50 Alluring Black and Purple Hair Color Ideas in 2024

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Purple color is especially famous for royalty and power vibes. Every runway has purple and shades, proving that mixing purple with black hair is a great fashionable idea. 

Celebrities are rocking every shade of purple, from pastel to dark, with soft and blunt cuts on pixie and long hair. This has attracted the world to have hair like their favorite celebrity with a bit of change that makes it truly suits their face shape. Other than females like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner, the celebrities include males like Jungkook and Taehyung.

So, ladies, we have gathered the best black and purple hair inspiration to rock this summer and are elegant and gorgeous in the room. Why wait? Scroll below. We have added descriptions that show whether the hairstyle is for your face shape, skin tone, or lifestyle. So, let’s start.

1. Little Lilac Chunks for Straight Hair

The lilac-colored hair chunks at the front called money-piece become even more perfect when combined with dark hair color. This hair color suits fair skin with a cool undertone, and the middle partition is best for oblong faces. 

2. Indigo Purple Blunt Bob Haircuts

Indigo purple and black dimensional highlights look so chic. The subtle waves and blunt cut is flattering for a round face shape. This indigo color suits medium skin with a cool undertone. The 4:6 partition helps to increase the symmetricity of the face. 

3. Muted Mauve and Dusty Rose Hairstyle

The combination and color transition of dark root melt from to muted mauve that becomes dusty rose at the ends. Keeping hair shiny is the key to rocking this hair idea. It is best for ladies with summer-cool skin tones.  

4. Peekaboo Purple Waves for Curly Shag Black Hair

Short shag haircuts look amazing on everyone, especially those with fuller faces or thinner hair. The curls and purple peekaboo hair through black hair make it suitable for all facial features and skin tones. 

5. Melted Dark Purple in Wavy Hair

Jet black wavy hair that seamlessly transforms into dark purple is gorgeously eye-catching. Big waves make it voluminous. The light-colored-eyed ladies can rock this style. 

6. Purple and Magenta Color Melt

Grayish purple color melt with magenta color ends with curl bevel at the ends like beachy waves looks gorgeous. Any minimal hair accessory looks great on this hair idea. 

7. Black and Purple Hair Color Pixie Cut

The black base color with purple and blue highlights looks fabulous on a short pixie cut. However, it looks best on an oval face shape. 

8. Fresh Cut with Purple and Black Root

Angled blunt bob with dark roots and purple dimensional highlights on top that turns muted pastel purple looks great on fair skin tone and asymmetrical face shape. 

9. Split Tone with Short Curtain Bangs

How can we all forget the iconic Nicki Minaj split-tone hair with bangs? So what inspires this hair idea. Black and purple hair look great together, and mini curtain bangs reaching the eye make it suitable for a square face shape. 

10. Purple and Black in Twists Style

The high ponytail from an afro twist hairstyle in purple color with rounds closer to the scalp gives a unique fashion style. A woman who loves making fashion statements should opt for it. 

11. Asymmetrical Bob with Purple and Black Hair Colors

The split color style of half purple and half black with fuller bangs reaching the eyebrows and strands covering the sides is a youthful and chic fashion style. It suits longer and wider face shapes. 

12. Black and Purple Shades in Wavy Hair

Purple money-piece and muted purple shades all over the black hair look excellent. The middle partition and soft curls make it pretty for an oblong and diamond face shape. 

13. Little Pop of Color with Chopped Bangs

Soft black hair with subtle waves looks cute, and the color pop of purple color strand looks superlative in every sense. This hair color is suitable for everyone and looks enchanted on fair skin. 

14. Black and Purple for Straight Hair

Super-sleek purple hair in purple-black balayage looks dreamy. The addition of fuller bangs makes it exactly like the hairstyles we see on Instagram. This flattering style suits all skin tones but is best for long faces. 

15. Wavy Hair with Bangs with Purple Black Tones

Here is another black and purple balayage hairstyle with short hair and baby bangs. It also suits all skin tones but is perfect for oval faces. Of course, you can keep hair length short too. 

16. Purple Black Ombre for Wavy Bob

Purple ombre hair with black root melt looks high fashion. The short wavy texture is good for every face shape, and the addition of a side-swept style makes it ideal for a round face shape.

17. Split Dye for Long and Wavy Hair

Split dye hair in the middle partition style also works great if the hair is side parted. Its root melt style on one side looks fashionable. 

18. Galactic Purple and Black Hairstyle

Galaxy hair idea looks out of this world. The ombre color transition from blue to purple with black base color looks best on everybody with straight hair texture. 

19. Purple Vampire Vibes

Black hair with purple color hints that become prominent at the hair ends give mysterious vibes. The pointy bob edges and pointy bangs give a vampire look. 

20. Soft and Shine Cosmic Purple with Black Roots

If the enchanted beauty of cosmos flower and cosmos space get together, this shiny and soft purple hair with black roots will result. 

21. Textured Fringe with Deep Purple and Black Hair

Textured bangs with big waves in hair look amazing on round, oval, and A-triangle face shapes. The black color transition into purple hair makes it suitable for everyone. 

22. Beachy Waves with Dark Purple and Black Hair

Beachy waves with purple and dark hair dimensional waves look great on long hair. Make big curls but make sure these are defined. 

23. Purple Melt with Rainbow Prism

Purple hair with black root melt and prism money-piece work great to enhance the beauty of oblong, heart, and square money-piece. This style looks good with western wear. 

24. Black and Purple for Hunter Vibes Hairstyle

Mullet hair with the extreme volume on top and V-shaped triangle bangs with thick black margin hair color give hunter vibes. The reverse ombre style makes it more like the desired style.

25. Strong Purples and Pinks with Black Shade

Purple and pink ombre with root melt look spectacular with subtle waves. It suits balanced and fair skin tones. 

26. Purply Hued for Angled Bob Cut

Purple and blue dimensional highlights with angel bob cut look elegant and trendy. Bob-cut touching the shoulder increases femininity. 

27. Black and Purple Hair Soft and Glam

Galactic purple color with high shine in hair with uniform and beachy style looks glam. However, you can opt for it to look more elegant. 

28. Bangs Purple Peek-A-Boo and a Black Hair

If you love the daring and dauntless look picking this style where purple color shows through bangs is a wise choice. 

29. Black and Deep Purple Large Braids

This is another advantage of having split-dye hair. That hairstyle appears glamorous. This french braided hairstyle for long hair topped the list of being gorgeous. 

30. Split Color for Messy Mullet Cut

Messy textured cut mullet hair looks fantastic with purple hair on top. It suits round faces and all skin tones. 

31. Purple Passion Velvet Hairstyle

Purple balayage on graduated volume short pixie cut looks excellent with side-swept bangs. It is perfect for a diamond face shape. 

32. Two-Toned Wavy Hair with Chopped Bangs

Split dye, two-toned wavy hair with bangs with one side black and one side bright blue that turned purple, looks amazing with chopped bangs. 

33. Pretty Black Purple Hair with Tied Ribbon

Black hair with purple streaks and the half-up style made with ribbon create a beautiful high cranial top. This style also suits college-going girls. 

34. Shaggy Wolf Cut in Blackish Dark Purple Tones

Wolf cut fever can’t be over. The shag cut style of different hair lengths makes it even more dramatic. The blackish-purple hair with long curtain bangs makes it perfect for skin tone but rectangular face shape. 

35. Layered Cut with Purple Black Tones

Layer cut with glossy dark purple hair that becomes darker at the ends looks chic. Any hairstyle made of this hair looks attractive. 

36. Striped Black and Purple for Textured Bob

Root melt with dark and light purple color looks great with subtle waves, and chopped ends look lovely. In addition, the 4:6 partition makes it flattering to enhance the symmetricity of the face. 

37. Grape Balayage in Wavy Hair

Grape purple balayage in this half-half feminine style looks so graceful. The soft blow-out bevel at the ends with minimal accessories makes hair suitable for every event. All back hair suits diamond face shape. 

38. Black Raven Hairstyle

The hairstyle’s black hair, like a raven color with the addition of purple grape streaks, makes the hairstyle interesting. The forehead bangs with space are suitable for an oval and round face shape. 

39. Plum and Soft Long Bob Hairstyle

The soft-cut hair inside the swept long bob haircut with a bit of asymmetricity looks amazing. In addition, the smokey purple shade gives hair a plumpy and healthy hair effect. 

40. Half Shaved and Half Vibrant Colors

If someone wants to hold a fashion icon title by their daring fashion styles, then this galaxy hair color style with half tapered side. 

41. Fresh Black Berry Hairstyle

Blackberry hair color with high gloss looks chic. The purple streaks in it with soft ends make it freshly in style. 

42. Purple Shade in Curtain Fringe Style

Black hair with thick purple money-piece and purple hair ends work best to compliment and add brightness to facial features. 

43. Midnight Purple for Medium Hair

Darkish purple hair but with high luster and side-swept bangs tied with a mysterious hair clip on the head side looks great on fair skin tone. 

44. Purple Peek-A-Boo with Straight Tendrils

Black hair with purple peek-a-boo under it that shows when different hairstyles are made. Straight tendrils framing the face make it prettier to stand out in the crowd. 

45. Soft and Shiny Plum Hairstyle

Root melt with shiny pure purple hair looks plumpy. However, the less-dense ends add softness to anyone’s facial features and personality.

46. Moonlight Purple and Black Hairstyle

If someone is looking for subtle color changes that add glam to personality and look elegant, then these moonlight purple hints and streaks look great on black hair. 

47. Deep Purple and Black with Weighty Curls

A deep purple ombre with jet black hair looks cute. The addition of defined, big and soft curls looks hair thick and weighted. 

48. Straight Bob with Purple Underlights

Straight hair bob-cut that appears black and some hairstyle makes it appear purple under light looks like there is much yet interesting to explore about the wearer’s personality. 

49. Purplish Hair Tip Half-And-Half

Purple under-light on black hair on half-up, half-down style looks high-fashion. The bevel at the ends conceals the extra sharpness of facial features. 

50. Gatsby Black Purplish Hairstyle

Gatsby’s retro waves with purple balayage look spectacular if the hair has a high shine like in the picture. Beachy waves affect the ends, and this color suits all skin tones. 


You must have picked your favorite among the 50 best black and purple hair ideas in 2024. Whatever customization ideas come to your mind, discuss them with your hairdresser. They will tell you how to incorporate that in this style or if it suits our face shape. All these 50 ideas are equally amazing; consider your lifestyle before having any hairstyle, so you don’t need to make any changes before going anywhere.

Moreover, only use products like shampoo, conditioner, and gels meant for color-treated hair. Limit heat styling, cover hair in the sunlight and dry air, and traffic pollution.