50 Cool Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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The Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women started in the 1970s, and the trend rose right now when celebrities and models like Rihanna, Rowan Blanchard, Gigi Hadid, and Kesha rocked this hairstyle.

Since it was invented till now, curly hair mullet’s cutting edge has evolved and received many updates. Now seeing a modern curly hair mullet that makes a profound fashion statement, we all got fascinated. So, we have brought the best, most practical, and cool curly hair mullet for women right now.

But many girls want to know crucial information about mullets. So, let’s answer those questions first so everyone can understand and enjoy the blog.

1. Textured Soft Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women

If you want a more feminine, cute, and elegant mullet, this soft textured mullet hairstyle is best. The soft, messy curls will make you cute.

2. Afro Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women

Afro hair mullet will be longer and puffier at the top and gradually tapered/less at the front and back. This allows afro women to have pretty carefree hairstyles.

3. Perm Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women

Take your curly mullet to the next level by adding texture like surfer waves. It is perfect for straight hair, too, as a perm will make them stay curly.

4. Curly Mullet With Firefly Shade

We all loved the scene when fireflies lit up the green garden. This hairstyle has the same neon effect. The big soft curls on the back of the head make it prettier.

5. Super Curly Hidden Mullet

If you like big ringlet curls, this hairstyle is perfectly suitable. However, it pairs best with dressing when worn at parties or formal meetings.

6. Purple Mullet Hairstyle

This mullet cut makes you look edgy and high fashion. The addition of purple color to the mullet hair will make your style stand out.

7. Bowl Cut Curly Mullet With Highlights

Adding highlights is a great idea to make your curly mullet look unique. Make your bangs blonde while the rest of the hair is ginger red with black hints.

8. Curly Shaglet Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet with a shaggy touch is oh-so modern. The uneven hair on the forehead and heavy hair at the neck looks pretty.

9. Pink Hair Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women

If someone wants to stand out from the crowd beautifully, this soft pink-colored mullet is amazing. Messy hair makes the appearance more feminine and chic.

10. Messy Style Curls

You can mix up all short and long hair by side sweeping the mullet; it will give you a messy style. The exciting part is it will look manageable and elegant.

11. Shag for Women

The heavy curly hairstyle with tapered sides will look bold and high fashion. However, it makes a face appear slimmer as there will be more hair volume at the top.

12. Shave Side Mullet & Curls

Faded shaved side till the nape with fluffy, wavy hair is bewitching. The subtle white hints make it more modish.

13. Long & Disconnected Hairstyle for Women

If someone wants a hairstyle that makes people interested, then choose this hairstyle. The clan’s curly mullet style with medium-length hairstyle feels like they have two hairstyles at once.

14. Short Curly Mullet With Almond Highlights

Can you imagine a mullet on brown hair with blonde highlights? Yes, it looks gorgeous. Also, the ringlet curly afro hair with almond highlights on the head’s front, sides, and back is an interesting and captivating idea.

15. Fresh Shave & Skunk Stripe Hairstyle

A completely shaved side with long curly sideburns makes this mullet hairstyle extra unique. In addition, the platinum blonde and black hair give it a skunk strip impression.

16. Curly Mullet With Sunflower Blonde Highlights

Sunflower blonde highlights at the temple make the skin complexion brighter. Big ringlet curls with tapered sides that hide underneath the curls look extra gorgeous.

17. Short Top Mullet Hairstyle for Women

Even short haircuts for curly hair at the top and back of the head with tapered sides look amazing—a few strands passing the forehead flatter the face shape.

18. Messy Top Mullet Hairstyle for Women

If someone wants a go-to hairstyle that minimizes everyday manipulation of hair, then they should pick this messy top curly mullet hairstyle.

19. Curly Mullet With Wolf Cut Style

Just a few weeks ago, the wolf-cut hair trend was everyone. People are crazily trying wolf cuts and posting videos of it. If you are also a fan of it, we suggest trying curly mullet with a wolf cut for a royal look. A perfect style for this hair type.

20. Undercut Style & Curls

This female mullet style includes a fluffy top and heavy ends but is thin with a wide undercut area at the sides that look fashionable.

21. Curly Baby Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle

The addition of baby bangs to the mullet with tapered sides that hide under the hair and heavy sideburns looks stylish and modern.

22. Mullet Fringe & Curls

Uneven fringe with thin hair on the sides and heavy mullet is good to give any woman a trendy look with a gentler vibe.

23. Short Curly Mullet With Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle is like a mohawk on the back of the head. The sides are faded, and the top of the head is short, making it look bold and loud. The blonde color on half of the mullet style is s attention-grabbing.

24. Fiery Orange Color Hairstyle for Women

One side of fiery orange hair has fiery orange and yellow color highlighting the one as a woman who can stand up for herself. The black side’s hair with a fiery effect looks excellent.

25. Blonde Curly Mullet for Women

You may have seen curly mullet in a brunette color commonly, but an interesting fact is it looks hotter in white blonde color. Due to the black base color, the top of the head is fuller without applying any technique to the hair.

26. Mullet Haircut With Pink & Purple Tones

Pink and purple-toned hair gives a romantic vibe with curly messy hair. The black undercut hair will create an amazing contrast with pink hair.

27. Curly Mullet With Orange Under Lights

You have never thought that lights can be this eye-catching. The yellowish-orange under lights at the bangs and head side hair look elegant with no undercut.

28. Spooky Curly Mullet

If someone is into daring and bold fashion, this spikey and shaved hairstyle with braided sideburns looks impressive. The hair on the back feels like there is a ponytail.

29. Spicy Curly Mullet

Pink, orange, yellow, and bronde color strips make hair look brilliant. The fiery orange tapered sides make it spicy.

30. Curly Mullet for Women with Thick Hair

Curly mullet with thick hair all over the head looks elegant even with messy layers. It is suitable for any occasion and any dress.

31. Green Tone Curly Hairstyle for Women

The clove green mullet with greenish-blonde at the temple of the head looks chic. This hairstyle color suits the best cool skin tones.

32. Curly Mullet With Brown & Blonde Tones

The blonde and brown curly hair looks fantastic together. However, the unique dye style on the top side of the head makes it look like a vintage hat.

33. Natural Curly Hair Mullet With Ginger Hair

For a natural redhead to look, this curly ginger hair is best. It contains no undercut on short hair. So you can make different hairstyles of it, which is suitable for official meetings.

34. Soft & Edgy Curly Mullet

If you want soft curly hair but make it look edgy on you, then pick this mullet style. The slightly tapered sides with edgy sides help you set a fashion statement.

35. Classic Curly Mullet

The classic curly mullet with gently tapered sides with curls that reach your eyebrows and cover the whole neck looks stylish and graceful.

36. Long Hair With Layered Cut

This mullet style is cute and suitable for aged women too. The layered cut and long hair on both shoulders give an effortless, chic, yet fun-loving look.

37. Curly Mullet With Split Dyed

Curly Mullet With Split Dyed - a woman wearing a black face mask

Curly mullet with a high cranial top flatters the face shape. The split dye style makes it more fashionable.

38. Pixie Curls With Green Tone

Pixie-cut mullet is another stunning idea to rock curly hair. The glazing green and dark green hair color with a dark undertone look eye-catching.

39. Soft Femme Curls

The blonde mullet with soft femme curls looks great. The heavy curly sideburns make a face slimmer.

40. Curly Cutie Mullet

The bedhead curls with brown hair at the back can be your go-to style for any occasion. Just keep the curls a bit defined.

41. Fiery Curly Shullet With Bangs

Mullet is the modern take on cullet and is such high fashion. The addition of fiery color streaks on top and fully dyed length hair looks fantastic.

42. Long Golden Modern Mullet Women

The golden brown-defined curl mullet is gorgeous and elegant. These curls instantly brighten the skin tone when they fall on the shoulder and forehead.

43. Curly Mullet Shag Hairstyle

Curly mullet in a shag style with thick sides is an excellent hairstyle for women. The thicker front and top give a more youthful look.

44. Asymmetrical Dreams Curly Mullet

Asymmetrical curly mullet enhances the symmetricity of the face. The pink and brown hair with blonde money pieces look tip-top.

45. V Shape Mullet & Curls

V shape of mullet will keep defined on afro hair. The tapered sides make it even sassier.

46. Funky Curly Mullet

If someone loves a daring fashion style, then try this hairstyle. This high tapered side that is not wide looks like bold hair at the front and sides.

47. Mullet Hairstyles with Curls and Razor Cut

A unique hairstyle with a unique color combination is excellent. The grayish-blue and blonde colors make you stand out gorgeously.

48. Mullet Hairstyles with Peach Curls

The peachy-pink curly mullet enriches the complexion and highlights the fun-loving side of a woman.

49. Blended Silver Curls

Women over 60 can rock any hairstyle gracefully. The more gray hair at the front with a classic mullet cut looks chic.

50. Sweet Pixie Mullet & Curls

Pixie mullet with heavy front ear hair and big curls looks gorgeous. Defined yet messy curls placement makes it glamorous.

Curly Mullet Hairstyle FAQs

What Is a Curly Mullet?

When cutting a curly mullet, the main idea is to keep the hair short at the sides and front while long at the back. 

Is Curly Hair Mullet Suitable For Afro Hair?

Curly hair mullet is perfectly suitable for afro hair. It is suitable for any ethnicity’s hair. 

How To Care For Curly Hair Mullets?

Stronger pomades and gels work best to style curly hair mullets. Put gel in your hands and finger-comb the hair. Then crunch your hair upwards.

Is Curly Mullet Easy To Maintain?

Curly mullets are versatile and easy to maintain. You don’t have to stress using styling tools, and you can rock this hairstyle in the form it naturally looks. 


Curly mullets are best to get a younger look. And you must select your favorite style from the above-listed 50 cool Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women. But consider this suggestion too; Curly hair can make a face instantly slimmer if you choose mullet with tapered, faded, and shaved sides. However, if someone’s face is already slim, we suggest picking a curly mullet with no tapered, shaved, or faded sides. Also, consider your daily lifestyle when getting a mullet haircut for women.

Having a mullet hairstyle that suits your lifestyle helps you get ready quickly without any hassle. Because it does need a well-versed styling but a few products to keep curls defined and hair moisturized. Curly mullets are best to get a younger look. And you must select your favorite style from the above-listed 50 cool curly hair mullets for women.

Curly hair can instantly slimmer a face if you choose mullet with tapered, faded, and shaved sides. However, if someone’s face is already slim, we suggest picking a curly mullet with no tapered, shaved, or faded sides. Also, consider your daily lifestyle when getting a mullet haircut. Having a mullet hairstyle that suits your lifestyle helps you get ready quickly without any hassle. Because it does need a well-versed styling but a few products to keep curls defined and hair moisturized.