101 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair in 2024

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When it comes to the big day, right after choosing one’s dress, shoes, and makeup, every bride-to-be has to think about another aspect of her appearance, equally important as the rest of the elements and that is her hair! In this article, you’ll discover 101 wedding hairstyles for medium hair that are suited for those with thin, curly, blonde, red, or dark hair!

I. Bun Shaped Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

1. Sleek Knot Bun With Floral Hair Accessory For Medium Hair

Knots buns are a classic hairdo for brides and you can achieve one yourself provided that you straighten the hair, use heat protection and start coiling the hair at the base of the nape. Next step, secure it with a floral hair accessory such as a white floral vine that will give a romantic touch to the whole hairstyle!

2. Low Swirly Bun Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Star Pins

Although it has a loose structure, this low-swirly bun needs plenty of fixating hair spray and a couple of bobbins underneath the bun to help it stay in shape, while using a couple of precious star decorations above. This wedding medium-length hairstyle suits perfectly a more relaxed bride with medium hair.

3. Blonde Sleek Twisted Bun With Bronze Pearl Pins Wedding Hairstyle

A knotted bun is one of the quickest styles to create. It can be smooth and round as the style below and have a coiled shape if your strands are longer. For a precious touch and in order to keep them together in one place, you can add golden bronze pearl pins that will enhance the effect.

4. Textured Low Bun Hairstyle With Face Framing Pieces And Star-Shaped Hairclips

This hairstyle suits perfectly those romantic relaxed modern brides that have medium hair since the small, undone coil at the side of the head can be easily obtained and you can add big shiny hair accessories to make the whole look sparkle!

5. Smooth Low Braided Bun With Falling Strands

Another simple, yet beautiful bun, is created here by tightly securing the hair around the head and securing it with a couple of faux-braids while leaving two thin front strands free falling to frame the face. Wedding hairstyles for medium hair never looked this stunning!

6. Simple Ballerina Bun With Falling Strands

This supernatural, innocent look couldn’t have gone missing from our list of wedding hairstyles for medium hair! It has that artistic negligent mess that will give an effortlessly feminine look on your big day without weighing too much on your head.

7. Elegant Low Twisted Bun With Floral Pieces And Falling Strands

With or without the massive jewelry, this elegant twisted bun would be equally beautiful thanks to the AMAZING texture created by simply using a comb to gather all the hair at the back while leaving two front strands to fall around the face in a beautiful manner. For more classy looks check our
Bridal Hairstyles!

8. Two-colored Sleek Bun With Colorful Precious Hair Pins

The best way to personalize your sleek low bun is to add a couple of colorful hairpins that can symbolize your favorite gemstones or colors. Also, you can really highlight that beautiful texture by adding a couple of blonde highlights towards the end.

9. Platinum Blonde Low Bun With Diamond Head Piece

To recreate this look start by teasing the top hair and then carefully bring all the strands to the center of your nape where you can secure them with classic bobbins hidden underneath the bun. Add a diamond vine to bring that extra shine to your hairstyle!

10. Twisted Undone Low Bun With Silver Floral Vine

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and this twisted negligent bun which looks more like a knot is beautifully complemented by the long flowery vine that highlights all the twists and turns in your bridal medium updo! Lovely!

11. Sleek Blonde Knot Bun With Pearls Hairstyle

Suited for more elegant brides, this blonde knot has a satin-like polish created with a shiny hair spray and multiple, round pearls that bring the focus to the back of the head.

12. High Negligent Bun With Falling Strands And Pearl Hair Pin

No better way to personalize this highly negligent messy bun than by adding three small hairpins with pearls and crystals that will make a cool contrast with your hair.

13. Messy Low Bun With Falling Strands Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Pearl Headband

Relaxed brides can choose this simple and feminine look created by bringing all the hair at the back in a small bun and pulling 4 front strands out to create a fluid hairstyle. Adding a thin pearl headband will make the look more festive together with the pair of silver statement earrings.

14. Twisted Low Bun With Floral Head Piece

“Come on let’s twist again..” we’re not talking about the dance, but about this perfectly shaped bun that is accessorized with a massive floral vine that brings this wedding hairstyle a feminine, delicate touch. Adorable!

15. Sleek Knotted Low Bun With Pearl Pins

A knotted bun is one of the quickest styles to create. It can be smooth and round as the style above. If you’ll like to achieve this look at home simply straighten your hair first using a heat protector such as argan oil or grapeseed oil, especially if you have bleached blonde hair. It will make your hair shiny and prevent unnecessary heat damage. Complete the look with shiny hair spray, and add several pearl pins for a classic touch!

16. High Knot Bun Wedding Hairstyle With Massive Golden Hair Clips

Again, another quick-to-style and very resistant wedding hairstyle, this high knot has two major advantages. First of all, it will naturally lift all your facial features, making you look younger and second of all it will highlight your amazing golden hair clips and statement earrings so what’s not to love about it? Plus, you can dance your feet off at the wedding party!

17. Textured Undone Low Blonde Bun With Rose Pins Wedding Hairstyles

This highly textured, negligent bun with natural roses used as hairpins and decorations will instantly make your future husband fall in love with you the second time and bring that sweet, romantic touch to your looks!

18. Dark Wavy Textured Wedding Updo With Falling Strands And Side Bun

The trick to obtaining this amazing texture and shape for your wedding bun is to add a couple of lighter strands in your bun to make all the patterns visible and you can also pull three front strands out of the hairdo for a relaxed result.

19. Greek Style Knotted Bun For Medium Hair

This knotted bun has a more neat, severe aspect that you can finish off by adding a sparkling silver-colored headpiece. It won’t just help fixate the updo but also bring that extra shine we all crave for our locks!

20. Messy Textured Low Bun With Pearl Hair Pin For Blonde Medium Hair

Another great way of styling wedding hairstyles for medium hair is to first curl the hair strands and then bring them together at the back of the head in a negligent mess, like a typical boho-inspired hairstyle. The more loose tendrils you have, the more charming your final look will be!

21. Elegant Twisted Blonde Low Bun With HairPins With Pearls

In order to obtain this superfluid, sumptuous low bun, you will need to carefully gather all your strands in a perfect coil at the base of the nape while applying light tension so that your hair doesn’t lose its volume.

22. Sequin Headband For Low Bun Hairstyle

The perfect contrast doesn’t ex…! No, it does actually and you can get it without much effort from your hairdresser by adding a stunning headband with infinite sequins that will do a great match with those applied on your wedding gown! Simply gorgeous!

23. Sleek Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Elegance will never go out of style and this simple, classy low bun for medium-dark hair is the best hairstyle option for when you want your wedding gown to catch all the compliments! As with all accessorizing options, when it comes to hair sometimes less is more!

24. Elegant High Bun With Free Falling Pieces Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

This amazing hair shade is beautifully enhanced with an elegant high bun with a cool textured coil that you will fixate using several bobby pins while leaving a couple of front strands free falling to obtain a cool aspect.

25. Simple Elegant Low Bun With Flower Piece

Whether you bring it to a full bun or simply leave it slightly curved at the nape to create a smooth, neat shape for your medium hair, this wedding hairstyle oozes elegance and simplicity and can be adorned with a colorful hairpiece to get that precious feeling.

II. Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Negligent Updos

26. Half Updo Wedding Hairstyles With Pearl Vine

The best way to make the most out of your medium locks is to opt for these thick blonde highlights that will create an amazing visual effect once you curl and bring them to a half updo, leaving the back strands to caress your shoulders and back.

27. Wedding Updo With Graceful Golden Rose Hair Vine

Another feminine wedding updo that has strategically parted, braided and tied strands brought all at the back to reveal all the amazing red hues in your medium-long thick hair. Adding a simple, gorgeous golden rose hair vine will bring a royal touch to your look for the big day!

28. Negligent Wedding Updo With Free Falling Strands

This dreamy look has the perfect balance between negligent soft tendrils that frame your face and reveal the amazing blonde waves and a tightly secured updo at the nape that reveals your shoulders and neck so that you’ll conquer everyone with your charm on the big day.

29. Messy Half Updo With Precious Tiara Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Almost any girl or woman dreamed of being a princess for one day and with this royal tiara studded with dozens of crystals your messy half updo will instantly turn you into one for your wedding day!

30. Loose Updo Wedding Hairstyle With Fishtail And Massive Hair Jewelry

If you dream of a no-fuss wedding updo, suited for a small garden wedding, opting for this knotted hairdo will prevent you from sweating from all that summer heat and still have a precious feeling thanks to the massive star-shaped jewelry.

31. Wedding Updo With Twisted Strands And White Floral Pieces

Marriage ceremonies usually are filled with flowers and white decorations and the same principle applies to this wedding updo with wispy tendrils strategically intertwined to create a rich textured pattern that you can decorate with simple delicate white flowers.

32. Twisted Negligent Updo With Hair Jewelry For Medium Hair

If you have thick straight hair, this twisted negligent updo with cool twisted strands tucked together at the base of the nape and fixated with hair jewelry is a classic look you need to try!

33. Soft Updo With Low Ponytail And Flower Pin

Look like a character from the Pre-Raphaelites paintings with this soft negligent updo that has a single ponytail secured with a separate strand of hair and a pearl-embellished flower pin added on one side to bring a touch of refinement to your updo.

34. Glossy Wedding Updo With Head Piece

Fluid gold couldn’t shine brighter than this glossy wedding updo that reveals all that natural smooth silky texture of your hair and creates a cool mix with a slightly darker rose gold hair you will use to fixate the strands at the back. Adding an argan oil or grapeseed-based oil will help you gain an extra shine!

35. Textured Messy Updo With Crystal Head Piece

Boho-style wedding hairdos are all the hype in the latest years when it comes to hair trends! This rich-colored, gorgeous mess with a crystal-adorned headpiece is a must-try if you have medium-long hair that can’t be styled into more intricate hairdos!

36. Simple Half Updo With Flower Vine For Blonde Medium Hair

Yet another lovely half up half down hairstyle with a strong romantic feeling brought by the small twisted side braids that look so natural and sweet in combination with the precious flower vine! Cute!

37. Textured Wedding Updo With Natural Flowers

This gorgeous shade of red hair is beautifully accentuated with a simple delicate white wedding flower that you can mix in between the textured updo at the back for a feminine classic look.

38. Wedding Soft Updo Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Sometimes all it takes to go from a pretty hairstyle to a stylish wedding hairstyle is to add a hair accessory that will turn your medium-length bob into a striking updo that will complement your face and wedding gown!

39. Blonde Messy Half Updo With Flower Pin For Medium Hair

Nothing will make you look more feminine and natural than this highly texturized hairstyle fixated with a cool flower-shaped hairpin that makes your locks stay in place.

40. Romantic Updo For Naturally Curly Hair With Lace Head Piece

Adding a massive headpiece with a soft texture will match your curls’ natural softness perfectly and make you look ravishing on your big day.

41. Twisted Updo With Golden Vine And White Flowers Wedding Hairstyle

Top off your massive twisted updo with this precious golden vine with cherry flowers that will complement your porcelain skin.

42. Cinnamon Red Wedding Updo With Sparkling Headband

These rich, dark red tendrils are tied in a boho-inspired updo that allows the freedom of a textured messier style to fully explode and be accentuated with a wide bar clip decorated with golden rose semiprecious stones.

43. Fabulous Sleek Updo With Golden Head Piece

Everyone looking at your hair will be in sheer awe after admiring the smooth, silky texture you get with this sleek updo with a golden headpiece that increases the shiny reflections of blonde hair. Just wow!

44. Twisted Wedding Updo With Star Hair Pin

To achieve this neat, yet textured wedding updo you will need to section and slightly twist every strand of hair and bring them together in a tightly secured low bun with the help of a three-stars shaped hair bar. You can leave a couple of front strands out to add a relaxed note.

45. Chocolate Brown Messy Updo With Flower Vine

When it comes to wedding hairstyles for medium hair, messy updos are a soon-to-be classic for a reason! They can look amazing with just one simple pearlescent floral accessory added on the side and your white gown as the main element!

46. Bridal Updo With Falling Strands And Delicate Headband

This straight, tight updo with a simple structure is instantly turned into a modern princess look by adding a delicate headband with a floral pattern that makes it so effortlessly elegant.

47. Red Soft Updo Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Velvet Ribbon

This amazing messy updo is incredibly defined and polished and that small burgundy-colored velvety ribbon is the sweetest, most romantic detail you could opt for!

III. Modern Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

48. Messy Bob Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Precious Tiara

If you crave that innocent, girlish attitude, it is best to adopt this medium messy bob with negligent waves that will bring volume and plenty of texture. Choose to add a thin precious tiara as an accessory to obtain that special, princess-like demeanor!

49. Chic Bob Wedding Hairstyle With Side Piece

Nothing says classy as much as this straight, neat, blunt bob medium haircut with a long side fringe that covers your forehead and the other side exposed by adding a shiny, precious hair clip that will beautify your whole hairstyle!

50. Wedding Hairstyle With Voluminous Waves And Hair Clip

This modern wedding look oozes glamour and elegance and adding a small golden broach will bring the focus to your flawless look on the “day-of ‘dos”!

51. Textured Half Up With Flower Accessory

Bring the romance back with this mini floral arrangement you can wear on your half up half down wedding hairstyle to enhance your hair’s natural volume and look as feminine as one could possibly wish for!

52. Wavy Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With White Tiara

Big, elegant jewelry can be matched with a curly, wavy hairstyle for medium hair that you will adorn with a beautiful white tiara on your head.

53. Glow Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Princess Tiara

If you have thin hair, then you’ll want to try some minimalistic hair accessories that won’t over eclipse your straight locks and will do a cool match with the dress.

54. Silky Smooth Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Blonde Hair With Multiple Pearl Pins

If your hair can’t hold curls, this straight hairstyle with a flat twist of two side strands will come out extraordinarily looking if you opt to create a beautiful shiny pattern by adding multiple pearl pins on one side. Innovative and refined!

55. Side Braid Wedding Hairstyle With Rose Golden Shiny Vine

A timeless look, this side braid/crown braid hairstyle with thin falling strands creates a truly feminine look for the hopeless romantic in you.

56. Wedding Hairstyle With Sleek Curly Ponytail And Pearl Headband

Yet another sleek, lovely wedding hairstyle with a curly ponytail updo and beautiful thin pearl headband that will emphasize your blonde hair’s natural shine and make a cool match with your tear-drop-shaped pearl earrings! So mesmerizing!

57. Wavy Wedding Hairstyle With Head Crown

Every woman deserves to feel like a queen on her wedding day and we think the easiest way to achieve that look is to opt for a couple of waves and add a shiny golden crown and your biggest smile!

58. Wavy Bob Wedding Hairstyle With Head Piece

An equally stunning wedding hairstyle for women with medium hair is this negligent curly bob with a flexible head crown/ headband that makes the whole ensemble look super special.

59. Golden Wavy Medium Hairstyle With Pearl Accessories

This incredible shade of blonde hair will suffice on your big day to give you a feminine yet edgy look thanks to the well-defined curls that have straight tips. You can use as many pearl-embellished hairpins to keep them from getting into your face.

60. Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Wavy Hair With Flower Pin And Soft Waves

This fascinating hair color with blonde tips and perfectly wavy curls will suffice for your fabulous wedding day to look feminine especially if you add a flower with butterfly-shaped petals on the side.

61. Sleek Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Diamond Hair Pins

Elegance sometimes means simplicity and this minimalistic approach to your wedding day can reflect in your hair as well!

62. Undone Textured Wedding Hairstyle With Straight Bangs

A consistent combination of straight bangs and wavy textures will make the thinnest of hair look full and voluminous and adding a shiny pearlescent headband will bring that glamorous feeling you crave.

63. Modern Wedding Hairstyle With Thin Golden Rose Vine

Creating this wavy sleek texture for your hair while adding a super-thin delicate golden rose vine above the hairline to accentuate it will help you direct the focus towards your face.

64. Winter Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

If your wedding is scheduled in winter, there is no better way to celebrate that special time of the year than with a dedicated floral arrangement that can be either fake or natural.

65. Messy Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Flower Accessory

If you know you want a big statement flower accessory for your big day, it’s a good thought that you have several hair trials so that you will be sure that the hair is thick enough to hold the weight of the metallic accessory throughout the wedding day.

66. Simple Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Floral Design Head Band

You deserve to feel like royalty at your big wedding ceremony thanks to this gorgeous floral tiara with small green beads that will add a colorful note to the whole ensemble.

67. Boho Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Golden Head Piece

These amber-like beads studded onto the headband will make your hairstyle look very refined and give a cool shiny aspect to your hair. It is special looking thanks to the soft side wavy strands that you can curl before getting this chic hairdo!

68. Messy Blonde Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Silver Piece

Keep it simple with a classic wavy hairstyle with negligent strands and a silver-colored hairpiece that will bring a cool sparkle to your hair and that treasured shine that will make your look memorable for all participants at the party.

69. Straight Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Flower

This simple wedding updo for medium hair is proof that any haircut can be transposed into a whimsical wedding hairstyle with a stunning headpiece as a central element.

70. Light French Braid Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Somewhere between a French braid and a twisted bun, this super smooth, sleek updo with falling strands is beautifully decorated with a thin long floral vine that adds a romantic touch to your look.

71. Textured Low Ponytail With Flower Pin For Medium Hair

This fantastic hairstyle is especially suited for those brides who want to dance their feet off at their wedding party and still look fabulous. Use a high-fixating hair spray to get your ponytail‘s texture to hold throughout the whole event.

72. Swirling Low Ponytail With Crown Braid And Wedding Flowers Hairstyle

Medium-length hairstyles for weddings are super versatile and can look amazing if you add natural thin delicate wedding flowers that will increase the perceived contrast between your dark strands and the white decorations.

73. Messy Red Ponytail With Emerald Green Pin For Medium Hair

No better way to flaunt your red locks than by opting for a single ponytail that you will fixate using a separate hair strand and adorn with a shiny small emerald green hairpin. Simply stunning!

74. Sleek Pull-Through Ponytail For Medium Hair

If you dream of an exquisite look for your hair, trying this graceful, elegant pull-through ponytail is a great idea for your day look as well as for party time!

75. Ashy Blonde Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Flowers Crown

Go big or go home! This exact principle applies precisely in this wedding look where you have a medium-long wavy haircut with an ash-blonde hair base matched with a full crown of white fresh roses and green leaves for a fairy-like appearance. Sweet!

76. Sleek Low Chignon With Jeweled Metal Head Piece

For a contrasting texture, you can style your hair into a chignon with a soft, silky texture and add a wide hair comb to ensure that extra sparkle. It’s the perfect hairstyle for a dancing queen!

77. Balayage Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Clay Flowers Headband

A good alternative to a natural hair accessory is this cool headband with delicate white flowers and lace strings that will both hold your hair and help you arrange it in a beautiful flowing cascade of golden curls!

78. Messy Negligent Wedding Hairstyle With Floral Hair Pin

The best way to increase your hairdo’s volume is to opt for this rich textured messy bun with negligent falling strands and apply a pure white full orchid flower that will give an elegant aspect.

79. Afro Wedding Hairstyles With Three Side Braids And Natural Flowers

This full, voluminous look with a small sleek section and natural fresh orchid flowers makes for a splendid curly hairstyle for your wedding day!

80. Wedding Hairstyle With Hollywood Glam Waves For Medium Long Hair

If you have naturally shiny hair this perfectly wavy hairstyle with well-separated strands and a chic side part will make you look like a Hollywood Goddess and definitely the star of the wedding party!

81. Boho Crown Braid Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Another timeless classic, this look can be achieved by adding hair extensions such as a faux crown braid that will perfectly frame your beautiful face!

82. Bob Wedding Hairstyle With Mini Flowered Veil

Simple, girlish, and innocent-looking would be the three words that best describe this wedding updo that is rather easy to pull if your hair is medium long and you want a natural look.

83. Elegant Low Chignon With Face Framing Pieces Hairstyle

Oh, the classiest, most elegant hairstyle we could ever think of is surprisingly easy to achieve and looks equally fabulous over 100 years from now!

84. Wavy Wedding Hairstyles For Red Medium Hair With Flower Pin

If you have medium-long hair with a thick texture, opting for these relaxed, negligent curls and wearing them with a side part and a simple floral headpiece is a very trendy choice!

85. Soft Waves For Blonde Wedding Hairstyles With Jewelry HeadPiece

This trendy look has an already amazing hair color that you can rock with a studded headband that will accentuate the princess feeling of your wedding appearance.

86. Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Star Pins

For an intimate, heartfelt wedding party, choosing this romantic medium updo hairstyle with a crown braid tightly secured around the neck and cute little star-shaped hair accessories will do an amazing job!

87. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Hair

Will you marry in the winter season? In that case, this impressive hairstyle has the perfect accessory you could think of all, ready to steal your heart!

88. Wedding Hairstyles For Kinky Curly Medium Hair With Pearl Headband

We know that sometimes curly kinky hair can be more than bothersome and you would rather wear it in a bun but the wedding day is a good opportunity to wear a high-contrasting look by adding a pearl headband.

89. Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Flower Band

Going full glam? Pull your hair back at the crown side with a precious hair comb. It looks super chic and elegant from the front, but you get to show off your rich, brown, luxurious curls in the back.

90. Blonde Wavy Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With White Blue Crown

Sometimes a unique piece of jewelry and taking good care of your blonde locks is all it takes for a chic, yet effortless look for your wedding day! This look is suited for those ladies who love to flaunt their natural beauty!

91. Wedding Hairstyle For Afro Faux Hawk With Colorful Flower

You can shine and smile as much as you want on your wedding day if you choose this half updo for your Afro hair by pulling all the side curls upwards and fixating them with a beautiful floral arrangement while leaving the top strands to cover the forehead and direct the attention towards your bright smile.

92. Wavy Bob With Flower Crown For Medium Hair

If you want a Roman-inspired hairdo for your summer wedding, this flower crown applied directly over your medium-long hair strands with rich blonde hair tips will help you obtain a beautiful, effortless, goddess-like appearance on your big day.

93. Hollywood Waves Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Veil

This sumptuous refined look has a cool Hollywoodian vibe that won’t go unnoticed and that is also really easy to convert to a chic side bun or a loose ponytail later at the wedding party when you’ll want to conquer the dance floor.

94. Wedding Hairstyles For Soft Waves With Flower Pin

If you’re all about natural, simple hairstyles, these messy waves, tucked behind one ear and fixated with a small daisy flower pin will be easy to get and create a very minimalistic, natural look, while exposing the other side.

95. Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Stunning Head Piece And Straight Bangs

From ordinary to amazing with one simple hair accessory! This delicate headband has the best contrast with your dark brunette strands and bangs. Also, it looks best if you arrange it just above your hairline so that it creates a cool contour with your hair.

96. Baroque Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Statement Queen Crown

Sometimes all it takes for a memorable appearance is a unique head accessory such as this statement baroque crown that turns a simple half up half down hairstyle into an amazing, royal updo that will leave your guests speechless!

97. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Flower Vine

This look is equally beautiful as any other intricate wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a complicated braiding or twisting pattern and it will always be trendy since it simply enhances your natural beauty.

98. Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Diamond Hair Pin

Curls, curls, and an amazing volume will turn any medium-length hair into a stunning hairstyle for your wedding day and will expose all the gorgeous texture and color in your locks.

99. Tight French Braid Top Bun With White Flowers

This classic wedding updo has two significant advantages and those are that it brings your beautiful features a natural facelift and they also help you achieve a cool volume and weight at the top of the head.

100. Loose Fishtail With Lace Headband And Falling Pieces For Medium Hair

Vintage accessories such as this lace headband are sure to bring your wedding hairstyle that unique accent that you were looking for to achieve a beautiful, fairy-like appearance, even if your hair doesn’t reach your heels!

101. Retro Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair With Veil

This natural look has very well-defined curls that will give your appearance some of that retro glam accents, especially if you opt for a voluminous veil and a classic wedding dress with rich embroidery and a tunic collar.


Classic, modern or unusual, these wedding hairstyles for medium hair will give you plenty of inspiration for how you want your hair to look for your memorable ceremony! The best way to make sure you look flawless on your big day is to try multiple styling options beforehand and take into consideration the rest of the elements as well before making a final decision.