with loose braids at the hairline with raised base looks amazingly gorgeous. 

35. Almond and Long Crimped Hair

Almond and dark brown hair color is a great contrast hair color. Crimped hair makes hair color luminous. 

36. Crimped Textured Waves and Mermaid Mist

Crimped hair with fluffiness on the top sides of the head with glossy hair ends helps you achieve mermaid mist style. 

37. Messy Style with Bangs

Messy and straightly crimped hair is a great elegant style for short hair. The bangs will face the frame to highlight the beauty of your eyes. 

38. Crimp Accents Throughout

Fully crimped hair from top to hair tips looks gorgeous for women over 50s. The half-up, half-down hairstyle with backcombing creates a high cranial tip to suit every face shape. 

39. Simple and Dimensional Crimped Hair

Simple, uniform crimps that are dimensionally crimped to stay out of the face and in place is a great hairstyle for short to medium hair. 

40. Crimped Lion Mane Hairstyle

Tight yet defined crimped hair from top to tips in a blonde and brown shade looks like lion mane when styled on shoulders. It is perfect for achieving a dauntless look. 

41. Crimped Hairstyle with Copper Highlights

Fully crimped brown hair with copper money piece looks gorgeous to brighten the skin complexion and complement the face features. 

42. Long Crimped Red Hair

Super-defined crimped hair in the original ginger color looks perfect on people with cool skin tones. A 4:5 partition line increase symmetricity of the face. 

43. Sew in Crimped Hair

Sew-in crimp hair is an excellent protective hairstyle. The brown and blonde hairstyle with black hair at the roots (tap, smudge, and melt area) makes it impressive. 

45. Bleached Style Mermaid Waves

A bleached hairstyle with dark tap (roots) hair creates somewhere a grayish touch that looks so cool on women of any age. 

46. Messy Bob Cut with Crimped Hair

Crimping the messy long bob haircut gives hair volume and creates a high cranial top to flatter the face shape. The messiness makes it glamorous. 

47. Long Balayage and Crimped Hair

The brown-blonde balayage with crimped hair is trending. Customizing it, i.e., doing middle part style and bright blonde money piece, makes it unique. 

48. Golden Hour Shag and Crimped Hair

Crimping the shag hair is like a signature fashion look. What makes it eye-catching is the hair color which is like the bright sun rays in the golden hour. 

49. Parted Fishtail Braid with Crimped Hair

Parted thick dutch braids while crimping the rest of the hair form a gorgeous hairstyle for women of any age, either school-going, an office worker, or an aged business owner. 

50. Galactic Crimped Hair

Galaxy hair colors are always superbly eye-catching. The dark blue, bright blue, and purple hair transition looks dazzling. The undercut makes this hairstyle bold and daring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Crimped Hair or Hair Crimping?

Hair crimping is a styling technique for straight hair to make it wavy, like a sawtooth or zig-zag shape. Crimped hair is also referred to as ‘crinkles’ or ‘deep waves.’

Does Crimping Damage Hair?

Regularly crimping hair can damage the hair. You must use heat protectant spray even when doing it for the first time or with a considerable gap till the last time you crimp your hair.

Can You Crimp Wet Hair?

Hair is at its weakest point when wet, and using heated crimp iron can affect the hair follicles and cause hair breakage.

How Long Should You Hold A Tool In The Hair To Crimp Hair?

Depending on the tool you are using to crimp (i.e., straightener) and its temperature, you should never hold tools in a place longer than 30 seconds. If you are using curling tongs or tools and the temperature is between regular to high; never hold it for more than 2 to 10 seconds at a place.


Among the above-listed crimp hair ideas, you must have chosen the best one for you. But to achieve the best crimp hairstyle, you should work on clean hair. Second, dry hair and apply a heat protectant. Third, section the hair in an amount that is suitable for your crimping tool. Fourth, prepare the crimping tool. Fifth, crimp the hair!

The best part is crimping suits every face shape, dressing style, and occasion, so there’s no way it won’t flatter your appearance.