50 Trendy Silver Hair Color Ideas RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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Ladies, the silver hair chair design is in trend again! But usually, when thinking of ideas, it feels like there are not many. If this is the case with you, too, then this article is a must-read. We are going to present the trending and most loved 50 silver hair color ideas right now.

But before that, let’s look at info about the anticipated questions about this topic.

Is Silver Hair as Same as Grey?

Silver hair color is typically associated with grey, which visually has a sleek, metallic shine.

What Color Does Your Hair Have to Be to Dye Silver?

The silver dye washes out quickly, so your hair needs to be bleached prior to making its color almost white. After bleach, your hair color will be at level 11 meaning platinum blonde, which indicates your hair is ready to dye silver.

1. Grey Silver Layered Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

If you want a silver hair color that does not need to be managed to show its color in a specific manner, then silver color with grey layers with smudged roots. Hair color is this manner better suited to layered pixie haircuts with side bangs.

2. Shades of Grey and White Highlights

If you want to show up your eternal youthful look, then color your hair with shades of silver-grey and white highlights. It will appear natural and dramatic at the same time.

3. Grey for Thin Medium Length Hair

Medium hair length is a great savior for thin hair. If you wish to make them silver, we suggest adding a little grey hue while the silver is dominant. This will create the illusion of fuller hair.

4. Long Hair Blonde with Curly Tips

If you want to make a fashion statement with an effortlessly blended silver hair color look, then grey ash blonde hair with curly tips is for you.

5. Soft Purple Grey Hairstyle

Do you want to opt for a silver color short hairstyle that makes you irresistible? Then soft purple-grey hair is the best option to look edgy and soft at the same time.

6. Black Roots with Ash Grey Blonde

With dark roots fusion and slight hints of silver, ash-grey blonde is the ideal pick to make you decently glamorous.

7. Silver Balayage Hair

Do you love a hair color where natural hair tone is peeking through? If yes, then pick silver balayage hair for you. Your hair color will ultra-seamlessly blend where natural color peeks to break up the lighting effects here and there.

8. Jaw Length Hair

If you are not into pixie cuts but want an effortlessly gorgeous blend like that, then opt for a silver-grey jaw-length bob. The swoop layers in it are worth trying.

9. Straight Grey Bob Hair

Straight hair with platinum blonde grey hair with brown base color suits any occasion and lifestyle.

10. Grey Silver Toned Ash Blonde

If you want vibrant, shining yet soft hair color, then this is one of the best easy hairstyle ideas for you. The grey silver-toned ash-blonde hair with a wavy hairstyle looks very silky.

11. Medium Wavy Grey Silver Hair

The Medium wavy grey-silver hair with the icy hint makes your independence look unbeatable.

12. Dark Grey Pixie Bob Hair

Do you want hair that has silver hints, but other natural hair colors are prominent? Then a short pixie bob haircut with dark grey base color is excellent. The base color will peek through the ash-blonde hair to form a beautifully textured hairstyle.

13. Dimensional Wavy Foil Hairstyle

If you want a defined dimensional look, then the foil technique is best. In the case of silver color, it looks exceptional with icy lavender grey hair with a cloudy grey base color.

14. Layered Silver Grey Ice Blonder Long Hair

Hair with a light brown base with ice blonder gives the impression of a white, silver, and light golden touch. It is one of the best silver hair color ideas if you want something less vibrant but still makes you stand out. Also, you can combine this hair color with one of the easy hairstyles for long hair from our list.

15. Textured Light Ash Grey Thin Pixie Hair

Are you an aged woman with thin hair who wants a hair color that makes you natural and elegant? The light ash grey with a few smudge roots looks marvelous when textured and is styled in a pixie for older women.

16. Ice Grey Blonde Shoulder Length Hair

Silver is extra gorgeous when it is platinum or icy blonde with a dark base color that peeks through to make the wavy hair more dramatic.

17. Silver Light Brown Long Hairstyle

What a great combination when silver and light brown colors are mixed on long hair to create the warm blonde effect.

18. Black Roots Smoky Silver Highlights Bob Hair

If you don’t want to go away with the natural hair color and still want to look like the one who is updated with every trend, then this color is made for you. While keeping the roots black, smoky silver highlights make your hair vibrant, glossy, and natural.

19. Blonde Platinum Silver for Straight Hairs

Smudged roots and black base color make the platinum silver straight amazingly attractive when black streaks cut off this color here and there.

20. Dark Black Roots Silver Grey Pixie Hair

If you are around 45, we have a silver hair color idea that steals all the compliments. That is silver-grey pixie hair with dark black roots.

21. Dark Black Silver Grey Ring Curls Hair

If your hair is becoming white at that time, this hairstyle will add grace to your personality. The dark black silver-grey hair with fluffy hair with curl rings at the ends.

22. Glamorous Silver White Platinum

This silver-white platinum hair with smudged roots can make any woman glamorous with its glossy and eye-catching color.

23. Shiny Metallic Silver Color for Long Length

If your skin tone is fair or olive with a yellow undertone, there are no best silver hair color ideas right now than this. Moreover, black roots halfway from the crown make your personality more vibrant.

24. Silver Root Melt for Straight Short Hair

The color melting effect from one hue to another makes it not easy for anyone to take their eye off your short hair. You can rock any look with this hair color.

25. Grey Ash Blonde Balayage

If your skin tone is almond-like or honey-colored, then you must choose something muted so it suits you better. For this, you must pick grey ash blonde balayage with a black base color.

26. Wavy Creamy Ash Grey Balayage

Do you want to keep your natural dark hair color prominent when making your hair silver? If yes, make your hair creamy ash grey while silver streaks are thin, and breaking your base color will look amazing.

27. Layer of Silver Hair with Black Roots

Sleek and shiny platinum hair with black roots gives your hair a mild and lightest gold hue. If you don’t like the icy silver touch on hair, this color is best.

28. Dark Base with a Smoky Shade of Grey

If you want one of the best silver hair color ideas that feels not overdone, then a dark base with a smokey shade of grey is best. It feels edgy and is office appropriate too.

29. Shiny Silver Color for Classic Bob Hair

With charcoal grey smudged roots and shiny silver color, your long bob haircut will look classic and chic.

30. Grey Balayage Ombre Wavy Long Hair

Grey balayage ombre makes hair look dusty silver metallic. This hair color is exceptional to make your appearance flatter without looking like you have overdone something on your long hair.

31. Ombre Grey Silver Hair

In the silver hair color trend, few are as beautiful as ombre grey silver hair. This color is darker at the roots and gradually transitions into silver-grey when it reaches down the tips.

32. Silver Platinum For Wavy Short Hair

Silver platinum hair color looks so futuristic and edgy. If you want to look at someone who introduces change or is a trendsetter, then opt for this hair color with short wavy hair.

33. Shiny Platinum Silver Highlights

These silver-platinum highlights are extremely popular this season. With black roots, this color looks stunning when turning cloudy at the ends.

34. Ice Grey Blond with Curl Tips

The hints of white and golden strands with the powdery accent of ice grey with curly tips make it phenomenal.

35. Layered Ash Brown and Grey Balayage

This hair color is one of the best silver hair color ideas right now if you don’t want icy and platinum shades are more dominant. While the full head is ash brown, the steaks, and hints of grey balayage create a beautiful color transition that spreads fuller at the ends.

36. Bubbly Pitch Dark Hair with Grey Highlights

The bubbly pitch-dark hair with grey highlights is the most flattering silver hair color to choose. The best part is it suits every skin tone.

37. Metallic Silver Hair Perfect for Summer

If you want a hair color that makes you pop in summer when warm hair colors are everywhere, choose metallic silver hair.

38. Silver Blonde Highlights

If you want warm silver hair color where hair does not look silver washed, then this idea is best. With smudged roots and a dark base, your hair will appear white-gold.

39. White-Silver Highlights Perfect for Burnette Hair

Burntees with warm and neutral skin tones, we have one of the perfect silver hair color ideas here. Keep your base and rots black, and add white silver highlights on curly hair to make you look stunning.

40. Light Brown Balayage with Silver Highlights Hair

Here is a silver hair color serving various cool and warm shades, the light brown balayage with silver highlights on the dark base color. Your hair will show subtle streaks and color transitions between black, brown, honey, gold, white, silver, and grey.

41. Icy Platinum Blonde for One-Length Mid Hair

This light, cool-toned color appears pale like white and with no pigment and subtle hints of beige. You can steal the spotlight anywhere with this color on mid-length hair.

42. Silver Dusty Brown Ombre Hair

If you want to achieve slight silver touch in your hair without bleaching your hair, then here is the good news. Your hair will appear honey brown with a seamless transition to silver hair.

43. Blended Ash Brown and Steel Silver Hair

The dreamy, vibrant steel color is perfect for making you stand out when it creates a melting, blended effect from ash brown.

44. Lovely Full Grey Highlights for Bubbly Hair

The soft fluffy hairstyle for older women is gradually thinned down to create a short hairstyle look and grey highlights look beautiful while the roots appear dark.

45. Silver Blonde Color Hair for Short Length

This warm-toned silver blonde color is another great summer short hairstyle to create a significant impact on your personality.

46. Ash Grey Highlights

If you want to avoid cool-toned hair, then ash grey hair with brown base color is one of the perfect silver hair color ideas for you.

47. Platinum Silver for Spiky Edgy Pixie Cut Hair

When you have a spiky edgy pixie cut to make a fashion statement, don’t forget to turn it to a platinum silver color to make an impact that never fades away.

48. Ash Grey Ombre for Burnette Hair

The streaks highlight ash grey ombre for brunette hair, making your natural hair color more suitable for you and appear shinier.

49. Outstanding Ash Silver Blonde for Long Length Hair

When with smudged roots, ash silver-blonde hair when gradually becomes more dominant. It looks extraordinary.

50. Faded Brown to Grey Color with White Highlights

Chunky white highlights on brown hair when it transitions to grey create a splendid hairstyle.


These 50 silver hair color ideas are excellent to follow the hair color trend right now. Show your favorite hair color picture to your stylist or all of them so you can wisely choose a style that makes you stand out from the crowd.

But, first, make sure your selected hair color idea is suitable for your skin tone and according to your personality or daily life.

Also, don’t forget to go to a professional stylist to get the results expected. Moreover, choose silver hair color according to the current season (summer or winter).