100+ Sweet Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Feeling ready to say “I do”? These wedding hairstyles for short hair will make you realize that you are not expected to flaunt Rapunzel-length tresses to look as fabulous as you feel on your wedding day, but you can simply accessorize your Tom-boyish appearance with cool headpieces and become a one-of-a-kind bride! Take a look and see for yourself!

I. Pixie Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. Straight Short Pixie Wedding Hairstyle With Massive Headband

With sleek, polished strands, this straight pixie cut is the perfect “surface” to hold your “wedding crown”. In this case, this romantic, massive headband looks really cool and natural.

2. Soft Blonde Pixie With Side Flower Band

A great way to gain volume for your soft pixie is to tease the strands at the back and keep a longer length in the front to allow a small wavy side that brings an elegant note and add a small flower hairpiece to complete the bridal look.

3. Short Pink Pixie With Frida Kahlo-inspired Headpiece for Short Hair

Just looking at these beautiful color mixes you instantly get a cool, feminine appearance that is very similar to a modern interpretation of Frida Kahlo’s iconic looks. If your wedding is outside you also don’t have to worry about the wind ruining your hair!

4. Short Spiky Pixie Wedding Hairstyle For Blonde Hair With Hair Comb

When it comes to successful wedding hairstyles for short hair, these spiky pixies with perfectly trimmed sides and layered top are looking great on their own, with just enough hair spray to hold on the top strands looking cool, while adding a hair comb with transparent crystals will make you look like you have water droplets in your hair. Isn’t that a dream come true?

5. Dark Wedding Hairstyle For Short Pixie Hair

Finely trimmed and chiseled strands will beautifully enclose your face and the added side hair accessory will help you accentuate the shiny accents added to your makeup.

6. Short Pixie Haircut With Long Veil

If you want to emulate the iconic wedding look of Grace Kelly, you can turn to a simple white veil fixated with an embellished crown at the top of your head to adorn your short dark pixie hair in the most romantic way.

7. Modern Pixie With Retro Headband Wedding Hairstyle

When you rock short dark hair on your wedding day, you can gain instant shine with a sparkling retro headband that you can wear just above the forehead to bring attention to your eyes.

8. Ice Blonde Pixie With Pearls Headband Wedding Hairstyle

It’s amazing what a simple pearl string can do to your looks! This soft-trimmed blonde pixie looks super cute and the added hairpiece completes the wedding look perfectly!

9. Auburn Pixie Wedding Style For Short Hair With Floral Headband

For maximum contrast, you can choose a bright blue floral headband that will pop out and look really cool compared to the auburn shades in your short pixie. Keep the front strands a bit messy to bring a girlish look.

10. Dark Pixie With Lace Headband For Short Hair

I have to admit it! There will be many headbands looks you will see throughout this article for wedding hairstyles for short hair! This one below has a fine lace texture that makes it really cool and romantic and it’s so easy to wear on your big day!

11. Blonde Short Pixie With Side Flower Accessory

With cool side-swept strands and a feathery flower accessory, this short pixie has a cool feminine vibe that helps you achieve a festive look on your day of “I do”!

12. Curly Pixie With Side Flower Wedding Hairstyle

Just like the delicate flowers in your bouquet, the strand in your pixie should be a little curled to create a feminine, soft appearance that you can complete with a couple of flower hairpins. Simple and elegant!

13. Messy Red Pixie With Lavender Flower Crown

These short tousled bright red curls will look simply adorable with the contrasting thin lavender crown placed on your head that you arrange as low or high as you want in order to frame your face.

14. Ashy Blonde Messy Pixie With Floral Headband

This messy ashy blonde pixie has the most amazing texturized strands we have seen so far. They blend perfectly with the crown’s texture and look fun and modern!

15. Short Pixie With Flower Accessory Wedding Hairstyle

This super-soft textured pixie is unique looking thanks to the natural micro-flower arrangement placed on a side that decorates your hairstyle and brings a different texture to your hair.

16. Blonde Pixie With Simple Sparkling Headpiece

A shiny silver headpiece and blonde strands are a perfect recipe for a successful look on your wedding day and you can keep the top part slightly layered to obtain a cool appearance.

17. Messy Pixie With Thin Headband Wedding Hairstyle

Overgrown pixies are the best way to enjoy a bit of weight on your big day without having to worry about what updo you should choose. Opt instead for a flexible, delicate, pearl-embedded headband placed on your head.

18. Short Pixie With Grand Sequin Headband

Go full-on glam with this impressive sequin headband placed over your pixie hair to make you look truly stunning while rocking short dark hair on your wedding day.

19. Shiny Curly Pixie With Floral Headband

With cool, coiled shiny curls, this shiny dark pixie makes for a great match with the beautifully decorated headband that highlights your perfect curls and matches the bright smile.

20. Short Spiky Blonde Pixie With Headband

These super short spiky blonde strands create a foam-like texture for this pixie haircut that has a light shade of blonde made even more shiny thanks to the beautiful delicate tiara that will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

21. Short Pink Pixie With Wedding Flower Crown

These cotton-pink-colored short strands make a cool contrast with the white of the wedding dress and are a great match with the rich red colors in your crown.

22. Short Natural Pixie With Floral Headpiece Wedding Hairstyle

This subtle mix of brown and chocolate highlights makes for the most contrasting pixie you could ever pair with a white floral headband that will also help sustain the veil at the back of your head so you can be admired freely!

23. Short Dark Pixie With Floral Headband Wedding Hairstyle

A unique, braided floral headband will create a stunning effect with your dark strands and you can use the straightening iron to make sure that you make the best out of your neatly trimmed pixie haircut!

24. Mohawk Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With Golden Accessories

For those who want an unconventional hairstyle for their wedding day, this mohawk with short undone curls can be a great alternative to a classic updo and the added golden hair sliders will bring that special bling we all crave on our wedding day!

25. Light Blonde Pixie With Messy Styling

If you opt for rich embroidery and earrings with an intricate pattern you can keep the hair simple and natural with minimal styling. Only add a bit of texturizing spray to keep the volume of the strands higher.

II. Bob Shaped Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

26. Bob Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With a Massive Pearl Headband

This is a super modern and precious look you can get with a simple bob that you will spray and tease to obtain a messy hairstyle that will make the blonde shades pop even more.

27. Curly Bob With Headband Wedding Hairstyle

To achieve this look you will need a curling wand to create beautiful, tiny waves and hairspray that will keep them intact throughout the whole event while the shiny pearl embellished headband will express your love for nature’s colors!

28. Short Undone Blonde Bob With Jeweled Tiara

With a fantastic crown such as this jeweled tiara that draws inspiration from Ukrainian traditions, you are sure to make a lasting impression on your big wedding day! Keep the hair straight and slicked back for an effortless style!

29. Burgundy Colored Bob Wedding Hairstyle With Pearls Headband

These unique flowers decorated with small pearls bring that touch of soft elegance to this sublime burgundy red-colored bob cut that has slightly wavy strands at the back to offer your look a truly feminine appearance.

30. Wedding Hairstyle With Short Chopped Bob And Flower Crown

Go bold on your wedding day with this exotic flower bouquet that helps express your special feelings without having to arrange your short locks. Just give them a good wash the day before and you are ready to say “Yes”.

31. Ear Length Wedding Hairstyle For Short Bob

For those who want a minimalistic approach to their wedding look, this sleek, shiny, straight bob will accentuate the contrast with your porcelain white skin and strong makeup and make you look very elegant!

32. Curly Bob With Soft Balayage With Headband

To obtain that beautiful sparkling hair color for your wedding hairstyle you can add subtle blonde low lights and a short playful fringe that will brush your eyebrows while the small, detailed tiara will add even more shine!

33. Short Chopped Bob With Pearl Headband

These straight dark brunette strands with blunt-cut tips create a balanced look with the unique hair accessory that will give you a royal appearance thanks to the beautiful small crystals that decorate the crown area of your head.

34. Cute Bob With Massive Pearl Headband

This ’60s-inspired hairstyle with curvy tips and dark roots is festive looking thanks to the unique headband. Those big pearls bring a special glamorous note to your wedding updo!

35. Short Bob With Dried Flowers Crown Wedding Hairstyle

If you prefer nature-inspired themes, this mix of dried immortelle flowers will be the best way to mark your style with a delicate crown especially braided for you on the big day.

36. Soft Wavy Bob With Floral Headpiece

These soft, undone waves have the perfect length to make you look really modern and you can add a romantic note by applying a hair vine with delicate pearl flowers at the back that will increase enhance your crown volume.

37. Blunt Cut Bob Wedding Hairstyle For Short Blonde Hair

If you feel confident enough to rock a casual look on your big day, then this messy, voluminous bob will give you that perfect dimensional look and frame your face at the same time, highlighting your gown and makeup!

38. Light Blonde Wavy Bob With Flower Crown

This look oozes femininity and grace! These soft undone waves with a thin fringe that frames the face, look really dreamy in combination with the floral crown!

39. Short Wavy Bob With Side Part and Head Accessory

Sometimes simple is best! If you are brave enough to rock medium short locks on your big day, these soft curls with a sleek top and cool side part will glow even more thanks to the side flower hair slider.

40. Side-swept Messy Bob Hairstyle For Wedding

This relaxed wedding hairstyles for short hair who want a non-traditional wedding is super easy to get: get a deep side part for your short, ear-length bob and you will be ready to conquer the guests!

41. Medium Short Bob With Pearl Band Wedding Hairstyle

Never underestimate the power of an elegant, pearl-embellished hair accessory to turn your wedding looks from casual to super stylish royal hairstyle!

42. Boho Chic Bob Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

This short shag bob haircut with soft bangs will create the perfect contrast between the super feminine gown and your short blonde locks! As usual, less is more when it comes to hair too!

43. Soft Half Up Half Down Updo For Blonde Bob

Natural-looking hair is back in trend when it comes to modern brides! This short-cropped bob with asymmetric baby bangs does wonders in highlighting your jewelry and dark eyebrows!

44. Platinum Blonde Bob With Flower Crown

A great combination of colors starts with a fabulous flower crown that will create a beautiful contrast with the radian blonde short strands. Get a couple of short curls to level the whole dimension, while keeping the bangs super straight and swept on the side.

45. Ear-length Straight Bob Wedding Hairstyle

A short haircut will do great in terms of highlighting your delicate facial features and the big statement earrings that are part of any woman’s wedding look!

46. Chopped Bob Wedding Hairstyle For Blonde Short Hair

This gorgeous look with light golden hues and short blonde chopped strands looks truly impressive with a carefully crafted princess tiara that can contain all your favorite symbols!

47. Short Bob Classic Bridal Wedding Hairstyle

If you are a winter bride this simple hairdo will make you look elegant and feminine. After getting a couple of curls, pass your fingers through them and choose a beautiful white headband to fixate them and decorate your mane according to the occasion.

48. Wavy Undone Blonde Bob With Jeweled Headband

Wedding hairstyles for short hair usually mean one thing and that is big, flamboyant hair accessories to make up for the lack of length and dimension. This wide, jewel-embellished headband beautifully complements the silky blonde locks in your crown!

49. Straight Natural Bob With Tiara Wedding Hairstyle

Small delicate leaves encrusted with micro-crystal will bring so much sparkle and glitz to a straight natural bob that you are sure to look like a queen on the day of the big “I do”.

50. Sleek Bob With Whimsical Star Headband

If you are a bohemian dreamy girl, you can show that side of your personality by adding a thin, silvery headband over your short sleek updo and become the star of the wedding!

51. Short Curly Bob With Pink Jewel Headband Wedding Hairstyle

Never underestimate the power of pink. This short curly bob with a sparkling headband creates the most adorable feminine bridal updo we could ever think of in combination with the brown, thin curls!

52. Ice Blonde Wavy Bob With Flower Crown

These dimensional waves are the perfect shape and width to complete your outfit that has the same impeccable shade of white! Those glossy pink strands are reflected in the crown as well.

53. Roaring 20’s Vintage Bob With Thin Headpiece

This haircut makes the hair really stand out on its own and adding a very thin hair vine with delicate decorations will be enough to mark the bridal appearance.

54. Short Ice Blue Wedding Hairstyle With Floral Headband

If you love spring and flowers this icy pink floral headband with a crystal-embellished string will be the perfect way to show your passion and goes great with the icy blue shade of your strands.

55. Short Red Wedding Hairstyle With Flower Crown

There are few things we love more than the stunning contrast between the sleek, shiny short curls and the white, pale-colored flowers in a wedding crown! Opting for a couple of light orange low lights will make the look even more interesting!

56. Vintage Inspired Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With Sleek Bob And Headpiece

To feel even more precious on your wedding day you can simply opt for a delicate headband with a floral pattern that will become the focal point in your short straight bob.

57. Wedding Hairstyle For Short Straight Hair With Silk Flower Crown

The most powerful contrast we saw on a wedding hairdo is between dark straight locks and an impeccable white flower crown made to enhance your crown’s volume and of course, mark the occasion.

58. Short Wedding Hairstyle With Stunning HeadBand

This satiny warm blonde bob is made to look luxurious thanks to the sparkling emeralds and multicolored gems that make the whole wedding updo look magical!

59. Short Bridal Updo With Braid And Flower Crown

Keep it simple and feminine with a green leafy crown that you can place over your braided strands to create a romantic wedding hairdo for short medium wavy tresses.

III. Fascinating Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

60. Messy Half Updo With Succulent Flower Accessory

If you want more volume and dimension for your short thin hair, you can opt for a teased and sprayed half updo that you can decorate with small bundles of succulent plants for a truly original bridal look.

61. Short Undercut With Messy Top Wedding Hairstyle

These highly texturized top strands with short shaved sides will make you feel carefree and feminine on the most stressful day of your life so maybe you should give this undercut haircut a try!

62. Wedding Hairstyle For Short Curly Hair With Side Floral Headpiece

A gorgeous headpiece with unique details such as these whimsical puffy flowers and feathers will go great with a short curly mane. Make sure to leave a thin sideburn out to have a flirty side too.

63. Platinum Blonde Pixie With Dark Roots

Less is more when it comes to elegant, timeless appearances. This bright blonde pixie with small curls and dark roots will ensure an illuminating appearance on the day of your wedding ceremony!

64. Curly Pixie With Studded Headband

Look at the perfect circular shape these dark curls have! No wonder they look gorgeous with this beautiful, shiny white headband that accentuates the top volume.

65. Mini Bun With Golden Leaf Hair Vine And Pearls

You can rock a classic timeless updo such as this mini bun on your wedding day, despite your short hair! Choose a hair vine in a matching tone to the color of your hair to get a royal look.

66. Short Buzz Cut With Golden Hair Piece

Wow! This clean, simple buzz cut has two distinct elements that make it the most beautiful effortless look we could ever think of: these soft, wooly curls in black and red are completed with a small natural-looking hair comb!

67. Short Curly Wedding Hairstyle With Whimsical Head Stars

If you have the most angelic facial features and you want the same for the hair, these little perfectly waved curls will make the balayage pop, and adding a delicate golden string with stars-shaped crystal will give you a fairy-tale look!

68. Wedding Hairstyle For Blonde Buzz Cut

Bleached blonde curls have that effortless charm that goes great in combination with an impeccable white dress and massive statement earrings!

69. Simple Short Wedding Hairstyle With Stunning Headpiece

Wet looks are another timeless choice in terms of wedding hairstyles for short hair you can go for adding a transparent ornament will increase the light so you can glow!

70. Elegant Wedding Hairstyle For Short Blonde Hair With Single Crystal Strand

Non-traditional brides can opt for a short cropped cut that they will adorn with a single crystal-encrusted strand passed twice around the head to highlight the cute blonde strands!

71. Wedding Hairstyle For Textured Curly Pixie

Look as lovely as ever with a natural hairstyle for short hair that keeps a bit of weight at the top while the sides are chopped to reveal the curls and thin sideburns which make the perfect face-framing look.

72. Cropped Cut Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

This overgrown short-cropped haircut with messy strands and layered fringe will make your natural beauty and stunning earrings pop out while keeping the small proportions.

73. Short Dark Twa With Massive Studded Jewel Crown

This impressive studded jewel will make you sing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and allow you to dance your feet off while feeling like a queen throughout the night of your wedding party! Keep the hair in check by properly moisturizing it and use a hair pick to arrange the curls!

74. Short Twisted Pony Wedding Hairstyle With Pearl Encrusted Head Jewelry

Keep it short and simple with this mini-ponytail that will bring a curvy shape to your short locks and adding a shiny luxurious hair clip will highlight the golden reflections in your hair.

75. Wedding Hairstyle For Short Undercut Hair

A two-colored look will have everyone admire your short tresses while also bringing a bit of color to an all-white outfit! Adding a couple of translucent hairpins will complete the bridal look.

76. Sassy Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With Head Sliders

These gorgeous hair colors will surely catch everyone’s attention and you can opt for two pearlescent hair sliders or any other type of hairpiece to adorn yourself on the day of your marriage!

77. Retro Wedding Hairstyle For Short Curly Hair With Gatsby Inspiration

Glitter sparkling on your hair is brought to the next level with this retro-inspired headpiece that will blend seamlessly with your soft curls on the side.

78. Subtle Twisted Updo With Flower Headband Wedding Hairstyle

When you want a romantic updo although you have short hair, this soft back-twisted with a minimalistic flower headband will make your wedding hairstyle look flawless!

79. Short Afro With White Headpiece Wedding Hairstyle

This short Afro with a massive volume deserves a hair comb to match! All eyes will be drawn to your face thanks to the perfect contrast and big dimension!

80. Grown Pixie With Stunning Headpiece

Bring all the texture you can think of with this interesting mix of fabrics, dark strands, and light white feathers that will complete your bridal appearance.

81. Simple Short Kinky Curly Haircut With Pearl Hair Sliders

The rough texture of short kinky curls makes a cool combination with the delicate hair sliders decorated with big pearls that can look really stylish if you know how to mix them.

82. Short Afro With Daisy Hairpins

Sometimes all it takes to obtain a wedding hairstyle for short hair is to add sparkling hair accessories that will take your short afro from casual to elegant an instance.

83. Short Red Hairstyle With Plaited Crown For Short Hair With Headband

Whether you are a natural redhead or you dyed your hair that way, you can obtain a bigger, more texturized look for your hair by adding a faux braid in the same shade and complete with a delicate tiara, while wearing the natural hair with a middle part.

84. Brunette Brown Balayage With Sparkling Headband

If you want to dance your feet off on the night of your wedding, go for a jeweled headband that will prevent your curls from getting into your face while also allowing them to shine and bring a beautiful contrast!

85. Wedding Hairstyle For Short Blonde Hair With Flower

Flowers always brighten and beautify one’s hairstyle! This miniature bouquet is the cutest hair accessory you could wear to match a carefree, negligent wedding hairstyle for short hair! Simply cool!

86. Short Wedding Hairstyle With Pearl Hair Comb

In order to achieve this look, you will need to carefully tease the top strands and comb them at the base of your nape in a small bun that will make you the cutest bride! Add a pearl hair comb to decorate it accordingly!

87. Dark Red Pixie Wedding Hairstyle With Golden Rose Headband

A golden rose hair vine will be the perfect addition to a dark brown pixie with subtle red hues. Use a bit of salt-based hair spray to make sure the top part has enough volume and shape.

88. Smooth Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With Gold Flakes

A short, heavily trimmed pixie with cool blonde hair color can turn instantly into a unique wedding hairstyles for short hair by adding a bit of sparkle. Use gold flakes to decorate one side of the head and leave the rest natural!

89. Wedding Hairstyle For Short Red Hair With Curls And Headpiece

Overgrown pixies are easy to transform into feminine updos if you curl the top strands while keeping the side strands straight to cover your forehead. Add a preferred floral accessory in a contrasting color to get into the festive look.

90. Short Textured Pixie Hairstyle With Crystal Headband Wedding Hairstyle

This transparent headband has a great geometrically shaped floral decoration that will complete perfectly your short pixie you can simply ruffle and add hairspray to hold that same volume throughout the day.

91. Curly Afro Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With White Hair Pins

Turn your hair into the perfect wedding accessory by keeping it as wild and voluminous as possible and adding just a couple of white rose-shaped hairpins that will make your bridal look complete!

92. Short Dark TWA With Pearl Hairband for Short Hair

If you want to surprise your guests, choose this V-shaped hairband with pearls and crystals that will make you bling and glitz and mesmerize everyone!

93. Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair With Ivy Leaves Hair Piece

Show your love for mother nature by choosing a statement hair accessory to wear as a crown over these short, overgrown blonde strands.

94. Short Wedding Hairstyle With White Headband And Veil

Take advantage of your short hair in order to sport a simple wedding hairstyles for short hair that only has the iconic elements of every bride’s attire: a semi-transparent white veil and a cool lace headband to match!

95. Short Wavy Wedding Hairstyle For Blonde Hair

These soft, undone, face-framing waves will give your appearance a romantic note if you opt to leave them free-falling around the face and keep the rest of the hair carefully straightened at the back.

96. Short Afro Wedding Hairstyle With Wavy Pattern

This hairstyle oozes style and pride and you can complete it with big statement earrings in a bright color to get that must-have white accent.

97. Dark Afro Wedding Hairstyle With Disco Influences

If you will go for a non-traditional bride gown, the hair has to match the style, and this simple, short Afro does that perfectly! Simply arrange it and add a classic pair of silver hoops to complete the look!

98. Messy Wedding Hairstyles For Brunette Short Hair With Boho Flower Crown

These perfectly matched tones of yellow, white, and brown in your crown match the colors of your mane in a beautiful way and make for the perfect accessory for a wedding during the fall season!

99. Curly Blonde Hair Updo With Hair Comb

One of the most popular hairstyles for brides is the classic half updo with perfectly curled strands that you can decorate with a white, sparkling hair comb.

100. Short Pixie With Roses Flower Crown Wedding Hairstyle

For those who crave that urban chic bride vibe, this short simple pixie haircut mixed with an oversized roses flower crown makes for a super stylish appearance!

101. Short Afro Wedding Hairstyle With Flowers

This buoyant short afro with a deep side part has the cutest, most original hair decorations one could possibly think of! Small white flowers that can look as precious as actual jewels! This is how you take your hair’s texture to a whole new level of awesomeness!


When you are researching and brainstorming on wedding hairstyles for short hair, having these suggested options can be of great help for your planning! No matter if your hair is straight, curly, fine, or coarse, you will most certainly find a way to make it shine on your special wedding day!