101 Trendy Short Haircuts for Women Popular in 2024

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Seen mostly as an act of bravery, cutting your hair shorter is a great option to display delicate feminine features and strong colors also! These short haircuts and hairstyles for women impressed us for multiple reasons, from eccentric colors and designs to flawless cuts that reveal fabulous shapes. Scroll ahead to discover all of them!

I. Mullet-like Short Haircuts For Women

1. Subtle Modern Short Mullet Haircuts

For an extra modern and actual look, this subtle mullet short haircut has all the winning elements. With short tapered sides and a shaggy top and nape, it has a fluffy, layered look, arranged messily for extra style!

2. Messy Short Mullet Haircuts for Women with Moon Bangs

An innovative unique look can be achieved with this messy mullet with an interesting element: the moon bangs! The semicircle drawn to reach eyebrow level and continued with the long sideburns will instantly create a perfectly oval shape for your face.

3. Ultra-short Multi-Pastel Bob Haircut

A very feminine choice in spite of the short length, this multi-pastel bob haircut has a mix of purple, lavender-pink, and green hues for the straight strands and dark roots. It’s a unique look and it can be matched with any makeup.

4. Overall Short Mullet Haircuts for Women

The perfect tom-boy look can be achieved with this messy short layered mullet cut that has long sideburns, a choppy fringe, and forward-combed top strands.

5. Perfect Modern Pixie Mullet Short Haircuts for Women

With heavily chopped top strands and chiseled sideburns that reach chin-level, this mullet- short pixie cut combination will enhance your feminine features and give you a cute allure!

6. Short Mullet Bowl-cut For Platinum Blonde Hair

Simply rock this style with sky-high inner confidence and finely trimmed blunt bangs that will add softness and extra shine to your face. This haircut is a totally cool combination between a bowl-cut and a mullet!

7. Cinnamon Brown Ultra Short Mullet Haircuts for Women

A gorgeous burnt-brown colored mullet haircut can create an incredible contrast for those with fair skin complexion and enhance the delicacy of their features.

8. Tiny Curly Red Mullet with Long Sideburns

With uneven-cut sideburns and a curly fringe colored in a lighter shade, this haircut suits all the wild spirits out there that don’t like fitting a pattern! Plus, it needs minimal styling!

9. Razor Cut Short Mullet

For those who love an edgier look, this uneven-cut short mullet has razor-sharp long strands and short chopped locks for a completely casual appearance and the dark color adds drama!

10. Short Mullet Haircuts for Women with Extra Length

A totally retro look thanks to the old-school eyeglasses and the long sideburns, this short mullet has a modern shape, with extra length around the forehead and nape.

11. Gothic Spiky Mullet for Women

Be ready to steal the show with an edgy Gothic-inspired haircut. This spiky mullet with short faded sides and long stick-straight sideburns is the perfect starting point for a cool look!

12. Short Mullet Haircuts for Women with Blonde Highlights

Plenty of volumes and great coloring will do wonders for your short haircut! This two-colored voluminous mullet cut has thin blonde highlights and a messy styling that create the perfect rebel look!

13. Textured Mini Mullet for Women

With choppy uneven bangs and blunt cut sides, this mini mullet has all the texture and movement in the world and you will simply need to pass your fingers through your hair to obtain a different look!

14. Ruby Red Shag Mullet Hawk

An intense shade of red is the perfect choice for a cool short haircut. The color intensifies the texture and the beautiful curls in your haircut. The central stripe is a bit longer thus creating the impression of a Faux-Hawk.

II. Pixie Style Short Haircuts For Women

15. Short Taper Modern Pixie Haircuts for Women

With extra-soft and shiny strands, this glorious look is the epitome of all short haircuts for women! Tapered sides and nape create an elegant finish and will instantly turn you into a contemporary Audrey Hepburn!

16. Classic Pixie Cut with Balayage

A light-colored Pixie cut such as this classic swept-back haircut with soft trimmed strands and a beautiful light balayage will instantly free your face and illuminate your skin.

17. Short Pixie Haircuts for Women For Silver Fox

Silver Fox hair is the latest trend we will see more and more on women of all ages and this short pixie cut with spiky razored strands is effortlessly cool and will let your makeup steal the show!

18. Platinum Rooted Blonde Pixie Haircut with Baby Bangs

A hairstyle reminding us of Yolandi Visser, lead singer of Die Antwoord music band, this pixie short haircut has blunt cut baby bangs, messy sides, and a top enhanced by the brown base color.

19. Classic Pixie Cut With Front Quiff

For those with delicate features, a short haircut such as this classic Pixie Haircut with a slightly longer front quiff will ensure that your beauty shines through and you can add massive jewelry to bring an extra spark to your face.

20. Soft Short Chopped Pixie Haircuts for Women

A warm-toned hairstyle with soft silky strands that fall negligently around your hair and cover the forehead with chunky strands is the best way to get a feminine look with a chunky appearance.

21. Pixie Cut with Shades Of Coral Pink

This colorful pixie cut has a cool blend of pink, red and dusty rose tones that bring a feminine touch to the short pixie cut with front forward combed strands. It’s the perfect choice for when you want to feel youthful and fresh.

22. Blue Pixie Cut with Messy Styling

Nothing compares to the depth of cold dark blue hair that contrasts with the pale white skin and this combination are the perfect ensemble for an androgynous look.

23. Auburn Pixie Haircut

The shiny auburn color of this pixie cut displays the beauty of the scissored trimmed hair that reaches just beyond ear level with an asymmetric fringe that will give you an enigmatic look.

24. Multicolored Pixie Cut with Asymmetric Bangs

With ultra-short razored bangs that reach your eye level and create a straight line and a messy spiky top that allows your hair to look effortlessly chic, this haircut has a few blues and purple highlights in the front for a cool look.

25. Soft Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle has soft trimmed strands with dark roots and blonde tips that will create a cool colored hairstyle that needs minimal styling and no extra hair products.

26. Pastel Mint Green Pixie Haircut with Micro Fringe

For a fresh, eccentric look, this pastel mint green pixie cut will be the perfect option if you want your hair to shine and pop out. It’s a cool way to display the different layers of your undercut and the micro fringe.

27. Periwinkle Violet Messy Pixie Cut

This super short messy violet pixie cut, in a beautiful shade of periwinkle, will amplify the shine of your pixie cut and allow your skin pigment to look great!

28. Shiny Pixie Short Haircuts For Women

With wavelength cut sides and a curly top, this hairstyle has an amazingly luscious color that will complement your skin and give you maximum top volume.

29. Razor Cut Short Pixie

With geometrically cut edges that create a fringe look, this hairstyle is suited for women with delicate features and allows your face to be seen and admired, while also keeping a bit of texture.

30. Bright Orange Spiky Short Haircuts For Women

This amazing color amplifies the perfect razor pixie cut with long sideburns and short baby bangs that will frame your forehead.

31. Razor Pixie Cut with Metallic Highlights

A cool razor pixie cut with long fringes and a two-toned color that separates the two levels of your hair will give you this amazing elfish appearance that amplifies your facial features.

32. Pearly Platinum Pixie With Faded Sides

A soft pearly shade of blonde will create contrast for those with a fair skin complexion and maximize the makeup effect on your face with minimum effort.

33. Spiky Pixie Cut for Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

With heavy chunky strands cut to make you look really young and feminine, this hairstyle is the best way to wear a deep layered pixie cut you will simply style with fixating spray for a spiky appearance.

34. Pixie Curly Short Haircuts for Women with Rat Fringes

A super feminine and Botticellian look given by this incredible auburn red color will allow you to have a mixed appearance, thanks to the rat fringes that cover your forehead negligently.

35. Spiky Pixie Short Haircut For Women

Keep it practical with a high-up-swept pixie cut with a spiky appearance that will maximize your hair volume and make your face look slimmer.

36. Disconnected Pixie Short Haircut For Women

With super-short tapered sides and a blocked nape, this short pixie cut with a disconnected transition from the top to the sides will create a great look for your feminine features.

37. Ashy Blonde Pixie Cut with Headband

Look as sweet as ever with an over-grown ashy blonde pixie cut and a colorful headband in a contrasting color added on top to display your delicate facial features and makeup.

38. Slicked Back Pixie Cut

With a compact, helmet-like appearance, this slicked-back pixie cut has a slightly faded look that will make you look cool especially if you add massive jewelry and strong makeup for contrast.

III. Undercut Short Haircuts For Women

39. Rose Gold Curly Short Undercut Hairstyles For Women

This warm rose gold undercut has a curly top and a short side that will frame your face beautifully and allow your skin texture to be visible. Flower-inspired chromatic is the perfect choice for feminine short haircuts for women!

40. Curly Lived-in Red Undercut Hairstyle

With blunt-cut bangs and a curly top, this undercut has curly strands that will amplify your mane’s volume and will also create a mixt texture for your hair.

41. Spiky Faux Hawk Undercut Hairstyle for Women

This Faux-Hawk has a straight razored stripe of hair that will give you extreme volume and create a cool contrast with the skin’s faded sides, the perfect Punk look!

42. Metallic Teal Short Undercut with Spiky Top

This ice-cool hairstyle with metallic shades of blue and a swoopy spiky top, will give you plenty of volume and elegance and make you look like a snow fairy in any season!

43. Curly Undercut with Two Colors Short Haircut for Women

A two-colored hairstyle with both curly and straight parts will offer your hair the maximum volume you need for a seductive look. Don’t forget the ultra-red lipstick.

44. Ultra-short Mullet with Undercut

This short mullet with a straight undercut and with a boyish look is made with super precision and sure looks original. If you add in some strong-colored accessories, the look is complete!

45. Curly Green Colored Undercut With Razor Side Design

Fresh and fun and very colorful, this curly green undercut is the perfect mixed look that will give you an original and crazy look no matter the outfit!

46. Short Undercut with Razor Side Design

The best modern hairstyle you can choose to wear is this short undercut with a soft part and a side razor design that brings more geometry and beauty than no other hairstyle could bring and looks great in a dark shade of black.

47. Undercut Bob Hair with Baby Bangs

A cool undercut with skin faded sides and baby bangs that will give you a two-block appearance that is perfect for those who love extreme looks and body piercing and tattoos.

48. Tiny Bangs for Bob Undercut

Opt for a cool look with these tiny bangs mixed with an ear-level bob hairstyle that will give your face an oval shape and expose your forehead in a pretty manner. The added blonde strands make your face illuminate!

49. Platinum Silver Undercut with Soft Top

Sharp, sand-paper-like texture for your faded sides and a soft swoopy platinum top will make your hair the bright spot of your look and bring extra luminosity to your face! Simply fairy-like hairstyle this silver hair!

50. Blonde Undercut With Messy Styling

This messy choppy blonde haircut with a bright yellow fringe and messy styling can expose your face in a pretty way and will make you look even more feminine despite the short length!

51. Undercut With Lines and Wavy Red Part

For a contrasting look, you can go for this extreme appearance that will offer you both a feminine look and a tough side to complete the style. This hairstyle is a perfect match for any physiognomy!

52. Chopped Undercut with Spiky Styling

This finely chopped haircut emphasizes chunky brown strands that cover the scalp and reveal the rest of the face and neck with great success! The front strands fall around covering the eye corners.

53. Auburn Curly Faux Hawk Undercut

With buoyant curls and a small low fade on one side of your head, this undercut makes the perfect Faux Hawk appearance that will maximize your femininity!

54. Tapered Undercut with Side Part

Thin blonde hair can enhance your looks if you opt for a subtle taper cut with razored sides and a soft part that will give you a seductive appearance especially matched with strong eye makeup.

55. Pink Bowl-cut with Faded Sides

This is a perfect girly look with Tom-boy influences added too, thanks to the strawberry-blonde hair color that brings softness and luminosity to your face!

56. Grunge Goth Yellow Short Haircuts For Women

For Gothic fans and Rock lovers, this strong-colored yellow spiky cut with messy top strands will create a great look with a beautiful texture and volume.

57. Short Asymmetric Razor Cut with Blue Highlights

A cool way to enhance your appearance is to opt for dark-colored tones and add subtle blue highlights that will make your face illuminate and get plenty of texture you can play with for a messy look!

58. Asymmetric Short Haircuts For Women

This haircut is great if you have naturally curly hair that will get wavier and wavier as you cut it shorter and shorter and leaves your face free to be admired.

59. Scissors Over Comb Short Haircuts For Women

Using an original hair-cutting technique that will make your hair look very sharp and chunky, this haircut is to be worn with dark roots and light blonde tips for contrast.

IV. Ultra-short Haircuts For Women

60. Magenta Colored Buzzcut with Side Razor Design

Go bold with a micro-short haircut such as this Buzz-cut that will look even cooler with a side razor design that amplifies your facial features and leaves your skin looking great!

61. Winged Helmet Hairstyle for Subtle Pink Hair

This is a truly impressive short haircut for women. It can be combed and styled so that it will stay super sleek and you can arrange it in a helmet shape for an increased volume!

62. Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

A super shaggy, casual hairstyle with a bob-shaped cut will give you a great look no matter the way you choose to wear it. Going for this hairstyle will help your hair look voluminous and full with no effort!

63. Buzzcut with Razor Design

Ultra-short doesn’t have to mean ultra-boring! This Buzzcut has an original side design that will give you an optimal look with no extra styling products needed. Is the perfect way to show your beautiful face!

64. Short Blonde Taper Combed Forward Hairstyle For Women

This hairstyle will give the perfect modern Pixie appearance that you can wear in any circumstance and be a shiny blonde Goddess with angelic features!

65. Short Shaggy Easy Breezy Hairstyle

Keep it Boho-chic with an easy hairstyle that will maximize your natural charm and a relaxed appearance no matter how you arrange it! This short chopped short shag haircut looks great on any hair color!

66. Two-colored Asymmetric Cut with Shaved Side

For an exquisite appearance, opting for a strong asymmetric cut with a long side part and a bright yellow part will give your face both darkness and brightness.

67. Soft Crop Short Shag Haircuts for Women

Choose to look stunning and keep it practical at the same time with a soft cropped shag that can amplify your crown volume and shape.

68. Tapered Short Haircuts for Women

Dark-skinned women and girls can opt for tapered haircuts with just a minimum of weight in the top part and keep the top kinky curly hair swept upwards. Don’t forget bold accessories to add femininity. Also, if you like this hairstyle discover more in our list of short hairstyles for black women!

69. Classic Female Buzzcut

The typical masculine cut, or better said, an androgynous one, a Buzzcut, proves to be more than suited for women with straight hair that will gain texture and become super compact.

70. Short Crop with Pastel Red Splash of Color

Be a true ’70s icon with this short crop haircut that will give you a great contrasting look and make your top hair gain volume and shine for an exquisite appearance!

71. Side Shaved Ultra-short Bob Cut

An ultra-short bob haircut with a side low fade and shaved sideburns will make your hair look marvelous and gain extra volume.

72. Razor Shaved with Bubblegum Pink Mohawk Haircut for Women

Strong personalities such as this young girl can opt for bald faded sides and a narrow pink long central stripe colored in a strong bubblegum hair color for maximum contrast.

73. Short Buzzcut For Women

A short buzzcut that reaches a maximum of 1/4 inches at its highest point will give your face a perfect oval shape and display your beautiful face and earrings.

74. Textured Bob Razor Cut with Mermaid Green Highlights

This incredibly feminine and soft haircut has curly strands colored in two distinct colors that create a cool contrast and an interesting mix of shades in your wavy mane.

75. Colorful Curls Short Haircut for Women

This extremely curly hairstyle with small two-colored coils and a soft natural side part creates the perfect short haircuts for women with naturally curly hair that prefer short hair.

76. Elevated Bowl Cut Hairstyle with Metallic Highlights

To get this finely chiseled and carefully trimmed bowl cut, you will need an experienced hairstylist that can carve the perfectly round shape. The metallic highlights will give your looks extra shine and cold rainbow tones.

77. Cropped Curly Short Haircut with Soft Highlighted Front

Enjoy your curls to the max with this short cropped haircut that will create a feminine, angelic look, especially if you opt to add blonde strands for extra shine!

78. Grombre Curly Taper Short Haircut For Women

Opt for a natural look with this gray ombre (Grombre) curly taper cut that will enhance your hair color and allow you to wear it naturally with no extra styling needed.

79. Tiny Flapper Bob With Extended Fringe Haircut for Women

Ultra-short tiny bob that reaches ear-level and has a geometric cut for your straight hair will create a perfect feminine frame for your face and you can add little accents of color on the sides.

80. Midnight Vixen Purple Shag Short Haircuts For Women

Go for a bold hair color that will make your face look even brighter and display a shiny, feathered mane with an asymmetric long side strand.

81. Brown Textured Layered Short Haircuts For Women

This warm brown-colored layered bob has extra volume and a messy top that amplifies your top volume. You can use a comb and fixating spray to increase the crown volume.

82. Balayage Short Bob Haircuts for Women

This short bob with messy feathered blonde lights and chin-level length can make you look really seductive and feminine despite the length looks awesome with balayage tones.

83. Swoopy Long Top with Short Sides Haircut

Gain extra volume and shape with this dimensional haircut that has a longer part swept on one side and shorter chunky strands that fall around in a beautiful cascade of dark locks.

84. Fresh Bowl Cut for Women with Light Platinum Blonde Hair

For a bright look, you can opt for a light platinum blonde short haircut with long wispy bangs and straightened top that will give you a flawless appearance.

85. Messy Short Pixie Haircuts for Women with Long Sideburns

An androgynous look that keeps both a bit of top weight and ultra-short strand all together, this hairstyle has all the chances of making your face and neck visible and you can simply style it by passing your fingers through it.

86. Faded Strawberry Pink Short Haircuts For Women

A delicate, subtle shade of pink will be the perfect option for an overall bright look for women with straight fine hair.

87. Floppy Undercut Hairstyle for Women

With front falling dark strands and a big top weight will create a cool contrast with the short shaved sides and you can ask for subtle razor sidelines, also known as cat scratches.

88. Spiky Caesar Undercut With Underlights for Women

Simply amazing, this spiky Caesar cut with high top volume and short trimmed sides will give you a cool appearance and the small blonde under lights can increase your luminosity.

89. Sharp Faded Short Haircuts for Women with Razor Design

Similar to a short Juice cut, this beautiful brown color shaved haircut with a razor design will make your eye makeup and facial features pop, and it is a very bold hairstyle!

90. Pink Blonde Short Pixie Haircuts for Women

If you want a popping look, you can opt for a beautiful shade of pink that will help you increase your femininity and make you look girly with no extra effort needed.

91. Spiky Dark Modern Pixie Haircut for Women

For the perfect rebel look, this spiky swept-up haircut will make you gain extra inches for your top hair and also increase your skin’s complexion.

92. Electric Blue Undercut with Side Razor Design

This unique look will definitely make you stand out in a crowd and you can add a bit of depth by opting for a side razor design and keeping the top spiky for extra height.

93. Short Pixie Cut With Light Blonde Highlights

Somewhere between a bowl-cut and a bob, this short pixie cut with light blonde highlights has a smooth transition from ultra-short razored nape and temples to a 3 inches long top.

94. Short Light Blonde Haircuts for Women with Pointy Sideburns

With long pointy sideburns and a razor-sharp fade at the nape, this asymmetric pixie cut will definitely amplify your feminine features.

95. Short Asymmetric Grombre Haircuts for Women

This mixed-colored hairstyle has an asymmetric cut with a thin fringe and a subtle messy styling for a casual look. For more Grombre looks you can read our article on hairstyles for women over 60!

96. Ashy Platinum Blonde Short Haircuts For Women

Look like a fashion magazine cut-out with this platinum blonde short haircut which is a mix of bob and pixie hairstyles that will make your face look angelic and bright!

97. Caramel Pixie Short Haircut with Soft Side Part

For this short hair hairstyle to work, you will need a hair spray or hair mousse that you can apply after a shower and style your strands accordingly to your mood afterward.

98. Pink-Purple Undercut with Razor Design

An amazing haircut with equally amazing color, this haircut has a skin faded side with a flower pattern and long multicolored strands on the other side for a mixed look.

99. Faded Pixie Haircut With Faux Hawk Short Haircuts for Women

Look like a famous rockstar with this spiky, two-colored Faux Hawk mixed with a side pattern that adds depth and beauty to your face.

100. Cinnamon Red Swept Back Pixie Cut Short Haircuts for Women

Another alternative hairstyle you can always try if you want a bold look is this Pixie cut has great top volume and a soft dimensional crown that will instantly attract the attention of onlookers. Simply charming!

101. Blonde Shaved Head

Go for an extreme haircut that will make your feminine features stand up and also attract all the light to your face. You can get this haircut at home by using a shaving machine or go to a professional.


This extensive list is just a starting point for how you can actually style your short strands. To make you get used to short hair you can start by trimming it step by step and try intermediate lengths too. From short pixies to ultra-short Buzzcuts and bobs, there are plenty of options to consider. Which short haircuts and hairstyles for women are your favorites?