25 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair in 2024

With your big day getting closer, make wedding planning that much easier by scrolling through our list of the gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair and picking the ones that really stand out to you!

1. The Half-Up Braided Crown Hairstyle

What if you want to wear a crown braid like the queen you are on your wedding day but also to showcase that beautiful hair of yours? Then go for a half-up crown braid that will combine both these wishes!

2. Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Boho girls will definitely love this idea this particular look can easily be worn on a day-to-day basis and also adapted and transformed into the one for your wedding day. To get it, simply make a loose half-up crown braid and then add other thinner or thicker braids among the hair left free. You can use just one or multiple braiding techniques.

3. The Knotted Low Bun Hairstyle

In contrast, the more classically inclined will simply adore this look. It is one of the easiest hairstyles for long hair no matter the occasion as all you will have to do is twist the hair when making the low bun.

4. The Classic Chignon Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

The chignon hairstyle remains a staple on all lists of wedding and special events hairstyles for almost all hair lengths. Also, there are several ways in which you can make a chignon, so we’d advise doing a bit of research so that you’ll be sure you’ve found the right one!

5. The Voluminous Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This voluminous updo is surely a stunner and also one of the best hairstyles to try to out if you are planning to wear a veil. To get such a voluminous bun, you will need to use and tease all your hair. Or, you can add temporary hair extensions.

6. The Elegant Braided Mohawk Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This picture shows you what a braided mohawk can look like even if you decide not to cut any of your hair (so you will be basically sporting a fauxhawk). To make it, you will have to braid and twist your hair starting from the front and down to the nape of the neck.

7. Romantic Crown Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This elegant wedding updo could very well stand all on its own but consider adding in a crown braid complete with flowers to make it look all the more romantic and even fairy-like.

8. High and Messy Wedding Updos

Who said you can’t wear messy updos as wedding hairstyles for long hair? Definitely not us as we are presenting you with a messily styled updo that was made close to the crown of the head. For an extra touch of refinement, you can also add embellishments such as these pearl details.

9. Tucked In Bouffant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bouffant hairstyles are slowly making a comeback and the best thing about them is that they can be easily transformed into a wedding hairstyle. Go for a half-up hairstyle for which you will gather the hair on top of the head in a tucked-in style. Then, tease the locks on the crown of the head bouffant-style and curl the free-flowing tresses to get the loose waves Hilary Duff is wearing.

10. The Side Swept Curls Style

Anna Kendrick is here with an Old Hollywood glam look that you can easily replicate for the big day. To get it, use hair curlers or a curling wand to get looser or tighter hair waves. Fix them in place with some hairspray and then sweep most of the hair over one shoulder.

11. Wavy Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This can be the perfect wedding hairstyle for wavy long hair or ladies that want waves even on straight hair. Depending on the natural hair texture, this look will be easier or take a bit longer to make. Just remember to create a side part for a bit of extra volume upfront.

12. The Elegant Half-Up Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

So you want to showcase those waves and yet can’t stand the idea of hair falling on your face? Then go for a puffed half-up, half-down hairstyle that sweeps up and over the head all the frontal strands of hair. Leave two face-framing tendrils but gather the rest. Bonus points: this hairstyle will work great with a veil.

13. Knotted Braid Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Set aside some hours as this hairstyle will take a bit of patience and time to make. To simplify it, this is a knotted and twisted braided ponytail that will be styled by creating multiple twists in the hair and then fake knotting them to create the different levels of the pony.

14. The Half-Up Bun With Flower Pin

This half-up messy bun is yet another look that could easily be the one for brides more on the boho side. Leaving aside the beautiful hair color, the bun is styled in a twisted, messier style while the rest of the locks fall over the shoulders in gentle waves. The contrasting flower pin adds a romantic touch to the look.

15. The Retro Pinned Curls Updo

We are back to retro styles as this hairstyle is a modern version of the Rockabilly curls, one nowadays adapted for special events. The hair was styled with a soft side part that offers the perfect transition to the low bun-like updo for long hair made entirely out of curls.

16. Glamorous Low Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

You can go for a low ponytail or you can go for a glamorous low pony that seems all the hair on top of the head lying sleek and straight while the pony is styled in loose and perfect waves. For extra class, consider adding a delicate diadem-like headpiece.

17. Glam Ponytail with Beaded Detail

Another way to spruce up any ponytail and take it out of the ordinary is by going for a twisted look. Start the twist from the top of the head and continue down until the very tips. As you can see in this photo, you can also add glam hair accessories such as this string of pearl-like beads and twist them down the length of the pony.

18. The Sleek High Bun

Most high buns on any list of wedding hairstyles for long hair (and not only) will be styled messily. However, you can also go for a sleek look and even try and make the bun closer to the center of the head. Try out this hairstyle to make sure that it looks good on you and compliments your features.

19. The Ballerina Bun Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Another of the classiest and most elegant ways you can style your hair – be it for prom, your wedding, or even just everyday wear – is in a ballerina bun. It is also easy to learn how to make a ballet bun so you can even try doing it yourself.

20. Royalty-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Look like the next in line for the royal crown simply by adding an actual crown or a tiara to your wedding hairstyle. We recommend going for a messy or sleek updo if you want to make this headpiece really stand out.

21. Twisted Crown Updo With Flowers

The twisted crown updos for long hair in this photo has a very romantic and fairy-like feel to it partly because of the baby’s breath added to the hair and very largely thanks to the hairstyle itself. Once you’ve learned how to make a twisted crown, you can also style it in a looser or tighter manner – depending on your tastes.

22. Tucked In Wedding Updos with Jewel Crown

This is a deceiving hairstyle as the tuck and roll look is easier to replicate than you might expect. One way to do it is by wearing a slim headband which you will use to tuck in and over all the hair. Or, you can follow the example in this photo and start with a very low ponytail. Then, section it in the middle and start with a tuck roll chignon by tucking all the hair into it. For an even more sophisticated, consider adding a jeweled tiara or other headpieces of your liking.

23. Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair with Flower Crowns

This simple and yet very pretty hairstyle could be the perfect look for a spring or beach wedding. After all, you simply have to style the locks in tighter or looser waves and then wear a flower crown. Depending on the flowers, you can adapt this style to fit all the seasons.

24. The Curly Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Curly-haired ladies will especially love this hairstyle as all they will have to do is use some mousse or other such hair products to define their curls and then gather them in a mid-level ponytail. Straight and wavy-haired brides to be can get the look too and all ladies should consider adding the pretty flower hair accessory too!

25. Winter Wreath Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

As we were explaining just a bit above, a flower crown can be the perfect way to draw attention to the season in which you will be celebrating your wedding. Make them look even more seasonal by going for a wreath hairpiece. While the one in this picture is fit for winter weddings, you can also use wreaths for fall weddings, for example.


Now that you have scrolled through our list of the prettiest and most glamorous wedding hairstyles for long hair, we hope you’ve found the one (or ones) to make your heart soar! Drop a comment and let us know if you are planning on wearing any of these styled on your big day – and congratulations!