107 Quick and Easy Updos for Medium Hair to Try in 2023

If you always dreamed of having stylish updos for medium hair but somehow always ended up keeping your hair in a ponytail for an entire week, this article is for you! We searched the internet for quick, easy-to-do medium hair updos to get you set in a minute or less!

I. Ponytail Updos for Medium Hair

These gorgeous ponytail updos will make you shine.

1. Short Amped Up Ponytail

To get this upgraded version of your everyday hairstyle, start by fixating a bobby pin in the place you want to make the base of the ponytail; it will help maintain the volume of your crown. After that, pull all the hair at the back while combing it with your fingers in order to obtain this amped-up look. Cover the hair tye with a different strand of hair and apply plenty of hair spray onto your ponytail to keep it teased and puffy.

2. Messy Teased Up Ponytail

Make sure you keep your crown volume to the max with this messy, teased, high ponytail, which is easier to make than anything you have imagined. To make sure you get the messy, carefree effect, tease your mane really well before pulling it in a high ponytail.

3. Messy Half Pulled Low Ponytail with Headband

To get this interesting hairstyle, you will first need a beautiful headband, preferably in a contrasting color to your hair. After you install it on your head, pull the strands in a ponytail and stop halfway to create the desired loop, and leave the ends out for a broom-like effect. Chic and effortless!

4. Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle

This is not your typical braided ponytail! Grab half your hair and split it in two, and tie a knot. Then grab the rest of your hair and add it to your just knotted pieces. Tie it again or put it in a ponytail!

5. Wavy Sleek High Ponytail

After pulling your hair in a high ponytail and carefully covering your hair type with a strand of hair, take a curling iron and curl your ponytail not too strong, just enough to create small waves for a feminine updo!
Don’t let the hair color label stop you, and get some inspiration from our list of ponytail hairstyles for black hair!

6. Mini Bubble Ponytails for Medium Hair

To get this girlish, cute look, start by making a middle part in your hair and then pull two front strands in a thin side ponytail. As you move downwards, take another hair strand and wrap it together with the first strand with a different colored elastic band, and voila! Mini bubble ponytails in under one minute!

7. Jasmine Bubble Ponytail

Named so after the famous Disney character, princess Jasmine, this fun and buoyant updo requires minimal effort and a bit of hairspray.

8. Short Twisted Ponytail

Perfect if you have a layered haircut, this simple yet catchy updo for medium hair is done by pulling two side strands from your temples, twisting them at the nape, and then hiding the ends under a lower ponytail made with the remaining hair. Genius!

9. Puffy High Ponytail for Kinky Curly Hair

There is no easier and more practical way of wearing your curls than pulling them in a high ponytail style and letting them fall freely all over your crown. The volume looks great!

II. Half-up Half-down Updos for Medium Hair

These half-up half-down updos are perfect for your medium-length hair.

10. Half Ponytail Updo for Straight Hair

Inspired by the look of Bratz dolls and the ’90s fashion that has come back this year, the half-ponytail updo for medium hair is great to elongate your face and keep the hair in place on a busy day. Make sure to gather all the baby hair and use a contrasting color scrunchie to get this look. Oh, and the golden hoops are a must too!

11. Half Up Half Down Curly Updo for Medium Blonde Hair

Thanks to the seductive hair color and the contrasting makeup, this killer look makes the whole hairstyle a perfect match for this physiognomy! After washing your hair, separate the top hair and put it in a half ponytail. Pull two front strands out and curl them to get the feminine look!

12. Half Updo with Headscarf

A more romantic version of the typical half-ponytail, this updo only needs a usual scarf or, if you want to make it quicker, you can use a hairband with a scarf attached that you can find in many mass-market shops now.

13. Casual Half up Half down Hairstyle with Scrunchie

A playful, relaxed hairstyle that will also help your hair maintain its volume after washing it, it’s this half updo you can make using a classic scrunchie. Keep in mind that soft materials, such as velvet or satin, help your hair resist breakage.

14. Half Up Half Down Curly Updo with Bar Pin

Curly hair is a beautiful display but, unfortunately, gets in your face really badly. To ensure you stay relaxed, use a beautiful hairpin such as this bar pin to pull the front strands of your face and keep them secured at the back of your head.

15. Puffy Half Updo with Knot

Puffy updos are excellent choices if you have thin hair. In this case, you will create a bubble out of your top hair with the help of bobby pins and then make a bun to complete the style.

16. Rainbow Loose Half Braid for Medium Hair

Rainbow hair is anything but simple nor quick to get, but a loose half-braid is sure ready in a couple of minutes! This is a great idea if you have multicolored hair since the strands will create a beautiful visual effect.

17. Messy Half up Half down Updo with Alternating Bobby pins

Alternate the Bobby pin-like hairpins up and down to hold it in place. Make sure that the hair is straightened really well before. Get this hairstyle in a couple of minutes any day.

18. Half Top Knot for Curly Medium Highlights

Perfectly symmetrical curls and gorgeous blonde ombre hair are made to look super cute and girly with a casual top knot that breaks the pattern and keeps your volume to the max!

19. Central Half Braid with Top Knot for Pink Curly Hair

Get rid of those lifeless flat top looks with a central braid made in the middle of your crown area using thin strands of hair. Start at the hairline and go until the back, where you can use a hair cuff to accessorize the braid and get a “Game of Thrones” inspired look.

20. Half-Space Buns for Curly Blue Hair

Space buns, missed them? We sometimes wonder if the name has any connection with Princess Leya’s character that made this hairstyle so popular. Space buns look so cute, and they are perfect for those days when you forget to wash your hair.

21. Half Crown Braid for Mermaid Medium Hair

The half-crown braid is similar to a waterfall braid but requires less skill, and it looks spectacular nonetheless! These beautiful rainbow tones make this updo magical, literally!

22. Half Up Half Down Bridal Updo

This messy updo is perfect for special occasions and has a very romantic vibe. Simply take the two halves of side hair and start intertwining them at the back of the head to get this half updo.

23. Lazy Half-up Bun Updo for Medium Hair

Especially suited for you if you have bangs, this half-up bun is really cool looking and very easy to make. Simply gather your crown hair in a ponytail and then start coiling it to create the bun.

24. Half a Knot for Balayage Medium Hair

Similar to the half-up bun, this knotted hairstyle is really quick and looks effortlessly chic in under one minute! It is a cool updo for medium hair that is not long enough to be gathered in one single ponytail.
Also, make sure to check our Medium Length Hairstyles!

III. Braided Updos for Medium Hair

Shine your looks with these braided updos perfect for your medium hair.

25. Half Side Feed-in Braids Updo

This half-braided updo requires less effort than a fully braided head, and the look is cool and edgy, depending on your hair color. The dark roots show and make for a cool contrast with the rest of the hair.

26. Single French Braid Updo

No list would be complete without the french braid updo, a quick and classic type of hairstyle that you can practice alone to get a grip on if you haven’t braided your hair before.

27. Side French Braids on Top of the Head Updo

Great for when you are a little more advanced with your braiding skills, this hairstyle requires you to separate your top hair into two distinct parts and start braiding them. Secure them with hair bands about halfway to the end and enjoy volume and shape without any hair products!

28. Pulled-Through Messy Braid for Medium Dark Hair

Another popular and cool-looking braiding technique you must try for creative updos for medium hair is this pull-through braid. The example below shows a messy, casual style, but you can also create tight, clear-looking braids.

29. Side Braid for Medium Length Blonde Hair

This is a simple but cute braid hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face! Do a regular braid, not a Dutch braid, and only add hair to the back part of the braid to get this precise, sculptured look for your strands.

30. Messy Braided Ponytail with Pink Highlights

This negligent artistic messy braided ponytail is really cool, and you can be sure to nail the look even if you are not an expert at braiding hair. Make sure to use hairspray to fixate the fish-like scales and use all the hair accessories to get this romantic vibe.

31. Box Braids with Hair Rings for Curly Medium Length Hair

A braiding artist usually does box braids, and you should visit one to get this style. Opt for silver-colored, fine hair rings or hair cuffs to get a very wild, precious appearance.

32. Layered Braids for Straight Medium Length Hair

To get one of the best updos for medium hair, start with a medium-tight side braid and after you finish it, create another side braid to go above it and bring them together with hairpins. Romantic and feminine in under one minute!

33. Silver Box Braids

Colored box braids are really cool, and they bring luminosity to your face if you choose a lighter shade, such as is the case with these silver-colored hair extensions. Plus, having a middle length, you won’t feel burdened by their weight!

34. Funky Triple Braided Ponytail

Separate your top hair into three distinct sections, which will form the base for your three braids. After braiding every single one of them, bring them together in a ponytail and secure them with a hair band. Make sure to tease the ponytail with a comb for that extra volume.

35. Double Twisted Pigtails

The childhood hairstyle we all remember gets a glam touch with these twisted pigtails that are super easy to make but require some preparation in advance. Your hair must be super hydrated and sleek to get this soft, neat appearance.

36. Braided Side Buns with Bangs

Super cool and with a strong ’90s vibe, these braided side buns are a cool way to wear braids but without the vintage vibe! Get them in under one minute, and be ready to turn heads!

37. 3 Dutch Braid Messy Bun

This triple-braided bun is a cool hairstyle for summer and is perfect as an updo for medium hair since it can catch all the small strands at the back. Learn in this article how to make a Dutch braid.

38. Space Buns with Front Braids

If you are tired of classic buns and want something a bit more complex, try adding front braids to your updo. The front strands will frame your face beautifully and give you a distinct look.

39. Festival Hairdo with Braids and Accessories

This updo is a very hippie-looking hairstyle, thanks to the Bohemian vibe, and is perfect for relaxed outfits and festivals. Start by braiding different small braids in your hair, and afterward, bring all the hair together at the back and secure it with discrete bobby pins.

40. Romantic Braided Updo for Medium Length Bob Haircuts

It might be difficult and require some patience. Still, this braided updo done on a bob haircut is actually doable if you have a couple of bobby pins and preferably darker-colored hair that won’t make the strands so visible but give you a messy subtle look.

41. Simple Braided Chignon

Chignons, the perfect little cute buns we borrowed from France, are a really elegant updo that is easy to make and compatible with all hair lengths. Adorn your hairstyle with a colorful headband in a precious material for extra shine!

42. Crown Braid Low Updo

Just like normal braids, the crown braid can look different depending on the level you start braiding them. This low crown braid is perfect for catching all the small hair at your nape and ensuring the perfect romantic updo for medium hair!

43. Messy Bun with Back Braid Updo

Whether you use a cute ribbon or a precious hairpin, this messy bun with a back braid is the perfect updo for medium hair! It has both casual and elegant elements and will display your beautiful nape!

44. Twisted Pigtails Updo for Dark Brunette Hair

Super shiny and sleek, these twisted pigtails look great on darker hair. They take less to braid than normal three-strand braids but will give a very sophisticated look.

45. Short Twist Braids for Curly Kinky Hair

Instead of opting for common box braids, you can choose twists to protect your curly, kinky hair. These short braids will give a very interesting shape to your hair and are great for a long-term hairstyle.

IV. Bun Updos for Medium Hair

Are you a fun of buns? These bun updos ideas will help you out to find the best looks for your buns.

46. Chic Textured Undone Bun

Use a big pin like a French pin, for example, to fixate your low bun in a coil and let the shorter strands fall freely for the undone look. Simply fabulous!

47. Messy Bun with Glossy Bow Updo

Upgrade your typical messy bun and bring those ballerina vibes closer with a silky, glossy pink bow you can place behind the bun to enhance your looks. Awesome updo for medium hair!

48. Scarfed Low Sleek Bun

Another hairstyle that is great for medium hair is this scarfed updo which you can use to add volume and color to a low bun. Knot it or fixate it with hairpins to your elastic band and then intertwine it with the hair strands to get this awesome design!

49. Twisted Low Bun Bridal Updo for Blonde Hair

Fairy-like colors and a subtle, soft low twisted bun are the recipes for the angelic bridal up-do every bride wants to have! It is best to go to a hairstylist to get this exact look.

50. Double Buns with French Pin Updo

Perfect if you have medium hair, this double updo is cool and refined looking and keeps all your hair together. Use two French Pins to get this exact look.

51. Bridal Bun Updo with Falling Front Pieces

A very elegant and feminine choice, this subtle bun with star-shaped hair accessory completes the dream-like look of this platinum blonde hair. Make a low bun by coiling your whole hair at the base of your nape and let a couple of strands in the front fall freely for a negligent look.

52. Side Messy Bun

Less frequent than the standard low bun, the side bun has the advantage of being more visible, and it can even correct some facial asymmetries for some women. Simply swift the direction when making the bun.

53. Headband Tucked in Bun with Bangs Updo

This is the perfect updo for a windy day! It doesn’t just protect your head. It also helps you secure all the small hairs under the headscarf and attract attention to your face. Make sure to match the colors with the rest of the outfit.

54. Double Chignon Updo

Twisty Turvy chignon, this double updo has a bigger volume than a normal chignon, and it will be easier to keep in place. Go for it for a formal occasion or a usual busy day!

55. Double Small Sideburns for Medium Curly Hair

Little devil horns-like side buns are a preferred look if you think classic side buns look too big. These small coils on each side of your head go great with curly or straight hair, and they illuminate your face instantly!

56. Simple Chic Chignon

As simple as it looks, this sleek, well-combed chignon is usually harder to get than it seems. You need to start with a bobby pin fixated where you want to start the bun. Tease your crown hair really well and bring it lower, carefully combing the superficial strands to get this sophisticated neat look.

V. Knotted Updos for Medium Hair

These knotted updos will make you look even more captivating than you used to.

57. Messy Top Knot with Bangs

Top knots are the less fussy cousins of the bun! To create this knot, you will need a small scrunchie in a contrasting color and a quick twist on top of your hair, and voila! You are all set!

58. Top Knot Updo with Falling Strands

If you want a quick, stylish, and practical updo, try this top knot with falling front pieces that will surely add charm to your hairstyle and are also suited for girls with medium hair!

59. Asian-Inspired Top Knot

Oriental vibes are always welcomed, and this top knot looks way more complicated than it actually is to make, provided that you have two chopsticks at hand. Start by combing your hair really well to get this neat texture, and after pulling it in a ponytail, separate it into two strands. Fixate them in opposing directions using wooden sticks.

60. Messy Top Knot

A classic updo for all types of hair, the messy top knows it is very much similar to the messy bun, except it has a very irregular shape.

61. Bantu Knots for Medium Curly Hair

Specific to certain parts of the world originally, Bantu knots have increased in popularity so that now you can opt even for braided Bantu knots. You will need the help of a professional braider, though, but the hairstyle is suited for all types of hair.

62. Bantu Knots Mohawk for Curly Hair

A super awesome variation of the classic Bantu knots, these updos for medium hair are super cool and suited for medium hair, and they should take less than your usual Bantu Knots updo since you only need six knots to make it.

63. Messy Knot with Triangle Faux Locks

Faux locks, meaning dreadlocks made with plenty of hair extensions that are installed and crocheted directly onto your natural hair, are great for extending your medium hair’s length. These faux locks in beautiful silver colors are cool tied in a knot too!

64. Half Hawk with Twisted Top Knots for Ombre Medium Hair

Thanks to the deep teal-blonde colors applied to this medium-straight hair, a surreal look is enhanced by the twisted top knots that create a hawk-like appearance for your hair. Edgy!

65. Top Knot with a Bow and Faux Fringe

The perfect Christmas or Valentine’s Day look with no need to visit the beauty parlor, this top knot with a shiny red bow and long faux fringe takes less to make than to describe.

VII. Prom and Bridal Updos for Medium Hair

Become the most beautiful among the rest on your prom or bridal activities with these updos.

66. Half Updo for Brides with Medium-Length Hair

This medium-length bridal updo proves that you don’t need Rapunzel locks to get a dreamy bride look. Simply get a messy teased-up treatment for your locks and secure them with a nice white hairpin in the back for a festive effect.

67. Stylish Glam Bridal Updos for Medium-Length Hair

Somewhere between a french braid and a twisted bun, this bridal updo is the definition of stylish and can be achieved even if you have Medium Length Hair.

68. Undone Bridal Updo

A negligent artistic mess, this bridal updo is easy to get on any hair length and will keep your veil in place on your Big Day. Simply curl it, and afterward, start fixating every strand with hairpins to get this intricate look.

69. Bridal Updo with Crown Braid and Flowers

If you wear a colored dress, it is advised to match the color of hair accessories with the dress color for an elegant updo. Get this side crown with a small bun and decorate it with red flowers.

70. Braided Bun with a Fringe Bridal Updo

These beautiful thin braids act as a headband for your hair and can be applied to any type of hair except for short-shaved pixies cut. Put all your hair in a high bun and comb your bangs neatly to get this precise look. Also, you should know that there are various types of bangs to choose from.

71. Fishtail Braids Half Updo with Flower Pins

The gorgeous carrot-red color of hair can be displayed with the help of a half updo, such as these fishtails braided on each side of the head and united with hairpins at the back. Elegant and feminine!

72. Side Fishtail Bridal Updo for Medium Blonde Hair

Another interesting bridal updo is a side fishtail that looks great on a medium length since the braid won’t cover your dress cleavage or get in the way of displaying your gown. For more inspiration, you might also want to check our Hairstyles for Blonde Hair.

73. Crown Updo with Head Accessory

A Victorian look with plenty of elegance, this hairstyle can be achieved on medium hair and is also suited for weddings in the summer when you don’t want to sweat.

74. Waterfall Braid Bridal Updo with Flowers

This is a normal waterfall braid done on a dirty blonde ombre with ashy roots that look gorgeous in contrast with the white flowers used as accessories for the bridal updo.

75. Soft French Twist Bridal Updo

The modern-day French twist is relaxed and has a bit more softness, and you can combine it with a sparkly hairpin to keep it secure and festive. It’s your to-go updo if you have short hair but crave a twisty bun!

76. Half-up Half Down Bridal Updo with Infinity Braid

Infinity braids are cool and interesting looking. This braided section can be added to your hairstyle if you don’t have enough hair to create it, and you will simply twist side strands on the center of your updo to get the wavy textured final look. Complete with elegant sparkly hairpins.

77. Bridal Updo with French Braid and Bun

Start by braiding a top french braid by gradually integrating small strands of hair from your mane. When you reach the base of the nape, make a small bun out of the braid and leave a couple of strands out to get the ultimate romantic updos for medium hair!

78. Beach Waves and Flower Crown Updo for Medium Hair

Suited for a wedding in a small picturesque village or somewhere on a stranded beach, this casual, relaxed, but so feminine updo is super easy to get. Make a couple of beach waves using the curling iron, and then carefully place a flower crown on your forehead to get this sweet updo!

79. Party Ponytail Bride Updo for Medium-Length Blonde Hair

Not your typical ponytail, this party ponytail has plenty of volume and texture to be suited for a bridal updo. Simply braid two fishtails and intertwine them with free strands of hair in a teased ponytail. Fixate the look with plenty of hair spray.

80. Messy Bridal Updo for Medium Length Hair with Mermaid Braid

A short but thick mermaid braid can be done on hair of any length, and this messy bridal updo is standing-proof. You only need to add a hair accessory suited for the occasion to nail the festive appearance.

81. Bridal Half Updo with Twists and Braids

This beautiful warm caramel balayage looks cool and very neat. The hairdo has two levels: a twisted knot and a crown braid that meet in the same spot. The rest of the hair is free-falling and slightly wavy.

82. Bridal Updo with Classic High Bun and Accessory

This ballerina-like hairdo is preferred by many brides for its Big Day look and will instantly make you look more elegant and taller, thanks to the extra height added to your crown.

83. Messy Wavy Updo with Micro Ponytail

Short, medium hair is really great for a big puffy updo. This voluminous hairdo is made with simple strands of hair that were curled and messed up with a textured look. The bar hair clip completes the festive look.

VIII. Unusual Updos for Medium Hair

Creativity is the key to a perfect look. These may be unusual styles but these are, certainly, eye captivating.

84. Vintage Updo with Headscarf and Bumper Bangs

The previous century had great and interesting updos for medium hair such as these bumper bangs that go great whit a colored headscarf with a big bow on top of your head and a back bun you can make even if you have medium hair.

85. Twisted Braids Updo for Medium Length Hair

Small chiseled twists with a soft texture are similar to dreadlocks but way thinner and soft-looking than them. This particular updo is specific to the ’90s era, but it can still be pulled off thanks to the interesting look.

86. Protective Frohawk for Medium Length Curly Auburn Hair

What do you get when combining a Mohawk with an Afro perm to your auburn hair? A Frohawk! Despite the weird name, we think this hairdo looks extremely cool and Rock’n’ Roll-ish, and it will give you plenty of height and shape.

87. Frohawk with Sections for Kinky Curly Hair

This version of a Frohawk combines a cool parted side section with a rich, full-curly Mohawk for an ultimate Rock’n’ Roll look! It is especially suited for medium-long hair due to its extra volume when pulled upwards. It is especially suited for medium-long hair due to its extra volume when pulled upwards.

88. Medium Length Black and White Short Fishtail

A cool, unusual braid, this half-black-half-white fishtail can be done on hair reaching past shoulders level anytime, provided you have such an interesting hair color applied before.

89. Twist & Tuck Stretchy Headband Updo

A great way to wear your hair in the summer, this hairstyle has an interesting design thanks to the invisible headband used for this special updo. It has a hat-like appearance and is perfect for medium hair since it will hide all the short ends in the twisted band.

90. Faux Hawk with Safety Pins Updo

Upgrade your typical hawk hairstyle with an unusual hair accessory: safety pins! Use them to decorate the sides of your head and secure in place the curls on top that create the curly volumizing shape.

91. Funky Faux Braid Updo for Fuchsia Hair

This braid is not a normal three-strand braid but a very dense bubble ponytail that was twisted and flattened to create a textured and wavy design on top of the head. The rich, gorgeous color enhances and maximizes the whole effect!

92. Double Ponytail Updo for Curly Hair

This puffy curly mess is created with the help of two ponytails, one underneath the other that makes a super buoyant updo for medium curly hair. If you are born with this beautiful color, it would be a shame not to display it!

93. Low Bun with Central Twisted Braid

A chain-like effect makes for a very atypical low bun that instantly catches the eye! This blonde balayage hair is beautifully displayed with this artistic design. Stunning!

94. Crimped Messy Updo for Pink Medium Length Hair

A messy crimped updo in a cotton candy shade of pink makes for a cool, unusual updo for any woman. A rebel, an artist, or simply a girl with a cool attitude, can certainly rock this hairstyle any day!

95. Pin-up Inspired Medium Length Updos

This American Memorial Day-inspired look can be really cute with other headbands as well, thanks to the small front curls that give softness and femininity to the hairdo.

96. Vintage Curls for Peach Pink Medium Length Hair

Again, another beautiful hairstyle in a pretty peach-pink color tone with vintage-inspired curls gives the full seductive appearance to any femme fatale wannabe!

97. Braided Nape with High Bun Updo and Fake Fringe

Triple braids at the back of the nape for a full textured look and plenty of height ensured by the top bun are the recipes for an ultra-cool updo for medium hair. You can opt for extensions to be installed at the back of the head for a neat, perfectly symmetrical look of the braids.

98. Rainbow Colored Back Braids Updo for Medium Length Hair

Another less frequent updo for medium hair is these rainbow-colored back braids that look simply psychedelic! A quick updo but with a cool twist!

99. Intricate Braids Updo for Medium Length Blonde Hair

A “transception”! This intricate model of multiple braids combined with simple ponytails knotted together makes for an unusual design. The icy blonde hair color is a good choice, but the updo allows for several chromatic combinations.

100. Cool Yarn Braid Updo for Medium Length Hair

This is again a simple yet unusual hairdo thanks to the unusual combination between the soft, sleek textured low bun and a heavy thick yarn braid that accentuates the movement of the hair.

101. Rainbow Colored Ponytail Updo

Flaunt your medium-length rainbow-colored hair with a messy wavy ponytail. Place the ponytail high and close to the crown area so you can move your hair back and forth like a true rockstar!

102. Double Bun Easy Updo For Medium-Length Hair

Start by putting your hair into two low buns. Loop one bun through the other and finally pull and spread the bun to make it fuller and messier looking.

103. Quick Barette Bun Updo With Black Ribbon

To recreate this stylish look, you basically need a ponytail and a satin ribbon that will bring contrast to your final look. Check the source link for the video tutorial on this easy updo for medium hair.

104. Blonde Space Buns With Bubblegum Pink Highlights And Straight Bangs

This classic girlish look will give you so much freedom of movement and is super easy to execute as well. Simply separate the hair into two sections and twist them around the base to create two fluffy space buns.

105. High Ponytail Updo For Dark Hair With Red Placements

It’s really easy to create an impressive look if you have a couple of strategically placed red highlights that will accentuate your hair’s shape.

106. Messy Low Ponytail With Negligent Waves

Confidence is key in wearing such a negligent, sexy look that is easy to execute if you simply take the crown strands and bring them together in a low ponytail and leave the front waves to fall freely around your face.

107. Flower Bun Easy Updos For Medium-Length Hair

Floral pattern lovers will be happy to discover that you can achieve a rose-inspired bun for your medium-long hair by putting your hair in a low bun, taking three sections, and making two rope braids (twisting together) that you will wrap around the base of the ponytail and pin in place with bobby pins.


From simple and classic to intricate braids with futuristic designs, these 100+ updos for medium hair are anything but boring, simple single ponytails. Give them a try when you want to break the everyday pattern of wearing the same hairstyle, and with practice, you will come to realize that it is way faster to get an easy updo for medium hair!