100+ Hairstyles for Damaged hair (Pictures Included)

Before starting the article, let us teach you a quick trick: to find out if your hair deteriorates, there’s a little test you can make at home when you wash it: pull one hair strand out, wash it and apply conditioner and afterward slowly pull it to the opposite directions and see if it breaks. If it instantly breaks in two it means it has lost its elasticity and you have two options: cut it short or keep it protected until it strengthens.

In this list, we provide plenty of ideas for any option you prefer, so check this 100+ hairstyle for damaged hair ideas!

I. Pixies and Short Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

The easiest and safest way to style damaged hair is to chop it! The sooner you get rid of split ends, the sooner your hair will stop falling and respond to hair treatments. Every cloud has its silver lining and if you have damaged hair, go ahead and get that short pixie you never had the courage to try!

1. Lavender Pink Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

In addition to being a super brave cut, a pixie hairstyle for damaged hair can look fabulous if you opt for a less popular color such as this soft lavender-pink shade that will make your hair look super feminine, despite its length!

2. Red Colored Pixie Cut With Dark Roots

You should refrain from adding any extra color to your hair if it’s damaged and this red colored pixie with dark roots proves that lived-in color is as cool as a full red hair!

3. Faded Pixie Cut

Faded haircuts are not limited to boys solely! Plus the long trim on the top part of this haircut makes you look super chic if you simply comb it forward so what’s not to love about faded pixies? Simply perfect!

4. Short Spiky Pixie Cut

This ’90s inspired hairstyle suits damaged hair and it would be perfect if you have naturally thick hair that won’t need as much hair spray as normal hair to stay spiky!

5. Curly Messy Blonde Pixie With Dark Roots

Not bleaching your roots and keeping them dark can greatly benefit your hair’s health. This curly blonde pixie with dark roots is super stylish and feminine and super safe for your damaged hair as well! Win-win situation!

6. Pin-up Style Pixie Cut with Headband and Highlights

This retro hairstyle proves that pixie cuts can be styled and are as versatile as any other haircuts there! Simply grab a headband, in a contrasting color preferably and make a little ribbon on top of your head to fixate it!

7. Asymmetric Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Another great pixie cut, this time with asymmetric parts and short shaved nape will allow you to regrow your hair while still keeping a bit of length to play with! You can get those top curls using a hair diffuser that uses less heat than a curling iron. Smart!

8. Ashy Blonde Pixie Cut with Purple Highlights

A cool shade of blonde with little purple lights makes for an interesting combination you can try on your freshly chopped hair! Plus, this hair color can be maintained using natural solutions such as crystal violet!

9. Blonde Balayage for Shaved Pixie Cut

A balayage is less invasive than a normal coloring done to your hair so consider this option when you want to change your natural color a little bit!

10. Light Brunette Pixie Cut Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This warm caramel brunette color applied to a medium-long pixie cut will enhance your femininity and keep your hair safe. It would be advisable to refrain from coloring your hair for a while until it completely regenerates!

11. Short Half-Updo for Lived-in Pixie Cut with Dark Roots

Who said short hair can’t be styled? This lived-in pixie cut is proof that you can get a look’s change with one simple hairband. Use it to pull your crown in a half-updo and style the bangs as straight as possible for an elegant look!

12. Messy Pixie Short Haircut

If you are lucky enough that your hair is not completely damaged you can get a shag pixie that you will wear as messy as possible for the ultimate chic look! This hairstyle is a total winner for every bold woman out there!

13. Disconnected Pixie Cut Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

This military inspired haircut has super short shaved sides and a quick transition to the longer crown part that you can comb and straighten for a smooth texture.

14. Blonde Pixie with Undercut Hairstyle

Going for an undercut will help you maintain the volume in the upper area of your head and create a distinct shape for your pixie cut. This blonde pixie is a great chop you can try for your damaged hair!

15. Natural Short Afro Cut

A goddess like figure can be emphasized with the help of a short afro cut if you want to go back to wearing your natural curls. Transitioning from extensions to natural hair can be a lengthy process but the result is all worth!

16. Subtle Balayage for Natural Short Afro Hairstyle

If you can’t help yourself to try new colors for your hair better try a subtle balayage for your ends and don’t dye your hair completely! Protected and chic at the same time!

17. Tapered Teeny Weeny Natural Afro Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Teeny Weeny Natural Afro hairstyle (TWA) is the first step of transitioning to natural curls and the cutest, we might add! This short hairstyle will make sure that all eyes are on your face!

18. Short Taper Cut Hairstyle for Red Damaged Hair

Curls that are buoyant and very thick can be harder to tame in a pixie, so, in exchange, you can get this classic taper haircut that will give a more regular shape to those messy red curls! Cool!

19. Bowl-cut with Tapered Side

A bowl-cut is another short chop you can get in order to get rid of deteriorated ends and fragile hair. This haircut will ensure plenty of volumes too for your head!

20. Short Taper Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Ultra-short hairstyle suits damaged hair that will get a well-deserved break and you as well! Imagine not feeling all the weight of your long locks for a good while now and wake-up with perfect looking hair every morning! Dream scenario!

21. Slick-back Fade Cut with Headscarf

Short tapered on the sides using zero blade clippers and long in the top, where you want your hair to have at least three inches length, this slick-back fade cut looks both practical and super stylish thanks to the floral headscarf!

22. Baby Bangs Crop Cut

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like a half-hearted decision, then make a big makeover for your damaged hair with a boyish crop cut that will give a much-needed restart! The baby bangs are the sweetest!

23. Short Shag Haircut for Damaged Hair

Too scared to go pixie? Then this short shag with feathered layers is the right answer! Get this short, messy haircut for a versatile look!

24. Tapered Twa Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Great volume and a cool shape for your head will be ensured with a natural twa hairstyle that looks awesome when is longer too! Make your curls great again, as the saying goes!

25. Two Colored Twa Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Mix it up a little bit with two-colors for your curls! This added blonde front part attracts all the attention to your eyes and creates a beautiful visual effect for those natural curls!

II. Protective Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

One of the advantages of being of African American origins is that you can wear traditional protective hairstyles with no fear of being accused of cultural appropriation and plus: they will keep your hair from being damaged if applied correctly!  Don’t go too tight, too small, or too long on protective styling. Also, make sure your hair is moisturized prior to installing, to make sure it can actually go the distance without damage. 

26. Protective Thin Long Braids

For this hairstyle, you need a good braider and lots of patience to have all the thin braids come out perfect! This hairstyle will surely protect your natural curls!

27. Protective Hairstyle for Damaged Hair with Headwrap

A top bun is always an easy and quick way to get your hair out of your face and also it doesn’t apply too much tension on your curls. This hairstyle requires minimum effort and it’s a good idea for summer days!

28. Protective Box Braids with Beads

If you are looking for an extra touch you can opt for hair beads to decorate and make your hair more interesting looking but be careful about the extra weight that could provoke breakage!

29. Natural Puffy Curls Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Naturally, curly hair looks perfect with a simple middle part if you keep it in a good condition with plenty of moisturizers and deep conditioner to prevent further damage.

30. Protective Thick Box Braids

Thicker braids mean more weight but less tension for your scalp and so, this hairstyle is sure to protect your hair and keep you looking fabulous!

31. Pink Colored Taper Twa Hairstyle for Short Hair

Cotton candy hair, what a dream come true! A well-deserved break from long curls can help your scalp and roots to get stronger and this girly shade of pink will make sure you still look feminine!

32. Medium Long Twists with Hair Cuffs

Due to not being too tight, twists are a good option and are highly recommended by hair specialists if you want a protective hairstyle. This look is enhanced by golden hair cuffs applied on the front twists for extra-style!

33. Kinky Curly Twa Hairstyle

Sometimes you need to restart growing your curls if the hair was severely damaged and this medium taper twa is the perfect way to display your natural kinky curls with no fear of having them get in your face! Easy!

34. Protective Style Updo with Hair Cuffs for Damaged Hair

If the weight of your braids is too big, this bun will keep them from putting pressure on your scalp and help you manage the braids on a daily basis! With or without hair cuffs you will look elegant and fabulous nonetheless!

35. Disconnected Fade with Side Razor Design and Blue Twa

Super short and super chic! This exquisite light blue color will make your short razor-cut Twa look extremely cool and is perfect for any season!

36. Wrapped Up Protective Hairstyle for Afro Curls

Using a headband or a headscarf is both protective and practical! Keeping your curls out of your face and ensuring plenty of top volume this wrapped up hairstyle is the perfect solution when you want a break from braids!

37. Half-Updo for Natural Curly Hair

If you just started growing your natural curls, a half-updo is a good way of keeping them from being too puffy with only an elastic band that you have around. Quick and efficient!

38. Faux Locks Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This may look fabulous and easy to make but in reality, you will need at least 4 hours to install the faux locks in your natural hair so it is advisable that you go to a beautician.

39. Blonde Tapered Twa Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Keep it short and healthy with a 1-inch long taper cut for a super cute and stylish blonde twa that will make a cool contrast with your dark skin and needs just a good wash and deep conditioning for maintenance.

40. Space Buns with Fauxlocs

Due to the amount of hair needed, faux locks can cause tension at the root of the hair, which can lead to hair breakage if the locks are too heavy. In order to avoid that, you can wear them in space buns that will free your roots from all that extra-weight!

41. Jumbo Box Braids

These braids are a bit heavier and thicker than usual box braids but on the bright side, you will need to use less extensions to cover your head completely.

42. Medium Tapered Twa Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

With a very subtle low fade, this medium long tapered cut for your Twa can do wonders in terms of volume and your curls will be grateful for the braids-break!

43. High Puff Hairstyle for Curly Hair

The perfect prom updo, perfect for casual wear too, this high puffy ponytail will display your locks while still leaving your makeup and face free of curls. Pull a couple of side and front strand to complete this look.

44. Long Protective Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are well-known for their protective properties and they can become a permanent style for you if you find it suitable for your personality. Make an appointment with your beautician and give this hairstyle a try!

45. Side Swept Long Protective Braids

If you long for an Afro Rapunzel look, you can opt for side-swept protective braids that you can wear easier without getting them in your face. This hairstyle is both gorgeous and practical!

46. Bantu Knots Protective Hairstyle for Curls

A particular hairstyle suited for women with fine facial features or with facial symmetry, the Bantu Knots are little coils you can get by crocheting in some extensions or use your own hair. Either way, you’ll look fabulous!

47. Protective Hairstyle with Braids

Braids out, meaning, those handmade braids you will get either yourself or with the help of a beautician, are less prone to make your curls get fuzzy and need at least one night to look defined when releasing them.

48. Short Natural Afro Puff

Get a 1 inch long short taper cut and use a fine toothed comb or a tooth brush to get the small waves that frame your forehead and the styling is done! Super simple and super gorgeous!

49. Elegant Flat Twist Updo

For the special occasions and for the busy days as well, a simple high bun will make sure your twists are not too heavy for your scalp or get in the way of your face while also displaying the beautiful pattern of the sections.

50. High Ponytail with Braids and Headscarf

Easy to make and super stylish in a second, a headscarfed look for your braids will ensure plenty of colors and sustainment of your braids. Get this look when you want to match your hairstyle with your outfit!

51. Twisted Braids Protective Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Twist and braids-out are said to be the less damaging types of braids you can possibly get. These super slim and light twists will surely catch the eye of onlookers and give you a feminine look.

52. Purple Half Updo for Purple Locks

A simple updo like this half-bun can make your purple locks seem even more spectacular than they already are and will help you keep them out of your face! Smart option!

53. Teal Colored Braids Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Get the perfect festival look with these funky colored braids that will sure make your look stand out from the other participants. Ask your beautician for help in installing the hair extensions.

54. Mid Fade with Side Razor Design and Long Top

More of a natural look than a protective hairstyle this mid fade with a puffy long top will surely give you plenty of volume and dimension to play with. Add the 3 parallel sidelines to increase the geometrical feel of this hairstyle!

III. Balayage Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Less invasive than normal hair coloring, balayage hairstyles are great not only for protecting fragile hair but also they will conceal your split ends or spots left from the previous bleaching, which makes them perfect for damaged hair!

55. Balayage Highlights Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

If craving a different color but your hair is not in its best condition, you can opt for a light balayage with shades of blonde and caramel to brighten up your brunette locks. Very trendy too!

56. Caramel Balayage with Headscarf Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Blonde hair is more sensitive to UV rays and sunlight and so it’s a good idea to protect your fresh balayage with a headscarf in hot summer days or simply when exposed to direct sunlight for a long while.

57. Curly Messy Balayage for Short Cut Hairstyle

A good way of increasing your hair’s dimension is to opt for a subtle balayage that will brighten your messy short cut lock in an instant and also soften your looks!

58. Long Textured Beach Waves for Blonde Balayage

Beach waves are basically soft curls you can get without heat that could affect your hair even more. Simply towel dry your hair after washing and apply a hair spray with salty water, there are several options available to choose from. After doing so you can proceed to use a blow dryer and sculpt big textured beach waves in an instant!

59. Blunt Cut Balayage for Blonde Damaged Hair

After getting rid of split ends with a good chop, you can opt for small strands of hair to be lightened with a balayage technique, thus ensuring your face stays luminous and pretty.

60. Balayage Ombre for LOB Haircut

A long bob cut can benefit a balayage with blonde highlights that will increase the light effects your hair has inside and give your chop the best version it can get!

61. Short Mohawk with Subtle Balayage Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

A rather extreme look, especially paired with such strong eye make-up, the short mohawk can do wonders for damaged hair. Opt for soft, subtle blonde highlights to make the whole appearance less extreme.

62. Long Blonde Balayage with Beach Waves

Rule number one in order to avoid damaged hair: don’t mess with it too much! Chemicals and heat treatments will eventually take a toll on your hair’s health and so, the best thing to do is to get these soft, subtle beach waves when curling your hair and opt for colors that are as close as possible to your natural tone to avoid bleaching.

63. Balayage Wob Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

A simple yet stylish look, this wavy bob haircut with soft blonde highlights will surely give your hair a much-needed break from invasive styles and updos while also illuminating your face! Stunning!

64. Blonde Ombre Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Keeping the roots natural and mixing them with an ombre will help your damaged hair since it won’t affect the cuticle as much and is also super trendy so go ahead and try it!

IV. Bob Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Medium haircuts are the best! And I’m not saying that because I have one but because they are literally the low-maintenance versions of long hairstyles and they do the same magic for your physiognomy as them. Plus, they are super great to help damaged hair recover! Check these 100+ Long Bob versions too!

65. Classic French Bob Hairstyle

Ma cherie, this timeless haircut will never lose its charm and is the easiest to maintain hairstyle out there! Simply use a brush when blow-drying your hair to get this curvy, sexy look and a bit of hair spray and you’re all set!

66. Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

For a slimmer look, opt for a layered textured bob haircut that will surely make you get rid of any split ends or fragile strands and also look super modern!

67. Blonde Bob with Disconnected Bangs

Actually a wob, this wavy bob has all the chances of making you a permanent fan of this hairstyle. It will ensure plenty of dimension and volume and a pretty frame for your angelic face! Sweet!

68. Free Flowing Bob Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

A beautiful creative mess that will allow you to feel free like a child again, this free-flowing bob will also help your damaged hair recover in a matter of weeks! Chic!

69. Short Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Messy bangs, messy bob, maximum volume! Try this hairstyle if you are committed to enjoying a natural look for the next months since this short chop will surely get a while to grow back!

70. Messy Choppy Chin-length Bob

Chopped-up haircuts are great for damaged hair. They take a lot from your length and help the strands with volume and texture. Go for a chin-length bob to convince yourself.

71. Classic Chin Length Bob

Short blunt-cut bob is the original version of this iconic haircut from the 1920s and it is never going to look outdated! A classic cut, with timeless charm!

72. Messy French Bob Hairstyle

If you have thick hair or simply, you are too busy to be bothered straightening and brushing your hair, simply get this french bob cut and wear it as messy as possible!

73. Bright Blonde Bob Chop Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Sultry and seductive, this bright blonde bob chopped to perfection will do wonders for your hair’s volume and shape! You get endless styling options and freedom of movement in one hairstyle! Stunning!

74. Choppy Bob Cut with Fringe Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Suited for square-shaped faces since they will balance the top volume, the choppy bob haircuts are super trendy right now and they don’t need many products to style, which is a huge relief for women with damaged hair!

75. Short Messy Bob Haircut for Damaged Hair

A classic cut with a modern twist, this messy short bob will sure give you the much-needed break from flat irons, curling tools, and so on. Plus, the everyday volume is not one of your struggles anymore!

76. Crimped Bob Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Crimping tools don’t need to be applied on your whole length and so they make a healthier styling option you can choose when confronted with damaged hair. Plenty of volume for your bob!

77. Wavy Lob with Deep Part Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

If you love platinum blonde and we must admit it has a timeless appeal, this wavy lob for blonde hair is definitely a great option, with or without the hard part.

78. Lob Haircut with Baby Lights Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Either you have split ends or just got rid of them the best way to cover them is to get subtle baby lights for the front strands. It is an interesting twist for a lob cut and can boost your self-esteem in an instant!

79. Blonde Wob with Dark Roots Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Dark roots look great with a platinum blonde as well and if you love Marilyn Monroe, you will surely adore this hairstyle! Simply ask for a bob haircut and relaxed waves in your hair to get this look.

80. Blonde Wob With Bangs Hairstyles For Damaged Hair

A good chop wouldn’t be complete without a pair of long bangs to give you that cute, innocent appearance and frame your face. This haircut is all about the short, face-framing strands that will surely enhance your looks!

81. Caramel Wob Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Caramel hairstyles for damaged hair are here to prove that not only your food ca look delicious but your locks too! A deep, warm shade with subtle baby lights will cover any future split ends and give you a sensual, shiny appearance.

82. Wavy Lob with Blonde Highlights

A great way to bring more light to your face and prepare your hair for summer is to get this wavy lob chop with front baby lights that are sure to create a less heavy look for your face. Stylish and practical too!

V. Special Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

If none of the solutions above convinced you yet, there are also a couple of hairstyles that don’t necessarily involve cutting your hair but rather concealing your fragile locks and split ends with wisdom! Take a look! Make sure to forget about the flat iron since stick-straight hair is not an option when you have damaged hair.

83. Messy Braided Updo with Hair Ribbon

This updo is super easy to make and it doesn’t require much precision nor very healthy hair, although it is not bad to have one! Simply take a strand and make a side braid that you will later incorporate with the rest of the hair in one messy mermaid braid that you can decorate with big, colorful hair accessories.

84. Natural Curly Half-updo with Hairscarf for Damaged Hair

Hair scarves are great because they are less tense on the cuticle an also look super feminine. They make every hairstyle better! And while half-updos have been back in trend for a while they are great options for damaged hair too.

85. Curly Blonde Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Ideally damaged hair should stay away from intense heat, but then, you also want to look good. So if you want to do something with your hair is better to try curls instead of straightening it since the waves will give extra shine and volume.

86. Medium Shag Cut with Fringe Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

If you don’t want to lose the length of your locks you can always opt for a medium shag haircut. It’s a very layered haircut that will surely eliminate any split ends while still keeping the length, which is awesome!

87. Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

A medium chop with a light platinum blonde color will make a great contrast with your natural dark roots and also help you save it from bleaching it over and over again.

88. Braided Pigtails Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

When it doubt, braid it out! This is a super quick and easy to do hairdo that will help your hair get protected against dehydration and sunburn while also keeping the fragile hair securely tucked in. Perfect!

89. Long Layered Hairstyles For Damaged Hair

If your monthly trim is long overdue, go get a layered haircut to get rid of those split ends and also rock some serious volume! This hairstyle benefits any type of hair, from thick and fragile to thick and straight!

90. Fishtail Braid with Hair Pin Hairstyles For Damaged Hair

A messy fishtail hairstyle can be upgraded with the use of a stylish hair pin that will enhance your classic updo in an instant and also secure the whole look.

91. Messy Hairstyles for Damaged Hair with Headband

If you want your hair to look as good as possible without affecting its health, opt for these easy curls with messy styling and a simple headband in a contrasting color to make it more elegant looking.

92. Bright Blonde U-layered Haircut

U-layered cuts are great for split ends that will be completely eliminated to create a distinct U-shape. This haircut will surely help you keep the length while also regenerating your hair.

93. Half-Updo with Ribbon Hairstyles for Long Damaged Hair

A loose, soft half-ponytail is a good option to tye your hair and still look fabulous with no side effects. Simply pull half of your hair in a ponytail using a scrunchie or a hair ribbon and the styling is done!

94. Wavy Messy Updo Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Messy waves are easy to get and don’t require much heat plus they make all the fragile hairs less visible. Use a big bar pin to keep your hairdo secured and fancy.

95. Ukrainian Crown Braid Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This hairstyle will keep your hair moisturized and safe from sunlight since all the oils from your scalp will be evenly displayed onto your braid. Plus, it gives extra volume and will make you look effortlessly chic.

96. Beach Waves Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Remember the easiest, non-invasive way to get beach waves is to have your hair sprayed with ocean spritz or any salted hair spray after towel drying it and later get subtle curls here and there to complete the look.

97. Elegant Updo with Light Colored Ends

Coloring your hair with natural dye will help your hair look more vibrant if it was affected and also make a great display for an elegant half-updo at special occasions.

98. Hard Layered Shag Haircut

A choppy, hard layered shag haircut will help your hair both in terms of health and aspect. The volume and the special carving don to the shape of your hair will help you look great with no styling. Awesome!

99. Cropped Cut with Curtain Bangs Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This funky hairstyle is a mix between a bob and a bowl-cut which creates a beautiful, feathered crop for short hair. This length will allow extra volume and movement naturally, with no styling product added.

100. Blonde Front Lights For Long Hairstyle

Long hair makes a great canvas for coloring and these light strands applied in the front will amplify the luminosity and dimension of your face while also covering fragile blonde hairs. Win-win situation!

101. Messy Bun Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

This quick and easy hairdo will make you look fabulous and protect your long locks from salty water and UV raylights.

102. Medium Long Sleek Blonde Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

It will always be super easy to wear a sleek, elegant medium long hairstyle if you have flawless skin and some minimalistic jewelry to increase your natural glow.

103. Soft Orange Blonde Bob With Middle Part

If you tried to get your hair blonde in one single bleaching session and got those bright orange hues, don’t be afraid to experiment further with this bold color by adding some soft bangs and a super short trimmed chin-length bob hairstyle.

104. Short Messy Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

To achieve extra-volume for a short pixie for thin hair, you can tease the mane and use a texturizing spray that will lift your crown strands.

105. Short Bob With Chopped Bangs Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

“Go bold or go home” is a principle that applies to haircuts too! So don’t be afraid to opt for a chin-length bob with super short bangs that will get you rid of split-ends in a second and focus on the color instead!

106. Asymmetric Textured Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

It’s not only beneficial for your mane but also for your final look to give an asymmetric design a chance and wear your hair in a messy, undone styling as a choice.


Split ends and fragile hair are very common and all hair lovers wish their hair to be in the best condition. Fortunately, hair regrows and regenerates if treated with patience and consideration, so you shouldn’t be sad if your hair is going through a rough time. These 100 + hairstyles are proof that you can still wear your crown with style no matter your hair’s health.

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