50 Short Shag Haircuts for Women

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Nowadays, if you want to look stylish and modern, your haircut needs to be shaggy. The best part is anyone can have this haircut, even young and old ones. The short shag haircuts are for those who think age does not matter; the heart needs to be young. The best part is you can style them quickly and maintain them easily. Moreover, they are super awesome for both long and short hair

This 1970s hairstyle is back this year when every A-lister from Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez to Billie Eilish and Jennifer Lopez tried this haircut in an updated version.

Therefore, in this post, we reveal the 50 trendiest short-shag haircuts for women. One will be perfect for you among various ways of adopting this hair. So, let’s scroll and find yours!

1. Curly Edgy Short Shag Haircuts

This soft, shag haircut with short strands that create volume at the top is a must-adopt haircut if someone’s face is oval. This haircut compliments the long face shape while creating a high cranial top.

The Lily, pink and purple hue with black base and icy ends will make it even more gorgeous.

2. Long Side Fringe Short Shag Haircuts

If one’s face is round, a chin-length sweeping fringe is best to flatter their appearance. Make sure the fringe gradually gets thinner. 

3. Center-Parted Shag for Short-Layered Hair

If the shag haircut is short-layered, center-part them; it creates a curtain bangs effect and stays in the forehead length. It is excellent for thin hair and oval face shape.

4. Dark Hue Burnette Short Shag Haircuts

The long curtain bangs that reach your cheekbones create a soft face frame. The short shag haircut all over the head and dark golden-brown hue will give you a show-stopping appearance. 

5. Romantic Vibe Wispy Layered Short Shag Haircuts

If someone’s hair is thin and they want to adopt a chic, elegant hairstyle, then a wispy layered short shag haircut is phenomenal. The right shades in makeup with minimal accessories and correctly styled hair give the ultimate romantic vibe.

6. Platinum White Blonde Shag Hair for Pixie

If someone wants a shag haircut that truly stands out, make it a long pixie cut of platinum white blonde color. It will make a woman look like they have aged gracefully. This is a great reference to older women with short hair. Stay fabulous even in older age! Beauty doesn’t pick ages.

7. Short Shag Blonde for Thin Hair

If you don’t like having a lot of texture in your shag haircut, consider you trying this haircut. It features blond short shag bangs that will reach your eyebrows and will create the impression of a wider forehead to look just like a model. Here is an example of a teenage girl with style! Cool, right?

8. Messy Choppy Waves Blonde for Bob Hair

Messy choppy waves bob haircut with curls gives you a chic and cute look.

9. Stand-out Color Vibe Short Shag Haircuts

There are usually shag haircuts with blond and dark colors. If someone wants to make it extra stand out, grayish-pink color is best.

10. Light Brown Grey Layered Feather Shag for Medium Length Bob Hair

If someone’s cheeks are fuller, this feather-layered shag haircut will suit them very much. Adding gray streaks to golden brown hair makes it even more amazing.

11. Dark Layered for Medium Short Shag Haircuts

If one wants a shaggy short haircut that can be styled while stepping out of the door or sitting in the car, this short shag haircut is best. The thick curls in the hair make it easy to style.

12. Short Shag Haircuts for Brunette Hair with Highlights

Highlights are suitable for any hairstyle. Adding light and dark golden highlights on a dark brown base will be a fantastic idea. Make sure the hair is not too shaggy or textured.

13. Dark Roots Blonde Shaggy Bob Hair

A shaggy haircut with some definition looks super elegant. This hairstyle with dark roots, while honey and white-golden highlights are prominent and look outstanding. 

14. Modern Razored Cut Mullet

 Modern razor-cut mullet is perfect for those who want to appear bold.

15. Pixie Short Shag Haircuts for Thin Hair with Half Bangs

If you don’t like having a hairstyle that causes hair to flow on your face, you could opt for this short pixie haircut. These uneven baby bangs look perfect when you have wavy-angled bob cuts like Alison Sudol. 

16. Modern Wavy Shag for Neck-Length Hair

If you are looking for femininity in a shag haircut, this neck-length modern wavy shag is best for you. 

17. Layered Volume with Feathered Bangs for Pixie Hair

Feathered bangs, in addition to layered volume hair, give it a vintage look. This short pixie shag haircut is a great combination of modern and classic styles.

18. Natural Curl Shag with Curtain Bangs

It’s time to let your natural curls shine. Style curly curtain bangs, define them a bit, and let the curls do glamorous face forming. 

19. Dark Brown Shag with Baby Highlights for Pixie Hair

If someone says short shag haircuts for women look bold and messy, then show them this hairstyle. This super elegant pixie shag highlights your femininity beautifully.  

20. Super Modern Blonde Shaggy for Dimensional Hair

If you want a too-cool hairstyle for anywhere you go, then choose shaggy dimensional hair in blonde

21. Dark Curl Short Shag Haircuts

Curly hair girls, take a screenshot now of this super defined and voluminous shag haircut that reaches neck length. This is one of the best haircuts to wear anywhere, and it doesn’t require a lot of time. 

22. Simple and Stylish Short Shag Haircuts

Minimal shaggy layers and simple hair at the front to make curtain bangs is a perfect hairstyle that flatters anyone’s personality. 

23. Natural Black Shaggy Bob for Shoulder Length

We advocate this shoulder-length bob because it is long enough to style with ease but short enough to look clean and does not look like a regular hairdo in natural black hair.

24. Orange Short Shag Haircuts for Medium Length

There is no better stand-out shag haircut for women than orange-colored shag with big curls. A notable medium haircut for wavy hair. Try it out!

25. The Universal Medium Short Shag Haircuts

When the glamorous universal medium haircut with bangs reaches the nose and below eyebrows and chin-length tresses makes, this haircut is versatile. It means it will be suitable even if you make a ponytail or updos of your shag.

26. Shaggy Two-Tone Wolf Cut

You surely have been seeing the trendy wolf cut on your social media feeds. Why not add a shaggy haircut and make it two-toned; it’ll go viral wherever you go.

27. Wavy Shaggy Bob with Full Bangs Hairstyle

If someone wants to make a bold, fearless impression with their looks without even saying, this haircut is best. 

28. Brown Base with Light Blonde Balayage Short Shag Haircuts

If you want a shaggy haircut to wear on special occasions like weddings, then opt for short, sparse bangs. It is a super cute hairstyle for short hair

29. Sassy Wavy Shag for Neck-Length Purple Hair

The neck-length shag looks so sassy when it amazingly transitions from purple to pink. Big curls in it are like the cherry on top. Add more art to your style by adding colors. Pretty unique, right?

30. Natural Curl Coils Pop Short Shag Haircuts

If someone prefers jeans and shirts rather than gowns and maxi dresses, this curl coil pop hair will look so smart on them. 

31. Layered Bob Short Shag Haircuts for Summer

The shag layered bob creating a high cranial top looks so refreshing, chic, and simple to adopt this summer. 

32. Razored Layers for Messy Thin Hair Short Shag Haircuts

If razored layers are cut by experts, layers merge so well. The excellently merged hair layers are the best hairstyle on thin hair. 

33. Short Tousled Pixie Shaggy Hair

The short tousled waves in a shaggy pixie haircut look amazing with hints of gray. When these tousled waves almost reach your eyebrows, it beautifies anyone’s look. Look good in those shorts! A charming look that everybody wants!

34. Messy Texture Hair

Messy textured looks amazing when styled in a specific form. This is one of the best short-shag haircuts for women. 

35. Medium Length Dual Mullet shag with Feathered Bangs

Mullets always create a bold impression. The feathered bangs with it make you look younger.

36. Razored End Short Shaggy Hair

The razored ends make hair lighter towards the ends. It makes hair fuller on top while making it suitable for almost all hair types.

37. Sexy Shag Curly Hair

If you want a short curly hairstyle to surprise everyone, add some highlights to your curly hair. After all, the white and golden highlights on curly neck-length shag are so alluring to enhance anyone’s look. 

38. Texturize Waves for Medium Length Hair

Slightly parted heavy curtain bangs create a blunt bangs effect that looks super adorable on medium-length styles.

39. Easy Style Short Shag Hair with Curtain Bangs

Shag haircuts with curtain bangs are short enough to cover the forehead and long enough to pin them back. It does face frame beautifully and also gives you the versatility to change your style whenever you want. 

40. Dark Base with Blonde Highlights for Curly Bob Hair

If you want to make your shag bob more prominent, then add blonde highlights to your brown hair. Look at those curls! Amazing, I must say!

41. Shaggy Feathered Texture for Neck-Length Hair

If someone has thicker hair, shaggy feathered textured, neck-length hair will suit them better. 

42. Modern Pixie Hair with Baby Bangs

The modern shag pixie cut is one of the best short shag haircuts that complement facial features. This is simple but super chic. 

43. Shaggy Feathered Texture Pixie Hair

If someone’s hair is thin, they must get this haircut to surprise others. Feather texture will create volume. Also, the pink color added to the black base makes it outstanding. 

44. Chocolate Brown Shaggy Burnette Hair

If anyone likes natural touch, even choosing the sassiest haircut. This chocolate brown shag will look simple and chic. 

45. Blonde Wavy Shaggy Bob Hair

Blonde-wavy, shaggy short bob haircut with fuller bangs and side tresses make people look years young.

46. Choppy Layers Mullet Shag Hair

Mullets catch everyone’s attention because of the elegant volume at the top. 

47. Pixie Two-Tone Shaggy Mullet Hair

Keeping one of the tones natural and hair around the face another tone is an excellent idea. It draws people’s attention toward your face. 

48. Classic Shaggy Pixie Hair

No one can say no to the beauty of a classic shaggy pixie cut. With a few alternations, it suits every face and hair texture. 

49. Short Back Shag with Inverted Bob in Front

Inverted bob shag, which is short at the sides and longer on the back, looks super modern. 

50. Natural Blonde Short Shag Hair

It’s another short shag haircut that highlights your femininity. The shag layer looks soft and fuller.


Short shag haircuts can make you look bold or feminine. Pick your favorite hairstyle to customize it to flatter your appearance. You can change the color, and bangs, or change the shag length for customizing it. Be free to wear it in offices, while hanging out with friends, or on special occasions. Our best-collected 50-shag haircuts have the ability to attract everyone in the room. Show your favorite haircut to your hairdresser. Think about how good it will feel when you and your friend are getting the shag haircut at the same place. So, share it now!

Short Shag Haircuts for Women FAQs 

Should You Get a Shag Haircut?

Shag haircuts are equally best for both straight and wavy curly hair. But people with wavy curly hair should get a shag because they already have the texture hair movement needed for this hairstyle. 

However, shag cuts do not suit extremely curly and extremely thin hair. 

How To Style a Shag Haircut?

Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. To comb hair, use fingers or a wide-tooth comb. 

How To Give Fullness To Your Shag Haircut? 

While keeping the natural wave texture, you can get fullness easily. Just bend over at the waist and use a blow dryer from underneath. 

How To Tame Shag Haircut Frizz While Keeping The Layers Looking Soft?

A quick and clever solution is a leave-in conditioner. 

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