50 Gorgeous Ponytail Updo Hairstyles in 2024

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One of the oldest and most versatile hairstyles is the ponytail updo. We think that hair is the second most important thing to decode after the dress, and if you are unsure what hairstyle to choose, any of the below hairstyles will save the day. There is no need to mention that a ponytail hairstyle is considered the most attractive hairstyle that makes you look highly elegant. 

Various A-listers like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande have made grand eye-catching appearances with ponytail updos that keep increasing the popularity of this hairstyle. 

So, why wait? Scroll down to see 50 gorgeous ponytail updo hairstyles right now. You can make many of them by yourself.

1. Prom Hair Ponytail Updo

Among the countless options, you want to choose a hairstyle that will impress everyone at prom. This prom hairstyle for long hair can be a simple, gorgeous, fluffy ponytail. Some curly hair strands framing your face will flatter your style. 

2. Wedding Hair Ponytail Updo

In each detail, from venue to menu, hair is also the big focus to make or break any bride’s look. This wedding hairstyle for long hair will surely lead to excellence. With a puffy top, a thick braid from the front of the head to the ponytail base, and curly hair in the ponytail and sides of the face will be super attractive. 

3. Sassy Ponytail Updo

This ponytail with platinum ombre on black hair will look high fashion. Curls and ponytail height will make it look sassy. 

4. Two Different Waves Ponytail

Hair twists on top of the head till the ponytail base with bangs looks amazing. The waves in the ponytail give a perfect vintage look. 

5. Short Hair Voluminous Updo

Who said only long hair girls could achieve ponytail updos? This hairstyle is for short hair. Golden highlights on black hair are perceived as a great trend. The golden money piece and high curly ponytail are excellent. 

6. Bubble Low Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle feels inspired by Zendaya’s 2019 Queen and Slim film premiere hairstyle. A puff at the top back of the head with long bangs creates a situation to frame the face elegantly. The bubble braided ponytail makes it appear trendy.

7. Elegant Ponytail with Bangs

A formal wavy ponytail with concealed base and the side-swept bangs look supremely impressive.

8. Voluminous Updo with Bangs

A puffy top and French braid leading to a ponytail look A1. A curly ponytail and side-swept bangs look cool. The blonde and black hair will look high fashion.

9. Braided Tiara Ponytail Updo

Dutch braid from top to the side of the head with the curled bangs and straight ponytail looks marvelous.

10. Natural Curls High Ponytail

Sleek straight hair on the head with wavy, curly hair in a ponytail looks high-fashion.

11. Cute Updo with Ribbon

Ribbon hair is not only for little girls. It’s a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle. You can achieve this hairstyle by making a french twist ponytail base and adding a ribbon clip to it. 

12. Red Hair Ponytail with Pearl

Pearls in fluffy, curly yet managed red auburn hair make you look like an elegant, confident queen. 

13. Blonde Twisted Ponytail Updo

Hair twists on one side of the head starting from the top till the ponytail base looks brilliant. The curly ponytail adds more beauty to this hairstyle.

14. Braided Ponytail Updo with Bangs

A wavy, curly ponytail on golden, brown-black hair looks fabulous. The braid on the side of the head makes it look tip-top. 

15. Medium Hair Bubble Ponytail

If anyone thinks that girls with medium-length hair can’t rock bubble ponytails, look at this hairstyle. Only three fluffy bubbles can make you look ravishing.  

16. Black Simple Ponytail

This simple, sleek hair with a thick ponytail looks extra stunning. The best thing is it can be achieved on any hair texture, even on afro hair. 

17. Messy Twisted Ponytail Updo

Golden and brown messy twisted ponytail made with twist ad curls look amazing. 

18. Short Messy Ponytail with Curly Bangs

Messy short ponytail on with the hair top creating high cranial top looks spectacular. The curly bangs and black and blonde hair color contrast will add more beauty to it. 

19. Natural Curls Twist Ponytail

Twists coming from the side of the head when pinned on ponytail base in a way that they stay flowy, this hairstyle is formed. The natural curls in it make the hairstyle more lovely. 

20. Light Plum Hair Braided Tiara Ponytail Updo

The light plump color of dark black hair looks so refreshing. A braided tiara with curly bangs will look trendy and elegant. 

21. Winter Formal Ponytail Updo

Blonde and black hair with a high cranial top and curly bangs is a must-try hairstyle this winter. 

22. Half Up Half Down Curls Ponytail Updo

Sleek hair with a half-up, half-down hairstyle looks clean and eye-catching. Brown hair with blonde highlights will look matchless. 

23. Brunette Hair Ponytail Updo with Decor

A fluffy ponytail braid decored with minimal flower clips looks so refreshing and modern. 

24. Ravishing Rippled Ponytail Updo Twist and Wrap

Rippled ponytail with twists on the side of the head and pinned on the nap with curly hair looks very amazing. The curls in this hairstyle make it stunning. 

25. Easy High Ponytail Updo with Sleek Curls

A high puffy ponytail with soft, sleek, and big curls looks ultra-modern and elegant. 

26. Hidden Beginning Barely Ponytail Updo Hair

This hairstyle has been famous because of the beautifulness one can get from it. It has a hidden beginning which is relatively simple to achieve. Just gather hair at the back, twist them upward, secure the base with a claw clip from the inner side, and leave the hair freely. Hair will fall on the claw clip and hide the ponytail base. 

27. Wrapped Around Ponytail Updo with Bangs

Ponytail strands wrap around its base, hide the rubber band, and the bangs framing the face will make it chic. 

28. Tousled Ponytail Updo with Flower

Tousled hair is always attractive. A puffy top with a tousled ponytail and any elegant decor clip will make it look sophisticated. 

29. Braided Hair Low Soft Ponytail Updo

Muted blonde beige on black hair looks lovely. The softness in a hairstyle when making a french braid and low ponytail looks aesthetic. 

30. Flicky Ponytail Updo with Bangs

Flicky ponytails are the ones when thick hair ends are prominent outwards. It looks extra fancy when made with straight curtain bangs

31. Cool Chignon Twist Ponytail Updo

Chignon ponytail is actually a criss-cross ponytail. Hair in various parts joined at the nape to create a beautiful ponytail updo. It looks supremely elegant and simple. 

32. Soft Low Wrap Ponytail Updo

Softness in hairstyle is an effortless way to highlight femininity in your personality. Try the low wrap ponytail with light waves in your hair

33. Loose Jumbo Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle gives the ultimate vibe of Elsa from Frozen. The fluffy jumbo braid ponytail will look gorgeous. 

34. The Classic Wedding Ponytail Updo

The classic wedding high fluffy ponytail with side-swept hair and the high cranial top are always irresistible.

35. Long Hoco Hair Ponytail

Dutch braid from hairline to ponytail base in a diagonal manner looks formal. The strands on the face and neck give a high-fashion look. 

36. Simple and Chic Ponytail Updo

Tousled french braid and wavy ponytail on platinum hair with a black base are hard to ignore. 

37. Fluffy Ponytail Updo

A simple fluffy wrapped ponytail with flicky edges looks classic, casual, and trendy. 

38. Long Curly Hair Wrap Ponytail Updo

This curly long wrap ponytail updo looks formal. The waves in a ponytail make it chic. 

39. Messy Long Hair Wrap Ponytail Updo

This ponytail style and hacks to do it are viral on TikTok. This supremely elegant wrap ponytail updo makes you look effortlessly gorgeous. 

40. Low Curled Perky Ponytail

White blonde hair is bold and chic. A low perky curl ponytail with a wrapped base looks enchanting. 

41. Hair Bump Updo Ponytail

A fluffy french braid on top of the head creates a bump that significantly impacts, making the face shape flattering. The wrapped base makes it even more gorgeous. 

42.  Color Contrast Tumbling Waves Ponytail Updo

Light blonde hair, when contrasted with a darker base, looks magnificent. When dark hair color shows through the tumbling ponytail updo waves, it makes the hairstyle trendy. 

43. Simple Blonde Wavy Hair Ponytail

This sleek and defined ponytail is best for sophisticated women. The black and blonde colors appear gorgeous together. 

44. Faux Fishtail Ponytail Updo

A faux fishtail braid with a tousled ponytail appears trendy, chic, and elegant too. 

45. Neon High Ponytail Updo

The neon trend is up on social media. The pink and orange color on the dark base makes the hair look like it is glowing, which looks super fashionable. 

46. Smooth and Voluminous Ponytail Updo

Smooth and voluminous ponytail with wavy hair in a ponytail and on the face sides looks stunning. This hairstyle is best for mature ladies too. 

47. Sleek Curl Twisted Ponytail

Inside out ponytail with a wrapped base and silky curly hair in the ponytail looks impressive on everyone. 

48. Chic Bridal Ponytail Updo with Decor

This bridal hairstyle is a fusion of chic and elegant fashion. A twisted ponytail with elegant decor looks stunning. 

49. Sleek & Edgy Undercut Ponytail Updo

If someone like an edgy and bold fashion look, this hairstyle is a must-try. With undercut style, a sleek straight ponytail with the red wrapping on its base looks high-fashion. 

50. Blonde Fishtail Updo

A twisted fishtail updo like this is a unique idea. The blonde and brown hair dimensions look amazingly alluring. 

Ponytail Updo Hairstyles FAQs

How Do You Get A Perfect Ponytail Without Bumps or Lumps?

Here’s the simple rule for that: never loosen the grip on the ponytail base when tying a rubber band. 

Is It Bad To Wear Ponytail Every Day?

No, it’s not. However, wearing an extremely tight ponytail can lead every day to put tension on hair follicles and can cause hair loss. So, we only brought gentle ponytail updo hairstyles to keep you shining. 

How Do You Make Ponytail Fluffy?

Make two ponytails at the back of the head, up and down. Add a small claw clip there, then tie them together in one ponytail. It will make the ponytail appear fluffy and thick.

How Do You Stop Ponytail From Hurting? 

Constant wear of a ponytail can cause hurting, which is normal and unharmful. Just untie your hair and massage the scalp where you feel hurt for a few minutes. After one hour of the untieing ponytail will relax any pain.


Above listed gorgeous ponytail updo hairstyle in 2024 are versatile to add your twists into it. These are best to highlight elegance in your personality. Now, after choosing the perfect ponytail updo hairstyle, you can style them easily with a few tips. 

Use hair spray to set the hair in the desired position and keep curls locked. Watch tutorials to make a hairstyle—practice hairstyles in advance. Make sure to pick a hairstyle that is meant for your hair type. To get extra volume and length to flatter your style, add extensions to your hair. Whatever hairstyle you choose, if it is for a special occasion, practice it in advance to avoid any mishap on a special day.